Dawn Embers

Dawn Embers is a writer of mostly fiction with occasional dappling in poetry, a random creative nonfiction class and nonfiction book proposal. Genres for novels tend to stick within the overarching genre of fantasy with a twist of sci-fi but occasionally she writes other genres, such as mystery and romance/erotica. Most of the fiction involves GLBTQ main characters with many of the main characters being gay. She totally looks exactly like the image on the left minus the animated features, stick-thin figure and sword though would love to change the last part.

Education wise, she has a Bachelor's of Integrated Studies in the areas of English, Legal Studies and Art with a minor in Communication. Recently, she received an Associates in Allied Health and is still considering going into nursing. On the side she paints, bakes and tries different cooking recipes she sees from food network.

Along with writing many different genres, that means she rarely works on one book or series at a time and is often writing 3-7 of them. A few different series and stand-alones will come out through the different characters as they post here on the blog. Here are some of the main characters that will be posting more often then others from her stories.

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Mutant Series:
The Rogues of Revolution
The Young Rogues of Revolution (YA)

 Noah (mutant)

Has been on the old version of the blog as a guest.
First book is Standing Ground, which is waiting for edit.

Other important adult mutant novel characters:
Bastian - Noah's "normal" boyfriend in 3 books
Dominic - Noah's best friend, has prophetic dreams that are still in symbols.
Ty - rogue mutant, copy cat type mutation
Kelvin - rogue mutant who controls weather
Camile - wind controlling rogue mutant
Michael - plays with fire and ice, rogue mutant

Ephram Gray (mutant)

Young Adult character
First book is Tattle Tell and it's in 2nd draft form.

Isaac Dimerez, aka Casper in YA book 1, (mutant)

New kid in book one, main character in later books.
Book 1 is Tattle Tell.

Other YA mutant characters to come later.

Lucas (demon)

One of two main characters in paranormal romance/UF novel.
Book is called Angel/Demon for now. 
Tentative WIP title is Vulnerable.

Elijah (angel)

Same novel as Lucas.
Other main character.