Mia Hayson

Mia, or Amelia to some, lives in a flat. She write things and tends smile a lot. She finds glitter and bright colours exciting. Mia also likes to draw diagrams and make lists. She is a self-professed nerd of the strange kind. She is easily fascinated by the world and has a special place in her heart for all things zombie-related.

Occasionally she talks too fast and pretty much all of the time she sounds like she's about to laugh. That's not really a deliberate thing, just an observation somebody once made.  

Writing Young Adult fiction is one of her main passions in life. She is currently seeking representation for her 80 000 word novel zOMGbies. And by seeking she means preparing to query anybody because she's actually still busy editing it and making lists and sketching diagrams and sipping tea and defeating typos and making up words.

And she also solemnly promises she will make this page better in the very near future. Promise promise promise. Take a cupcake whilst you wait because we absolutely swear that there will be more.

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Meet the characters

At 7 years old I lost my parents to zombies, ever since then my brother has been preparing me for a war against the undead. That's ten years being beaten to a pulp under the guise of an education. You'd think I'd get better at this fighting lark considering how much face time my brother gives me. I don't. Oh, and I hate it when other people drive my car. For reals.  Just take your hands off the steering wheel please. Don't make me bring you down. I could do that, you know.

Over 330 years of existence and Mia wants me to write a biography in a paragraph? She's far more deluded than I originally thought. I lived and then I died and now I half-live again. Always on the edge, running from the many who chase me. It's the oddest thing, Raye is the only human I've ever met who actually calls me out on things. At first I thought she was naive and couldn't know my strength. Now I realise she's just incredibly ratty sometimes and likes to shout at zombies.

Zombie possibly once called Adam
I don't sit waiting in some dumb story, I'm in Mia's head all the time. All the time, just dancing and covering everything in sparkles and whatnot. She puts me in short stories and uses me to break tension. A zombie has to do what a zombie has to do.

I'm an ordinary 16 year old with a few bad habits living in a world very changed from yours. I make jokes when I feel uncomfortable. I eat food straight out of the containers. I change rules to suit my purpose.  I can't swim. That sounds like not such a big deal but recently people seem to enjoy testing my absence  of nautical abilities. It gets old fast.