Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wanted To Be...And Got

Dressen: *sits, crosses his legs, and glares across the room at the others*

Elaina: *hands Cole his drink and leans close* Charlene really wanted him here for this post?

Dressen: I’d say she knows who the most driven of her characters is. Yes, Elaina. I heard you.

James: Drive has nothing to do with this topic.

Cole: Most driven. *mumbles* Nobody’s more driven than I am.

Dressen: I’ll grant you that you are determined concerning Anna. But you underestimate me, Cole Shilo. 

Elaina: *blinks at him timidly* What does that mean?

Dressen: I’ve been at this game a long time. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up at an early age and I saw to it that I achieved that dream. Weak minded morals never got in my way. And I’ll have one of those fine Ambrosias from Meridian.

Elaina: Oh, sure, Lord Dressen. *rushes to get him a drink*

Vincent: And what would that dream be? A self-serving, manipulative gloat? 

Dressen: I get what I want.

Vincent: At the expense of others.

James: *holds up a hand to quiet Vincent* Let’s hold off on all that. That’s not why we’re here.

Vincent: And why are we here? If Charlene wanted Dressen to talk to the blog readers she could have just invited him to her office and leave us out of it.

Dressen And forego all this entertaining bantering?  *chuckles* She knows what she’s doing.

James: Perhaps she wanted everyone’s input. Elaina, we’ll start with you.

Elaina: *blinks to the side and turns red* Um, come back to me. I think I need to think about this. *hands Dressen the ambrosia*

James: Okay, Vincent.

Vincent: I used to want to train gilrues. The first time Father took us to a show, I wanted to take one home with me.

Dressen: *cocks an eye* What’s a gilrue?

James: They’re similar to a seal.

Dressen: You wanted to train sea creatures? *nods with a cooked grin* Charming.

Vincent: *growls and sparks dance along his fists*

James: Well, I wanted to travel to the stars.

Elaina: An astronaut? Really, James?

Dressen: Well, Sir Cole, I believe that leaves you. And I must say I’m looking forward to your youthful dreams.

Cole: * looks at his glass as he swirls the liqueur* I wanted to write. Adventure, mystery.

Dressen: *smiles* A writer. I would be very interested in reading one of your works.

Vincent: *scowls* What’s going on?

Dressen: Pardon me?

Vincent: You’re being awfully…nice. 

Dressen: *shrugs* You all merely confirmed that Charlene chose correctly when she asked me to do this post. Each of you had dreams as a child that were simply that. Dreams. As a child, I wanted it all. Trained servants to do my bidding. The senior position in the Grand Marshal’s court. *looks into Cole's eyes*  A woman dedicated solely to me. And I saw to it that I achieved it.

Cole: *jumps to his feet and forces his thoughts to their minds* You’ll not have her!

Vincent: *neon flares arch from his fists*

James: *waves a hand and an opalescent barrier divides the room, separating them from Dressen*

Elaina: *gasps, eyes wide* Magic! *all look at her and she nods wildly* That’s what I wanted when I was little. And…and now I see it everyday!

Dressen: *chuckles and stands* It seems I’ve been exceeded. *raises his glass to Elaina then sets it on the end table* I’ll take my leave.


What Kat Wants to Be!

Hi! When I heard what topic we were going to be discussing, I got totally excited and told Frankie I HAD to share. I HAD to! Had to, had to, HAAAAD to!

I want to be sooooo many different things!

I want to be a fire fighter because you can go around and save people.

And fire's pretty neat, you know. Well, except for all the burning and stuff and that's kinda bad, but not too bad because it's still pretty and you do realize that the Earth needs fire to clean out all the dead stuff, especially in the forests *nods* so that the new stuff can grow in.

Can you imagine if adults didn't die? Us kids wouldn't have a place to grow. That would just be not good. You know?

BUT! Fire is also really, really, REALLY hot. And you'd be going into buildings that are about to fall down on you.

*scared shrug* I doooon't knooooow. I think that might bad!

AND look at their outfits! *shakes head incredulously* Those boots? I've tried wearing MOM's boots, and that's bad enough! They're HUGE!

*thinking face*

Hmmm...I also want to be a ballerina. *girlie smile*

They're so pretty! And graceful! And I look awesome in a tutu! I do! I do!

But I can't stand on my toes! *sad face* I've tried. And all those ballerina stretches and exercises? They HURT! And have you seen ballerinas? They're really skinny! And I'm NOT!

I'm not fat. I'm just not skinny. Mom says I'm just right and I like that. She also says I'm due for another growth spurt, so that means I'm going to be very tall because I'm already really super gargantuanly tall.

And ballerinas should be small, skinny, weigh nothing and NOT be tall.

*pouty face*

But I look so PRETTY in a tutu!

So that leaves my LAST thing (for reals) that I want to be (seriously).


*definitive nod* YES! I'm going to be a cupcake baker.

And I'm pretty good at it too. Cupcakes are pretty and they're easy and they're fun and it's neat to come up with all different kinds of concoctions.

*shakes head and mutters* But that mustard carrot cake cupcake was NOT good. No, it wasn't. Don't EVER make that one again. BLECK!

*evil giggle* Yup, yup, yup! That's what I want to be when I grow up!

Now if I could just HURRY UP and GROW UP! *frustrated screech* Seriously!

Friday, April 22, 2011

What does Braelyn want to be?

The clicking of the pages as I flip through the book, that's the only noise to break the afternoon calm. I love the scent that wafts off the pages. I'm thankful for the slight breeze against my cheek. It's welcome in this room, a place with no free air.

"See anything in there you like?" Adam peers over the rim of his spectacles. Even with his inquisitive stare it's hard to take him seriously. I guess lounging against the floor whilst reading the paper can do that to a guy.  Also, his hair cut. I always find people who look like they've fallen through a shrubbery comical.

"Loads," I say. He nods, a strand of his hair flops forward over his face.  Even his hair is dying in this heat. "One advert has a girl drinking a mimosa. I'd love one of those."

"Do you even know what a mimosa is?" Raye says, capping the glue stick. Her hair shines, metallic in the falling light. Even at the end of a long day she is full of colour, even as the sun goes down. I resist the urge to throw something at her as she smiles sweetly. When Raye does anything sweetly it's the exact opposite.

"I don't need to. Just like the way it sounds." I sniff and sit up.  "Something's burning."

"No. It's fine." Tyler's hand waves a jar from the fridge in my direction. It retracts and he goes back to his search. There's a clatter and several apples tumble out. "I'm practicing."

"I want to be able to eat it when you're done," Raye calls, liberally spreading glitter on the paper she's fully glued up.  "Can't you practice being a chef and not burn food?"

"I'm not sure. Can you practice being an archaeologist whilst lounging across the sofa and making a card?"

"It's for Mia," Raye snaps. "And you'll all be thanking me later when she forgets about this whole "what do you want to be when you're older" thing."

"I'm old anyway," Adam says, wrestling with his paper. "Hardly seems worth the effort."

"You'll get older." I set down the "top 100 jobs of 2010" book on the floor with a clunk. Really, the coffee table would be a better storage place but I'm not so certain Raye hasn't accidentally lathered glue on the rest of the surface.

"One would hope. But I'll be none the wiser if I'm still on the floor reading this newspaper in ten years." Adam glances at the book, red against the blue of the carpet, and then back to his paper. He looks like he wants to say something more but can't find the words. Probably something about where I've put it. Whatever. If he's such a book lover he can care for it. I'm reasonably sure Mia only gave it to us as a joke, a joke nobody laughed at.

"Don't be so harsh on yourself," I say to Adam. Lowering my voice, I lean forward to flick the top corner of his paper."I'm sure you'll at least get to the business section by Monday."

"Very humorous," Adam says in a flat tone. "And perhaps by then you'll have figured out what you want to do?"

"Don't count on it," I say, folding my arms. It's not that I don't want to figure it out, it's not. I just don't think there's much point. My life is here now and I like it. I should live for today and not for a future I may never have.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Isaac Wants to Be

What do you want (or did you want) to be when you grow up?

Isaac stares at the assigned topic. He looks around the room, stepping away from the computer before returning with a glass of water and an apple. Then he stares some more.

Isaac: Do I really have to write this?

Dawn: Yes, Isaac. I need someone to answer the question, so why not you?

Isaac: Yeah yeah. Umm.. What does it mean? Do what when I grow up?

Dawn: The general idea of the question is what you dreamed about doing once you are an adult. It could be a job, career or goal, though people often say dream careers. Is there anything you want to do when you are an adult?

Isaac: I don't know. I never really thought about it before.

Dawn: Why not?

Isaac: *shrugs* I kinda focus on right now. Surviving on my own and all since my parents... well, you know. Hard to think about being older when making fake school cards and stuff just to go to school. And having to move so much when bad things happen.

Isaac stares down at a few papers sitting on the desk. He starts to pick at a hole in his jeans above his right knee.

Dawn: I do know. Okay, how about this. Could you think about the question no? If you could be anything or do anything, in the future, what would it be?

It takes a few minutes of silence before Isaac puts his attention back to the blog to answer.

Isaac: Anything? That is so... much. Could I really be anything?

Dawn: Sure, you're young. Why not dream big. And it may change, you never know. I changed my answer to this who knows how many times. But I still know what I started with.

Isaac: What did you start with?

Dawn: Marine Biology. Something about living in the plains of Wyoming, no ocean anywhere nearby made me want to go study things in the ocean for a living. I still like biology classes but by high school I had moved to other things. Okay, I said mine. Your turn.

Isaac: Fine. I guess if I can say anything then it would have to be a photographer or video camera umm person. That would be fun. Oh and if I could take pictures of people displaying their mutations, not having to hide it or being kept from using it by those stupid bracelets. That would be fun.

Dawn: That is a great one. I'm glad you shared that. *writes down a note* Thank you Isaac.

Isaac: No prob. This is kinda fun, these posts. Okay, I should go sleep.

Dawn: So should I. But I'll work on finishing your and Ephram's first book soon, I promise.

Isaac: Great. I have work to do then...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kie's Place

When Anastasia asked me to do this post, I was really honored. But, I'm just not sure what my favorite place would be to spend my free time.

My first instinct is to say the elite Headquarters. I love the stone building and our bunk. The team all together, talking (well aruging). But even the banter there makes me feel good and safe - everything is normal. The common room is comfy and cozy in dark, calming colors. Plenty to read and do at headquarters so I am never bored. Training, fighting, reading, etc.

But, I'm pretty sure you guys don't want to hear me ramble needlessly through this post about headquarters and why I love living there. As it is, we spend a lot of our free time there anyway, since we do live there, but I'm pretty sure that is not what Anastasia wants me to talk about.

So, besides headquarters, what is my favorite place to spend my free time?

After thinking about it a while, I'll have to stick with headquarters, but perhaps more specific - the archery range. No matter how bad I feel, I can always go there, fire a couple of shots, and instantly feel better. (Besides, more practice couldn't hurt right?) Even if it's windy or raining, I enjoy being outside with my bow and the targets as my only company. The quiet - no people, no commands, no mission - just me with my thoughts. It calms me like nothing else. I love it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Favorite Place To Be

Cole leaned back into his master’s chair and took a long swig from the bottle of liqueur.  The liquid seared his throat and heat spread through his chest.  He growled the sensation away.  Reaching for the family’s Candle Vignette, he passed a finger over the cleft in the top.  A visual flame flickered to life and he wrapped his hand around the thick cylinder.  Mianna’s picture appeared in the flame. 

He smiled and tilted the bottle again, allowing the bitter drink to coat his mouth before he swallowed it with a gulp.  He clenched his jaw tight and grimaced from the liqueur’s effects.  Leaning back into the leather chair, he propped his feet on the desk and cradled the magical picture album in his lap.  Cole gazed at the cherubic face of his love. 

“If only you could be here with me right now.  Charlene wants me to talk to the blog readers about my favorite place to be.  And the only place I can honestly say would be in your arms.”

Staring into Mianna’s blue eyes, he recalled the love that shown in them when she’d look back.  A heavy sigh warmed his lips.  “Remember when we met?  It was James’s idea to go on holiday to the Northern Territory.  An Arylin colony wasn’t my idea of the best time.  But what better place to meet my soul’s mate than in a community dedicated to the Goddess of Love?”

A chuckle rumbled his chest and he shook his head.  “And to meet the High Priest’s daughter.  I knew the moment you looked into my eyes that you would be the one my soul followed through eternity.” 

Cole ran his thumb across the encryptions on the Candle Vignette’s base.  “Every memory I have of you is stored in here.  You fashioning the topiary, the night of your first high social, our vows.”  He looked back into her eyes.  “The truth?  Anywhere you are is my favorite place to be.”

The plush carpet hushed Charlene’s steps as she entered the study.  Her hand rested on his shoulder and he looked up to see her soft smile.  He cleared his throat and took another long swig from the bottle.  Setting it on the desk with a ‘thunk’, he looked back at the image of his last wife.

“Probably not the post you were looking for.”

Charlene knelt at his side and looked at his memory of Mianna.  “It was perfect Cole.  Thank you.”


Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Much Spare Time

*Everyone crowds around J.D.'s computer desk and looks over her shoulder.*

Ema: I don't get it.

Jalmari: Nor do I.

Jesu: *sighs* I am afraid I do not understand either.

J.D.: *puts her elbows on the desk and rest her chin in her hands* Okay, what don't you understand this time?

*The three vampires glance at each other*

Ema: Today's topic, "Favorite place to spend spare time".

J.D.: And that is confusing because...?

Ema: Oh, how do I say this nicely? Well, all our time is spare time lately.

J.D.: Hey! I've been working on you book everyday for the past two weeks. *pouts*

Jesu: Yes and we appreciate that, but we don't actually do anything while you edit.

J.D.: Well then, that should mean you guys have lots to talk about for this post, right?

Jalmari: Mmm.

Ema: All we do is lounge around your house.

Jalmari: Indeed.

J.D.: Great - talk about that.

*All three vampires groan*

J.D.: Oh, by the way... you guys are bunch of liars, mmkay? When was the last time I had a good night's sleep?

*The vamps glance at each other. Jesu rubs the back of his neck, Jalmari glances away, Ema bites her lip and looks at the floor.*

J.D.: *Crosses her arms over her chest* That's what I thought. Now get typing.

Ema: Alright, alright, I'll handle this. *She sits at the in the computer chair. Jesu and Jalmari watch over her shoulders*

*Ema types* - In our spare time, we like to bug J.D. about scenes for book 2 and the rest of the series, which, I would like to point out, she hasn't started yet...

J.D.: Not true! Book 2 is outlined, so NUR!

*Ema rolls her eyes and continues* ... which, I would like to point out, she hasn't started WRITING yet. J.D. doesn't like this because it causes her to toss in her sleep and often wake up and work on our story at all hours of the night. But we can't help it if we get bored at night, we're vampires, we're NOCTURNAL, plus we don't sleep anyways, but we are much more active in the night. If she had wanted normal characters, she should have stuck with humans.

Jesu: You are getting a bit harsh there, don't you think?

Jalmari: It works for me. *He wonders of to the living room*

Ema: I guess we'll just end it here?

Jesu: *nods* Let's go see if J.D. has any more O-negative in her fridge.

Ema: *glances at her hands* If she does, we better take it outside. I almost bit one of her Pomeranians last time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ransom Demands Over Frankie's Mind

Paige: Holy COW! We're finally getting out. I thought this was never going to happen.

Dexx: *surely glare* Shut up. You were just out the other day.

Paige: No, no, no. That was the girls.

Ri: She was revising. Seriously? We'd already gone through what she went over like a million times.

Kat: *very pouty look* I. Am. So. BORED! I seriously wish Frankie would get a different job. Seriously.

Ri: *snort* Seriously? How serious are you? Are you seriously serious?

Kat: Like TOTALLY seriously serious.

Paige: Girls.

Dexx: We have to do an intervention. Somehow we have to get through to Frankie's bosses and tell them--

Paige: Dexx, sweetie, you do remember that we're pretend, right?

Dexx: Only in Frankie's head.

Paige: Precisely.

Dexx: Exactly. So if we could get a letter out to Frankie's bosses--

Ri: As the invisible people--

Kat: *perks up* --in Frankie's head--

Dexx: --then maybe--

Ri: --they'll let her take an evening off, or have a weekend--

Kat: *bouncing in chair* --or a SICK DAY!!!--

Ri: --so she can WRITE!

Frankie: Seriously, you guys?

Dexx: Shut up. *grabs the keyboard* We're on a mission to save you and us. Let's get to work.

*Frankie and Paige share a knowing look*

*Ri and Kat give them both the shut-up look and crowd around Dexx*

*Dexx clears throat and proceeds to type*

Dear Boss and Bossman,

As the Invisible People inside Frankie's Head, we Demand that you give her some time away from work so that she can Write. She's been working 7 days a week for months now, and guess what, she's not getting any further ahead. It's time you give her a break.

Boss, please step up and help out. Quit telling her what needs done and do something. 

Bossman, please stop calling and reminding her of all the things she's been unable to get done. Dude, it's an impossible task. Get over it. Either get her some help, or stop talking.

Ri: You're going to tell Bossman to shut up?

Kat: *shakes her head* I doooooon't think that's going to go over very well. *shrug*

Dexx: *hits delete and starts over again*

Dear Boss and Bossman,

Thank you for providing Mr. Assist. He's been a very valuable asset. However, the job is still ramping up and things are progressing to not go well. With that said, Frankie's been pulling double and triple duty in order to attempt to save the job.

Things are not going well.

We need you to stop--

Paige: Oh, for the love of Pete! Move over! *hits delete*

Dear Boss and Bossman,

Greetings. We are the Invisible People. We're taking over Frankie's Mind. If she does not receive a day off within the next four days, we'll take over completely and will not give her back. Ransom demands must be met.

Refusal to meet our demands will meet with the ultimate destruction of Frankie's Mind.

Just to warn you, she's already on the verge of explosion. For your safety as well as hers: Give. Her. A. Day. Off.

Thank you,

The Invisible People

PS. We're not above haunting your ass.

Ri: *blink* Well, that's very....

Kat: *stuttering blink* ...blunt.

Dexx: *quirks lips* I was going to to say "direct".

Paige: Awesome.

*hits send*

Monday, April 4, 2011

Others Try for Resolution

Yep, another portion of the other characters conversation but I promise, this one gives a bit more resolution to the problems exposed. I may let this one go a little longer just so it doesn't feel cut off like the last one. The characters have a lot to say still, so let's get to it.

Recap: Check out the other conversations - Part 1 and Part 2

The first to break the tense silence was Michael. He coughed a couple of times, then took a drink. It wasn't words but enough to crack the slight trance that had overcome the small group.

Andy (Andras) couldn't believe the way things were going. When he agreed to this conversation, he never imagined things would get so tense or interesting. He had figured there would be some conversations about weird plots or author torture like some of the character parties but nothing like this. Yet he found himself wanting to know more. "Okay. I have no idea what is going on but I need details. So, one of you needs to start talking."

"It's not what you think." Dominic spoke, forcing some volume into his voice to be heard even though they seemed to be the only ones in the bar. He was still blushing and having everyone stare at him didn't help matters. Being the center of attention didn't feel very fun. "I mean, I've been best friends with Noah for a long time and..."

"Then you slept with him?" Andy jumped to the conclusion and then nodded towards Bastian. "No wonder he's mad at you."

"I didn't. I mean I did but, not the way your thinking." He looked to Michael, hoping for a friendly face compared to the glare he could almost feel heat from but all he got was a curious glance in return. He sighed, taking a long drink before continuing. "Back when Bastian was deployed with the military, they decided to not be, or I'm not sure how they worded it. Noah didn't cheat."

There was a pause and then Michael spoke next. "Okay... But why you? I don't mean to offend you or anything. I'm just curious why he would sleep with you since I thought your were friends. Doing that with friends is usually a bad thing, I've heard."

"I told him to."

Dominic finally looked at Bastian and with surprise. He always assumed that the first kiss that started things between him and Noah had just been an accident or giving in to a moment. Never would he have imagined that choice had been a suggestions from someone else, let alone Bastian.

"A plot twist." Andy looked across the table. "Where is popcorn when you really need it."

At that moment a waiter appeared next to the table, clearing off the partially finished drinks to replace them all with fresh ones. Then he set down a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of pretzels before walking away. Dominic watched him leave but couldn't pull himself to take another drink or to grab a snack. His stomach turned as he avoided looking at Bastian.

"Why would you do that?" Michael voiced the question that Dominic wanted to know.

There was another tense pause as Bastian took a long drink from the fresh, cold beer bottle that had been placed in front of him before pushing the popcorn bowl away from his part of the table. He didn't look pleased but spoke anyways. "The thing about Noah is, he gets nervous about being intimate with someone and anyone new might have a hard time with his mutation. He lets out small sparks of electricity but Dom here knows all that. It gave him a comfortable place to start. Plus, I figured that way Dom would at least get some once in his life."

"Ouch." Dominic muttered the words only glancing up at Bastian before staring at the table.

"Sorry." The words didn't sound as strong as the previous claims but at least he said them. "But you never leave the house. You have no other friends or people you spend time with except for Noah. Answer one question for me."

Andy chose that moment to interrupt. "Maybe we should change the topic to something less personal."

Bastian glared at him. "This is between me and Dom, so shut it."

"You should be more careful when insulting a demon," Andy spoke slow and calm. "Considering we are in my world and not yours, I think you better rethink your statement."

"We can change the subject after I get an answer. Now, Dom, I just need to know one thing."

Giving in, Dominic rested his elbows on the table. "What?"

"Do you love him?"

The question wasn't what he expected and he struggled to swallow the slight fear that settled on his tongue. He floundered to offer something that wouldn't make Bastian angry. "That's not... I don't. Noah's like family to me."

"Don't lie." Bastian sounded so sure of his claims that the others watched him. "You don't sleep with someone you consider family. Just be honest: do you love him?"

Resting his head on one of his hands, Dominic couldn't look at anyone anymore. He stared at the twisted pretzels that remained untouched in a wooden bowl. Biting his thumb nail didn't get an answer out and at last he had to say something, anything to get over the topic. "He will never know. So, it doesn't matter."

Anger did not happen as expected and instead there was a whoosh sound of a sigh. Then Bastian stood up from the table. "As fun as this messed up night out has been, I need to get out of here. You boys have fun."

The others watched him walk out before turning to look at each other. No one knew what to say next.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts from the Captain

Anastasia: *sits at her desk, staring at the new Kinir Elite website*

Derac: *leans over her shoulder* What are you doing?

Anastasia: Just trying to think of what type of things to put on your new website. We need something that updates the site often with new information.

Derac: Well you have the Captain's Log, that I'll begin to fill with things. I'm just not sure what you'd like me to share with the people.

Anastasia: That's the beauty of your log, Derac. You can share whatever you like.

Derac: *settles in chair next to Anastasia and props his feet on the desk* Well you are doing that A-Z blogging challenge correct?

Anastasia: Well yes, but that's on my blog, for writers.

Derac: *nods* Well, what if you sign me up for it too? I can talk about all manners of combat and weapons for the challenge on the Elite's site.

Anastasia: *gasp* Derac! That would be a great idea! Are you sure you want to take that on? That is a lot of blogging and you are still new to the internet world.

Derac: *shrug* How hard could it be? I know all the information already. I'll just dictate to you and you can write it down for me.

Anastasia: *crosses arms* I see. I'll actually be handling the internet part of things.

Derac: Well of course. Just because your mind can tell me how to use it, doesn't mean I want to. I prefer my world's simplistic technology. It's more trustworthy.

Anastasia: Yes, I agree. It can be at times. But still, are you sure you want to dictate that much information?

Derac: *chuckle* Considering the topic is about weapons, I'm sure you'd have plenty to say yourself.

Anastasia: *blush* You may be right.

Derac: Which is why I chose you as our author. You already have a love for weapons and battle. Besides, this way I can help promote our book. The fans can get a look into who I am and why I do what I do.

Anastasia: That is very true. *rubs chin in thought* Well, I guess if you're up for it, then I am too.

Derac: Excellent! I'll begin putting together information for the first post. A....for...Armor! Yes. B...for...*wonders off mumbling to himself*

Anastasia: *shakes head and returns to her own blog post*

****To read Derac's A-Z challenge posts, head over the newly built website for the Kinir Elite -- then click on "Captain's Log". *******