Friday, December 31, 2010

Introductions #2

In which I, Raye Ashcroft, do not leave the readers hanging from last week and continue the journey that I have, in no way, not been coerced into writing. Not at all definitely I was told to write this. So, if you didn't click the link a recap would be something like; car, me, other characters, Mia arrives, evil minions chase, I wonder why I bother, her other main character is annoying me. Now we can continue. Ok, Mia? Geez.

"To glory!" Mia squeals. Her hair blows in the breeze as I press my foot down as hard as I can against the accelerator. I watch the minions behind us easily keep pace in the mirror. Darn them and their shiny car. When I glance back at Mia, she's stuck her head out of the window.

"Get back in, you idiot," I yell over the roar of the wind.

I try to yank her in but my hand just catches the coarse material of her jacket. She easily shrugs out of my grip and continues grinning at the passing landscape. Normally I wouldn't mind so much but her disregard for safety is making it hard for me to drive. I will not be responsible for another headless injury this week. I drum my fingers on the wheel for a moment before taking action.

"Tyler," I shout. I don't need to shout, he's two feet away and a zombie. He has incredible hearing through that golden mess of hair. "Be a doll and grab the wheel will you?"

I let Tyler frown in the rear-view mirror for only a second before I relinquish control of the car. He's probably more  shocked than I am as I feel him dive over the seat as I slide sideways. I rarely trust anyone with this car. Typical of Mia to force it out of me.

Back to the task at hand, with my arms nicely freed up I easily drag Mia back into the cabin and close the window in one sweep. She looks slightly confused as she settles in her seat, now our seat, but she's not headless so this is a plus.

The only thing wrong now is that I'm stuck sharing a seat with her and my undead boyfriend is driving. As I watch him roll up his sleeves, showing off that weird tan he always, and nonchalantly change gear I begin to wonder whether Mia planned this. She's really good at setting traps when she wants to. I swivel to catch her gaze. I give her my best I-am-not-pleased frown.

"What now?"

"We could head for the cinema?" she says. Her expression is really open, she must genuinely believe that we want to go watch a vampire movie with her. It's such a shame to let her down. "Or that pub near my flat? Oooh, they do really good food on a Friday. Let's do both!"

"I mean the post." I flick away her question with my wrist, hoping that will keep her at bay for now. "What now? Are you actually going to ask us questions or are we going to be eaten by minions?"

"I was sort of hoping you'd introduce yourselves…" She tilts her head, a hand slowly reaching into her jacket pocket. It's a movement I know well. I grimace. Sure enough, out comes the tattered notebook. Unlike other times, though, she shows me a page already written instead of filling blank ones. I lean in, curious.

"See." She points, I follow her finger as I read. It's a list of course; things we might like to say about ourselves like our age and origin and favourite colour. Blah blah blah. I don't have a favourite colour so this is going to be tricky.

"I like number four," I hear the Braelyn kid say behind us. I glance around and see that both Adam and her are straining to read it too. "My favourite meal is soup. My brother used to always make me soup, in the future that is."

"Soup is agreeable." Adam nods. I watch his wig wobble on his head. "I rarely get to dine on it. Mostly I get given goulash."

I study them for a second before turning back to Mia. I nod.

"There you are, lots of stuff about us," I say. She looks unconvinced. "Happy now? Can you stop with the evil minions trying to kills us?"

Mia caps her pen and chews her lip. As if to emphasise my point I watch four arrows ping by the window. Great, the minions have weapons now.

"What about Twilight?" she mumbles. I barely catch the words over the sound of the engine.

"Twilight we can do," I lie quickly, hoping nobody holds me to it. My neck feels hot but I don't think she notices the effect the untruth has on me.

"And then maybe a group reading of Mockingjay?" She blinks, her eyes big brown examples of hope. I watch Adam and Braelyn nod encouragingly.

"That too," I bluff. I cough to clear my guilty throat.

"Also we're doing regular character posts." She studies me, I nod. I might as well go for a full set of lies now. "Well, ok then."

As she pockets her notebook once again I feel the car slow down. I turn to give Tyler a piece of my mind about fleeing from evil minions, and things we don't do, when I notice the car behind us has vanished. I glance back at Mia, she smiles.

"See you in two weeks," she mouths as she slowly begins to disappear.  And that's it. That's all we get for our troubles. In my stunned silence I feel everybody watching me, Tyler especially with his emerald coloured gaze, like I might explode.

"Anyone for pizza?" He asks lightly after a moment of contemplating me. "Anyone? I think we should get pizza. I like pizza. Pizza is good for end of year celebrations."

Monday, December 27, 2010

Introducing Elijah and the Teens

For my second introduction post, I have the other paranormal romance main character that has been in a chat before and then two very new characters. Well, they are new to this blogging/chatting activity but not new as in novels because I started their first book back in 2007. They are in a young adult mutant series, though will later be in the adult ones with Noah when they are old enough but for now, they are teen boys. First, here is Elijah, the angel character from Angel/Demon (aka Vulnerable).

Elijah: Hello blog readers. Don't mind the halo in the picture, we don't really wear those things around. Dawn just put it there cause she thought it was fun that she could do that. And I don't wear eyeshadow but it kind of looks like I am in that one. But I do like being shown in front of the coffee shop, one of my jobs that I have.

Dawn: Yeah, the halo was a bit much. Good thing no one in the story can see the pic. Might want to explain the whole job thing and about the fact that you are an angel. It's okay to admit it here on the blog, I promise you won't get in trouble with Omniel.

Elijah: Good to know. So, technically I'm an angel, although I live on Earth in a city called Detroit. I'm what some would call a guardian angel because I have wards that I help as they struggle to keep their faith in God and I show them that they can be true to who they are without losing that faith. I have wings but they remain hidden for the most part unless I'm alone in my house. For the most part, I look normal for someone who died over 20 years ago, or so I think.

Dawn: If you are a guardian, then why the job at a coffeshop? Do you need a regular job for any particular reason?

Noah: Well, I don't need the job. It just helps with the boredom because we are only given a few wards since too many would be emotionally and physically draining. I chose the coffee shop because it's in a gray area of the city and it makes things more interesting. Plus it keeps me from going over the edge most of the time because there is just enough excitement to keep things interesting. Well, that's probably enough about me for now.  Boys, it's your turn.

Ephram and Isaac are seated on a set of lounge chairs located in the blog world. Ephram stares as Noah leaves, then looks at the blog and looks to Isaac for him to start.

Isaac: Guess I'm supposed to say something here. Talk Ephram, it's your story.

Ephram: *sticks his tongue out at Isaac* So? You're better at this talking to strangers thing. *sighs* Fine. Umm, hello people out there, whoever you are. I'm Ephram. He's Isaac. What else do we have to say?

Isaac: I dunno. I've never done this either. I guess we talk about ourselves from the story or something like that. It is an introduction after all. Ugh, I'll start then since you're slow. So, you all know my name but aside from that I'm the new kid in this story, as in I am new to the school and that's where I met this little weirdo. *points to Ephram*

Ephram: I am not a weirdo, or if I am then so is he. Okay, well, I'm a mutant but it's really not as cool as it sounds. My mutation is a weird one that they found when I was born. I don't have a detectable body temperature by normal ways to test. Isaac here is in the story because he's new and is the only friend I have so far, out of like three total, who knows about it. He thinks it's okay to be a mutant or so he tells me.

Isaac: Because it is okay. He thinks he is a loser or something, keeping quiet in school and everything but he is actually nice, unlike many of the others I tried to talk to at that place. The town is an odd mix of people with their noses up in the air. Ridiculous. I'd rather spend time with mutant Ephram than normal boring people who are rude.

Ephram: Umm, thanks I guess. I still think it sucks. My parents are normal, the kids at school are mostly normal and I'm a mutant. It gets lonely and boring. I spend a lot of time working on computers or drawing. Have you finished the sketch assignment yet?

Isaac: Uh, no. We should go draw in the park. I think we've done enough here.

Ephram: Okay. Bye blog people.

Isaac waves, then they both walk back to their story world to finish homework.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wrapping

Cole: *walks in and quirks an eye* What’s all this?

James: *presses a bow to a present and sets it aside* We’re helping wrap Christmas presents.

Cole: They don’t celebrate Christmas on Cornerstone Deep. That’s a Cornerstone Summit tradition.

Vincent: Well, Charlene’s head is filled with it right now. And I gotta say, I like some of the ideas. *holds the mistletoe over Elaina’s head*

Elaina: What do you plan on doing with that?

Vincent: When you’re caught under the mistletoe, you get a kiss.

Elaina: Really? What’s a sprig got to do with a kiss?

Vincent: Beats me. But I’m playing it to my favor. *leans toward Elaina*

Cole: That mistletoe doesn’t have any berries left on it, Kid.

Vincent: Your point?

James: The opportunity of a kiss from a maiden ceases when all the berries are plucked off.

Cole: *folds his arms and chuckles* Thank you James.

Vincent: *growls and throws it aside* There has to be more around Charlene’s head somewhere. *storms off to look*

Elaina: Really, Cole. What did you have to bring that up for? I would have kissed him anyway.

Cole: I just wanted to see if he'd buy it.

James: *hands Cole wrapping paper* Here. Help with some of these.

Cole: You guys really got everybody gifts?

James: They’re not ours. They’re Charlene’s.

Cole: All of these?

James: She insisted on giving all her characters something along with her family.

Elaina: Isn’t she the sweetest writer?

Cole: *slumps his shoulders* She already gave me the one thing I really wanted in her first book. I owe her as it is.

James: *hands him a box* I’m certain she’s not giving in hopes of receiving.

Cole: You didn’t really wrap all of these by hand did you? With your multi-tasking ability, she probably wanted you to wave a hand and do it all at once.

James: That would take the fun out of it. You’ll see.

Cole: *sits down, fumbles with the wrap, and scowls* No, James. I’m convinced Charlene wanted you to use magic for this.

Charlene: *enters and sets her hands on her hips* Okay, who pissed off Vince?

Cole: *crumples the wrapping paper and quickly shoves it to the side*

Charlene: Oh. Of course. Cole.

Elaina: *laughs* Oh, he’s just looking for some mistletoe with berries on it.

Charlene: Yeah, I gathered that. He’s grumbling and shooting at every clump he can find in my head!

James: You haven’t imagined mistletoe with berries?

Charlene: Augh! James, you’re a genius. Wait a second. *closes eyes*

Vincent: *runs back in* I found some! I don’t know how many of these things I had to shoot down, but I finally got some.

Charlene: *leers at him* Twenty-two. *shakes her head and leaves*

Vincent: Uh, yeah. Right. Sorry, Charlene. *grimaces and turns to Elaina, lifting a huge bush* Now, where’s that kiss?

Cole: Great Gods! She put enough berries on that clump.

James: *laughs and folds his arms* That aught to keep him occupied into the new year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Chat About Character Voice

Ana: Jen, I'm so glad you finally figured out my voice!

J.D.: Yeah me too. It just came to me while I was spacing out at work. The writing's coming along so much smoother now.

Seth: So when do you think you'll figure out my voice?

J.D.: Um ... you're a little more complicated, Seth.

Seth: Me? Complicated?

*Ana and Jen both nod*

Seth: Pssh. I'm the most uncomplicated guy I know.

J.D.: Well, see, that's the thing. You're a GUY. And I'm a woman. That alone makes it difficult for me to get inside your head.

Seth: And yet I am the one living in your head ... wouldn't you be trying to get inside your own mind then?

J.D.: Ahh! Stop it Seth! You're giving me a head ache.

Ana: Give her time, Seth, She'll get to you.

J.D.: *rubbing her forehead* Did you know you're supposed to have an accent when you talk?

Seth: *shrugs* So give me an accent.

J.D.: Do you know how hard it is to deal with accents? Trying to portray them right without making the reading difficult?

Ana: I'll bet it's a sexy accent.

*Seth and Jen both raise their eyebrows at Ana*

Ana: What?

J.D.: *shrugs* It's a Greek accent.

Ana: *nodding* Makes sense.

J.D.: Trouble is, I have no idea what a Greek accent sounds like.

Ana: Research it. I can check YouTube for you! *opens a new browser window*

*Ana and Jen lean in and listen to a few videos*

J.D.: Is it just me or does it sound very close to Bulgarian?

Ana: It does kind of resemble your step-dad's accent.

J.D.: Oh great. Now I'm going to think of my step-dad while thinking about Seth. That's just perfect.

Ana: Sorry!

Seth: Why don't you just watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding ten more times. I'm sure you'll get it eventually.

*Ana and Jen look at each other and grin*

J.D: I'll get the popcorn!

Ana: I'll get the movie!

Seth: *facepalm* I think all the men in your head just died a little.

J.D.: Well, they have you to thank for that, Seth. *cheesy grin*

Seth: I think I'll go to Anastasia Pergakis' head and watch Burn Notice.

J.D.: Oh no you don't! She has enough characters to deal with. Besides, you need to watch this and practice. Can you roll your R's?

Seth: Duh. The real question is can you remember that I roll my R's?

*Both women give Seth "The Look"*

Seth: *winces* I think I just died a little more.

(Okay, I had to include this pic below because it looks just like a real-life Ana and Seth talking! *Gasp*)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Introductions #1

My name is Raye and I live inside a writer's head. It's not exactly ideal but I've pretty much gotten used to it. It's not like I go where I'm put. I give Mia only what I feel like and never a jot more.  So when she decided to follow us around for her introductions post I basically blew her off with something about how I was washing my hair that day and probably every day for the next two years.

After that I decided to forget about the whole thing. I figured that was that. It really was not. And now she's standing outside my newly washed car wearing nothing but PJs, a blue jacket, and some worn out slippers that have bunnies on them. Zombie bunnies, that is. I swear she dresses like that just to annoy me.

"I thought you were focussing on your other story?" I narrow my eyes as I lean around her and unlock the driver's door. "You know, the one with the kid who gets sent to Azkaban and is all whiney."

"It's not Azkaban," she bristles and folds her arms. "It's in the future. And I told you we need to do this character piece. We have a deadline."


I manage to scoot around her and slide into the car. She lets me, which is surprising, but I soon find out why. The passenger door wafts in a cool breeze as she hops in beside me. I didn't even see her run around the car. It must be good to control the physics of the world inside your head.

"You're not going to let this go, are you?" I say as I fiddle with my key chain. She grins in that goofy way that she does. I tilt my head and hope that she'll get lost in the way a few autumn leaves blow by or something. Writers sometimes do that.

"You might as well just drive, you know," a voice says from behind me."She will leave us eventually."

I glance into the rear-view mirror and see Tyler sitting there, looking aged in his resignation. We spend enough time together in the same novel without having to do stuff like this. Even aged he looks good though, blonde hair and green eyes that sparkle like jewels. If I didn't know he was a very old zombie I'd guess he was 18 maybe.

"Not until the post," Mia chips in. She waves her pen around before scribbling something down. I roll my eyes at her but she's too busy muttering and staring intensely at her notebook.

"I have a suggestion," another voice calls from my backseat. 

This time I swivel round to find out what exactly is going on and why my car is so populated. There was nobody in here when I left for a pee break. The face I'm met by is unfamiliar. He grins as I glance beside him and see Braelyn, Mia's next big main character in that stupid other book. You know, the one with Azkaban or whatever.

"Anyway." The grinning face clears his throat, he coughs up a beetle.  "Why don't we just drive and see what happens? Now that we're all here that could be fun."

"Just who are you?" I say and try not to stare at his nose. It's greener than the rest of his grey face. Judging from the way he smells I'd say he was an older zombie, one that rots.

"Adam." He smiles and reveals a set of perfect teeth. Disturbing when put next to his black lips. "Please excuse the costume. Mia didn't give me time to change. I moonlight as an extra in her other things."

"Costume?" Tyler leans forward and says. "It's incredibly convincing. It even smells real."

"Thank you." Adam bows his head. " I make them all myself."

"Oh really?" Tyler smiles politely. "So pleasant to meet somebody interested in the textile industry. Tell me, is it-"

"Can we go?" that stupid Braelyn kid butts in. I can call her that because a) she's a full year my junior at sixteen and b) this is my car and she's got to be stupid to think I'll actually continue to let her exist in it. "Only the evil undead minions are almost here and I don't like being eaten."

"What minions?" I say, forgetting how stupid I think she is just momentarily.  Out of the corner of my eye I see Mia claps her hands.

"Just the ones I sent." She laughs. "Brae's right, we should go before they eat us. Also, I gave them a car. I hope you don’t mind."

"Why did you do that? Can they even reach the peddles?" I scowl. 

"I thought it would change up the dynamics nicely." She shrugs. "Plus if we go now we might still make it in time for a late night viewing of the latest Twilight and I just know how much you guys want to see that."

There's this collective groan in answer to her remark as I finally rev the engine to life and pull out into the road. The car that speeds behind us doesn't get any further away as I drive but at least it doesn't advance either. Apparently Mia will go to extraordinary lengths to make this post happen.

So, hi. I'm Raye and currently I'm a little busy trying not to get eaten.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chatting with Frankie's Peep's

Ri: So what are we supposed to do here?

Frankie: Introduce yourself.

Ri: I thought we already did. Go here.

Frankie: As always, m'dear, you're a peach.

Ri: *glares*

Frankie: What has you in such a bad mood?

Ri: Nothing.

Kat: Her and Rune are fighting.

Ri: We are not.

Kat: Are too.

Ri: Are not.

Kat: Are--

Frankie: Kids! Do you want to talk about it?

Ri: No.

Dexx: I do.

Frankie: Dexx, knock it off. Don't pick on her.

Dexx: No, I think that if there's stuff that needs talked about, we should.

Paige: *rolls eyes* That was most definately aimed at me.

Kat: Oh, yes! I sooooooo want to hear! What's up this time?

Paige: Sweetie, it has nothing to do with you.

Kat: Obviously, but we're sharing Frankie's head, so it does.

*everyone stares at each other for a moment...well, except for Ri who's still in a really bad mood*

Frankie: There is some logic to that, I think.

Kat: *sticks out her tongue and smiles*

Dexx: *sticks his tongue out and grins back*

Paige: *throws hands in the air* It's like I'm dealing with kids all the time here.

Frankie: Well...

Paige: Dexx is a full grown man! So don't.

Frankie: *hands up and backing away* Sorry. Sorry. *turns to audience* Well, obviously, everyone's in a bit of a snit. I think next time we're up, we're going to discuss character dynamics because, well, we've got a LOT of that going on right now. 

Kat: *bounces up to join Frankie* I'm in a good mood.

Frankie: Kitters, you're in a good mood because you're sister's in a bad one.

Kat: *impish grin* 

Frankie: Anyway, we'll get to the introductions, keeping them short and sweet. You can't see this, but there are a bunch of other people hiding in the wings, but we'll only drag out the main characters for now. Syn is over the Atlantic right now, and all radio and visual communications are gone. We'll see if we can't get him back when he gets closer to the Americas. So, starting things off! *does a rather fast and informal iney-meaney-miney-mo* Dexx, you're up.


Okay, well, again I'm from the Demon Talker series. I'm 34, a Scorpio and I like a good whiskey. I'm a demon hunter and you can bet I've seen my share of ugly things. I'm helping Paige who's a loose cannon. When the world does end, it will be her fault. Just so you know.


Thanks for that vote of confidence, hi-speed. I'm Detective Paige Ansley and the demon talker. I will not bring about the end of the world. I almost did, but I also managed to stop it. Let's be clear about this.

Right now, I'm having a lot of fun raising my daughter and son, Leah and Bobby. I really can't wait for you to meet them. *cringe-filled sigh* And my niece and nephews, and my sister and brother-in-law, and Grandma Alma. I have a feeling, I have another niece on the way. Oh, gods, just wait until you meet my family. They're wonderful and awful in the same breath. But I love them.

I will NOT bring about the end of the world


Hey, I'm in the Chronicles of Ri - and judging by the title of the series, it's about me. *shakes head* It's really not. I'm just there for most of it. It's really about everyone in my family; my sister, my mom, my dad, all of our friends and family. I think Frankie named it after me to make fun of my love-non-love life. *eye roll*

I love the color purple, I wear glasses and am a complete and total dork. I know some of the greatest people in two WORLDS and I'm lucky enough to have them as friends.

What else is there to say?

And I am NOT in a wickedly bad mood. I just don't want to be laughed at AGAIN.


I don't care if she wants to be laughed at or not. I'm laughing!

Today, my favorite color is GREEEEEEEEN! BRIGHT GREEEEEEEN! And I'm Haaaaaappppyyyyy!  Whoot! I don't know why. I just woke up that way and I'm good with it. 

I'm Ri's younger sister. Nope. I'm Ri's ONLY sister and she's my best friend.  I have other friends, but she's the best one ever.

Oh! Kitty! Gotta go. *giggles madly and scampers off after kitten*

And there you have 'em folks.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Noah and Lucas write introductions

Hello, fellow bloggers and readers. Dawn here. I have a quick introduction then I'll let the two characters I have for this week that will take over. Since we are actually doing two posts for introductions I have two main characters for this post, and one of them is going to introduce others from his world since he has already guest posted before about just himself. Or at least, back when he was at the end of book 3, which is why I'm speaking first. Since I have only the first draft of book 1 in his series done, and because some of the characters involved are teens (posting on this blog as well in the next introduction), I'm going to have him post from where he was at in book 1 (Standing Ground). The old post can be found here: Noah's guest post.  If this gets long, my apologies, for I have to let the second main character speak, Lucas, because I can't have him and Elijah in the same post yet even though they are the two main characters of a paranormal romance. So, with all that said, here is Noah and his introduction of important people from book 1.


Noah: Hello. *gives a quick wave* I am Noah, a genetic mutant from Dawn's books. We were once a guest, so I'm happy to be a more permanent member of the blog now. Last time I posted mostly about my mutation and some of the struggles I go through in this series but I think this time I'll talk about those that are involved with me. We're only talking the first section of troubles, right?

Dawn: Right.

Noah: Okay. I had just finished a double major in physics and military science. The last part was because my father insisted and he did pay for the schooling but I really wanted to study physics to give myself a better understanding of energy. I can control it but don't like people knowing what I am capable of doing. I spent the last several years living in two locations: my parents' house and my best friend's apartment (Dominic) that they helped pay for. Dominic has been my best friend since we were in school. He's also a mutant though his power is a confusing type of prophetic dreaming that requires he be asleep more often than not. In fact, he'd say hello right now but he's sleeping.

Noah: Then there is my boyfriend Sebastian, though he hates to be called by his full first name. He prefers to be called Bastian. I met him at the beginning of when Dawn started writing the story. At first, he's a bit nervous and in less shape because he didn't work out too much and preferred to study or read. His major was philosophy but then he joins the military and things change. Some of the changes were better than others. He isn't a mutant though, and at first he didn't think I was either despite how I look. I should have told him as it probably would have turned out better than him finding out the way he did but it turns out he doesn't care that I am.

Noah: Finally, there are a few that I'd like to mention but don't worry, there aren't any pictures of them yet. These are important if you consider the whole story and not just what gets placed in book 1, though readers meet them there. They are the first set of "rogue mutants" I ever meet, though they certainly aren't the last ones. Two of them were once friends, though after a falling out they had to leave the school so I hadn't seen them since we were teens. First is the somewhat leader, Ty. He is a bit of a jerk and he would often get me into trouble. Ty had to leave because they wanted to stop him from using his mutation too often because he was what could be called a copy cat as he could imitate almost any other mutation if given the opportunity. Along with him as the weather controller, Kelvin, who had trouble controlling his emotions and thus sometimes the weather. The new ones they bring are Michael and Camile. Camile seems to be a bit hard edged and she controls wind. On the other hand, Michael seems very nice compared to the others and he's kind of cute... I mean, he umm controls both fire and ice. Not sure how they all met up but when they get around to telling their side of things I may find out.

Noah: That's all I will mention for now since I'm taking up a lot of space and there is still the demon who is supposed to introduce himself this post. Sorry about rambling and I'm sure I'll be posting again soon.


Lucas: Umm, hi. *puts hands in pocket and looks around* This is a bit different. I've done the chats before on that twitter thing and once in a regular chat room but this is my first blog. Guess it'll be nice to do something outside the whole demon crap I have to deal with nowadays. Being a demon sucks. Don't let anyone fool you with all that chat about fire and eternal heat with no snow because it's a lie! I'm stuck in Detroit where I spend my days freezing cold. Other than that, I guess things could be worse considering. Hard to believe that not having a belief in God would put me here but I'm doing my best to make due with the whole situation. Other than the whole, non-dead type thing, being a demon is rather boring. I don't shoot fire from my hands or anything cool like that. Right now, I'm living on another demons couch and we work without pay delivering messages around the area. Aside from the cold, there is a feeling of emptiness that I'm still trying to figure out. It's a dull aching type of emptiness and I definitely have no direction. For now, I'm lost but can only hope that until whatever rapture type disaster comes for my marked soul that I can make the best of this "life" as a demon.  That's all I really have to say for now. *walks away*

Friday, December 10, 2010

Introducing The Kinir Elite

Derac: Attention!

*teams snaps to attention*

Derac: Ladies, gentlemen, and other creatures, I present to you the proud Kinir Elite. Jardel Olen, gifted with the bow and a wild, youthful spirit that often lands him in trouble. Rakan Surat, veteran of the Kinir Elite and expert at more weapons than most can count. Tyngrad Lamblin, a spirital elf with an unhealthy attraction to steel blades. Kierianna Shaphros, expert bow and keen mind for battle strategy, and last but not least, Aeli Edisbaan, evil genius if there ever was one. I am Captain Derac Vidor, leader of this skilled team.

Aeli: Can we quit this formality? It's a blog for Riosis' sake!

Derac: *glares* Ahem. Elitist Edisbaan may be an evil genius but she doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. *quirks eyebrow*

Tyn: Permission to speak, Captain.

Derac: *nods*

Tyn: It is just a blog, Derac. We can relax. Anastasia said it was completely informal.

Jardel: I second that.

Derac: *curls lip* Fine. At ease. But tomorrow we are training since it is obvious you all lack discipline!

Rakan: Sounds wonderful. These green warriors could use some discipline.

Jardel: Oh come off it! You need to learn to relax my friend.

Rakan: Watch it, youngling.

Kie: *shakes head and opens "Advanced Battle Strategies"*

Aeli: Kie really. It's a wonder you're a female at all. Battle strategies for fun? I mean, we are in the middle of a blog post here.

Kie: *slams book shut* And what is it you would like me to say? Or do?

Aeli: I don't know! But seriously, who can studying battle strategies be fun?

Derac: You should try it sometime, Aeli. Might help you learn when to speak and when not to. *glares*

Kie: *opens her book again* Besides, I hate the picture Anastasia made for this post. Do you see my hair? *grumbles*

Aeli: What is wrong with your hair? It actually looks nice for once.

Kie: Yea well I don't like it. I'm in uniform, it should be pulled back in my braided bun as regulation.

Aeli: *rolls eyes*

Tyn: Are we going to spend our entire blog post fighting?

Derac: Most likely. The only time we seem to act as a team is on a mission. Thus, the reason why I started this in a formal and proper fashion.

Tyn: *raises brows* You need to find some peace my friend. You are wound up too tight.

Derac: *rolls eyes* So you keep telling me.

Jardel: *sits down and puts feet on table* So, what are we going to talk about for this post here?

Rakan: *knocks Jardel's feet off the table* This is just an introduction, for the readers to get to know us.

Aeli: Oh well, Derac already introduced us.

Kie: I vote for more training.

Aeli: *rolls eyes* You would.

Jardel: *sighs* I'll go for training if it involves a hot bath or a female - both preferably. *laughs*

Tyn: *twirls knife* Your weapon should be your best friend, not some woman.

Jardel: Sorry, but I prefer the softness of women over the coldness of steel.

Derac: *pinches bridge of nose* Go away, all of you. You're embarassing me.....I apologize to the readers of this post. While the Kinir Elite are highly skilled and we've never failed to suceed in a mission, our eclectic group of personalities makes for stressful times - for me at least. Hopefully in the next post, they will be more civilized. I bid you farewell. *places fist over heart and bows*

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Introduction to Cornerstone Deep

Mr. Ballard: Hello. My name is Tyler Ballard, Officiator to the Nobles. I’ve been called upon by Sir Cole Shilo to introduce our world.

Vincent: Actually, Charlene wanted us to pop in and share a little about ourselves. Leave it to Cole to pawn off the responsibility.

James: He delegated, Vince. There’s a difference.

Vincent: Well, Mr. Ballard will have to introduce more than their dimension for all this to make sense. We’re from Meridian, not Terra.

Cole: *pulls out a chair and cocks it to the side* Just let him handle this, Kid. *sits down, stretching his long legs in front of him*

Vincent: Could you at least hold back on calling me Kid in front of the blog readers?

James: Both of you could show a little more temperance in light of the moment.

Cole: *mumbles* Always the mediator.

Mr. Ballard: Sir Vincent is quite correct. These fine founders are not native to our dimension. They serve as Sentinels here on Terra. Or as it is known by its position in the spectrum of realms, Cornerstone Deep, as we share the supportive base. And I must say, it is an honor for me to have Ms. Wilson name her debut novel after my home plane. *glances at the Shilo brothers then clears his throat* Allow me to explain.

Vincent: *leans over to James* He could have at lease allowed Charlene to create avatars to represent us.

Cole: I’m not being portrayed by a cartoon.

Vincent: A caricature. What’s so wrong with that? It’d help your disposition to laugh at yourself every now and then. *turns away* Mianna would have loved it.

Cole: *jumps to his feet and speaks through his teeth* Leave her out of this.

James: *steps between the two and folds his formidable arms* That was uncalled for, Vince.

Vincent: Well, I’m certain Chad and Styne from her other novel, Aumelan, wouldn’t mind.

Mr. Ballard: *rearranges his notes and continues* As you know, a cornerstone is a vital part of any building or structure. In this case, you could think of an arch. It begins and ends with a cornerstone supporting each base. Midway sections join the meridian cap to the cornerstones to make the structure. As with this structure, our spectrum has planes named Meridian, Midway, and Cornerstone. Sirs Cole, James, and Vincent are from Meridian… *looks back at the brothers and ups his brows*

Vincent: *looks at Mr. Ballard with his onyx eyes*

James: *looks at Cole*

Cole: *sits back down, looks at Mr. Ballard and nods, crossing his ankles*

Mr. Ballard: And possess the powers of that gifted central plane.

Vincent: *leans toward James* I know Elaina would love to help Charlene pick out a doll avatar to represent her.

Cole: *glares at Vincent*

Mr. Ballard: Our side of the spectrum’s arch is called Deep and the other side is called Summit. Hence, Cornerstone Deep.

Vincent: And face it James. You wouldn’t mind seeing Linda in some of those getups they have to choose from.

Cole: *jumps to his feet again* That’s enough, Kid!

Vincent: Don’t call me Kid!

Cole: It’s your first life span. You’re a kid!

Vincent: *sparks dance along his fists* So three life spans makes you an old brooding self-centered prick!

James: *scowls and reaches into Cole’s pocket, removing an envelope* Mr. Ballard, maybe you should take your leave before Vincent destroys the place.

Mr. Ballard: *accepts the envelope and stashes it in his pocket* Thank you Sir Shilo. Always a pleasure doing business you.

James: *turns back to his brothers and mumbles* I wonder how many times Charlene will put up with having her study blown up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Introducing New Characters to the Cafe

Ana: Hello. *waves* I'm Special Agent Anastasia Melas. I'm here to introduce you to the punk rock band, Raw Goddess. Um ... men, you might want to cover your ears. See, the girls are sirens. As in the monsters from Greek mythology. I'm their body guard, since their voices have no effect on women.

*Holds up her hands, palms forward* Ladies, ladies, please! I will introduce you to Seth, the lead singer, one at a time. Form a single line here please. *points* Oh and don't worry. Contrary to the rumor, Seth's voice is harmless. He can't enchant women the way his half-sisters enchant men, I swear.

Seth: Thanks for the intro Special Agent. *Scans the crowed* 'Sup.

Ana: *rolls her eyes* Yeah, don't say too much. Anyway, we're a brand new set of characters for a novel J. D. Brown is working on. It doesn't even have a title yet, she just calls it "her siren idea" right now.

Seth: Say hi to my sisters, they're a lively bunch.

Sirens: *mumbling* Hey.

Ana: *shudders*

Seth: *Laughing* They're very sweet girls once you get to know them.

Ana: Is that before or after they do that weird hypnotizing thing? Okay, visiting hours are over. The musicians need their rest for tomorrow's show. Bye everyone.