Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Faery Wishes

Ten Powers I wish I Had

1. Healing - I do not think I could be an actual Healer as a profession. It would be hard to deal with all the injuries and illnesses, especially with faes (children). However, it would be nice to have the power to Heal faeries if they needed.

2. Telepathy - I would love to be able to read other beings thoughts. Not to pry or invade their privacy, but to avoid confrontation. It would be useful to know one's true intentions in a given situation. Would I use it against my sisters? Of course I would.

3. Control Fire - Fire in itself is a powerful force and being able to control it? That is the ultimate power I believe. It would be wonderful to be able to hold fire in my hands and manipulate it the way I see fit.

4. Protection - Having no powers at all at the moment, this one would be a huge improvement. I would be able to protect myself from other magics and protect those that I love too. Besides, I would rather be on the defensive than the offensive.

5. Telekinesis - I will admit I am jealous that my sister Letarri has this power. It serves so many uses. One could move objects out of their path or could even move beings and people from their personal space. I would love to use this against my sisters sometimes as they either ignore me or crowd my space.

6. Control the Weather - They say not to mess with Nature which is why I might like having this power. It would not be much different from not having one. At least I could say I had one and maybe then I would have friends...

7. Mind Influence - I would not use this power to control others to do evil things or for entertainment. I would simply stop my mother from forcing me to visit the Healers. Then again, if I had a power at all, I would not have a need to go.

8. Invisibility - Well, I guess this one would not be any different either. I am basically invisible to most others anyway. No one notices me from the masses. But at least if I was really invisible, no one could taunt me anymore.

9. Phasing - I would love to walk through walls and other solid objects. It would be useful as I try to escape my mother or the Healers' appointments. I would simply be able to phase out of the room. Definitely a great means of escape.

10. Regeneration - I think anyone would like this power. To heal on your own almost instantly? That would be a great power to have. But I doubt it would heal the emotional wounds that have been dealt to me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guest: Dawn Embers and Noah

I am honored to introduce our first guest blogger, Dawn Embers, and her extremely cool mutant hero, Noah. Dawn and Noah will be joining us again on Saturday for this week's Chat Party. ~J.D. Brown

Hello blog viewers. I am Dawn Embers, a fiction writer that also met Anastasia and JD on Writing.com. Yes, we're taking over blogger. (lol) I've been writing seriously for over 5 years but I was creating stories for fun with my imagination since I was 5 years old. My favorite genre is fantasy, in many different subgenres, but I'm not limited to the single genre. Not published yet, but am working on getting the first books in my mutant series ready to query. 5 other novels are in different stages of production as well.

Currently working on two mutant novels (different ones), one paranormal romance, steampunk world-building for novel, romance/erotica novella and potential dystopian. Fun stuff. Most are adult but I do some YA as well.

The character you get to meet today is from the adult mutant series, Rogues of Revolution. One book is written so far, and the rest will get an outline while I prepare book 1 to eventually query. The main character is Noah. For the character chat, I pulled him from the end of book 3, before book 4 in this series. I'll give his physical characteristics and then let him talk for himself so you can really get to know him.

Age; 29
Hair: white
Eyes: bright blue
Power: electricity (energy)

The rest is up to you, Noah.

Noah: Gee thanks. Um, Hi people out there. My name is Noah and yes, I do have a last name but it's not as safe for me to give mine with the revolution still going. It's hard to believe things have gone this far and to think how naive I was back in book one.

What am I supposed to talk about again?

Dawn: Yourself. Tell them about your powers and what happened so they don't get confused by the chat that happened.

Noah: Okay. So, I have this mutation. Both my parents had mutated DNA and that was furthered in me and my brother. Unlike my brother, however, is the fact that my so called powers aren't similar to Mom or Dad. I create and control energy, which is often seen as electricity. They used to always talk about the potential I had, or have. But I try not to use it as much as possible because I don't want to be used as a weapon. I don't want to hurt anyone.

It might sound cool to manipulate energy, to shock people or mess with lights of an entire city, but it's really not. Hurting someone, seriously and the risk of killing anyone makes it a nightmare that I wish I could wake up from. But I can't.

When I was younger, I was a bit more naive about the whole situation. I got a degree in physics and military science. The military was for my dad because I hate war and violence in general. I refused to join the military and the government regulated mutant group that my parents were both members for, which really pissed my father off. When giving a choice between working for them or the government directly, I chose to disappear instead. So, I have to be careful because there are people still looking for me, and many of the other mutants in the revolution. They call us rogues but they don't know how organized we really are.

For the last few years I've been a leader within the underground mutant revolution. We're fighting the government restrictions and the allowance for us mutants to be treated like we're not quite human. It's not easy and we have so far to go but no one is ready to give up yet even with the losses we've suffered... I've suffered.

Is this good enough? I don't want to talk about losing him.

Dawn: Okay. You can be done and I'll work on your first book soon for you doing this. Thank you Anastasia and JD for having us here and at the character chat. We had fun.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poker Night

It's Saturday and so means another character chat party! This time it's all the guys getting together for a game of poker.

Again, we lost track of time and this ended up being longer than we thought. We hope you enjoy!

Anastasia: Sorry, got distracted LOL SHINY THINGHS

Jen: SHINY! WHERE? lol

Anastasia: LOL

Jen: :) I'm hyper for this hour. Odd

Jalmari: Good evening, ladies

Anastasia: OMG I have no idea who I'm bringing *face palm*


Anastasia: Well Drache - him and Jesu seemed to really hit it off the other day

Jen: I don’t know who the 3rd guy should be! Apollyon, Naamah ....?

Anastasia: Well Naamah has a stronger presence in Book 2 right?

Jen: More than the first book, though he's mostly still a voice on the phone lol

Jesu: Jen, you know you do not want to bring my father into this.

Jen: O.O good point

Jen: Anastasia it would be so funny if you brought Chakor and Etharas!

Anastasia: Well, Etharas okay but Chakor broke the rules

Jen: Aww lol

Chakor: HEY! I was threatened with a knife! I think that is punishment enough.

Anastasia: *sigh*

Jen: Chakor, quick, do something to make it up to her!

Chakor: Like what?

Jalmari: Give her a smooch

Anastasia: Yea right.

Jen: LOL

Anastasia: That is just creepy on so many levels

Jalmari: *shrug* Jen has romantic fantasies about me

Jen: Yeah, because you high-jack my dreams like an incubus!

Chakor: We do it to Anastasia too all the time. It's quite fun!

Drache: You know that if you don't let Chakor join the fun, he'll be annoying you endlessly.

Anastasia: *sigh* You're right. All right, Chakor and Etharas.

Jalmari: That's insult to my race. Calling me a incubus, that is

Etharas: I don't really want to be here if he is here.

Anastasia: *rolls eyes*

Jen: Etharas, you can come sit by me *giggles*

Etharas: *smirks and strides over to Jen's side* Hello Miss. How are you? Thank you for writing such a wonderful story about me by the way. I think of it often.

Anastasia: I didn't know he dug that story out of my memory bank!

Jen: *blushes bright red*

Jalmari: *snickers*

Drache: You honestly thought he wouldn't?

Anastasia: Well no, it's just that, I don't know he DID already.

Jesu: *rolls eyes* Let’s play some cards, shall we?

Drache: Yes yes.

Anastasia: Who's dealing?

Jesu: *shuffles and deals cards*

Jen: Drinks, gentlemen?

Etharas: *holds up flask*

Jen: Beer okay? Or I have liquor ...

Drache: Well as you know Anastasia is happy with her 'soda' or some such drink. And we prefer ale of some type. I suppose beer is okay.

Anastasia: Drache, beer is the same, just a different word.

Etharas: I'll partake of some liquor when my flask is empty, but I'm fine for now.

Jen: *Hands the faery men beer. Hands the vamps blood.*

Chakor: *snorts* No thank you Jen. Do you have something non-alcoholic?

Jen: Of course, Chakor. Ummmm ... soda okay?

Chakor: Is that what Anastasia is drinking? I'll try some of that.

Jalmari: *takes Chakor's beer and pours it into his blood*

Jen: *Hands Chakor a soda* Yes. It's what Anna is drinking

Chakor: Thank you. *takes a sip* Oh, it's bubbly. Interesting.

Jen: lol, That's so cute.

Etharas: *snorts*

Jen: So Jesu dealt the cards already :P

Anastasia: :)

Jesu: Yes, yes I did

Drache: *looks at cards, digs around in Anastasia's memory bank to remember how to play this game, then calls the blind*

Anastasia: HEY! No random digging in my head.

Jen: LOL

Anastasia: Do your guys do that to you? Just go diggin’ around in your head?

Jalmari: I raise ... um ... Jen, darling, do we have money?

Jen: Anastasia, yes they do. Jalmari, I'm broke so...

Jalmari: No problem, I have plenty of Euros

Anastasia: I don't play with Euros

Drache: What are Euros?

Chakor: *digs around in Anastasia's head*

Anastasia: I said cut that out!

Jen: Yeah, go convert those to dollars, Jalmari

Jalmari: *frowns* Let’s just play for chips than?

Anastasia: Yes.

Jen: Agreed

Jalmari: Very well, I raise $15 worth of chips

Anastasia: Umm, what sort of poker are we playing? Hold'em, Draw, stud?

Jen: Hold'em. It’s the only one I know how to play lol Perhaps we should start the game over?

Anastasia: LOL Okay

Chakor: You ladies are bit, unorganized.

Jesu: *re-shuffles and deals cards*

Jen: Shush up and be happy you're included, Chakor. lol

Anastasia: Seriously!

Jen: Jesu to Drake: What'll it be?

Jalmari: Can I get another drink, babe?

Anastasia: Who is "babe?"

Jalmari: Jen

Jen: Oh no you didn't!

Drache: I call the blind of $10 *tosses chips into pot*

Jalmari: I call your 10 and raise 5

Chakor: Call the 15

Etharas: *sigh* Fold

Jen: Oh I forgot Naamah's here lol!

Jesu: Come now, I haven't opened the other 3 cards yet!

Etharas: Well I refuse to play with HIM

Anastasia: Poor sport.

Naamah: *tosses $15 dollars of chips into pot*

Jesu: Who, me? Call the 15 as well

Anastasia: No, Etharas.

Drache: *throws the remaining 5 into the pot*

Jalmari: Cheer up, man. At least Anastasia didn't kill your woman

Etharas: *snorts* No, I just have to watch her live - in love with another.

Jesu: *burns a card then flips one*

Drache: Check.

Jalmari: I would rather have dealt with that then have to burry her... Raise 10

Jen: Jalmari, shut up.

Jalmari: Jen, I think you killed her off because you were jealous

Etharas: Heh.

Anastasia: Oh!

Jen: I'm going to pretend you're joking

Jalmari: *snickers*

Jesu: Or maybe she mad that... never mind

Anastasia: Oh no not never mind! Mad that what?

Jesu: *blushes blue* Mad that Jenna would not fall for him?

Anastasia: Oh!

Jen: I'm not mad at anyone, guys! Jesu, that ship has sailed. I gave up trying to get Jenna to like Jalmari

Jesu: Well you're not making her like me...

Etharas: Apparently the ladies do whatever they like.

Jen: I CAN'T! She has her own mind! See? Etharas is on the ball

Etharas: Take our loves, kill them, lets them be with another. They have no shame.

Anastasia: He's talking about you and me, Jen.

Jen: Oh. Hey!

Anastasia: And you better be nice Etharas or I won't let you have any chance to redeem yourself to Letarri - at all!

Jalmari: It's crazy that you even love her, Jesu

Drache: Why?

Jen: He gets to redeem himself!?

Drache: My wife is technically my enemy.

Anastasia: Yea, but, he doesn't like it much.

Etharas: She has a plan to KILL ME

Anastasia: It's not a sure thing yet....

Jesu: I assume you are referring to the curse, big brother?

Chakor: *laughs*

Anastasia: TIME OUT! What curse?

Jen: Hold up! You're going to kill Etharas?? WHY??

Jen: *All the men laugh*

Anastasia: I was just THINKING about it. What better way to redeem himself than to die to save Letarri's life? But it's not a definite thing yet... So he's getting pissy over nothing.

Jen: Oh that would be soo romantic! But sad! I like Etharas though! Damn, no wonder he's so depressed all the time lol

Etharas: I'm glad someone cares about me.

Chakor: *snorts*

Jen: Chakor, I like you too, but you already got the girl so shush up lol

Chakor: I don't have the girl yet, technically. Who knows what Anastasia will come up with in Book 2 or 3.

Anastasia: He's right, it could still end up going the other way....

Etharas: *perks* Really!?

Jen: O.O

Jen: I will stop putting my foot in my mouth then

Anastasia: It's a POSSIBILITY Etharas, but not certain.

Jen: Though I am pretty sure I know who Letarri wants to end up with ;)

Chakor & Etharas: Who?

Jalmari: It's not enough to torture your own characters, is it Jen?

Drache: *laughs*

Jen: Shut up Jalmari

Anastasia: Do you remember how long the slumber party was?

Jesu: The "curse" I spoke of before is the order given to me by my mother - to keep Jenna alive. I have to protect her no matter what

Drache: Why is that a 'curse'?

Jesu: My brother thinks my feelings for Jenna are confused

Drache: Ahh, I see.

Jalmari: It is possible

Etharas: Letarri is confused in her feelings as well.

Anastasia: *sigh* Here we go...

Etharas: Oh come on! She went from being hot for me to SLEEPING with him in a few days. That is confusion.

Jen: Well you can read thoughts, right Etharas?

Etharas: Yes.

Jen: So you would know if her head is confused...

Chakor: *smirks in satisfaction*

Etharas: If I probed her mind yes...but still - Naive confusion is hard to read. She believes her feelings are true and so her thoughts convey the same. Doesn't mean it IS true.

Jesu: I am not confused! Just because I must obey doe not mean I have to enjoy it. But I do enjoy it. I would protect her with every fiber of being even if I wasn't ordered to!

Anastasia: That is a, uh, pretty thin line there Etharas. Aww Jesu!

Jen: Awww

Jalmari: Pffft. You're young

Drache: Aw - *chokes and coughs* Sorry, couldn't go through with it.

Anastasia: ROFL

Jen: :P at Drache

Anastasia: And you shouldn't joke Drache. You are just like that with Rosyani.

Drache: Am not.

Etharas & Chakor: AM TOO!


Anastasia: *gasp* They agreed with each other!


Etharas: *grumbles*

Anastasia: Is Naamah alive?

Jen: Oh man! I keep forgetting about him lol!

Anastasia: ROFL

Drache: How could you forget one of your own characters?!

Jen: Naamah, talk dang it! He's actually very quiet

Anastasia: Ahh I see

Naamah: Greetings

Anastasia: Naamah! Hello!

Naamah: I have been reading along

Drache: So, are you married Naamah? Or am I the only one?

Naamah: I am married to Marria. I believe your wife met her at the slumber party

Drache: Ahh, yes, Rosyani was telling me about her. Seems like a lovely woman.

Naamah: Thank you

Anastasia: I think Rosyani and Maria could be good friends. I have a question to Jalmari and Jesu - you have been alive for thousands of years and neither of you have children? How is that possible?

Jalmari: *scoffs* vampires are not fertile. Neither Leena nor Jesu can reproduce

Anastasia: But you're a vampyre Jalmari.

Jalmari: But Leena was my mate

Anastasia: For the entire thousands of years you've been alive? I thought it was just the last thousand years.

Jalmari: I am fertile, she was not

Anastasia: I see.

Anastasia: Then again, I think NOT having little Jalmari's running around is a good thing. ROFL

Jalmari: She um ... was my only bedded mate

Anastasia: *GASP* Really!?!

Jalmari: *scowling* really

Anastasia: Never would have imagined it. And why the scowling!?!

Jen: He doesn't like to talk about Leena since I ... you know ... killed her

Anastasia: Oh right, Sorry. I was just curious...

Jesu: *ponders about little Jalmari's*

Anastasia: So umm, does Jalmari know about the umm..

Anastasia: Or Jesu for that matter.

Jesu: *whispers* no...

Anastasia: *nods* Are my guys even still here!?

All: Yes.

Jalmari: *raises his eyebrows*

Anastasia: *cheesy grin*

Jesu: *shakes head and mouths "don't"*

Anastasia: What? <:o)

Jen: LOL

Chakor: Time out, Anastasia what are you thinking about? I see something brewing in your head about me -- but I can't quite get it.

Anastasia: OH NO! Umm, nothing..*locks the thought away tight*

Jen: :O

Jen: -

Anastasia: Jen you know the thing that Letarri and umm Jenna have in common? They don't know yet...

Jen: But now I want to know! :\

Anastasia: You DO know. Just remember.

Jen: Ohhhhhhhhh! okay

Chakor: Who is "they"?

Etharas: Yes, I don't like where this is going.

Jalmari: *ponders*

Jesu: *face palms*

Anastasia: So umm, how about them Yankees? *nervous giggle*


Jalmari: What does Jenna have in common with Lettari?

Jen: Oh nothing, nothing at all...

Anastasia: Yups. *nods over enthusiastically*

Jesu: *wants to hide under the table*

Drache: *laughs*

Jalmari: You know I can dig it out of your brain while you sleep

Anastasia: He's right....

Jen: :O Incubus!

Etharas: It's a shame I can't read Anastasias mind....

Anastasia: Mwahahah!

Jen: You can't?? But you can dig around, right? lol

Etharas: Not while she's a wake. But I can get it out while she's sleeping too.

Drache: We all could.

Anastasia: I put super duper double locks on that door.

Chakor: *gets out lock picking kit*

Jesu: *slides under that table*

Anastasia: *blinks* Lock picking kit? Where did that come from?

Jalmari: You know, I think I could just beat it out of my brother...

Anastasia: Hey! No fights in here okay? It would hurt our heads.

Jesu: He would not really hit me...

Anastasia: Yea right. I read about that fight between you two.

Jalmari: *laughs* That was just a brotherly scuffle, right Jesu?

Anastasia: Riiiight.

Jalmari: However, if something were to happen to Jenna...

Jesu: You wouldn't dare touch her!

Anastasia: *backs away slowly*

Jesu: *whips out his lighter*

Jalmari: Maybe I will, maybe I won’t...

Jen: Ugh! Guys, knock it off!

Anastasia: *whispers to Jen* You mean Jesu doesn't know?

Jen: *whisperes back* Jesu knows, Jalmari doesn't

Chakor: Hey! No whispering. It's not nice.

Anastasia: *whispers to Jen* Not about that. About what Jalmari might do... at the end of book 1....

Jen: *whispers* oh no, he doesn't know about that yet

Etharas: Yea, whispering doesn't make friends.

Anastasia: She is my best friend, thank you very much. :P

Jen: Yeah, so meh! lol

Anastasia: lol

Jen: But seriously, Jalmari, stop picking fights with Jesu

Chakor: *begins to pick lock on the super duper locked door in Anastasia's head*

Anastasia: NOOOOO!

Jen: lol

Jalmari: You ruin all the fun you know?

Anastasia: It's more fun for US. :D

Jalmari: Not fighting is more fun?

Anastasia: Torturing you is, yes.

Jesu: *sits down but continues to hold the lighter*

Anastasia: Paranoid much?

Jesu: Fire is all I have against that flying, invisible, pain in the ass

Anastasia: Ahh right right

Jalmari: *scoffs* I think the curse is giving you a temper, Jesu

Jesu: I would not have a temper if you would quit threatening Jenna

Drache: *chuckles and shakes head* They sound like you two. *looking at Etharas and Chakor*

Etharas: *snorts*

Jalmari: She is the reason my Leeena is dead...

Anastasia: *shakes head with a sigh*

Jen: One too many E's there, Jalmari

Anastasia: You're going to get on him about HIS spelling!?

Jen: Umm ... *hides*

Anastasia: LOL

Jesu: *grumbles* If you had been honest with her...

Anastasia: I'm surprised they aren't talking more about their ladies. I thought guys always talked about their woman, bragging or something.

Drache: Well, we would not want to offend you or Jen.

Anastasia: Umm, hello? You live in our heads! Nothing could offend us.

Jen: Yeah I thought so too...Yeah, how could it offend us?

Anastasia: I mean, we know what you look like naked so........

Jalmari: Well Jen killed Leena, so there is not much for me to say...

Anastasia: *rolls eyes*

Jen: Um, Anastasia, I don't know what Drache looks like naked

Drache: That's because she never finished chapter 8! Left me COLD!

Jen: Do I? I mean I'm sure my imagination can fill in the blanks...

Anastasia: *giggles nervously*

Jesu: *sigh* I would love to just kiss her again

Anastasia: I don't remember you kissing her!

Jesu: *blush* She kissed me.

Anastasia: Oh right, I remember now.

Drache: Kissing is all I get - from my own WIFE!

Jen: You know Jesu, you had plenty of chances in the first book...

Anastasia: I agree. You really did….I'm sorry Drache! I'll finish Chapter 8, I promise.

Jesu: ... I know. But she did not know what she was doing. Those are not the kind of "opportunities" I want

Etharas: Why not? Kissing is kissing my friend.

Chakor: *clenches fist*

Anastasia: O.O

Etharas: Really. It’s just a kiss. Not like you're going to sleep with her or something.

Jesu: I mean opportunities to do more than kissing

Etharas: And you didn't take them? Wow.

Chakor: *holds his breath*

Jalmari: I am with Etharas on this one

Anastasia: I knew those two would become friends. *sigh*

Jesu: *blushing* She was high. She did not know what she was doing

Etharas: All the more reason. She would surely enjoy it more intensely with such a high.

Anastasia: Etharas, I didn't realize how much of a DOG you are. *shakes head*

Drache: I believe it is the drink talking. He's been nursing that flask all night. And refilled it once I think.

Jesu: *shakes head* I want more than a piece of ass

Etharas: And that's fine Jesu. But why pass it up when you can get SOMETHING?

Chakor: *paces*

Anastasia: I'm starting to get nervous....

Etharas: Chakor took advantage when he could. So why not you?

Jesu: What if after, she regretted it?

Anastasia: OH NO!

Chakor: *punches Etharas in the jaw*

Jen: Saw that coming...

Drache: *stands between Chakor and Etharas* Stop this now! Anastasia said no fighting, so quit it.

Etharas: *gets up off the floor* He punched me! I'm not going to let that go!

Jalmari: *laughs while re-filling his drink*

Drache: Save it. I'll beat you myself if you take a swing.

Etharas: *grumbles while rubbing his jaw. Glares at Chakor as he sets the chair right and sits back down*

Anastasia: *sigh* Men.

Chakor: I apologize if I ruined the party. *sits down on the other side of the table from Etharas*

Jalmari to Chakor: Not at all, I was getting bored. I only wish Etharas could punch you back, than we'd really have a party

Etharas: I'd be glad to punch him back.

Jalmari: I almost feel ashamed for not teaching my little brother how to bag himself a girl

Etharas: *laughs*

Chakor: "bagging a girl" as you say is fun, but I've lived long enough to want something more - loyalty, commitment.

Jalmari: Leena and I were together for over a thousand years, and it wasn't easy.

Chakor: I'm sure. But still. Having someone loyal to you? Staying by your side through the worst of time? I can only imagine what that feels like.

Etharas: *rolls his eyes*

Anastasia: Oh stop it Etharas. You want that too and are just pissy that Chakor gets it with the girl you want.

Etharas: *grumbles*

Jesu: It's not just her loyalty and trust I want, but for her to trust ME

Chakor: That's what I meant.

Jesu: How am I supposed to keep her safe if she runs away from me?

Chakor: To have someone belong to you. Not as in ownership, but that SHE CHOOSES to be with me - and only me.

Etharas: Chase her.

Jalmari: See? He is cursed. He only worries about protecting her.

Drache: I still don’t see how that's a curse?

Anastasia: Chakor, you are such a romantic.

Chakor: Don't tell anyone. *laugh*

Jalmari: *sigh* He has to do it whether he wants to or not, He's not CHOOSING to follower her around like a lost puppy

Jesu: I do not follower her around like a lost puppy!

Anastasia: Oh yea and like YOU were all noble in pursuing her too.

Jalmari: Me?

Anastasia: You were just as cursed Jalmari, so why do you think it's so pathetic for your brother, I don't know.

Jalmari: I was pathetic, I'll admit it

Anastasia: JEN! Did you hear that!?

Jalmari: But at least I knew I didn't really have feelings for her

Jen: Um yeah...

Anastasia: Always a but...

Jalmari: Jesu won't even consider the fact that what he feels might not even be love, but the bonds of obedience pushing him

Chakor: Bonds like that are hard to see the real truth...trust me.

Jesu: You are just jealous because Leena was your vampire

Anastasia: OH!

Anastasia: *backs away*

Jalmari: *Glowers* Watch your mouth, youngin

Jen: *sigh* You see what I have to deal with ALLL day?

Anastasia: It's not much better for me either! LOL

Chakor: We aren't really THAT bad are we?

Anastasia: Yes.

Jen: Once you get them started, they don't stop. It goes on like that till someone gets hurt ... usually Jesu...

Anastasia: Aww.

Jesu: Only because Jalmari can vanish into thin air

Drache: That power would be useful during a fight.

Jesu: I'll never understand why you gave that power to HIM, Jen

Chakor: Anastasia cursed me with my power too. *sigh* They do it on purpose you know.

Jen: Sorry Jesu, but in the grand scheme of things, that's how it had to be

Anastasia: Yups. Exactly.

Anastasia: I need a smoke brb

Jen: ok

Jesu: I need one too, mind if I join you, Anastasia?

Anastasia: No Problem Jesu!

Anastasia & Jesu: *leave for a smoke*

Jen: *wonders what Jesu and Anastasia talked about*

Anastasia: *cheesy grin*

Jen: *gasp*

Jen: lol

Anastasia: *angelic face*

Jen: hahaha

Chakor: Oh, I just remembered. When I crashed the ladies slumber party, you should have seen what they were wearing!

Jen: All the guys: ^o)

Chakor: Apparently they raided Anastasia's closet.

Drache: Rosyani showed me the pictures. Quite hilarious.

Jalmari: Do share

Chakor: Well in our world, we dress differently than you or Jen and Anastasia. As you can see our attire now, tunics and leggings.

Drache: Yes, it is more like what you consider medieval style.

Naamah: What did my wife wear?

Anastasia: *laughs* Capri pants and a t-shirt. But she wasn't happy about it.

Naamah: She actually wore pants??

Anastasia: Yes. But like I said, she was not too comfortable with it. Especially since capri pants are short and show off a bit of leg. Jen, you didn't show him the picture?

Jen: lol I actually forgot about that!

Naamah: Oh this is lovely! I will tease her about this later! Maria is rather old fashioned when it comes to modern women's wear

Anastasia: Yes. We could tell. But I still think she had a little fun with it.

Naamah: The flashy things women like now days are actually more similar to what women wore in my time. But Maria refused to dress in animal skins ;)

Anastasia: Oh I bet that would be fun.

Drache: Rosyani wasn't too comfortable with the pants or the skin either, but I think she had fun. Karina was showing off many different outfits from Anastasia's closet. Jen, did you tell them about Jenna in her undergarments? or Brigette for that matter.

Jen: Eh, it was just regular pj's. Nothing lacy like anything Lettari or Brigette wore

Jesu: *perks* Brigette was there?

Etharas: Wait, Letarri was in something lacy?

Anastasia: Yes, Jesu. Showing off her under pants - and stuff from Jen's closet.

Jen: Oh yeah Jesu, I decided since she's going to be in book 2, she might as well meet the girls

Chakor: *chuckles* Why Yes she was Etharas. Very sexy looking. *smirks*

Jen: And yeah, Etharas, her top was see though

Etharas: *jaw drops*

Jesu: That does sound like Brigette.

Etharas: *digs through Anastasia's head for the picture*

Jen: LOL

Chakor: *chuckles* I hid it.

Anastasia: HEY! You can't hide stuff in MY head.

Etharas: Gods! Can I please punch him?!

Jen: LOL yeah seriously. How is that even possible?

Anastasia: No, Etharas… I don't know! It's kinda scary.

Chakor: I'm not going to allow just anyone to look at my lady. So the picture is hidden away where only I can see it.

Etharas: *growls*

Jen: And actually Jesu, I do have a pic of Jenna in her underwear...

Jesu: You do?

Etharas: *finds Jenna's pic in Anastasia's head and tosses it to Jesu*

Anastasia: HEY! What is with you just tossing things from my head around?

Jen: Hey! Jenna will be pissed about that!

Anastasia: Not my fault!

Jesu: *peeks at pic* Wow

Anastasia: *chuckles*

Jalmari: I've seen it in the flesh ...

Anastasia: OMG! That is so COLD

Jesu: That is it, you are DEAD

Jen: Jesus Christ, Jalmari, must you do that?

Drache: *sighs with a chuckle and rests his feet on the table* Naamah, I think you and I are the only normal ones here.

Naamah: I agree. Than again we are the only married ones here

Drache: Yes. That does mellow a male out for sure.

Etharas: Marriage is over rated.

Drache: *rolls eyes*

Jalmari: Yes. It is

Drache: How does that saying it go Anastasia? Don't knock it till you try it? Yes.

Etharas: Oh please. You don't even have sex with your wife.

Anastasia: Oh Etharas, now really. That's mean.

Jalmari: *laughs*

Drache: *sighs* Yes, thank you ever so much for reminding me.

Naamah to Drache: Why haven't you bedded your wife?

Drache to Naamah: *sigh* Well, we got married under odd circumstances and she's just not comfortable with it yet. And I won't force her into anything she doesn't want to do.

Naamah: Ahh, good lad

Jalmari: What I don't understand is how Jesu has had sex with more women than I have and yet he is clueless?

Anastasia: Oh he has!? That is so interesting.

Jen: Well Jalmari, I could explain it to you, but I'm sure you don't want me putting all your skeletons on display like that

Anastasia: HAHAHHA

Jalmari: *grumbles*

Etharas: Drache, you are such a softy. She's your wife and is supposed to have sex with you. She doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Drache: *back hands Etharas* I have had enough of your attitude!

Anastasia: O.O

Jen: *gasp*

Etharas: Why am I the only one getting hit!?

Jen: Etharas, you're implying he should rape Rosyani, you know?

Etharas: It's not rape. Their married - and it's her duty as his wife.

Anastasia: O.O

Jalmari: I never had that problem with Leena. She was always just as eager as I was

Drache: *backhands Etharas again* You will stop talking about my wife in anyway. Ever.

Anastasia: I have never seen Drache so violent like before.

Jen: He really cares about Rosy. Awwww :)

Etharas: *rubs cheek and growls*

Anastasia: Yes, he does. :)

Jen: Perhaps this is why men don't talk about the ladies?

Anastasia: ROFL Perhaps.

Jalmari: Or maybe they are worried you'll decide to kill them off

Anastasia: Kill who off? Oh wait, never mind

Drache: My wife does die at the end.

Jen: *rolls eyes*

Jalmari: And you are going to allow it? Had I known ...

Drache: I don't really have a choice in the matter. It must happen or everyone else in the world will die. *sigh*

Jen: Jalmari, I don't always have the final decision in how things end. I'm more like god, watching from above...

Anastasia: Exactly.

Chakor: *chuckles*

Jalmari: Right.

Jen: Why are you laughing, Chakor?

Chakor: Because you really don't have control. Anastasia was completely surprised when I showed up - and Letarri came running back to me. *chuckles*

Etharas: *clenches fist*

Jen: Oh yes, you and Jesu are perfect examples of that

Etharas: *finished off flask and refills it again*

Anastasia: *sigh and whispers to everyone* He really would be nicer if he wasn't drunk...

Chakor: *snorts*

Etharas: I'm tired of getting of hit, so I think I'm going to go. *wobbles out of the room*

Anastasia: Awww.

Jen: Poor Etharas

Anastasia: Yea. He's a troubled one for sure.

Jen: He's taking it really hard :(

Anastasia: Well, he lost his Mother not too long ago and then with Letarri leaving, I think it's just too much too soon for him.

Jalmari: *snorts* What do you expect? The man has to watch his woman sleep with another man

Chakor: HIS woman? She is MINE - and it was HER choice.

Jalmari: Sure, but it is still a crippling thing to stand by and be helpless

Anastasia: Yea, Chakor think about how Etharas feels.

Jesu: Wow, maybe he does have a heart?

Anastasia: I know right Jesu!?

Chakor: *curls lip for a moment then sighs* Yea, I guess you're right.

Jesu: I do not know what I would do if Jenna chose someone else

Jen: *twitch*

Anastasia: OH! I SAW THAT!

Jen: Saw what?

Anastasia: Mmhmmm...

Jen: *angelic face*

Anastasia: Suuuuuure. Whatever you say Jen.

Jesu: *sigh* That is usually bad news for me

Anastasia: Awww. It'll be okay. ...eventually. :D

Jesu: What if she decides to kill Jenna in the end? I would be a failure!

Anastasia: She better not! I'd kick her butt!

Jen: Nah, I'm not as mean as Anastasia lol. JK

Anastasia: ME!? Pfft.

Jalmari: Right. I guess Leena doesn't matter

Anastasia: Hey! I got upset when Leena died ya know.

Jen: Awww! I didn't mean it like that, Jalmari!

Jalmari: Did you kick Jen's butt?

Anastasia: Umm well not really.

Jalmari: I did not think so

Anastasia: But I made up for it by using my whip to make her work on the MS. *nervous laugh*

Jen: lol

Jalmari: Very well

Jen: Geesh, you guys are depressing

Anastasia: It's too bad we can't play dress up with the guys.

Jen: I know, right?

Anastasia: Unless they want to raid my husband's closet.

Drache: We're too tall for his clothes, I believe.

Anastasia: Oh yea, that is true....

Jen: All they do is cry over the women. The girls didn't even fight!

Anastasia: Well, the girls don't really HAVE a reason to fight....

Jen: Brig and Jenna sortta do lol

Anastasia: there was some tension between Brig and Jenna though....

Jesu: *perks up* What?

Anastasia: lol .. But the girls are also easier to CONTROL than the guys so we were able to keep them from fighting...And with Karina and Brig hopping in and out of the closets, I think that was enough of a distraction for them.

Chakor: Are you saying we are difficult?

Anastasia: Yes. Absolutely. :D

Jen: Noooooooooooo. You guys are all puppies and rainbows...

Anastasia: Say wha?

Anastasia: *checks Jen's forehead for a fever*

Jen: Sarcasm, Anastasia

Anastasia: I knows :P

Drache: *shakes head with a sigh* You are all mad.

Jalmari: Tell me this, Jen, did you stop to consider how lonely a man gets when they are horny and single?

Jen: O.O Are you implying you're horny right now?

Anastasia: ROFLMAO

Jalmari: Maybe...

Jesu: *rolls eyes*

Anastasia: We should do this like once a month or something - have a girls night and a guys night...

Anastasia: Maybe even a couples date night? Well, that might not work too well...

Jen: LOL

Jen: HAHAHAH I just had an idea!

Anastasia: DO tell!

Jen: Etharas and Brigette! LMAO

Anastasia: OH - MY - GAWD

Jen: RIGHT?!?!

Anastasia: Too bad I can't actually have her in my story for him! The poor guy.

Jesu: Um...

Jen: That would be funny though

Anastasia: Yups.. Umm what Jesu?

Jen: I wonder if they would even hit it off since they are both in love with other people

Anastasia: I think it would make it so they could talk to each other more easily. Ya know, they have something in common. But not sure what would happen after that.

Jesu: That would be one hell-raising pair if they did hit it off

Drache: I agree.

Jesu: And Brige is a little ... crazy

Drache: And Etharas isn't?

Jesu: Exactly

Drache: HA, no I meant that he is too. So it works out nicely.

Jen: but that is why it would be SO much fun to do

Anastasia: Drache, that's what he meant.

Drache: Oh, right. Still struggling with this English. Sorry.

Jen: Well, we will plan another get together soon guys.

Drache: So, I guess we are leaving then?

Jen: :) Yes, Drache, sorry, but I need sleep

Chakor: Anastasia doesn't.

Jen: Well IIIIIIII do! lol

Anastasia: lol This has been great fun! Hopefully next time it won't be so -- uppity.

Jalmari: Goodnight, Anastasia, guys

Drache: Good night. Pleasure to meet you.

Jesu: Goodnight everyone

Chakor: Yes. Wonderful time.

Naamah: Pleasure meeting you all

Anastasia: Bye! *waves* Lurv ya Jen!

Jen: Bye! *HUGS*

Anastasia: *hugs*

Friday, August 27, 2010

No More Vampires Please!

Dear Jen,

Really? I mean really?! Vampires? Oh, and not just vampires, no, that’s not enough. They have to shift into animals and fly through walls and read each other’s thoughts. REALLY?

You hate me, don’t you? No, don’t answer that question. I don’t want to know. Oh, I learned from Ana’s characters and did a little digging in your head. Let me just say I do not like the ideas you have for future books. That clan of Asian vampires is especially scary and I hope you never really get to bring them into the story. Holy crap. With all the evil plots you already have in mind for me, you’re still thinking of more vampires? More bad guys?

I think I’m a pretty tough girl, don’t get me wrong, but um … sometimes I think you have a little too much faith in me. Remember, I’m new to this vampire stuff. Keep that in mind. New. Say it with me. N-E-W. As in still adjusting, you know?

And for the record, I would still like to go back to being a squishy human. Can we do that? After all the vampire butt-kicking, of course.


Jenna Marx

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Faith and Adoration

My Dearest Anastasia,

I began this letter, not sure what to say. You already know how honored I am to live in your head and work with you on our story. It has been a wonderful few years for sure. I know you fear that we will leave or no longer speak to you once the story is over. Please understand that is not the case. We are here to stay until you wish us to leave. Until that day, all of us will continue to annoy you for years to come.

I know Chakor and Etharas talked to you about story and plot lines this week. I don't have any suggestions or ideas for you. You are writing everything so far, just as it should be. I have no complaints. I know that our story has been difficult and stressful for you to write. We did not give you the full story at the beginning. That is our fault. We should have given you the full details from the start. I'm sure it would have avoided many stressful times for you as you try to write this. However, I can assure that no more changes need to be made. The story is coming along nicely - and accurate now. I apologize for the stress we caused you in the past by not being honest with you. We felt you weren't ready to hear all of it at the time. We should've known better.

My only request is for you to keep working diligently as you have been. I applause your dedication to our story and greatly appreciate it. Soon, your hard work will pay off and you'll see your dreams of publishing come true. I have faith in your abilities and look forward to working on furture books with you.

With all my love,
Drache Kestar

*You can email Drache at thefaerystale[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject "To Drache"*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Jen...

Jalmari ta Korento

My Dearest Jen,

Words cannot express my gratitude. I came to you in the darkest hour of night a year ago and abducted your dreams. I told you my story, and every day for a year you slaved so diligently at your desk, recording my words, my memories, engraving my life onto every page. Even though you wanted to make me the central part of the story, you respected my decision to stay in the background, and for that I am grateful.

I know you worry about me. At work, in your day dreams, while you sleep. Constantly worried. You fear I am angry with you. I am not. You have done nothing but written exactly what I told you to write. I am distant because, reading the story again, wounds I thought had healed long ago have since been re-opened.

Taking a residence in your mind and body, I watch you always. I’ve seen, with pride, how you’ve grown. You do not need me to guild you through book two. I am fully confident in your abilities. Take care of Jesu for me, and of the girl, Jenna.

Sincerely yours,

Prince Jalmari ta Korento


Dear Jalmari,

Why does it sound like you’re leaving me? You’re not leaving me, right?!?! *Hyperventilates*.


**You can email Jalmari at DarkHeirloom@gmail.com with the subject "To Jalmari" or click here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you Serious?

Dear Anastasia,

I want to start this by saying I'm highly offended you gave the guest posting spot to Chakor. Hasn't he already taken enough? And then you allow him to say such horrible things about me! I was here first, if you recall, and I despise being left behind in the dirt.

Now, I also want to say that I have enjoyed the many years I have lived in your head - at least until recently. Yes, I am still thrilled to be a part of the story, and a very important one I might add. I know you have a few different plans for how I am to 'redeem' myself - though why I need redeeming I don't know. I don't like the idea of having to die to accomplish this, but I understand that you have to do what is best.

I can't help but wonder if he gave you the idea to kill me off. If that is the case, I sincerely hope you are not seriously considering the idea. While I may not know what I need redeeming for, I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to accomplish this rather than killing me.

You are a very gifted writer and I am honored you took on our story. Oh, and next time you see Jen, will you tell her thank you again from me for writing that 'fan fiction' story? I really enjoyed reading it. After all, I became the star of that story!

With Sincerest Thanks,

Etharas Tryalis

*You can email Etharas at thefaerystale[at]gmail.com with the subject line “To Etharas”.*

Monday, August 23, 2010

Guest: Chakor Sonrin

Chakor Sonrin is from Burden of Prophecy. He is a newer character for Anastasia, showing up by surprise and taking over the story. His role is larger in Book 3, Precipice of War. He loves Letarri and started a little battle with Etharas in Book 1 and Anastasia is curious to see how far Chakor will go for his love.

Dearest Anastasia,

I thought to stick with the theme for this week and write you a letter. I know I came as a surprise to you in the story, but I wanted to say I appreciate the fact you allowed me to stay. It has been fun living in your head so far and I look forward to many more fun times together.

That being said, I want to know why I must wait until the very end of the series to be with Letarri again. Couldn’t I travel with her? She needs support and protection. And don’t you dare say that Etharas will look after her. I took over when he faulted at his post, thus why I am here now. He is not responsible enough to look after anyone, not even himself. We both know this. I suppose she does have her sisters and Drache seems to have a good head on his shoulders. But still. I would feel much better if I could protect her myself.

Just think about. I know it would require a huge re-plot to Books 2, 3 and 4, but I really think it would be better in the long run. What do you think? Don’t answer that, I already know what you’ll say. I suppose I should just accept things the way they are. I’ll do it for you because I respect you.

I recently saw in your head that you thought to bring my brother into Book 3 as a side plot. While that might be great for the readers, I want to tell you right now that I hate the idea. My brother and I do not get along and in fact, I’d be very happy living the rest of my long without ever seeing him again. Why must you torture me more? You take Letarri from me then bring my brother into the picture? I know, you must do what is best for the story, but why do I have to suffer because of it?

Oh I can already see your response. “But I torture everyone, Chakor.” That is true, but you can’t have one exception and leave one of us alone? That one being me of course.

Will you at least think about my ideas? I know you will. And I’ll remind you if you don’t. Again, I appreciate you letting me stay at all. I might be pushing my limits here by even asking these things of you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Forever yours,
Chakor Sonrin

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slumber Party

Welcome, readers, to our first ever Character Chat Party!

Chat parties are when Anastasia and I log onto a chat room with the intentions of letting our characters mingle and chit-chat. Confused? Don’t be. You’ll get it once you start reading. The only rule of Chat Parties is all the characters involved MUST stay true to their personality and voice. Other than that, there are no rules!

This week’s Chat Party is just for the girls. It’s a Slumber Party hosted in Anastasia’s bedroom, featuring Jenna, Brigette, Maria, Rosyani, Lettari, Karina, Anastasia, and myself. With special guest appearances by Zoe-Lea Brown and her characters Mika and Amalya, as well as one other … er … surprise.

A bit of warning, we lost track of time with this first one, so it's a bit long, but we had so much fun with it. Enjoy!


Jen, Jenna, Brigette, and Maria enter the room where Anastasia, Rosyani, Lettari, and Karina are waiting.

Anastasia: Woot! Hello Ladies!

All Vampires: Hiiiiiii Anastasia!

Anastasia, Rosyani, Letarri, and Karina all jump on the bed.

Jenna giggles and hops on the bed.

Jen: Should we start with introductions?

Anastasia: I guess that would be good.

Jenna: I'll introduce them!! This is Maria …

And this is Brigette …

And you already know Jenn and I, right?

Anastasia: Well I do, yes.

Jenna: Oh. Well this is Jenn, the writer, whose head we live in ... mostly.

And my name is Jenna Marx.

Anastasia: Well I am me, Anastasia or Harley...

Jen: Hehe, cute pj's

Rosyani: Do you see how short her shorts are? She tried to make me wear those!

ALL: *giggles*

Anastasia: Yes, I'm sorry Rosyani.

Jenna: I think they're cute! Wait till you see mine. Jen, show them.

Jen: I'm working on it...

Rosyani: I am still not used to these clothes, but they are comfortable at least.

Brigette: I love your top!

Rosyani: Thank you! Anastasia seems to have a thing for skulls.

Anastasia: Yes I do. And Rosyani's younger sister Letarri…

Anastasia: And then the lovely Karina, Rosyani's step-daughter/sister-in-law however you want to think about it…

All vampires: *gasp*

Anastasia: Why the gasping?

Rosyani: Yes, what is so shocking?

Letarri: My see through top?

Jen: Karina's top is HAWT! And Lettari, your top is hawt too.

Letarri: Thanks. I don't really like the see through top much, but, it works for just us females.

Karina: Or Chakor! *laugh*

Letarri: *blush*

Maria: I forget how times have changed! I'm still used to long skirts and wearing a robe when unexpected company comes!

Rosyani: We normally do not dress this way, but Anastasia convinced us it would be fun for this gathering.

Jen: Okay, here's Jenna!

Jenna: OH, you guys have to see my underwear, it's totally cute! *takes off pj's*

Anastasia: The PJs are so cute!! And the undies are adorable too. Love the bunny slippers.

Jenna: Thanks, they're so comfy!

Letarri: Why don't we have slippers?

Anastasia: Umm, because you normally don't wear shoes anyway?

Jen: Lol

Letarri: Humph.

Rosyani: So what are the plans for tonight?

Brigette: Good question.

Jen: Well I'm working on getting PJ's for Brigette and Maria...

Karina: I bet that Jen and Anastasia didn't plan further than "Let's dress them up in PJs!"

Jenna: LOL, I wouldn't doubt it. I know Jen doesn't plan farther than her nose hair!

Anastasia: WOW

Jen: Hay!

Jenna: *giggles* I'm just kidding!

Karina: No, I take that back. I bet they'll talk about males and such.

Jenna: Sure, but that's not planning.

Letarri: *stares off into space with a dreamy look on her face*

Jenna: Does she do that often?

Rosyani: *sigh* Lately, yes.

Karina: It was cute at first, but now not so much.

Jenna & Brigette giggle.

Rosyani: Do I look like that when I think of Drache?

Karina: Well...not quite as pathetic like....

Rosyani: *gasp then laugh*

Jen: Lol. I don't think Lettari looks pathetic?

Anastasia: HAHAH.

Maria: Jenn, dear, I see you thinking about those pants...

Anastasia: What pants?

Jen: Maria, I don't have any SKIRT type pj's.

Anastasia: *giggle*

Jen: *rolls eyes* Maria doesn't like to wear pants... she's stuck in the old days.

Anastasia: Ahh I see.

Maria: *blushes*

Rosyani: If our Mother saw us wearing this, she would surely die of shock. Our world does not have pants at all for females. Only males. I feel like I am wearing my husband's clothes.

Letarri: Or underwear.

Rosyani: Yes, thank you for making me feel more comfortable. *scoffs*

Jen: See, Maria, you have to wear pants to be fair ... besides, the only skirts I own are miniskirts ... you want one of those??

Anastasia: OH!

Maria: ......

All: *giggle softly*

Maria: *holds up a mini skirt* No thank you.

Jen: I'll give you knee high socks so your legs don't show, deal?

Maria: yes, thank you

Anastasia: That'll be so cute!

Jen hands Maria some PJ’s.

Maria: Nothing about this outfit matches!

All: *giggles*

Anastasia: Let us see it!

Maria: Goodness, no!

Letarri: Oh it can't be that bad.

Jenna, Brigette & Jen: YES, put it on!

All: Do it!

Maria: Very well, let me step out to change.

All: *applause* YAY!

Karina: I hope the males don't crash the party.

Jen: Nope, no boys allowed.

Karina: Doesn't mean they won't TRY!

Jen: Ummm true...

Anastasia: They are pushy things.... Demanding, and all that.

Rosyani: Do not worry. I told them that if they ruined our party, that Anastasia would not bring them to the poker night you have planned. *wicked smile*

Anastasia: HAHAHHA Nice.

Jen: HA, sweet! Maria, I can't find a hair tie for you.

Maria: *Frown* I suppose I can wear it loose.

Jen: Yup.

Maria: Must I really wear this?

Jen: No, but you must at least let everyone see it! Lol.

Rosyani: It cannot be any worse than what Anastasia is wearing. Jenna even showed her under garments!

Karina: I don't mind Anastasia's clothes. She has some nice stuff in her closet.

Maria: *sigh* Very well.

All: *claps*

Anastasia: BAHAHAH LOVE the look on your face.

Jenna: LOL! Okay you were right, that does NOT match at all.

Anastasia: I agree. I mean, even just without the shoes, it would be a better.

Brigette: Yeah, Jen, what is it with all the stripes?

Jen: Years of losing bottoms and tops, Brigette ...

Karina: I have to agree. Those stockings look like those jail outfits I see in on the TV.

Anastasia: You watch TV with me!?

Karina: Well, I do live in your head!

Anastasia: Oh, right.

Jen: LOL

Karina: Besides, I find TV interesting. We don't have that in our world and all.

Brigette: Maria, just take off the shoes and socks.

Letarri: I agree with Brigette.

Maria: And go barefoot?!?!?!

Rosyani: We are all barefoot.

Maria: But I'm an old lady...

Rosyani: Compared to Jen and Anastasia, we are all old.

Jenna: Um... I'm not old.

Rosyani: Oh, right...Sorry!

Anastasia: Maria, at least she didn't make you wear something like this…

Jen: Yeah, really!

Anastasia: I like the other picture of me better though....

Brigette: *rolls eyes* I'm taking those socks from you!

Maria: *runs from Brigette, flying and phasing in and out of walls*

Jen: I have to borrow that skirt some time. Too cute.

Brigette: Muahaha! I got her socks!

Anastasia: LOL Priceless! Way to go Brigette!

Brigette: *high 5's Anastasia*

Zoe-Lea Brown walks into the room.

Anastasia: TADA!

Jen: HI ZOE!

Zoe: HEY.

Jen: Did you cue her in on the party thing, Anastasia?

Anastasia: Slumber party! Got any female characters that would like to join in?

Zoe: Hmm. Umm who is in here at the moment?

Anastasia: Me, Rosyani, Letarri, & Karina. Jen, Jenna, Brigette, and Maria.

Zoe: Who is Brigette? I know the others.

Anastasia: She's from Book 2 ;)

Zoe: Sweet. Well let me think.

Anastasia: She took Jesu's virginity!

Zoe: *gasp* That hoe. I had dibs on that!!

Jenna: She did WHAT?!?!?!

Anastasia: Oh wait...ummm.

Brigette: *eyes get wide*

Zoe slaps Brigette.

Brigette: *growles* What was that for?

Anastasia: It was a joke. Yea, yea, a joke. Silly me!

Zoe: Oops. Okay okay, let me just make a phone call here.

Jenna: *simmers*

Anastasia: Oh come on, Jenna. It was seriously a joke. And besides, I thought you didn't really like him anyway?

Jenna: I don't ...

Anastasia: Then why get mad?

Zoe: *dials number* Hey, Mika. Do you think you and Amalya could come on over to Anastasia’s room for a slumber party? Yeah, yup, it will be fun. Okay! See you soon.

Brigette: *rolls eyes* Yeah right.

Anastasia: *passes the popcorn*

Jenna: I just didn't think ... whatever, it doesn't matter.

Anastasia: And remember - it was a JOKE!! Seriously.

Jenna: He's like 2 thousand years old, of course he's not a virgin, right?

Anastasia: That would make sense Jenna.

Amalya and Mika enter the room.

Amalya: Hi girls.. *looks around shyly*

Mika: What's up everyone?

All: Hi Amalya and Mika!

Mika and Amalya: *take seats*

Maria: We are sitting on the bed, come join us.

Anastasia: Maria, are you okay darling? With the clothes and all?

Zoe leads the girls to the bed and takes a seat.

Maria: I'm getting used to the pants and bare feet, since no one else seems to care how much skin they show.

Amalya: I do. I have to be careful...

Jenna: *giggles*

Rosyani: I would never be seen wearing this in public. But for this occasion, I do not mind too much.

Brigette: Why is that, Amalya?

Mika: *places a protective arm over Amalya*

Amalya: Because people like... *gulp* You.. they hunt me.

Brigette: People like me?

Rosyani: People like who?

Amalya: Vampires... *shakes*

All three vampires: OHHHHH.

Zoe: I probably should have thought of this sooner.. I'm sorry.

Rosyani: Well, we are not vampires. *smiles sweetly*

Mika: *grips her dagger*

Anastasia: And the vamps that ARE here will not hurt you. They don't hunt people.

Jenna: I promise we won’t hurt you! Yeah, like Anastasia said, we're the good ones.

Amalya: *breathes a sigh of relief*

Mika: I have to be careful though, girls. I'm sorry, but it's my job to protect Amalya.

Brigette: *nods* Yup. In fact I work with the R.E.D.

Zoe: R.E.D?

Anastasia: Yea, what does R.E.D stand for anyway?

Brigette: It's a secret fraternity that's dedicated to providing vampires with blood from a blood bank and other supplies so they don't have to kill people. It stands for the Reclusive Eternal Dragon's society.

Anastasia: Oh nice.

Brigette: Yup, Jalmari funded it.

Anastasia: Of course.

Jenna: *scoffs*

Anastasia: *pats Jenna's back*

Brigette: What?

Zoe: Jalmari?? I thought he was the bad guy..

Jenna: He is...

Anastasia: Sort of....

Mika: All vamps are bad guys! *glares*

Brigette: A bad guy? What? No no no.

Zoe: Mika! Behave, these are the good ones.

Brigette: Jalmari is the best ruler we've had in centuries!

Jenna: *chokes on popcorn*

Amalya: *rushes to Jenna's aid*

Mika: Better than Leon, I hope?

Rosyani: Did he try to kill Jenna though?

Jenna: Thanks Amalya. And yes he tried to kill me!

Brigette: I'm sure he had his reasons...

Jenna: *glares*

Mika: *makes cat noises*

Anastasia: Cat noises!?

Mika: Bitch fight? Reow.

Anastasia: Oh LOL yea, duh. *face palm*

All: *giggles at Anastasia*

Maria: Girls! This is supposed to be a fun night, WITHOUT the boys, remember?

ALL: Yes Maria...

Letarri: We can't even TALK about them?

Rosyani: *rolls eyes* Honestly Letarri.

Maria: Sure you can, as long as it doesn't end in fighting...

Amalya: You know, there is a part of all of you in me?

Mika: Oh yeah, I just realized that.

Anastasia: Okay, that sounded SOOO dirty...

Zoe: Typical Anastasia!

Anastasia: *giggle*

Jen: Bwahaha!

Zoe: Amalya is a Fairmpyre.

Anastasia: Oh right!

Jen: Yeah, duh Anastasia! Lol.

Zoe: Part vampire, human and faerie. Mika is a Dhampir, half human and half vampire.

Brigette: Whatever. Jen, I'm going to raid your closet since you forgot to give me any pajamas!

Jen: Oh, sorry Brig! You do that!

Anastasia: Zoe, want me to get the girls dressed up for ya in some PJs?

Zoe: Sure, if they don't mind.

Amalya: Yes, please! I love pretty clothes, sometimes, if they're new enough, I can smell the outside world on them.

Mika: Got anything in leather?

Anastasia: It would just be some PJ's Amalya. Nothing too fancy. Why yes, I do Mika! *raids closet*

Jen: LOL, Anastasia has tons of leather.

Mika: Good.

Amalya: Oh Mika... would it hurt you to dress girly for once?

Zoe: *laughs*

Anastasia: *whispers to Amalya* I can arrange that...

Jen: lol!

Amalya: Make sure you remove her dagger first!

Mika: What?

Amalya: Nothing!

Brigette: Geesh, Jen, you got enough goth crap in here?

Jen: Umm, no.

Rosyani: You should see Anastasia's closet! Skulls on everything!

Anastasia: Hehehe. *pulls Amalya into the closet*

Brigette: Skulls is one thing..... But Jen has this ...........!

Anastasia: Awesome! I have a shirt almost like that with safety pins all over the place.

Maria: Gasp!

Jenna: LOL, I wish I could I wear something like that, but I don't have the boobs for it!

Jen: Ummm... Just put on some dang pj's, Brigette!

Brigette: LOL, okay, okay...

Mika: *tosses her dagger up in the air, catches. Repeats*

Anastasia: *comes back out of closet* Zoe, Amalya wants you. Apparently, I wasn't choosing the right clothes LOL.

Zoe: Coming!

Karina: Are we playing dress up now!?

Anastasia: Umm, no. Amalya and Mika need PJs. And so does Brigette.

Karina: Oh, that's a shame. I would have liked to dig in Anastasia's closet some more. *sneaks into closet*

Brigette: Jen, your skirts are so cute!

Jen: Thanks.

Zoe: Stop being so fussy Amalya!

Karina: *giggles from the closet*

Jen: Oh gosh, she's giggling!

Brigette: Okay, I think I found something!

Rosyani: *faints*

Amalya: There is just so much to choose from! I'm happy just to be rid of these clothes and let my wings breathe!

Jen: *gasp* Wait, I don’t know what's more shocking, Brigette's pj’s or Amalya's wings!

Anastasia: LOL.

Karina: *jumps from the closet* Tada!

ALL: Oh my God, Karina, you look SOOOOOO cute.

Karina: Thank you! I just love Anastasia's clothes! So interesting.

Zoe: That is so cute!

Brigette: Wait, did Rosyani faint?

Rosyani: *comes to* Yes I did.

Jenna: Yes. She's not used to showing so much skin like we are.

Rosyani: And definitely not underwear.

Karina: *giggles and runs back into closet*

Jen: Be right back, ladies, I need a pop.

Jenna: Bring me one! Wait, never mind... it will just taste like ash...

Brigette & Maria: Lol.

Mika: What's taking her so long?

Zoe: She is shy, leave her alone.

Amalya: Ahh, this feels nice.

Jen: I'm back!

All: Welcome back.

Jen: Soda for the non-vamps here? *passes soda around*

Rosyani: No thank you Jen. I am not a fan of soda.

Anastasia: Which is hilarious considering she lives in my head!

Jen: lol

Karina: *slides from closet* Tada!

Jenna: Oooo! That one is cute!

Karina: *giggles and claps*

Karina:*disappears back into closet*

Rosyani: *shakes head* I do not understand her fascination with Anastasia's clothes.

Jen: She's young.

Rosyani: *sigh* Yes.

Karina: *laughs from closet then hops out* What do you think of this one?

Jenna: Love the top! The skirt is kind of French-maid-ish.

Anastasia: Yups.

Jen: Oh lord .... lol.

All: *giggles*

Amalya: Mika, get in here! Let's make our entrance together.

All: YAY!

Zoe: *waits*

Amalya: There is so much to choose from, but truth be told, I'm happy just to let my wings breathe and I'm not so ashamed of my tattoos around you girls.

Mika: I didn't find anything of interest, but this gun looks nice with my outfit huh?

Amalya: What's wrong with my face?!

Mika: Ah, mine too!

Maria: You're not wearing much, Amalya, dear.

Brigette: I love the tatts AND the gun. Nice accessories ladies.

Amalya: I have no accessories, this is me in true form.

Mika: *plays with her gun*

Jenna: Ah ... watch where you aim that, will you?

Mika: You think I care if I shoot one off by accident? That's one less vamp in the world.

Zoe: Mika stop it!

Anastasia: tsk tsk.

Jenna: *eyes get wide*

Amalya: *looks embarrassed*

Brigette: *scowls*

Rosyani, Letarri, & Karina: *scoots away from the gun*

Mika: Fine, whatever.

Amalya: *starts to glow*

Letarri: *falls off the bed*

Zoe: uh-oh.

Brigette: You're friend is part vampire, herself.

Rosyani: Very good point.

Maria: Let it go, Brigette.

Mika: So am I, but we didn't choose this!

Jenna: I didn't choose either! *cries*

Amalya: Mika... *glows brighter*

Rosyani: A glowing contest?

Karina: *forms an ice ball in her hand*

Brigette: No one here chose...

Anastasia: Hey hey now, don't go showing off and stuff...

Mika: Oh.. sorry Amalya.. Excuse us for a moment. *leads Amalya outside, pulling her dagger out on the way*

Zoe: *shakes head sadly* I sometimes feel bad for creating those two, poor girls..

Rosyani: You feel bad? Anastasia just laughs maniacally.

Jen: Haha. We are all evil to our characters!

Anastasia: Tehhee.

Zoe: Hehehe.

Jenna: Jen laughs too. And then gets excited. It's scary.

Letarri: Yes, but we make surprises for them too. *laughs*

Anastasia: Yes, yes, Letarri. Keep rubbing it in!

Mika: *carries Amalya in and sets her gently on the bed. Wipes her dagger clean of blood*

Amalya: *wipes her tears away, sheaths her fangs and licks her wrists into healing*

Jen: I have a harder time with the boys.

Anastasia: Me too... Poker night will be VERY interesting.

Zoe: Boys are the funnest.

Jen: Oh yes, that it will be!

Zoe: Poker night?

Jen: Yup, we're gonna give the males a poker night.

Anastasia: Yes. We had a slumber party with the girls, so the guys demanded a boys’ night - even though Jen and I will be there...

Zoe: I see, that should be interesting.

Jen: I'm sooo glade we talked them out of the bachelor party / strip club idea!

Anastasia: OMG yes,

All: *giggle*

Rosyani: Bachelor party for whom?

Anastasia: Umm, Drache, since he umm, didn't really have one.

Rosyani: *frown*

Jen: yeah

Rosyani: With Etharas around? That is a bad idea.

Jen: But they're getting a poker night instead.

Karina: Why don't you talk about Shezar or Azael that much?

Anastasia: Well, I haven't written much of their story yet....

Mika: Why not kill two birds with one stone? Poker night in Las Vegas?

Anastasia: Not a good idea Mika, but thanks. Etharas is...well...not very good at controlling himself around women and booze.

Jen: Ah, let Etharas be. Poor guy didn't get, um, the first girl he really wanted....

Amalya: Aww.

Rosyani: He did not deserve my sister! He almost killed her and then left her alone with some stranger!

Jen: Just saying...

Letarri: Chakor isn't really a stranger...anymore.

Jen: He's already suffering is what I meant.

Mika: That's why you hire me, or Ghuardian's like me.

Rosyani: Well, I suppose. But still.

Amalya: *nods* They're great for protection. Open to all races too... well, except for mine.

Zoe: *sigh* You girls really aren't fitting in here.

Brigette: Does Chakor have a brother?

Chakor: *flies through the window* Why yes, I do have a brother.

All: *Gasp!*

Anastasia: AHH!

Rosyani, Letarri, Karina: *scream and hide in the closet*

All the girls shriek and cover themselves up.

Brigette throws a pillow at Chakor.

Chackor catches the pillow easily.

Anastasia: Hey! That's it mister! No poker party for you!

Chakor: Oh come on Anastasia! It was all in fun!

Brigette: *smiles coyly* well go on, get a good look then.

Anastasia: Don't care! Get out of here!

Mika: *Throws Amalya behind her and runs behind Chakor and puts her dagger to his throat* What should I do with him?

All the girls freeze.

Anastasia: HEY! Leave him alone! That's what.

Jenna: Relax, Mika, he's friendly!

Anastasia: And a FAERY.

Mika: *rolls eyes* Sorry, it's my job.

Anastasia: *frown*

Chakor: Right, so...

Girls: *nervous laughter*

Mika: *lets him go*

Anastasia: You were warned not to come here Chakor so...you're own fault.

Jenna: Yeah, beat it! No boys!

Chakor: *smirks* Well, fine. I'll go. Ladies... *flies back out of the window*

Amalya: *frowns*

Anastasia: No control what so ever! That one is just...irritating sometimes. Takes over whenever he wants to! *sigh*

Zoe: I know how you feel.. I have one character just like that..Ta-

Mika: Don't even say his name!

Letarri: *runs to the window and looks out at him flying away*

Maria: *fans herself* I cannot believe ... what kind of gentleman would do that?

Amalya: I wish I could fly like that...

Letarri: The most wonderful male in the world... (dreamy voice, still staring out the window).

Rosyani: *rolls eyes*

Jenna: *giggles* relax Maria, I'm sure it's nothing Lettari hasn't shown him already. *wink*

Letarri: *blushes*

Brigette: LOL

Rosyani: Against her better judgment...*crosses arms over chest*

Jenna: *giggles*

Letarri: *ignores her sister and returns to the window*

Brigette: He is pretty hot though. And he DOES have a brother...

Karina: (To Letarri) Is he still out there or something?

Letarri: *sigh* No.

Amalya: You faeries.. you aren't like my kind.. My Queen would punish all who behaved like that.

Rosyani: Behaved like what?

Amalya: That.. man. Is he not part of a court?

Rosyani: He is Leader of a nomadic group of faeries. But we three are princesses.

Maria: I've taught Jesu better manners, and he's a vampire!

Jenna & Brigette sigh and then glare at each other for a moment.

Anastasia: LOL

Jen: Heehee.

Amalya: Oh..

Jenna: Princesses, huh? That must be nice.

Karina: I don't remember it at all, really. We traveled a great deal because of some prophecy when i was growing up.

Jenna: oh

Mika: Prophecy smophecy.. *rolls eyes*

Karina: And then I became Mistress of Mordel and married to an emotionless elf. *sigh*

Jen: Be right back, potty break for the human!

Anastasia: Smoke break for his human too! Yea yea.

Zoe: Okies.

Jen: Back

Anastasia: Just had a thought, if a vampire smoked - it wouldn't really affect them would it?

Mika: Doesn't affect me.

Jenna: Jesu said it doesn't affect us one bit.

Anastasia: Well I mean it wouldn't really be an addiction though right?

Jenna: Right, Jesu just does it so he can make fireballs.

Anastasia: LOL.

Jenna: What? I'm serious.

Anastasia: I know, that's why it's funny.

Jenna: oh.

Brigette: A trick I taught him ...

Anastasia: I am getting sleepy.

All: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Anastasia: What? It's like 1:30 in the AM for me...

Jen: When are we going to have poker night? That's not late...

Anastasia: Oh, I don't know. Any day is good for me. AHHAHA I can hear the guys in my head saying TONIGHT.

Rosyani: Give them a poker night, after what Chakor did? Pfft.

Jen: It's only fair, Rosyani.

Rosyani: Humph.

Karina: Maybe one of us could raid THEIR party....

Jen: Besides, we writes need to talk to ALL our characters no matter how bad they behave.

Rosyani: Psh, Chakor does not even have a major role until Book 3.

Brigette: I'll raid it! Lol.

Jen: Um .. no, Brig.

Zoelea has to go...

Anastasia: Aww! Zoe!

Jen: Awwwwwwwww, bye Zoe!

All: Bye Amalya, bye Mika!

Anastasia: Bye Amalya and Mika! nice to meet you!

Amalya and Mika: Nice Meeting you all and thanks for the clothes.

Anastasia: We lurves ya Zoe!

Jen: maybe we can catch you later.

Zoe: Byes. Zoe leaves the room.

Anastasia: Well ladies, it has been lovely! But, it's time for you to sleep.

Rosyani: We live in your head and thus never sleep.

Jenna: *grumbles* we don't sleep ...we watch Jen sleep.

Anastasia: *sigh and rolls eyes* Okay then...it is time for ME to do homework for school and so, you can find something else to do if you like.

Jen: Jenna, that's a little creepy.

Jenna: You're telling Jen…

Anastasia: ROFLMAO

Jen: Very funny. Okay, girls time to go and let Anastasia do her homework.

Karina: The males like to mess with Anastasia's dreams *giggles*

Jen: Oh yeah .... Jalmari ... wow ....

Jenna: GROSS!

Anastasia: Hehehe so long ladies! It was fun! Karina, don't forget to put all my clothes away!

Karina: *grumbles*

All Vampires: Bye! See ya!

All Faeries: Until next time!