Interested in being a guest with us? (Your character that is). This page tells you how to contact us and what regulations we have for guest posts.


1. All posts must be PG-13 rated. We do have minor readers and characters here.

2. You can have your villians post, but remember to keep it PG-13. No graphic details of what the villians plans are or what he likes to do to people. Keep it clean please!

3. Posts must be a minimum of 500 words in length and a maximum of appoximately 2,000 words.


To become a guest, please send Anastasia an email at harleydpalmer[at] Your subject line must say "Character Cafe Guest" or she will not read it!

In the email, please include a short bio about you (the author), and each character that will be appearing. (Just a few lines for us to make an introduction). Also include the book the character comes from. Please include a link or two where people can purchase the book (if it's published) and your website and/or blog.

You will get a reply with your scheduled date (when the post will be up) and when to email your post. Procedures for submitting your post will be in this email also. Please make sure you follow all instructions so this flows smoothly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Until then, enjoy your time exploring this blog!


You can see on our posts that we have avatars or images of our characters. If you would like to make one also, the link below will take you to a Doll Wizard. Simply make an account and begin creating! Then save the image and attach it to the email along with your guest post.

There is also another style of images you might see during our parties. The link is provided below and you do not need to sign up or register to use this one.

Now, if you know of a different avatar maker that you'd rather use, please do so. Also, you are not required to make an avatar for your character, but we wanted to provide the makers that we use in case you're interested.