Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Love My Job

Bethany:  Charlene, come in.  We we’re just setting dinner on the table.  Linda made potato salad and put extra olives in it for you.

Charlene:  Mm.  Sounds good.

Elaina:  Hi, Charlene.  I made fresh rolls.  Um, did you want me to them topped with extra butter?

Charlene:  I’ll take some butter.  But all that extra cream stuff is Cole’s thing.  *pulls out a chair and wrinkles her nose*  There’s a spoon of peanut butter in my chair.

Bethany: Oh, for heaven’s sake. Linda, Mechenzie got into the peanut butter again!

Linda:  *enters the kitchen with, arms filled with stuffed toys*  Good grief.  The girls are so wound up.  They’re tearing up the place.

Charlene:  *chooses another seat*  Ah, motherhood.

Linda:  Did you have twins?  It’s more common on Earth, isn’t it?

Charlene:  Nope, no twins.  I wanted to experience that through you.

Linda:  *looks at the lot in her arms*  Thanks.  *drops the toys in a corner*  I’ll get that peanut butter.

Ben:  *enters and plops into a chair*  Here when food's on the table again, eh?

Bethany:  Oh, Ben.  Charlene's welcome here any time.  *sets a plate in front of Charlene*  I hope you like steak.

Charlene:  *looks at the large portion*  I don’t eat much meat, but this looks great.

Elaina:  Mother, you knew Charlene eats meat sparingly.

Bethany:  Oh, I’m so used to dishing out Ben’s I guess I got carried away.  *hands Ben his portion*

Ben:  Charlene, I’ll take it if you don’t want it.  *stuffs a chunk of meat into his mouth*

Charlene:  Ben, I knew I could count on you.

Ben:  *points his fork at Charlene*  And don’t you forget it.  I’m happy to oblige.

Charlene:  I hope you feel that way about a few other things too, Ben.

Ben:  Anything.  You needing some help with something?

Charlene:  Actually, I was thinking about the Shilos.

Ben:  *huffs*  Shilos.  An odd lot.  What have they gotten themselves into?

Elaina:  Daddy, they’re not…odd.

Ben:  Three men living alone at that shrouded mansion on the south side?  Nobody really knows anything about them.  They can’t be up to any good.

Linda:  Really, Dad.  They’re founder’s sons.  They don’t have to explain themselves to anyone.

Elaina:  I’ve met one, and he seems very nice.

Ben:  *eyes his daughter*  And how nice would that be?

Elaina:  *blushes*  Um, well, he’s very nice, actually.

Linda:  Do I catch a hint of infatuation in your voice, Little Sister?

Elaina:  Vincent is a very sweet man.

Bethany:  Oh, Elaina.  Is that the young man you’ve been seeing?

Ben:  What?  *stabs at another chunk of meat*  You’ve been seeing one of them and this is the first I’ve heard of it?

Elaina:  *sets the rolls on the table with a shaky hand*  Uh, you have been busy, Daddy.  I didn’t really want to bother you.

Ben:  *scoffs a snort*  More like you were skirting the inevitable.  How long has this been going on?

Elaina:  Oh, only a few months.

Ben:  *chokes on his food*  What?

Bethany:  Now, Ben.  *pats his shoulder*  Elaina is twenty-one.  She can see whomever she likes.

Ben:  She’s still my little girl!  I’m not having some stranger cart my daughter around.

Linda:  *laughs*  Everyone’s a stranger until you get to know them, Dad.

Ben:  *growls*

Elaina:  Well, Charlene introduced us.

Charlene:  Don’t worry, Ben.  Vincent is very caring and loyal.  And so are his brothers...James for instance.

Ben:  *glares at Charlene*  What have you got up your sleeve?

Charlene:  *forks at her potato salad and looks at Linda*  He wanted me to come and speak with you about courting Linda.

Linda:  *turns red and dabs at the peanutbutter*   He's not...I mean, he doesn't...

Charlene:  *smiles big*

Linda:  Oh, my god.  That big hunk of a man wants to get to know me?


Charlene:  *pats Ben's pudgy hand*  Oh, it'll be fine, Ben. 

Bethany:  *sighs*  Just imagine.  Both our daughters with founder's sons.

Ben:  *growls and leans toward Charlene*  I'll get him for this.  He sent you because he knew I couldn't argue with our author.

Charlene:  *smiles and fills her fork*  I do love wielding my power.


Friday, March 25, 2011

An important request.

Dear other characters in Mia's head,

Saluations! Firstly I just wanted to say that because we almost never speak apart from awkward moment in the corridor when we're passing each other on the way to the bathroom, and that's just awkward and usually I try not to catch anyone's eye. Literally and metaphorically because eyes are so squishy and, dead or undead, you guys should try to keep it to yourself.

Anyhow. Next is a kind request from your local neighbourhood future girl, me. I'll jump right in and say it; could we please stop leaving the toilet lid up? Hmmm? I know this is not glamorous but, frankly, it's just good manners and I expect better at least from some of the younger zombies. Elder zombies, I understand you have issues reaching things without dropping limbs, and I respect that stretching is an issue, but if you need help just gurgle. Sheesh.

Not only will this benefit the females of the house, this will also put a stop to the people falling into the basin of the loo. Do you know how much poker playing time was lost last week due to incidents like this? No? Well it was a lot and I really hate having to pry people out of it rather than getting my game on. I need the practice. I'm down at LEAST three shoes and some sort of scarf thing I procured from the wardrobe when Mia was off getting soup.

Plus,  on top of that, we were nearly discovered by Mia the other day and that would have been terrible for all us. You know what will happen if she finds out about the card games in the bathroom. We can't afford to lose this room, it's the only one she's forgotten to ban. Remember? Right. Good. So put the lid down. You will find the next game time neatly penned beneath the fountain out by the third washing line. Just say the password and wait. Please also bring three shoes and some sort of scarf to the game, this will be your entrance fee.



Monday, March 21, 2011

The Others continued

Recap: Two weeks ago a group of secondary character, 3 mutants and 1 demon met in a bar located in Detroit. The demon, Andras (aka Andy) was late and walked into the middle of an awkward conversation. Dominic accidentally let it slip in front of Noah's boyfriend, Bastian, that Noah had said one of the rogue mutants was cute and he wasn't happy about that. Now Bastian is waiting for further explanation, Michael (the rogue mutant) is curious to hear more, Dominic wishes he could hide and Andy has no idea what is going on.

Dominic stared down at the ice in his glass, not looking up to see the waiting stare of Bastian. The steady thumb of fingers rapping against the table were enough of a reminder. He probably shouldn't have said anything. Noah might not like that he not only told Bastian but also Michael what he'd said that day. Oops.

"Well?" Bastian continued tapping the solid wood table.

Andras interrupted, giving a slight break for Dominic. "What are you all talking about? I seem to have missed something."

After another moment of an uncomfortable silence, Michael cleared his throat and responded. "Well, it seems that Bastian's boyfriend, Noah, told this one here that he thought I was cute. I'm sure it's not quite as big of a deal as they are making it out to be."

This caused the thuds against the table to stop. Bastian turned from his direct view of Dominic to face Michael. "So. You think I'm over-reacting? Is that what you are saying?"

"Well, yeah." Michael took a drink to swallow the anxiety he felt. Bastian was far more intense than he remembered from the hijacking that had been their first meeting. He was different now and almost a little scary with his muscled form and strong voice. "I mean, he wouldn't do anything about it. I have a boyfriend anyways. Cute doesn't mean that much, anyways."

Bastian frowned. "Whatever. So, Dom, when did Noah say this?"

Finally, Dominic found his voice. "Bastian, relax. It was a long time ago, back when you two were on break cause of the war. And that was all he said. Nothing to be worried about at all."

Tension relieved slightly, Bastian took another drink before directing another question in Michael's direction, ignoring the stray demon for the time being. "You have a boyfriend? Which one are you dating? Not that bossy one, I would imagine but hard to tell considering I don't know you."

"Ty? God no. He's straight." Michael shook his head as he forced out a chuckle. "Kelvin is my boyfriend."

"Oh. The weather boy. Interesting."

Andy stared at the mutants. They were a strange trio, though it was obvious the three in particular didn't usually spend much time together. The two seemed more familiar with each other and the third was a stray in the bunch. At least the awkward feeling had shifted a little from when he first sat down at the booth. The interesting part for him had been when he announced he was a demon and not a single one even blinked in his direction over the notion. They were too wrapped up in their own conversation. The whole "cute" conversation seemed a bit juvenile but whoever this Noah guy was, he was right. Michael was kind of cute. Not hot but still cute.

"What is your name again?" Dominic turned, grateful to have someone else to give attention to at the booth.

"Call me Andy."

Dominic smiled. "Okay, Andy. I take if you aren't a main character since none of us are. Are you dating the main character in yours?"

"No. Not dating Lucas."

"Did you sleep with him?" Dominic couldn't believe the question came out but he managed to pretend that he meant to ask it for real. The others looked a little surprised but didn't say anything to interrupt the new conversation.

The question got a small laugh out of the demon. He couldn't help but smile. "I haven't slept with him either, no. I take it by the conversation that the annoyed one has 'hooked up' with the main character."

Andy was surprised at the response. Instead of agreeing, the frowning one called Bastian looked even more irked as he stared at Dominic, who averted his eyes from the table, looking at the floor a few feet away. If he thought earlier had been uncomfortable, somehow he managed to make the situation worse as the two mutants both tensed. That was a bad sign.

And that's all for now. :-)
Hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Characters Need Me

James walks into Charlene’s study and folds his arms as he watches her type. 

James:  What are you working on, Charlene?

Charlene:  Gotta catch up on some new blogging goals.  *glances up at him*  Can I help you, James?

James:  I’d like to talk to you about something.

Charlene:  Okay.

James:  *furrows his brows as she keeps typing*  Well, it’s about… *fidgets and looks at the door*

Vincent and Cole:  *nods and motions to Charlene with an encouraging hands*

James:  *clears throat and rebalances his stand*  I was just curious about…

Charlene:  Yeah?

James:  How...are things going with…Linda?

Charlene:  Oh, she’s fine.  Mandy and Mechenzie keep her busy.  You know.

James:  Yes, of course.  *looks to the ceiling then back at his brothers*

Vincent: *cocks his head to the side and mouths silent words*  Ask her!

James:  *blows a heavy sigh through his lips*  I just…well, I mean… I’m sure the twins are taking up much of her time. 

Charlene:  Mm, hmm.

James:  *drops his hands to his side then drags one across is chest*

Cole:  *leans to Vincent*  He’s not going to make it.

Vincent:  Should I blow up her CPU to get her attention?

Cole:  *scowls at him*  No.  For once, just follow my lead. 

Cole walks over to Charlene and gently takes her hand off the keyboard, cupping it in his.  Vincent steps behind her and swivels the chair to face him.  Charlene looks up and Cole gazes deep into her eyes.

Cole:  *exhales a small breath of Zephyr and speaks to her mind with his thoughts*  Charlene, there’s a favor I’d like of you.

James:  *groans and steps back a few steps*

Charlene:  *relaxes and places her other hand on top of his*  My dear, sweet, Cole. 

Cole:  *smiles and brushes his fingertips down her cheek*  Yes?  

Charlene:  *cocks a brow*  Never try to use the breath of Zephyr on me again.  *squinches a smile, releases his hand, and turns back to her computer*  I created that gift.  It doesn’t work on me.  If this is about your situation with Dressen…

Vincent:  *shoves Cole aside, grabs Charlene’s chair arms, and swivels her back to face him*  This isn’t about Cole, it’s about Linda.

Charlene:  Linda?

Vincent:  And James.

Charlene:  *looks at James*  Oh.  Is that what you were trying to get at?

James:  *half grins and shrugs* 

Charlene:  I see.  Okay.  I need to get back to work on your story.  *closes blog post file, pulls up Cornerstone Deep book two: Echoes, then begins to type*

James:  *smiles as the story begins to flow and direction lights in his mind*  I think I’ll go walk the topiary.  *leaves the room with a smile*

Vincent:  *nods and heads for the door*  And it seems I have a wedding rush.

Cole:  *frowns as he sees the plot unfold*  Am I the only one not happy here?  *shuffles to the exit* 

Charlene:  *glances at her files and shakes her head*  Sorry, blog posts.  My characters need me.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Name Change Announcment and Other Things.

J.D. sits at her desk with a fresh cup of steaming coffee. She takes a sip while pondering the next scene. Ema enters the room and sits on the bed. She crossed her legs Indian-style and folds her hands in her lap.

Ema: Hey, J.D.

J.D.: Oh, hello Ema. Thanks for coming.

Ema: No problem. What's up?

J.D.: Well, as you know, I've re-opened Dark Heirloom and am working on it again. So I just wanted to touch base with you, since you're the main character.

Ema: Sure. What do you want to talk about?

J.D.: For starters, could you explain your new name to the audience?

Ema: Oh, yeah. *She faces the readers* This is Jenna speaking. J.D. changed my name to Ema. She said our names where too similar and that she's sick of everyone complaining about all the J names, so she caved and changed my name. I'm still trying to get used to it.

J.D.: Yeah, me too. So, Ema, how are you?

Ema: *shrugs* Fine.

J.D.: No complaints? Comments? Anything?

Ema glances around the room: Not really. Everything's pretty much the same.

J.D. sighs.

Ema giggles: You were looking for ideas, weren't you?

J.D.: Maybe.

Ema: The book's already written. I can't help you revise.

J.D. pouts: I know. Can you at least tell me what you think of the changes? *She waves a hand at the computer screen.*

Ema looks over J.D.'s shoulder: It looks good to me. Honestly, J.D., I'm not the writer. I can only react to what you throw at me.

J.D. grumbles: Alright. Can you at least tell me what you think about the changes I made to your character? You know, besides the name?

Ema thinks: You mean making me a History Major? Well I think it's awesome that you gave me a collage education, but it doesn't really help my situation, does it?

J.D. laughs: No, but it does make the scenes a little more fun later.

Ema rolls her eyes: You mean when I find out history is a big hoax? Yes, thanks for making my let-down an even bigger deal.

J.D. grins: You're welcome. I guess you can go if you want, but can you send Jesu in next?

Ema scrunches her face: You two spend a lot of time together. I know he's giving you ideas and I'm sure I won't like what they are.

J.D.: Hey, Jesu's on your side.

Ema scoffs: So he says. I'm not always sure. You know how loyal he is to his brother.

J.D.: Would you rather I get ideas from Jalmari? *wiggles eye brows*

Ema frowns: No.

J.D.: I didn't think so. :-)

Ema rolls her eyes: One vampire muse, coming right up.

J.D. rubs her hands together then starts typing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Never forgotten

When I was a kid I thought that the sun could be switched off. You know, like the t.v. had to be turned off and the goldfish given food before I wandered off to bed. The sun had to be turned off too, it was a chore. And it worried me more than you could imagine.

Actually, it was more a case of my parents told me it could and when you're young their word is law. So because they told me it was switched off, I believed them.  And because I believed them it caused no end of concern. I always worried what would happen if they weren't around anymore. I had this irrational fear.

It got to the point where they had to show me to make me calm down, which is irrational in itself if you think about it. They should have just admitted their false claim. But no. There was this switch underneath the stairs, looking back I guess it was just a dud switch, but my parents swore blind that this was the switch for the sun. They even let me take up the family responsibility a few times, just to prove that it worked. They'd stand me there just before the sunset and let me think I was putting out the sun. It did make me feel more comfortable for a while, I have to admit, I let myself see them as invincible keepers of the sun for a time.

It's only now, as I lie awake and watch the twigs knock against my window in the December breeze, that I know different. It is only now that I would swap a thousand sunsets for a few more moments with them. It is only now that I wish they were as invincible as they once claimed to be.

The sun still sets without them, you know, even though their bodies lie resting in the earth. The switch in my house must have been bypass on that day, somehow, because nothing stopped when they died except my maybe a piece of my heart.

Monday, March 7, 2011

When I was younger...

Ephram sits on one of two computers, papers covering the desk and a pen tucked behind one ear. He frowns at the title for his blog entry, tempted to erase it. Picking up a school book, he looks through it for the day's homework assignment but puts it down because he can't avoid doing either assignment and the blog is due first. So, he types.

I hate talking about my childhood. It wasn't that long ago and it wasn't bad really. Most of the time it was boring despite my difference. This was back before we moved, so it wasn't a secret so I didn't make friends well but I wasn't hated either, which surprised me. But the memory I am supposed to post, I don't like to share. Especially with strangers. It's not bad or anything gross, I just don't like people thinking I'm girly and it makes me sound that way.

But I have to tell it anyways because she can't seem to get any of the older characters to talk about what they were like as kids. Stupid adults.

Speaking of adults, my parents are different than me. That is to say, they are normal and I'm not. Neither of my parents have what the government calls "a significant amount of mutation." It is a wonder how mine ended up so messed up. I think they blame it on a distant grandfather but I can't be certain. No one ever talks about it with me. And when I used to ask questions they always changed the subject, talking about anything but how I got my mutation. So, the only information I have is from conversations I secretly listened to in the past.

We even look different. Both her and my dad are very fair skinned with light blonde hair and blue eyed. My skin is almost as light as theirs but my other features are different. My hair is dark brown, almost black and my eyes are hazel. As a little kid I used to watch Mom early in the morning get ready for work. As I would watch I always wondered why I couldn't look like her and Dad. This is what makes me seem girly. Cause I would watch her get ready for work with the fancy brushes and makeup and a little part of me would wish I was a girl or a normal boy. Then she would spend more time with me.

I know that she is gone most of the time for work and not because I'm different, but it's crossed my mind.  Dad isn't much better and he works less. It just sucks.

I hate being so different.  Okay, there is my childhood memory. I have homework to do now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My childhood. Grrr. This is impossible.

Vincent:  *leans arms on the kitchen table and wiggles pen in between his fingers.  Sighs then repositions the pad of paper and jots a few lines*

My childhood memories…  I grew up in Meridian.  Our manor was surrounded by trees with long branches that reached the ground like vines and I would climb them like ropes. 

James:  *sets a plate of muffins on table and glances at his writings.  Chuckles*  Charlene recruited you to do the childhood memories blog?

Vincent:  *rakes fingers through hair*  Yeah.  But how do I relate life in Meridian to the Cornerstone dimensions without having to explain everything?  *looks at his scribbling*  ‘Long branches that reach the ground like vines’.  I can’t very well just say the credial.  And this is the closest translation.  They don’t have those here.

Cole:  *cocks a chair to the side and sits, grabbing a muffin and reaching for the butter*  Talk about all the times Mother got on to you for loosing your temper and blowing up the place.  That would fill a room.

Vincent:  *sneers*

James:  Why not tell about the holidays to the other planes Father took us on.  Which one was your favorite? 

Vincent:  The time we visited Cornerstone Summit.  But, I was legally an adult when he let me come with you guys.  This is supposed to be about my childhood.

James:  Well, our childhoods are short in comparison to our life spans.  And you were still very young.

Cole:  *laughs*  The trip to Earth?  *nods as he remembers*  Of course.  That would be your favorite.  The pharaoh’s daughter.    

Vincent:  *smiles*  Yeah, I didn’t think Father would ever allow me through the portal again.  Didn’t think he’d ever let me set foot in public again.

James:  Well, you shouldn’t have blown up that statue.

Vincent:  That guy was way out of line. 

James:  That guy was her brother and he caught you two in the stables.  You influenced that culture with that display.  They thought you were a god.  Father had every right to be angry.

Cole:  *leans toward Vincent*  So, tell me.  Was she worth it?

Vincent:  *smiles wider*

Cole:  Admit it.  She was your first. 

Vincent:  I haven’t admitted that to you in all this time.  What makes you think I’ll admit it now?  *grimaces at his slip in wording*

Cole:  *laughs and spreads butter on his muffin*  I knew it. 

Vincent:  *glowers over his paper*  So, you don’t think I should tell about the time I built that sand sculpture without manipulating the elements?

James:  These people do that all the time. 

Vincent:  But it took a lot of time and patience.

Cole:  Ninety percent of the spectrum’s population has more patience than you do.

Vincent:  *scowls and leans back into his chair*  Then, I have nothing. 

Charlene:  *enters kitchen*  How’s it going, Vince?

James:  Vincent thinks his childhood was too uneventful for this task, Charlene.

Charlene:  Oh?  *looks over Vincent’s shoulder at the few jotted sentences*  Oh.  Well, what about all the times you got in trouble for blowing things up? 

Cole:  *chuckles and looks away*

Vincent:  *leers at Cole then scribbles on the paper*

Things happened.  I got mad.  Sparks came out.  I blew things up.  Mother got angry.  I got in trouble.

Vincent:  *tears paper from pad and hands it Charlene*  Okay.  There you go.  *looks out at blog readers*  Blog post done.