Saturday, September 25, 2010

Date Night

Part One: Dinner

Brigette: *sighs while waiting outside for everyone*

Etharas: *walks up and stops short at the sight of her* Ummm, hi. You look, amazing.

Brigette: *glances up* As do you.

Etharas: Why thank you. *smiles*

Chakor: *walks up*

Etharas: Gods, why is he here?!

Brigette: I don't know... Why are you here, Chakor?

Chakor: Jesu invited me and Letarri to join the festivities.

*Jesu and Jenna approach the group, walking arm in arm*

Etharas: *clenches fist*

Brigette: *wince* I should have told you I invited Jenna and Jesu. Though I didn't think they would invite MORE people.

Etharas: *smiles* No, no. I'm not upset about that. Yes, the MORE people... *sigh*

Jesu: *looking sheepish* Ah, hello

Chakor: Hello. Where is Letarri?

Jenna: Yeah, where is she?

Letarri: Right behind you.

Chakor: *puts hand over heart* Whoa.

Jenna: *jaw drops*

Letarri: *blushes and giggles*

Jesu: *whistles*

Etharas: *holds breath*

Brigette: Um, you look lovely Letarri

Letarri: Thank you Brigette. You do too!

Chakor: *stares and forgets to breath*

Brigette: Let's go inside...

Etharas: *shakes self* Yes, let's. I'm famished. *wraps arm around Brigette's waist and leads her inside*

Jesu: Breath, Chakor, breath!

Chakor: Of course. Ahem. *holds arm out to Letarri* Ready to eat?

Letarri: *hooks arm with his* Yes. *smiles*

Jesu: Jenna?

Jenna: Yup, let's go.

Letarri: Jenna, I love that dress. It looks lovely on you.

*a hostess shows them to their seat, a large booth in the back*

Jenna: Oh thanks. I don't usually dress up. Yours is ... wow. Is it heavy?

Letarri: *whispers to Jenna* It's a traditional dress of Lizak, where Chakor is from. Oh no. It's very comfortable and light.

Jenna: Oh no wonder Chakor nearly passed out, besides you looking drop-dead gorgeous in it! I love your hair too

Letarri: *giggles* Thanks. Anastasia did my hair for me. I normally don't wear it up like this.

Brigette: *looks at the menu*

Chakor: So what is good to eat here? *opens a menu*

Etharas: *mutters* Some punch.

Jesu: *watches Jenna*

Brigette: *giggles* I assure you, none of you will get blood in your drinks unless you ask for it..

Letarri: *sighs in relief* No offense.

Brigette: None taken.

Jenna: *glances and menu and makes a face* I doubt it matters what I order, it will all taste the same to me, won't it?

Jesu: Yes.

Letarri: I'm sorry Jenna.

Jenna: *sigh* It's okay. I just miss the way food taste. I can still remember what it's like to have big juicy burger.

Letarri: Would it make you feel better if I ordered my food with no spices?

Jenna: *laugh* Oh no, you don't have to do that! You enjoy your food, get whatever you want

Letarri: *laugh* Okay.

Brigette: *orders a strawberry daiquiri with "bite"*

Letarri: What is a daiquiri?

Brigette: An alcoholic drink the humans made up.

Letarri: Oh. *ponders* I think I might try one. *orders a strawberry daiquiri*

Chakor: I'll just have a beer or ale to drink, please.

Etharas: *grumbles* I'll have the same.

Jesu: *orders a bloody mary, hold the liquor*

Brigette: *traces Etharas' pecks with her fingertip* So how are things?

Etharas: *smirks* Better now.

Chakor: Really. We are the table.

Brigette: *Grins*


Etharas: Back off Chakor. I'm on a date.

Jenna: How are things in the faery lands?

Etharas & Chakor: Fine.

Jenna: Uh ... I was talking to Lettari.

Letarri: *nervous giggle* They are well Jenna. Anastasia is still editing book 1 but it's coming along nicely.

Jenna: Oh good

Letarri: How are things for you? I hear JD is finished with the editing for your book?

Jenna: Yes, and she plans to write the 2nd installment in November. We're very excited. And nervous.

Letarri: Yes. I think Anastasia will still write book 2 in November also, even if Book 1 isn't fully completed.

Jenna: That's great!

Letarri: Why nervous? Is JD as evil as Anastasia?

Jesu: *chuckles* I'm afraid so. I worry about what she has planned for Jenna... *takes Jenna's hand*

Letarri: I'm nervous too. But I already know what happens in book 2.

Jesu: You never know, Ana could change things

Letarri: Oh I hope not! I love what happens. *smiles*

Chakor: Well what happens that is so great?

Letarri: *smiles* Nothing.

Jenna: And I am still in the dark about what happens. I don't understand why J.D. won't tell me...

Chakor: I don't believe you.

Jesu: You'll find out soon enough.

Letarri: Well I found out by accident. I happened to see her notes the other day as she was cleaning her desk.

Jenna: That's not fair though.

Jenna: I want to be prepared for whatever hellish nightmare she throws at me.

Letarri: Don't think of it as a hellish nightmare - more of adventure. *smiles*

Jesu: Do not worry about it, I will be there to save you always...

Letarri: Um, Jesu. I don't think that type of statement puts her mind as ease.

Brigette: *whispers to no one* I'm gonna puke if they keep taking like that.

Jenna: Yeah, Jesu, what do I need saving from?

Etharas: *whispers to Brigette* If you do puke, just aim over there. *points away from himself then smiles*

Jesu: I just meant that you need not worry, that's all

Brigette: *rolls her eyes* *sips her drink*

Chakor: *leans toward Letarri's ear* You look stunning in that dress.

Letarri: *blushes* Thank you. You are very handsome as well.

Jenna: *heard* Aww

Etharas: *fake chokes*

Brigette: Lean that way *points* not on the dress, please.

Jesu: And Jenna, you do look ... stunning.

Etharas: *fake chokes on Brigette then laughs*

Brigette: *mocking voice* Etharas, did I tell you how utterly pretty you look?

Etharas: *bats eyelashes, wistful voice* Oh really? Why thank you! That just made my day!

Chakor: *quirks brow*

Brigette: That dress, it brings out you eyes perfectly! If I wasn't such a gentlemen, I'd ravage you right about now

Etharas: *high pitched voice and silly giggle* Oh you nasty beast!

Jenna: What the ....?

Letarri: I don't know.

Brigette: lol

Letarri: *shifts in seat*

Etharas: *laughs*

Jenna: ....?

Etharas: *wipes tear from eye* Brigette that was great. I needed a laugh like that.

Brigette: *nods* any time

Jesu: *raises an eyebrow*

Brigette: *takes a deep breath* So Etharas, what do you do?

Etharas: I'm a Prince, but I won't inherit the throne. In my land, the oldest daughter in herits so my sister will become Queen.

Brigette: Really? Are females the dominate gender there?

Etharas: It's not that they are dominate. It's just our law. My land is the only one like that though. The other thrones are all inherited by the oldest son.

Brigette: What about daughters of common families, do they inherit their fathers' money and property? Or should I say, their mother's?

Etharas: No. The only time the oldest daughter inherits anything is Princess to Queen.

Brigette: Oh.

Etharas: And it really just means her husband rules the kingdom. It's very backwards. *nods* But, it's the way we live.

Brigette: Ah, I see.

Etharas: She can be Queen but she can't really own her own land. Extra care is taken to choose a husband for the Princess in order to have a good King.

Jenna: *whispers to Letarri* That explains a lot ... his "backward" morels about women...

Letarri: *whispers back* I don't know. That might be part of it. But I think something goes much deeper, something personal.

Jesu: Does the princess get to choose who she marries?

Etharas: No. Her parents choose for her.

Jesu: Oh.

Etharas: In fact, most women don't get to choose where we are from.

Jenna: Sounds barbaric.

Letarri: It's really not Jenna. And that rule doesn't start until a woman is 50 years old. Etharas left that part out.

Jesu: Many human cultures follow that rule as well

Etharas: Yes, but how many faena's do you know Letarri that married before their 50th birthday? Hmm?

Letarri: One. My sister. *nods*

Jenna: I don't understand. Are they allowed to marry before they are 50?

And then what? They have to divorce the guy when it's time for the parents to choose?

Letarri: Oh yes. But most don't. We have much schooling to master our powers so much of our time is spent learning and studying - not real time for a relationship. Oh no! Once they are married, that is a final decision and the parents no longer have a say. The parents only choose a husband for their daughters if they are not yet married by the time they reach age

Jenna: Oh, I get it now. There's a time cap to choose their own husband.

Letarri: Yes, exactly.

Jenna: But wow, that's a lot of pressure! Sure 50 years is a long time, but I bet it's nothing when trying to find the ONE

Letarri: *laugh* It is a long time, Jenna. And so many things happen in that amount of time. But you're right. The pressure is there. That is why it is still rare to find a woman who marries a man she chose.

Jenna: I'm glad I didn't grow up any place that required me to choose a husband. No offense.

Letarri: None taken. *shrug* It is how we live and so we see nothing wrong with it. Especially when we do have a choice - at least for a time. It's our own fault if we don't use it.

Brigette: *sips her drink*

Chakor: I'd lock my daughter up until her 50th birthday. That why I can be certain she is with the right man. *laugh*

Jenna: *wince* That's horrible!

Letarri: *swats Chakor's shoulder* Oh stop it! That's just silly. It was just a joke Jenna.

Jenna: Oh god, okay good.

Etharas: *sighs and leans back against the booth, resting his arm across the back*

Jesu: Vampires laws are very different from the fae it seems

Brigette: *glances at Etharas*

Etharas: *quirks eyebrow at Brigette in question*

Brigette: *licks her lips*

Etharas: *lightly rubs thumb across the back of Brigettes neck*

Brigette: *leans into Etharas slightly*

Jesu: *bites his lip*

Etharas: *tilts head toward Brigette and quirks brow again*

Chakor: Gods...

Jenna: Ah .... right ...

Brigette: *blushes slightly and glances at her hands*

Etharas: *smirks, pulls Brigette close his side with one arm and plants a harsh kiss on her lips*

Brigette: *glances at Jesu out the corner of her eye brifly, then kisses Etharas back*

Chakor: Honestly!

Letarri: *blushes and turns away*

Jenna: Wow ... *looks away*

Chakor: We are in a public place for crying out loud.

Etharas: *leans back with Brigette still close to his side* Jealous Chakor?

Chakor: *scoffs*

Brigette: *lets her hand rest on Etharas' thigh

Letarri: Ahem *nervous giggle* So when does this movie start?

Brigette: Oh right ... in an hour.

Letarri: *shifts in chair* Umm, Jenna. I need to how do you say, power my nose? Would you like to join me?

Jenna: Not sure I want to be in a dark room with those two. Yes, I think I would.

Letarri: Great. Let's go.

*Letarri and Jenna head to the restrooms*

Jesu: *watches Jenna go*

Chakor: *stands as Letarri leaves the table, then sits down again once she walks away*

Brigette: what a gentleman

Etharas: What is the strongest alcohol you have?

Brigette: *looks at the menu* Looks like that would be tequila, why?

Etharas: This beer is only serving to upset me. *waves the server over and orders a bottle of tequila*

Brigette: Lol. A round of shots for all?

Etharas: Well, I guess I could share.

Brigette: Are human drinks just as weak for you as they are for us?

Etharas: I'm beginning to think so.

Brigette: In that case, we should order a second bottle

Etharas: *raises eyebrows* Really?

Brigette: It takes a lot to get a vampire buzzed. *shrug*

Etharas: Ahh yes. *orders another bottle*

Jesu: Is there a reason you too feel the need to drink that much?

Etharas: We need a reason?

Chakor: *rolls eyes*

Jesu: I was only curious.

Brigette: *shrugs* My date wants to drink, I'll drink with him

Etharas: *uncaps both bottles and hands one to Brigette* A toast to you and that devilish dress you are wearing.

Brigette: Oh, this old thing? I'd rather be back in uniform, wielding a sword to tell you the truth. *Takes a swig*

Etharas: A sword? Perhaps after the movie you can come back with me and I'll show you the broad sword my Mother gave me to me.

Brigette: I would love to.

Chakor: *sighes and looks toward the restrooms*

Jesu: *also looks to the restrooms* Do think something happened?

Chakor: *shakes head* No. Probably having some girl talk or something like that.

Brigette: Honestly, Jesu, what in gods name is going to happen to her in a restroom?

*Letarri and Jenna return laughing as they sit down*

Chakor: Everything all right?

Letarri: *smiles* Of course.

Jenna: *giggling* Did we miss anything?

Jesu: Etharas is going to show Brig his sword later...

Chakor: Not really. Etharas and Brigette are having a bottle of tequila - each.

Jenna: *frowns* What?

Etharas: *holds up bottle* Tequila

Brigette: *snorts* I'm sure he'll see a few of my "things" later too.

Etharas: *smirks and takes a drink*

Jenna: Right. That's um ... good for you.

Etharas: Why thank you. I think so too.

Letarri: *coughs* So should we head to the movie to make sure we get seats?

Jesu: Brig, that may not be a good idea.

Etharas: Why not?

Brigette: *frowns* Let me finish my drink first.

Jesu: Do you want to become a vampire, Etharas? Because that very well might happen ... drunk and wanting for fornicate with a VAMPIRE.

Brigette: I do have some self control, Jesu!

Etharas: *blinks* Fornicate? Umm, I was only going to show her the sword my mother gave to me. What a dirty mind you have!

Jesu: Right.

Brigette: What do you care, anyway, Jesu?

Etharas: You go ahead and think I'm cheap and easy. But remember, I couldn't do what I do if they weren't willing too. *swigs tequila*

Jenna: 'couldn't do what I do'?

Etharas: *smirks* Show off my sword.

Jesu: Oh, I am not worried about Brig not being "willing". I'm sure she is very willing

Brigette: Jesu!

Letarri: *leans into Chakor and whispers* I'm not comfortable with this conversation.

Jenna: I think we should have powdered our noses for 5 more minutes

Letarri: *chuckles* Yes.

Brigette: *sulks* I have no intention of biting him...

Chakor: *says to Letarri in a low voice* We'll be at the movies in a little while. It'll be okay.

Etharas: Not even a little bit? *chuckles*

Brigette: *smiles*

Etharas: *whispers in Brigettes ear* How bout I just bite you instead.

Brigette: *perks up and bites her lip*

Etharas: *nips playfully at her neck before sitting up again and taking a sip of tequila*

Chakor: *rolls eyes and mumbles* So glad I decided not to eat.

Brigette: *face gets all flushed and she takes a swig of her own drink*

Letarri: *looks down at lap and twiddles thumbs*

Jesu: I think I warn Ana that one of her fearies might be a vampire soon.


Etharas: But you don't know for certain that I will - I am not human after all.

Jenna: Oh stop, Jesu. Etharas and Brigette get along. That's great.

Brigette: Thank you, Jenna.

Etharas: *raises his bottle to Jenna in thanks*

Jesu: You're right Etharas, you might not become a vampire. You might just die instead.

Etharas: *shrug* Then I'll die happy.

Brigette: I would not let you die. You're too sexy to lay in a grave rotting.

Etharas: *charming smile* Why thank you.

Chakor: *sighs and sips his beer* Do we know what movie we are watching?

Brigette: *twirls a strand of Etharas' hair around her finger*

Jesu: And shouldn't we get going to it?

Letarri: Yes. I think so.

Brigette: We're going to see Avatar

Chakor: Well, I vote for going before we are late. *stands and holds hand out to Letarri*

Letarri: Oh! Anastasia says that's a great movie.

Jesu: Yes, I agree.

Letarri: *takes Chakor's hand*

*Jenna and Jesu get up from the table*

Brigette: *quickly finishes off the bottle of tequila then stands*

Etharas: *stands and dramatically bows to Brigette* May I escort you to the movies?*

Brigette: *hooks her arm in Etharas'* Please.

Chakor: *rolls eyes and steers Letarri toward the door with a hand on the small of her back*

Brigette: Dear sir, what ever would I do without you holding my hand? *bats her eyelashes*

Etharas: *pats her hand* It's okay dearie. I'm here to help you.

Brigette: *scoffs* A feary helping a vampire ...

Etharas: *frowns and walks with Brigette to the door*

Brigette: Sorry, I didn't mean that you couldn't. I'm just not used to men "escorting" me around like I made of glass.

Etharas: It was merely a joke. To make fun of them *points to the others*

Brigette: But I worried I might have offended you with my comment.

Etharas: I don't offend easily. *smiles*

Brigette: Good. *smiles back*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pool Hall

Ana: Hello Hello.

J.D.: Hello.

Chakor: Hello ladies. So wonderful to be out and about tonight.

Jesu: Good evening, Ana. Hello Chakor.

Ana: Hello Jesu

J.D.: Hi Chakor.

Chakor: Jesu, greetings.

Jesu: *grabes a pool stick*

Chakor: *gets the pool table set up* Do you play this game often Jesu?

Jesu: On ocation. You?

J.D.: Chackor knows how to play pool?

Chakor: We have a similar type of game where I am from but I dug into Anastasia's head for the official rules. Apparently, according to her memories, she used to play quite a bit.

Ana: You know I don't like it when you go digging around, Chakor.

J.D.: I don’t think he cares, lol.

Chakor: I really don't. *charming smile*

Ana: *rolls eyes* You're charming smile doesn't work on me.

Chakor: Of course it does. Otherwise I wouldn't be here at all.

J.D.: Well I suck at this game, so count me out.

Jesu: Ah, Jen, where's your sense of adventure?

Chakor: Aww, come over here, I'll teach you.

J.D.: That's very um ... tempting. But I'm fine, really.

Ana: Chakor, are you just trying to rub up against Jen?

Chakor: Who me? I don't know what you're talking about.

Jesu: *chuckles*

Ana: *rolls eyes*

Chakor: Would you like to break, Jesu?

Jesu: Sure. *proceeds to align the cue ball*

Chakor: *leans against pool stick* So I hear Brigette and Etharas are going on a date? Poor girl.

Jesu: *winces* Make that Brigette, Etharas, Jenna, and I.

Chakor: Really? Why the wince? Jenna seems like a nice girl and beautiful too.

Jesu: *grins* She is. But Brig and I have ... a history. I was too thrilled Jenna wanted to go with me I did not stop to consider what might happen.

Chakor: Ahh, I see. Does Jenna know of this history?

Jesu: No. And only because Jen forbids me and Brig from telling her just yet.

Chakor: Ahh. *whistles* I bet that will be awkward.

J.D.: Ah that's not exactly true. Thanks to Ana and Zoe, I think Jenna has some idea of how you and Brigette know each other ... It's an Archie, Bettie, and Veronica triangle at the moment.

Chakor: Still be awkward though yes? *slaps Jesu on the shoulder* I feel for you my friend.

Ana: Thanks to US? Why is it OUR fault!?

J.D.: LOL. Um remember the slumber party when you blurt it out?

Ana: I said I was kidding!

J.D.: Yeah, but Jenna's not dumb ...

Ana: Sowwy.

J.D.: 'Tis okay! I still love ya!

Chakor: You two are mad.

Jesu: *sigh* Great. So I can expect lots of tension?

Chakor: Isn't it obvious? I mean, you have the ex-lady with the new-lady -- bound to be awkward.

J.D.: Yes ... to both of you lol.

Jesu: *takes a shot and misses* I don't suppose you would do me a favor...

Chakor: *steps up to the table and lines up shot* Depends on what it is. Three ball, corner pocket.

Jesu: Jenna and Brig get along great with Lettari. If she was there, it might take the edge off ... distract them from each other. Do you think you could ...?

Chakor: *ball sinks into corner pocket* So, what are you saying? *lines up another shot*

Jesu: *rolls his eyes* I know you heard me.

Chakor: *cue ball flies off the table*

Ana: *ducks*

Jesu: *catches the ball in his fist*

Chakor: *clears throat* Well, um, I don't know. You remember how much Etharas and I hate each other correct?

Jesu: Look, if I know Brig, she'll be all over Etharas, trying to make me jealous. Etharas will be plenty distracted by her. We both know how he swings.

Chakor: *hisses* True.

Jesu: I just need Lettari to keep the girls from talking their way into a cat fight, you know?

Chakor: I just don't know...

Ana: Letarri would love to go I'm sure Chakor, if that's what you're worried about.

J.D.: Yeah ... you would get to do a little romancing of your own, Chakor

Chakor: *smiles* I don't need a date to do that. Well, if Brig is all over Etharas, why would there be a cat fight at all? I mean in a sense she'd be distracted too correct?

Jesu: She'll be doing it to get to me though. I couldn't care less who she's with and once she realizes that, it might set her off. It would ruin my chances with Jenna.

Chakor: I see. *sigh* All right. But you owe me one.

Jesu: *smiles* Of course.

Chakor: *sighs, sits down and rubs hand down his face* This will not end well.

Jesu: It will end better than Jenna and Brig focusing on each other all night.

Chakor: *snorts* I meant me and Etharas. Brig might have him distracted, but all it takes is one second of him looking at Letarri and bam...

Jesu: *shrug* Maybe, maybe he'll be too into Brig to notice.

Chakor: I hope so. Maybe he'll stop chasing Letarri all together! *perks up* That would be wonderful.

Jesu: *nods* Yes, and maybe Brigette will leave me alone.

Ana: That is why we set those two up you know.... part of it anyway

J.D.: Yeah

Ana: So YOU’RE WELCOME. Hehehe

Jesu: *grins* praise thy gods, they are being NICE to us!

Chakor: *squints eyes* That usually means they are hiding something awful.

J.D.: *rolls eyes*

Jesu: *shrug* Jen is always hiding something awful.

Ana: Oh please. We do not purposely plot against you. It's the way the story goes. We don't have a choice either.

J.D.: Yeah we don't have a choi -- Hahahaha. Sorry, I just couldn't say it!

Ana: Tsk tsk Jen. I said it, with a straight face even!

Jesu: *makes a face*


Chakor: Mad - completely mad.

J.D.: Yeah, but it's your guys' fault we're mad.

Ana: Exactly.

Ana: Chakor: *gasp* I'm offended!

Ana: Big baby.

J.D.: lol

Jesu: So you and Letarri are coming, right?

Chakor: *sigh* Yes.

Jesu: Thank you.

Chakor: I'm serious. You owe me for this. *stands and re-racks the balls for a new game*

Jesu: Anything you want. I can even torch Etharas after.

J.D.: Jesu!

Chakor: Really!? *stares off into space with a funny grin*

Ana: Oh chill out Chakor. You know you are ecstatic to go out with Letarri.

Jesu: lol

J.D.: Brother ... *rolls eyes*

Ana: Chakor, you need to be nice to Etharas. He is very nice to...well book 2

Chakor: But I'm not in book 2.

Ana: Well, he's nice to Letarri and thus...nice to you...

J.D.: Aww. Does he help take care of her .... ?

Ana: Chakor: *squints eyes* Is that sweat I see on your forehead, Anastasia?

Ana: Ummm....Yes, Jen. And Umm...I don't know what you're talking about Chakor. *nervous giggle*

Chakor: *quirks eyebrow* Right.

J.D.: Her ... URGES. I mean ... wait no...

Ana: Urges!?!

Chakor: HE DOES WHAT!?!?!

Ana: Oh boy, see what you did?

J.D.: Her ah ...Ah...

Chakor: Excuse me for a moment. *stomps back into Anastasia's head*

J.D.: Help me out please?

Ana: Chakor! Don't you dare kill him! That's not what she meant.

Chakor: *returns* Then what did she mean?

J.D.: Yeah, Chakor, I was totally kidding!!!!

Chakor: No you weren't. What did you mean to say?

J.D.: Etharas helps her with her ah ... teaching.

Ana: She was talking about a umm bad reaction has to a plant in the elfin world.

Chakor: That's it. I'm going to kill him.

Ana: No no no!

J.D.: Wait!!!!!!! I meant teaching about plant reactions!?!?!?!

Chakor: *crosses arms over chest* Do you think I am a simpleton?

Ana: Umm, no...

Jesu: *cracks up laughing*

Ana: (whispers to Jen) I think he thinks "urges" is like...sexual urges....not...cravings...

J.D.: (to Ana) ah yeah, I know. The word just kind of slipped...

Ana: (whispers to Jen) I don't know how to salvage this without actually tell him!

Chakor: This is NOT funny - and I hate it when you whisper!

J.D.: (whispers back)Um, ah, I'll handle it..

J.D.: Chakor, I was really just messing with you. I really have NO idea what happens in book 2

Chakor: Humph. Not funny, Jen. And YOU Anastasia, just go along with it? I thought you liked me?

Ana: Aww Chakor, I love you!

Chakor: HA! *sinks into chair and puts head in his hands*

J.D.: We're mad, remember?

Ana: *makes pouty face* I'm sorry Chakor. Didn't mean to upset you.

J.D.: Yeah, me either. Just wanted to have some fun, that’s all.

Chakor: Pshh

Ana: *whispers* I think he's hurt.

J.D.: :(

Jesu: Ignore them, my friend.

Chakor: No, I feel ill. Just the thought of him...of her...of them...*slams fits on table*

Ana: Be at peace Chakor! They don't do anything like that -- ever.

Chakor: I try to Jesu. I really do. Just sometimes....

J.D.: Be at peace? Ana, you've been hanging out with the fea too much..

Ana: Hahaha. You may be right.

Jesu: I know Letarri enough know she is an angel. She will never hurt you. And soon Etharas will be preoccupied with Brigette … Why does some part of me feel guilty about handing Brigette off to Etharas??

Chakor: I'm more afraid of hurting her.

Jesu: Why would you fear as such, Chakor?

Chakor: *sigh* My power. It... amplifies feelings and emotions. I usually have it in check, but sometimes, it leaks out. I can turn a slight attraction into full blown lust, the kind that makes you ache - in a matter of seconds. Which means, in a woman - I can make her begging to fall into bed with me, whenever I want. And I don't want to do that to Letarri. I want her to want me - for real. Not because my power made her.

Jesu: I completely understand that. Jenna is the same way after she drinks blood. She thinks she wants me, but the truth is the blood makes her ache for anyone to do the deed. I refuse to take her when she is under the influence like that.

Chakor: Yes. I could never live with myself.

Jesu: Nor I. She would surely regret it once the blood wears off.

Chakor: That is my fear also.

Jesu: *nods*

J.D.: God, lighten up!

Ana: Seriously, you guys are so depressing sometimes.

Chakor: *shakes self* So, where are we going on this date?

Jesu: *gives Jen and Ana a look* Dinner and then a movie.

Chakor: We're are depressing because you allowed the events to happen that made us such..... Dinner and a movie ay? What are we watching? Or eating for that matter?

Ana: Well it's a vampire restaurant and we didn't decide on a movie I don't think.

J.D.: Yeah we didn't

Chakor: I see. A vampire restaurant? What are those like?

Jesu: Um, it's not a vampire restaurant - it's a vampire-owned restaurant. It's just like any other regular resturant, only the owner will slip some blood under the counter to their vampire guest.

Chakor: Yes. Is there a certain dress code for such a place?

J.D.: Brigette said the place is semi-formal I think?

Ana: Well I think it was that her dress was semi-formal.

J.D.: Right

Ana: Chakor: So I should get out my best tunic then? *sigh* If I must.

Ana: Oh yeah, like it really hurts you Chakor. *rolls eyes*

Jesu: I wonder what Jenna will wear.

J.D.: Not a dress lol.

Chakor: Something sassy I'm sure. She seems like a spunky one.

Jesu: Yeah she's more modern-day jeans and T type. But I would love to see her in a dress again...

Chakor: Letarri will wear something long and flow-y I think...

Ana: Maybe we can talk Jen into wearing a dress.

J.D.: Good luck. She MIGHT agree to a skirt.

Ana: She wouldn't wear one even for Jesu?

Jesu: *perks up* A skirt works.

Ana: I mean, she wore that black skimpy number on her outing with Jalmari.

J.D.: Ahh ... she was FORCED to wear it, remember?

Jesu: *growls*

Ana: *thinks* I don't remember that part of it -- but still. She wore it.

J.D.: *giggles* yeah she did like it a little. But she never would have picked it out on her own.

Ana: Give her some blood first -- it'll be easy to get her into a dress then BAHAHAH.


Chakor: Evil woman!

Jesu: *glares at Ana and Jen* Don't you dare. I want her sober for this event!

Ana: No no, she'll be sober. We'll just get her drunk to agree to wear the dress.

Chakor: Well, just a thought. If she was drunk, would it help her be distracted about the tension with Brigette?

Jesu: No. She's too venerable in that state. I will not allow it!

Chakor: Of course.

J.D.: *rolls eyes* Settle down, hot shot. I know better than to let Jenna drink blood without you holding her hand.

Ana: Or without her trying to jump him. Hehehehe.

J.D.: I was just thinking that! LOL

Jesu: *glares*

Chakor: *chuckles* You two scare me sometimes.

J.D.: Schizophrenia with a plot, Chakor...

Chakor: I know. That's the scary part. Along with the fact that you have the same thoughts at the same time.

Ana: It's not scary, it's awesome!

J.D.: Yeah dude. We're best friends, it’s totally normal.

Chakor: Heh. I don’t do that with my best friend.

Jesu: *scoffs* Normal. Yeah right

Ana: Well, one you're a guy, and two, you don't have a best friend.

Chakor: I don't only because you won't let me have one.

Ana: I can't have any more people running around in my head okay!?

Jesu: At least she didn't give you an ex ... oh wait, she sort of did..

Chakor: Yes, just not MY ex. AND Anastasia is thinking of brining my brother into the story. *grumbles*

J.D.: ??

Chakor: It's really Letarri's ex sort of..right? Not mine.

Jesu: I meant that girl fairy with the silver skin. Jalmari told me about her.

Chakor: Sefiya?

Jesu: yeah.

Chakor: Oh her. Well, she is an ex of a sort. But our relationship wasn't long enough for it to really mean anything...

Jesu: Ah okay.

Chakor: Besides, she's only good for...certain things, anyway *ahem*

J.D.: Men.

Chakor: What?

J.D.: Just what "things" hmm?

Chakor: Bedroom things.

J.D.: Exactly.

Chakor: Exactly what? It's true! She is not a great conversationalist and she didn't make my heart swell with pride that she chose me nor did she excite me in any emotional or mental way.

Jesu: *sigh* We all agree to meet at the restaurant next Saturday, right?

J.D.: Yes, Jesu.

Chakor: I'll be there.

Jesu: *nods* Good. I should go check on Jenna.

Chakor: *chuckles* Okay my friend.

Jesu: Chakor, Ana, it was lovely seeing both of you.

Chakor: So long. *waves*

Ana: Good to see you too Jesu. Behave.

Jesu: Of course. Why wouldn't I?

Ana: (18:53:20): *quirks eyebrow*

Jesu: What?

J.D.: It was sarcasm, Jesu.

Ana: Oh nothing. Be nice to Jen too. She is writing your story and all that.

Jesu: Always. *Jesu leaves*

J.D.: *sigh*

Chakor: *bows then leaves*

J.D.: ... bye, Chakor.

Ana: That was a quick exit by Jesu...

J.D.: I think he's nervous. Or irritated

Ana: Ahhh. Gotcha. So I’ll see ya later?

J.D.: Yup. No sense in staying if the boys are gone.

Ana: Right. See ya.

J.D.: Bye.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Middle Child

Since this week we have an open topic so to speak, I decided to talk about what it's like being the middle child.

I am the middle of five! Farien and Rosyani are older, then two younger sisters, Soraya and Bel. I guess really, it was three against two. Farien and Rosyani are so much other than the rest of us, that they were always off in their own world, with the three of us sticking together.

Being the middle child in this dynamic is much different than in a typical family, I suppose. Rosyani and Farien were over there, and I was basically the oldest of the younger trio. After our Father died and Farien began helping more with the Kingdom, and Rosyani having her troubles, the distance between us grew.

I tried for a time to keep the peace between the two sides, the way a middle child usually acts. It was too soon though, that I joined the side of my younger sisters. Rosyani drifted further away from us until finally, it was almost like she wasn't part of the family at all. Which was our fault entirely, I don't blame Rosyani at all. But, with the two older siblings gone in a sense, I was the one that had to take up the role of 'big sister'.

I felt an enormous amount of pressure from this new role. Being a teacher, one would think I could handle the pressures of others looking up to me and relying on me. It is a completely different matter when it concerns family opposed to students in a classroom setting. I became a perfectionist. Every thing I did or said had to be exactly right or I felt that I had failed in some way.

Too late I realized how much I needed Rosyani, my big sister. But I had pushed her away. I suddenly felt alone. Between our Mother still painful grieving the death of our father, Rosyani's struggles with no powers, Farien's stress to fill our father's shoes, and my younger sister's apparant lack of compassion for others, I felt our family had fallen apart - and it was my fault. I had failed in someway to hold everyone together. As a middle child, wasn't that my role? To keep the peace and hold everyone together?

It wasn't until recently that I realized no one should bear such a heavy responsibility. I missed out on a lot of things - fun adventures and even trouble - I wanted to do in order to keep at this vain attempt to hold our family together. But, things just became worse the more time that passed. I wonder now if any thing I did ever made a difference at all. Was my sacrifice really worth it?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Graphic Scenes for the Faeries

Hello readers. Drache here to talk about graphic scenes in my story. Anastasia, originally kept to our wishes and did not show any of these wonderful, yet private scenes with the world. However, she changed her mind and has added these scenes into the story.

You see, in our world, sex is a very private matter. In fact, I'm writing this post under sever protest and frankly, I feel extremely uncomfortable. But, Anastasia said it was a good idea, so I'm writing this.

Private matter - so private in fact that parents do not really tell their children much about it beyond the rule of not doing so until marriage. It is a part of our culture and who we are. Women in our world hold to this rule like no other. Are their women who sell their bodies for money? Yes, but it is a rare thing to find and even then, one would only find it in the seediest of taverns.

Having said that, you might wonder why there is so much sex and love scenes in our story. (There are a total of three at the current moment in Book 1.) Well, one scene...*ahem* tells about myself and my wife. So, it is mostly only bad for us to share the scene with the readers as to us, that is something that should be left in private and never spoken about. Upon Anastasia's insistence that the scene had to be in the story, Rosyani and I reluctantly agreed.

Another scene tells about Etharas and one of his many exploits. He is one of a few men in our world that do not hold sex as a private thing. Men do know passions outside of marriage more often than not, however, it is still often a private matter that they do not discuss. Etharas might seem to be loose in his morals, but at least he does not go around bragging about his conquests.

The third graphic scene is about Chakor and Letarri realizing they love each other and don't want to part with one another. Do I agree with Letarri's actions as they are not married? Yes and no. I understand her point of view but I still hold to the ideal that one should wait until marriage. I don't judge her or Chakor for their actions, but I do worry what affect it might have on the both of them later in life when they do marry.

Now, that I have shared all of these embarassing details with you, let's move on. Jen has said she wants MORE of these types of scenes in the story, or at least to make them more 'juicy' as she says. Anastasia thinks the scenes are just fine the way they are and all of us are grateful she thinks so. It was hard enough for us to share the details with her the first time! Of course, since Anastasia considers every idea Jen has seriously, we must come to the realization that she might want still more detail about such private matters.

The real question comes down to how much we, as characters, are willing to share. Anastasia may well decide to make these scenes more intense and graphic. Well, I wish her luck. I speak for all of us faeries when I say, we just can't share anymore details about this. Etharas might be willing, but I know at least for me and my wife, we just can't do this.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shopping Trip

Here are the girls in a fun shopping trip! The guys just had to crash the party toward the end, but we couldn't get them to let us dress them up too!

As always, we lost track of time - so it's a bit longer than our normal posts. Enjoy!

Jen: Hey babes

Anastasia: Heylo

Brigette: Hi Anastasia

Anastasia: Hey Brigette. How are you doing?

Jen: Nah, just Jenna and Brig

Rosyani: Hello ladies.

Brigette: I'm good, you?

Jenna: Hi

Anastasia: Not bad.

Letarri: Hello all. Yea, she’s having too much fun with the Sims.

Jen: Hi Rosyani and Lettari

Jen: Lol. Awesome

Jenna: *takes Brigette and Rosyani's arms and links them with hers* Let’s go shopping!

Letarri: I love shopping!

Jenna: I love it now that I have money!

Rosyani: Are you excited about your date Brigette?

Brigette: Er ... I'm more nervous

Letarri: Don't be. Etharas is a bit rough around the edges, but he really has a good heart.

Rosyani: Somewhere...

Jen: Wow, I didn't expect that from Letarri lol

Letarri: I don't HATE him. He was a jerk to ME doesn't mean he will be to HER

Jen: You're just trying to get his attention off you, aren't you, Letarri? ;)

Letarri: Perhaps...

Brigette: Oh thanks guys ... setting me up with a jerk. I see..

Anastasia: Aww, he's not really a jerk just ... misunderstood?

Jen: LOL. I think you'll like him, Brig

Brigette: *shrug*He looks cute

Anastasia: Yes. We wouldn't have set you both up if we didn't think you'd like each other.

Letarri: He is quite handsome. I saw him with out his shirt on. *blush*

Jen: lol

Brigette: Hehe

Rosyani: I had to endure the site as well. *sigh* *shrug* He has taken care of himself.

Jenna: ... This is a cute skirt ...

Rosyani: Let me see.

Jenna: Wait, I'm looking for a top to go with it...

Brigette: So ... he's in shape?

Anastasia: Yes, very much so.

Brigette: *spaces out a bit* Hmmm

Anastasia: He's 6'5. How tall are you Brig?

Jen: She's your height, Anastasia. lol

Anastasia: Oh wow

Brigette: Good. I don't go for short guys

Rosyani: I do not like short faens either. I am glad my husband is so tall. Makes me feel safe.

Brigette: Well ... I don't see how it would work, romantically, with a guy shorter than me.

Anastasia: How so?

Brigette: *Looks through the racks of clothing* Well I mean ... I would always have to be on top I would think...

Anastasia: HAHAHA No, not really. My first husband was shorter than me and we didn't have any issues.

Brigette: Heehee, yeah I guess not. But still. Tall guys are more my thing

Anastasia: Mine too. Which is why most of my characters do too. Heck, all my male characters are always over 6 feet tall.

Jen: *Nods* yup. The tall ones are hot. Funny cuz I am so short you would think it wouldn't matter to me but ... it does lol

Anastasia: It matters to me too. My husband now is 5'10 and that's as short as I'll go LOL

Jen, Brig and Jenna: giggles

Jenna: My ex was 6'2. *sigh*

Anastasia: Awww

Rosyani: Now THAT guy was a jerk.

Letarri: I agree.

Jenna: *blushes* I'd rather not talk about him.

Rosyani: So is Brig going to try anything on or just browse?

Brigette: I found a top I like ... let me find a fitting room.

Letarri: Where are you going on your date?

Jenna: Take this skirt too!

Anastasia: I wonder what Etharas would wear.....

Brigette: OMG I don't know! Etharas just said "out" and I didn't ask!

Anastasia: Might have to make HIM play dress up hehehe

Jen: YES! and WE get to dress him! LOL

Anastasia: Do you want me to bring him here to ask him?

Brigette: Ah ... you could just call him maybe?

Anastasia: OH! If he comes now, we could make his dress up teheee LOL Okay Brig

Jenna: No, then it wouldn't be a surprise when they meet up!

Jen: Lol, Jenna...

Jenna: What?

Anastasia: Etharas doesn't know and says he'll do whatever you like Brig.

Brigette: Erm...

Letarri: What about one of those movies?

Brigette: *Looks at the other faeries for help* What do you guys think?

Rosyani: No, dinner would be better for a first date.

Jen: Rosyani ... Brig is a vampire. Dinner might be weird...

Rosyani: Vampires can't eat?

Brigette: lol, Jen, I can order a stake...

Jen: and what? Stare at it?

Anastasia: I think you mean steak -- a stake would kill you right?

Jen: Ooh yeah, steak lol You know you won't like how it taste.

Anastasia: Even if she ordered it rare?

Brigette: I would have to order RAW lol.

Anastasia: Well, yea. But at least you could still eat something

Jenna: Yeah, everything non bloody taste like an ash tray. Yech

Anastasia: Then order a salad with Type O Dressing BAHAHAHAH

Jen: LOL

Brigette: We could go to a vampire-owned restaurant. *shrug*

Anastasia: Oh Brig, Etharas just called and wondered if you wanted him to wear his normal tunic and leggings or wear something like you?

Rosyani: Would Etharas have an issue with the food there?

Jenna: O.O OMG, they have those?

Brigette: Anastasia, he can wear whatever he's comfortable in. Rosy, no, they have normal food. They just slip some blood into their vampire customer's food

Rosyani: Interesting

Jenna: Let me guess, Jalmari owns those restaurants too? *rolls her eyes*

Letarri: How do they know who is a vampire or not? Or do the customers just say so?

Brigette: Well, Jenna, he started them ...

Anastasia: Poor Jenna.

Brigette: Ah, Letarri, we smell differently ... and look different too.

Letarri: Of course. Forgot about the looks.

Jenna: Yeah, we smell like death...

Anastasia: Really?

Brigette: LOL. No.

Anastasia: Oh. lol

Jen: LOL

Jenna: Don't lie. We smell like ... I don’t know. But if YOU could smell it you'd freak out

Anastasia: Who me?

Brigette: Okay ... I'm coming out of the fitting room...

Rosyani: Finally

Jenna: Yes you, and maybe even the faeries too, I don’t know.

Letarri: *leans into Jenna's neck and inhales* I smell maybe a hint of But not death

Jenna: *sniffs herself* Really?!

Brigette: So what do you think?

Rosyani: Oh goodness, look at that skirt.

Anastasia: Looks hot Brig

Rosyani: Umm, if that is something you like, then I suppose it looks good.

Jenna: I don’t know, I think you look like you're asking for it, Brigette

Anastasia: BAHAHAHAH

Brigette: Um, maybe I am?

Anastasia: Well, Etharas doesn't need an invitation. You could wear a zip up parka and some overalls.....

Jen: LOL

Rosyani: Anastasia, don't lie about him like that. He DOES have some standards.

Jen: He does?

Anastasia: Well, yea he does. I mean, he does have certain thing he's attracted to and other things he's not

Brigette: *goes into dressing room and changes* What about this?

Anastasia: Hot stuff again. I think the skirt is the wrong color for your skin tone though.

Brigette: *looks down at skirt and makes a face* Yeah, maybe

Jenna: Like what kinds of things? Big boobs? Long legs? Etc...

Anastasia: Ummm...He likes...umm..I don't know. Rosyani was the one that said he had standards in the first place!

Jenna: lol. Well, Rosyani?

Rosyani: Well, I think he prefers athletic types with a bit of spunk. Etharas loves to fight.

Anastasia: And then make up! lol

Jen: Lol

Anastasia: Yea, he needs a girl that can keep up with him physically and mentally.

Jenna: Brigette, I still think you're showing a little too much skin. Try a dress. Here... *hands her a dress*

Rosyani: I agree. Too much skin.

Brigette: *snickers* I wonder if he can keep up with a vampire?

Anastasia: He'll die trying.

Brigette: *takes the dress and goes back into the dressing room.

Jen: LOL

Brigette: Hmm... this dress really isn't 'me'.

Rosyani: Too bad. We want to see it.

Brigette: *walks out*

Anastasia: That is so cute! I love it

Letarri: I like the sleeves on that one. Really classy. To me that says, I'm sexy but I'm not trashy

Jen: I agree, Brig, it cute, sexy, and classy

Jenna: *crosses her arms and grins* You're welcome lol

Rosyani: I still think the skirt is far too short....

Letarri: You really need to relax.

Jenna: Oh Rosyani! You act like a mother. Have some fun and chill.

Rosyani: *crosses arms over chest* I can have fun and wear long skirts, thank you very much.

Brigette: How about this, Rosyani? .....

Rosyani: Well, it's still a bit short for my taste, but I do like the design.

Anastasia: Anything above your knees will be a bit short to Rosyani, just so you know

Jenna: You like that it's baggy and stripped?

Rosyani: I like that it seems to form fit without choking her, yes

Brigette: Lol. I was messing with her Anastasia ... it's just a big shirt, not even a dress

Rosyani: *gasp*

Brig and Jenna: LOL

Jen: Okay, let’s vote on it. All in favor of the outfit #3?

Anastasia: Yes

Jenna: *raises her hand*

Letarri: Definitely.

Rosyani: I suppose. It is the best out of all three.

Jen: It is!

Anastasia: *chuckles* Etharas will be pleased

Brigette: *frowns* I liked the first one...

Anastasia: Will you wear a jacket or something? I just seems like it was a dress that wasn't finished. Besides, Etharas will really like you in Outfit #3.

Brigette: The first one? And what does a vamp need a jacket for??

Anastasia: Style? I wear jackets just for the look sometimes

Jen: Yeah I do too.

Brigette: *frowns* Jackets are annoying.

Anastasia: Oh ya know what it is. Your black hair blends into the black top for outfit #1 and messes up the flow of the outfit

Brigette: Why would I be buying new clothes if not to show them off?

Anastasia: For outfit #1 can you find that same shirt in just a different color or something? I don't know.

Brigette: Maybe ...

Jenna: NO! We already voted!

Jen: Yeah, I agree with Jenna. The dress is uber cute on you

Letarri: I agree.

Brigette: Oh, fine! *changes back into her normal clothes* I can't believe I'm doing this....

Rosyani: Doing what? Do you not want to go on a date with Etharas?

Brigette: Practically going on a blind date with a faery ... no offense.

Rosyani: Is there something wrong with that? I knew my husband for only a week before we united.

Letarri: Yes, so a date is harmless.

Brigette: *wince* Ah ... sorry, I shouldn't have said faery. It's more the fact that I'm dating again...

Rosyani: Oh no, not the faery part. I meant the blind date part.

Jenna: A week? Jesus Christ!

Rosyani: What? He had to save me from his father. His father tried to kill me but he could not act against a holy union.

Rosyani: So he convinced me to marry him to save my life.

Jenna: Well ... I guess that's different then

Letarri: It really is rather sweet.

Jenna: Ah ... yeah. I hope everything works out. You know. In the long term...

Jen: Oh shush, Jenna.

Anastasia: What does that mean? Oh wait, never mind.

Jen: Ignore her, Rosy, she had a bad break up.

Rosyani: I see. Well, I pray he does not get tired of having me around or regrets uniting to me. *shrug*

Letarri: Oh stop it. He loves you and would never tire of you. Puhlease. *rolls eyes*

Rosyani: *blush*

Brigette: You're very lucky, Rosyani. I wish ... I wish ... well... I'm sure you know...

Rosyani: It will happen for you one day too Brig. I promise.

Jen: You do, Rosy?

Rosyani: I do what? Am I misunderstanding something?

Jen: Haha, sorry, I had an image of Rosyani writing the book to give Brig a happy ending

Anastasia: LOL

Brigette: Jen is going all psycho-writer on us.

Jen: :P

Anastasia: I had the idea to bring "Brigette" into the story, just not as the vamp she is - but as something else that would be in Etharas' world HAHAH

Jen: lol Nice

Jenna: I heard she's thinking about writing Book 2 for National Novel Writer's Month, so I'm happy

Letarri: Anastasia is writing Book 2 of our story too. I'm really nervous about it.

Jenna: Yeah, I'm nervous too, but at least she's continuing the story!

Letarri: Yes.

Jenna: After what? Like 6 months of editing?

Brigette: Well I got my dress. What now? *stares into space*

Rosyani: They are doing their secret talk again.....

Jenna: Yeah

Letarri: Usually spells trouble for us.

Jenna: I would say ice cream or coffee time, but um. I don't eat food anymore

Brigette: Oh damn it, what if we get carried away and I bite him?!?!?!

Jenna: What?

Brigette: You know ... *smiles and points at teeth*

Anastasia: Umm, what could make you get carried away like THAT?

Brigette: *Looks at Anastasia* After dinner ... if he wants to, ah, do something

Anastasia: But you’ve been a vamp for a while though right?

Rosyani: Do something?

Anastasia: *giggles* Rosyani, You don't want to know.

Rosyani: Oh THAT. *blushes*

Brigette: *giggles* I'm wouldn't drain him or anything

Anastasia: I am suddenly afraid. I mean, I can't have Etharas the vampy fae in my head.

Brigette: But the bite might hurt and might freak him out

Anastasia, Letarri, and Rosyani: *LAUGH*

Brigette: What? He's not a vampire, he might think I'm crazy

Anastasia: It would definitely NOT freak him out.

Brigette: Yeah, right.

Anastasia: We are talking about Etharas here, okay? He's a freak and will try anything once - maybe twice.

Letarri: And he knows you’re a vampire too. It won't be a shock to him.

Brigette: I wonder what faery blood taste like ...

Rosyani: Sugary sweet with a bit of metallic to it.

Anastasia: Wait!? How do you know that?

Brigette: It's not just that though it's ... well ... when a male and female vampire do it, it's...

Jen: Yeah, Rosyani?

Jenna: *leans in with interest*

Rosyani: What? You've never tasted your own blood before? I mean, when I was stoned I was covered in it remember? And then there was a beast attack…kind of hard not to taste it.

Jen: Right. I think you take a swig from your necklace when no one's looking LOL

Rosyani: *gasp*

Anastasia: *gasp too*

Jen: Hahahaha. I'm just kidding

Anastasia: When a male and female vamp do it, it's what Brig?

Jenna: Yeah, that's what I want to know!

Brigette: Well ... it's very erotic. It can be embarrassing sometimes ... for the guy.

Anastasia: We are still talking about Etharas right?

Brigette: Well see that's the thing, I don't know how it would affect a faery. He might like it, he might not, he might turn into a ... vampire.

Jen: Ah ... Brigette ... you could try NOT biting Etharas, how 'bout that?

Anastasia: I was going to say that, but didn't want to offend anyone LOL

Brigette: *shakes her head* Someone has to come with me ... Lettari?

Letarri: HA No thanks.

Brigette: Please? You have to make sure we don't go further than dinner!

Letarri: Having me around will not make that difference. Trust me.

Brigette: You can bring Chakor. It will be a double date.

Jen: Brig, I think that would be a disaster.

Letarri: Really. Chakor and Etharas HATE each other.

Anastasia: Seriously, it would ruin the whole date.

Brigette: Well ... how about Rosyani and Drache?

Rosyani: Oh no. Do not drag me into this. I do not wish to be a chaperone. I have enough problems with dates...and other things.

Jen: Rosy, you're married. How do you have problems with dates??

Brigette: Oh come on, Rosyani! I'm sure Drache would love to see you all dolled up for him.

Jenna: *mumbles* Maybe I can go?

Rosyani: Well, it is not the date part per se Jen. It's the 'afterwards'....I am sure he would too, but...

Brigette: You don't have to be a chaperone, just come hang out as friends ... and make sure I don't leave with Etharas. That's all.

Rosyani: Well Jenna volunteered. So, why do you not take her along?

Jenna: I guess Jesu wouldn't want to...

Brigette: Um ...

Anastasia: Why not?

Jen: *whispers to Anastasia* same reason why Letarri and Chakor would be a bad idea.

Anastasia: Oh...right

Jenna: *shrug* I don't think he likes me like that.

Anastasia: Well then just go as friends to chaperone -- your other friend. Or something

Jenna: He'd probably agree just cause he's so polite but...

Brigette: *makes a face* Might be better to risk Etharas becoming a vampire...

Anastasia: Umm, no. It wouldn't. Etharas cannot become a vampire

Brigette: Than I shouldn't be alone with him. All the guys I've been with have been vamps, so I didn't have to worry about biting

Anastasia: So difficult!

Jen: Oy! Jenna, just go with them. I'll tell Jesu if you want me too.

Jenna: *bounces excitedly* Oh Letarri, you have to come too!

Letarri: O.O

Jenna: It's more fun with more people!

Letarri: Chakor would not want to go. I think that would be too much weird tension between Chakor and Etharas.

Jen: And it wouldn’t be any tension between Jenna and Brigette?

Letarri: Why add to it?

Brigette: *shuffles nervously*

Jen: Good point

Jenna: I want to go though! This is only time I get out of your head.

Anastasia: Is it really that bad for you?

Jen: Thanks.

Anastasia: Awww. I’d live in your head Jen.

Jen: :)

Jenna: Yeah right. Try living with a bunch of thousand-year-old vampires. Pssh

Rosyani: What about faeries and elves that number in the 50's? As in 50 different people in Anastasia's head?

Jenna: Everything is always 'Blood this' and 'blood that'.

Anastasia: Aww poor Jenna.

Jenna: *mocking Jesu's voice* 'you have to learn to defend yourself because danger is everywhere'

Rosyani: He's right.

Brigette: LOL

Jenna: Oh please, not you too!

Jen: Anastasia, I think we should bring the guys in here. ;)

Rosyani: What? You should learn to protect yourself - as a woman. It is important. My brother made sure all of us knew how to defend ourselves in a physical fight.

Brigette: I agree with Rosyani.

Anastasia: Right now? Really? Why?

Jen: Well Jesu is dieing to come in here and tell Jenna he wants to take her to dinner. LOL

Anastasia: AWWWW okay

Brigette: He does?

Jenna: O.O

Drache:*kisses Rosyani's cheek* Hello, love.

Jesu: *enters the room*

Rosyani: *blushes and giggles*

Jenna: *blushes and freezes*

Anastasia: *laughs*

Chakor: Hello everyone. *kisses Letarri's cheek* And hello to you.

Jesu: *Takes Jenna's hand and gets on one knee* Jenna, I would be honored to escort you to dinner

Anastasia: AWWWWWW!!!!

Letarri: If you say no to that, we might have to fight.

Jenna: *blushes* Ok.

Brigette: *looks away and bites her lip*

Jesu: *grins* Good.

Anastasia: *whispers to Jen* I don't think we thought all of this through really.....

Jen: *whispers back* I know. I forget they have their own minds and such

Chakor: *sigh* They are whispering again.

Jesu: *continues to hold Jenna's hand and grin* Who cares.

Anastasia: *laugh*


Jenna: *blushes*

Chakor: So, what have you ladies been doing today?

Brigette: Shopping

Chakor: Sounds lovely.

Jenna: I helped her pick out a dress for her date with Etharas

Chakor: WHY would you be that mean to her?

Anastasia: *sigh* Chakor, really. He's not that bad.

Jenna: What?

Chakor: Setting her up with the likes of him.

Brigette: *laughs* I can handle him. *wink*

Anastasia: *laughs*

Chakor: *eye brows raise* Really? Well, then, by all means. *blinks*

Brigette: Honestly, I'm more worried about him.

Anastasia: As long as he doesn't turn into a vampy, there is nothing to worry about. I mean, I thought there was a special bite anyway that would turn someone? Or had to be blood sharing or something?

Jenna: *snorsts* I wish. A bite turns any human into a vampire, so long as they don't die from it

Anastasia: Well Etharas isn't a human so...

Jesu: But ... *looks at Brigette* ... I don't know what it does to faeries.

Etharas: Would it make me more powerful so I can beat Chakor?

Anastasia: *rolls eyes* OH! And you weren't supposed to be here ANYWAY mister.

Brigette: *Shys away* Don't look at me like that.

Jen: Yeah um ... Hi Etharas lol

Etharas: Hello Jen. *wink*

Brigette: He knows what I am and he asked ME.

Etharas: Yes.

Jesu: *glares a little*

Etharas: *looks bored*

Brigette: Whatever. *sits down and crosses her legs*

Anastasia: Why did you want to bring the guys in here again? LOL

Jen: Um ... because Jesu wanted to take Jenna to dinner?

Anastasia: LOL I know, just being sarcastic :P

Jen: I know :P

Anastasia: I mean, did you FEEL the temperature degree drop?!

Drache:*shakes head* I'm so glad I'm married.

Jen: Yeah. I mean, heck, they are all silent and staring each other down now

Anastasia: Ahh silence. It's a rare thing to NOT hear voices in my head. Kind of freaking me out.

Jesu: Jenna, I could buy you something while we are still in the store?

Jenna: Um ... like what?

Anastasia: Oh yea! Jenna needs clothes now too

Jesu: Excellent. Clothes it is. Go. Pick out anything you like.

Jenna: *blushing* Ah ... okay

Chakor: Making us look bad! Letarri would you like anything?

Letarri: *giggles* No thanks.

Jen: LOL

Chakor: Are you sure? You can get anything you like.

Letarri: *blush* No, really. I'm fine.

Brigette: *seethes in her seat and fidgets with the her bag*

Etharas: *flops down next to Brigette and glares at Chakor's back*

Brigette: *grumbles in German to herself*

Drache:*look around at the group then laughs* Seriously glad I'm married. Come on, love. Let's leave before things turn ugly.

Rosyani: *giggles* Okay. So long! See you later!

*Drache and Rosyani walk away*

Jen: Aww. Okay, by Rosy and Drache

Jenna: Bye *waves*

Jesu: *follows Jenna around the store*

Brigette: UGH!

Etharas: I know.

Brigette: That could have been .... whatever. It's not.

Etharas: *sigh* I know.

Brigette: But ... It was, once. *sigh*

Etharas: Look, Brigette. I know that I'm not who you really want, but I would still enjoy taking you to dinner. If you want.

Anastasia: Aww Etharas! That was actually sweet!

Etharas: *coughs*

Brigette: *blushes* I'm sorry. I shouldn't be acting like this. *takes a deep breath to calm down* I would love to go to dinner with you.

Etharas: *smiles*

Brigette: *glances at the bag and bites her lip*

Etharas: Did you find something you like?

Brigette: *laughs* well I found something the girls like on me.

Etharas: But do YOU like it? Because if you don't, why did you buy it?

Brigette: *shrug* They said you would like it.

Etharas: *raise eyebrows* Really? *glances at Letarri with creased eyebrows*

Brigette: *laughs* Yeah. What?

Etharas: *deep breath* Well, I'm sure I will then. Nothing. Focus on the present right? Not the past.

Brigette: *kicks the floor with her boot* Yeah. The present.

Anastasia: *whispers to Jen* He's being SOO sweet!

Jen: *whispers to Anastasia* I know! They are so cute together :)

Etharas: How should I dress to match? Is it formal or semi formal? Casual?

Brigette: *blinks* Semi, I guess

Etharas: *nods* I'm sure Anastasia will pick out something for me. *rolls eyes*

Brigette: I hope you don't mind going to a vampire-owned restaurant

Etharas: No, I don't mind.

Brigette: Good.

Jen: *whisperes to you*This is making me want to write a short story about them!*

Anastasia: *whispers back* I know right!?

Jenna: *comes running out of the store* Check out these diamond earrings Jesu bought me!!

Anastasia: OMG

Brigette: *winces* Er ... yeah ... nice.

Etharas: *pats the top of Brigettes hand*

Jenna: *runs back into the store*

Brigette: You wanna get out of here?

Etharas: Definitely. Where we going?

Brigette: Anywhere. Walk me back to Jen's head. I don't care.

Etharas: *chuckle* My pleasure. *holds arm out to Brigette*

Brigette: *smiles and takes Etharas's hand*

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dark Heirloom the Movie: JD's Dream Cast Part 1

J.D. walks into her room carrying a folder under her arm. Jenna, Brigette, and Maria are seated on the bed giggling, but fall silent as J.D. enters and plops down between Jenna and Brigette.

Jenna eyes the folder: What do you have?

J.D.: Clippings of actresses.

Brigette leans over J.D.'s shoulder: Who did you pick for me?

J.D. hugs the folder to her chest: Back off you greedy vultures and I’ll show you.

The girls giggle and sit back.

Maria: What are we discussing, again?

Jenna: We’re picking actresses to play you guys a pretend film version of Dark Heirloom.

Maria: This should be interesting.

J.D.: How about you guys start by saying who you want to play you and we’ll compare with who I picked for you.

Jenna: Me first. Hmm. She should be someone cute, like Penelope Cruz.

J.D.: Penelope Cruz?!?!?!?!

Jenna: What? I like Penelope.

Brigette: Penelope Cruz doesn’t look anything like you.

J.D.: Yeah, really.

Jenna: Fine, who would you pick?

Brigette: To play you? Probably that girl from Wizards of Waverly place.

J.D.: Selena Gomez?

Jenna: No way! She’s not even old enough. Besides, she looks more like you, Brigette.

J.D.: Actually, you’re right, Jenna. Gomez does look like a younger version of Brigette.

Brigette shrugs: Whatever. So who did you pick to play Jenna?

J.D.: Genelia D’Souza.

Jenna, Brigette, and Maria: Who???

J.D.: She’s a Hindi actress, very hot right now. And absolutely perfect for your part, Jenna. Look …

[caption id="attachment_404" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Genelia D'Sauza"][/caption]

Jenna: I’m not from India, J.D.

J.D.: I know that. But her Hindi features make her look like a Romany. And with a little Hollywood makeup, she’d be your twin.

Brigette: J.D.’s right. Heck, even without paling out, she looks just like you, Jenna.

Jenna: Yeah, I see you’re point. That’s actually a little creepy.

All the girls laugh.

Jenna: Now you, Maria.

Maria: Oh, I do not care who plays me. What ever J.D. chose is fine.

Brigette: Pssh. We’ll see about that. J.D.? Who’d you pick for Maria?

J.D., looking sheepish: Actually I couldn’t really decide. I narrowed it down to my top three choices for her.

Jenna: And they are …?

J.D. pulls out clippings from the folder: Roselyn Sanchez, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie.

[caption id="attachment_405" align="aligncenter" width="101" caption="Roselyn Sanchez"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_406" align="aligncenter" width="112" caption="Salma Hyek"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_407" align="aligncenter" width="120" caption="Angelina Jolie"][/caption]

Maria: They are all very pretty.

Jenna: They are all very sexy.

J.D.: Well originally I had this vision of a slightly older Angelina …

Brigette holds the picture next to Maria’s face: I see it. Angelina with gray hairs and a few wrinkles.

Maria: I beg your pardon?

Brigette laughs: Oh come on, Maria. You’re stunning for a creature born before written language.

Jenna: I think Maria looks more like Roselyn Sanchez.

Brigette: Yeah, I’d say it’s a tie between Sanchez and Jolie.

J.D.: Okay, so that eliminates Hayek, at least.

Brigette: So who’s it going to be?

J.D.: It’s your call, Maria.

Maria: Hmm. I pick Roselyn.

Jenna: Good choice. Jolie is too much of a bad-ass anyway. Sanchez has more of your personality type, I think.

J.D.: Yeah, I agree.

Maria: Well, actually darling, I think Ms. Jolie would be perfect for Leena’s role.

J.D.: Gosh you’re right. I didn’t even think about who would play Leena.

Jenna: Did you pick someone for Brigette? Or are we only doing the cast of the first book?

Brigette looks hopeful.

J.D.: Of course I picked someone for Brigette!

Brigette: Is it Jessica Alba?

J.D.: Um, no. No way. Not even close.

Jenna: Than who?

J.D. grins and holds out two pictures: It’s Michelle Rodriguez.

Brigette: Wow. But she doesn’t look like me. Not really.

J.D.: Sure she does. She just needs some hair-extension and some Hollywood makeup to make her pale. But she’s totally you. Besides, you don’t want to know how many hours it took me to think of some worth of your um …

Jenna: … Sex appeal?

Maria: … Attitude?

J.D.: How about both?

Brigette laughs: Okay, I’ll admit it. That picture of Rodriguez with the sword is me on a normal day doing my thing at the training center.

J.D.: Exactly.

Brigette: What movie is that from anyway?

J.D. looks at the picture: I have no idea. You can thank Google for finding it for me.

Jenna: What about the boys? Did you decide who would play them yet?

J.D. makes a face: No. It took me all night just to get this far.

Jenna: Tom Cruz and Brad Pitt?

J.D.: Ah … no. No way am I even going there.

Jenna: It was just a joke. You know, Interview with a Vampire? Haha.

J.D. rolls her eyes: Right.

Brigette: You’d better get started. You have more men in your novels than women.

J.D.: Thank you, Brigette for pointing that out. I don’t suppose you girls have any suggestions?

Jenna, Brigette, and Maria shake their heads.

J.D.: Right. Well I’m out of here, seeing as I have my work already cut out for me.

Jenna: Ah, J.D.? You can’t really leave us, remember?

J.D.: Yeah, yeah. Discussion’s over, back in my head with you.

The girls smile and then disappear into J.D.’s brain.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Faens in a Movie

This week we are talking about what actors would play us if our story was made into a movie. It has been hard to decide but I think we finally came up with a few that would work. All the male characters in Anastasia's series will be mentioned here, not just myself and Etharas. Also, I need you to forget how we look based on our Avatars shown on this blog. While they are close, they do nothing to really convey face shape and such like that. Really, the only thing Anastasia could depict accurately was hair and eyes.

For myself, Jen says Heath Ledger, based on his role in A Knight's Tale. I have to agree with her there. Sadly, since Health has passed on, he could not play me in a movie. So, I began to think of who else. While watching The Princess Bride, Anastasia thought Carey Elwes could play my role. I agree to a point. I think by now Mr. Elwes is a little too old to play me in a movie, but he would be a good person based on his role of Wesley.

In the end, I did not come up with anyone to play me! Part of the reason why this post is so late. Anastasia, Jen, and I wracked our brains trying to come up with someone, but to no avail. Maybe by the end of this post, we will think of something.

Chakor was an easy choice! Johnny Depp would be the perfect actor to play him. It was an easy decision based on Mr. Depp's many wonderful roles and his looks. I think Mr. Depp is a little shorter than Chakor actually is, but with movie magic that wouldn't matter much.

Etharas is still a bit undecided. Anastasia thinks Orlando Bloom, as Legolas in Lord of the Rings is the perfect fit. In truth, Etharas' looks were based on Legolas (the long hair mostly). However, Jen over there, thinks Etharas deserves a better actor as she doesn't like Orlando Bloom that much. But beyond Mr. Bloom, none of us know who would be good to portray Etharas. I personally think Mr. Bloom is the perfect choice.

Farien (Rosyani's younger brother, the main character in Book 3), could be played by Micheal Weatherby, based on his role in the TV series Dark Angel. Some of you might know him from the show NCIS. But the way he can portray his character in Dark Angel and his looks fit well with Farien I think. Another person who could be good, would be Shawn Ashmore who plays Iceman/Bobby Drake in the X-men movies. His gentle nature works perfectly with Farien. But looks, it's Micheal Weatherby all the way.

Sir Isiss (the wolf) is Sean Connery. The way his voice sounds in Anastasia's head, is definitely Mr. Connery's voice. Kelsey Grammar who played the Beast/Dr. Hank McCoy in the X-Men movies would also work well. In fact, Beast was part of the inspiration behind the character of Sir Isiss.

Shezar (an elf in Book 2), at first was chosen to be played by Johnny Depp based on looks. However, since Mr. Depp fit Chakor so perfectly all the way around, it was chosen that Shezar could be played by Micheal Sheen, who plays Lucian in the Underworld movies.

Azael (Shezar's best friend, Book 2) could be played by Orlando Bloom also, just because he played Legolas - the elf thing. However, we also think that Hugh Jackman, based on looks, could play Azael rather well.

Micheal (a Human guard in Book 4) is a gentle and guilt ridden sort of character that could easily be played by James Marsden. He played Cyclops in the X-Men movies, but it's mostly from his acting in The Last Stand that makes him fit the role for Micheal.

Issac (the villian in Book 4) could easily be played by Ian McKellan for looks and attitude but for voice it would be Patrick Stewart.

Mordecai (Rosyani's father) is definitely Patrick Stewart. His commanding but gentle presence that he portrays is perfect for Mordecai. Mr. Stewart really fits in all aspects here.

Tarmon (villian in Book 3) - Robert Pattinson from Twilight

Kaelin (Book 3) - Wenthworth Miller from Prison Break

And now we come back round to me. Anastasia suddenly thought that Brad Pitt could play me in a movie because of his looks. I do think he is a great actor and I would like to see how he would portray me, but I can't say for certain that it's a right fit there. Time will tell I suppose.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Guest: Brigette

"A Character's Burden"

Hello, humans.

My name is Brigette and I am, perhaps, one of the newest characters on the blog. You may have seen me around, as J.D. and Ana let me participate in the Character Chat Parties. But you won’t meet me formally until J.D. writes Dark Liaison, book two of the Dark Heirloom series.

At any rate, I am writing this blog today to let off a little steam. Let me tell you, there’s nothing nice about seeing you’re ex-lover again. Especially when he is in love with another woman. A woman who doesn’t even want him. Or know what to do with him.

I know you haven’t read the book yet because it’s not published, but if you couldn’t already guess, I am talking about Jesu and Jenna. As the only character here that knows what J.D. has planned for the second book … well … my heart aches just thinking about what’s coming.

J.D. is not evil. I know she loves me and is also in pain over what I must go through. But I ask, is there no merci for an unwanted female vampire?

Oh gods … and to think of the dangers I will expose Jenna to! Living in J.D.’s head, Jenna and I have actually become close friends. Of course, if she knew what I am going to do in the next book, she would probably refuse to speak to me. I couldn’t blame her.

And Jesu? I can’t even bear to think about how he will loath me.

I bear witness to all this and keep it locked inside because J.D. asks me to. She wants … she needs a raw expression from them when the time is right. So she can write it down properly. So hard to be a character sometimes. I want to weep. I may be a warrior, but I am still female and with feelings.

J.D. is exploring these feelings with me. Watching, never missing anything, remembering anything she might need later. There is little privacy in her head. This makes carrying the burden that much harder. However, I am honored to be a part of the story. Even if I am used as a decoy.

Stay tuned, darlings. You will see me again in this Saturday’s Chat Party.

With Love,
~ Brigette ~

P.S. We have a very fun week lined up. The authors are going to talk about actors and actresses to play us in hypothetical movies. I can't wait to see who J.D. picks to play me! I hope it's Jessica Alba!