J.D. Brown


J.D. Brown is an inspiring writer living with her two Pomeranians on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. She enjoys the best of both worlds: peaceful country side and neurotic city life. J.D. began writing for publication in 2009, when she started her first Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller series, Dark Heirloom. J.D. fell in love with the craft and her writing became an obsession. She’s now a member of several online writing networks, workshops, and review groups in which she both learns and helps fellow writers.

J.D. Brown is currently seeking representation for her novel, DARK HEIRLOOM, and has started a second novel, yet untitled.

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Jenna Marx
Age: 24
Race: New vampire
Power: Flying, “Phasing”, Shape-shifting (into a wolf), The ability to walk up walls, Superior senses, Increased strength, The ability to withstand large amounts of physical pain.

Jesu ta Korento
Age: 2,416
Race: Vampire
Power: Manipulate all four elements, Shape-shit (into a cat), Premonitions

Jalmari ta Korento
Age: 2,419
Race: Vampire
Power: Flying, “Phasing”, Superior senses, Increased strength, Increased speed, The ability to withstand large amounts of physical pain.

THE HERO AND HEROINE from the new siren WIP

Name: Anastasia Melas
Race: Human
Occupation: Section 13 PCPA

Name: Seth
Race: Half human - half siren
Occupation: Musician / lead singer