Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear J.D. ....

My characters left me a little note on my desk this morning. Very funny guys... In case you can't read it, it says:

Dear J.D.

I know it's your first time trying to juggle two novels at once, but I'm disappointed that you went back to the vampires before you finished Siren Goddess. Please get on that.

- Seth

P.S. We're out of beer!

You can't send that to J.D.! That's mean. Besides, it's supposed to be a blog - Ana

Ana is a poop head


*Seriously, we're out of beer
- The Sirens

We also seem to be out of blood, Jesu

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sneaky takeout.

"That cat saw straight through us. We are so dead." A sigh. I don't have to look up from the ticking of my watch to know that Raye is scowling through the darkness at Braelyn.

"That cat was a fox, future-girl, and out outfits are fine. Quit fussing."

I turn to them. They stand there, two feet away, bickering under the dim light of the streetlamp. It turns their skin an amber colour but their essence remains the same. It's lucky I'm the only zombie here, they reek of life and heart and soul and innocence. Their disguises are weak, even the lavender scent they wear to smell different only masks the effect slightly. It's like looking at them through shaded glass but like looking at them nonetheless. 

"Perhaps we can focus on the task at hand?" I say. They both jump which is hardly surprising since they're human but disappointing since they claim to be in stealth mode.

"I hate special assignments," Braelyn sniffs. Her leather jacket creaks as she folds her arms. "They're stupid.

"I hate your face," Raye whispers. Always forgetting my auditory range exceeds hers.

"Ladies," I say. "Calm down. We are simply helping out whilst Mia studies. This can be training for your literary journeys too."

"The only reason I'm here is that is away from the gnawing and lamp smashing," Raye says. "Don't kid yourself otherwise, Adam."

"Regardless," I say and turn because I can smell him. Well, not him. I can smell every fibre of being within him, the hydrogen bubbling in his veins and the boredom sweating through his pores. All of it. He is here and we have a plan to execute.

I adjust my hat and straighten my tie. As I stalk up to him Raye follows behind, her heels clip on the concrete. Braelyn is our lookout girl. I tasked her with making sure we are not spotted but really I wish her to hand back to ensure success. Braelyn is incapable of staying calm,  but she can learn from watching nonetheless. Additionally, I think the time she spent in the bathroom getting ready with Raye might have cooled their tempers for now.

"Good evening," I boom at the young gentleman with greasy hair. An unfortunate lack of belt accessorising means his trousers have shifted down his waist. I consider telling him but a glance to Raye silences me. He looks up, clutching the boxes like they are weapons. I do not think he recognises me from last time. Perhaps all that panic and fire blurred his memory.

"Is it?" he says. His sea green eyes widening when he spots Raye. That was the effect I was hoping for when I styled her similar to those young girls in those fashion throwaways. Short skirts sometimes do that to unsuspecting young men.

"I believe you have something for us?"

"I do?" He is still staring at her, his gaze roaming tentatively. Perhaps even now, as Raye wears a smile that would light up an entire harbour, he can sense that if they wander too far he is as good as dead. He gulps.

"Indeed." I pluck out the notes from my breast pocket and push them into his jacket pocket. He does not move. "Two large mozzarellas, one with extra hot dogs. Correct?"

His hands loosen on the boxes, I slide them from his grip and hope we can make a speedy exit.

"They're for you?" he croaks. "Oh geez, thank my giddy aunt, I thought it was for those zombie people again.  Lucky I came to make sure. We're under strict orders not to serve them. Not after last time with the exploding glitter and all."

"Really?" Raye smiles. "How odd."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Name Confusion Conversation

Noah enters the room with a cup of coffee and settles down at a booth in the back away from most of the other tables even though the little coffee shop is empty. He checks his watch and then sips the very tall cup of coffee as he waits. After ten minutes, a disheveled teen makes his way to the back table carrying a tray with a hamburger and fries. It is Isaac and he joins Noah before saying anything.

Isaac: Did you want a burger? or fries? You can have some of mine if you want.

Noah: No thanks. I'm not hungry.

Isaac: *eats for the next several minutes, sometimes talking with his mouth full* So, umm.. Noah. You're from the future?

Noah: Yep. *sees him about to talk through fries and decided to explain to avoid it* Since my book is years from your first one, Dawn has me here now even though at your age in the stories I wouldn't be much more than you. I think we're going  to meet officially when you're an adult some point in the series.

Isaac: How old are you now? I mean, future version, but how old would you be if not the future is okay too.

Noah: 26, would be 17 or 18, something like that. But we're not here to talk about me.

Isaac: Right. *munches on fries and takes a drink from a glass of soda* Why did she send you for this again?

Noah: Something about it being more interesting to have two of us instead of her and you. Plus, I think she said I had to learn from this topic since I may need to use a different name in the future. Let's get to the topic cause my boyfriend isn't very patient right now and he might worry if I take too long.

Isaac: Fine. What's the topic again?

Noah: *sighs, then is relieved when another cup of coffee magically appears* Your name. It is Isaac here but if people read the beginning of the first book you're in they may be confused because you are called Casper then. Mind explaining the reasons for that?

Isaac: Oh right, that. Uhhm, sure, why not. I had to use a fake name for school because I have to avoid the men in suits. They are after me because of my mutation and they killed my parents. Casper is one of like 4 names I've chosen and found ID cards for so I can still go to school but not worry about getting caught, though it doesn't always work out that way.

Noah: Men in suits?

Isaac: Yeah. I don't know what they are called but they always wear suits. There are women too, Ephram just refers to them as the men in suits as well since the girl ones aren't as common.

Noah: Oh, you mean the agency that monitors mutants. Okay. Is it confusing having more than one name?

Isaac: Very. I try to only use one name at a time and I have only used three of the names so far but sometimes I forget about which one I'm using. That never ends well.

Noah: Not looking forward to that. Any name suggestions?

Isaac: *looks Noah over* Fred? no.. umm Rostafa? Julie? *giggles*

Noah stands from the table, shaking his head. He takes one of the last fries from Isaac's plate and walks away.

Isaac: *yells after Noah* I was kidding.

Still laughing, Isaac gets another soda before leaving.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mianna!

Charlene enters the kitchen and Vincent rushes to grab the bags in her arms.
James: I could have made the cake, Charlene. You didn’t need to buy one. Especially with it being so big.

Charlene: Oh, I wanted to. *sets cake on table* This is her first birthday since her death.

Elaina: *sniggers* Do you know how silly that sounds? *looks in a bag* Don’t tell me you’re counting all the years she’s been dead too.

Charlene: Do you think I should only put 23 candles on since that’s the age Arylin transferred her soul back to? I wasn’t really sure.

Vincent: How do you expect to fit 432 candles on a cake? *sets bags on the baker’s island*

Charlene: *looks at all the boxes of candles as Elaina dumps them from the bag* Well, I guess you’re right.

James: *pulls out a few decorations and chuckles* Charlene, you really want to go all out, don’t you.

Charlene: *beams* I think it will mean a lot to Cole.

James: I’ll tell you what. Since you went through all the trouble of… *eyes the piles* selecting the… *glances at Charlene’s wide smile* perfectly matched decor, why don’t you let me help set it all up.

Charlene: *nods with excitement* Okay. And wait till you see what I got her. *rushes from room*

Elaina: There’s more?

Vincent: Mianna’s going to faint.

James: But I think Charlene’s right about Cole. He’ll soak in every moment.

Cole: *shuffles in and looks at the supplies* What’s all this?

Elaina: It’s for Mianna’s birthday.

Cole: *smiles* Really? That’s great. But it’s not until the 28th.

James: She wanted to celebrate it with the blog readers and our next post isn’t until Feb. 2nd. *waves a hand at the decorations*

Bags dump items out. Wrappers tear open. Balloons…balloon. Streamers snake throughout the room, adhesive attaching them to the walls and ceiling.

: *ducks as a hat tries to land on his head* I’m not wearing that thing.

Vincent: *tilts his to the side* Oh, come on, big brother. Charlene went through a lot of trouble to put this together.

Elaina: *hands Cole his hat* You could at least play along.

Charlene enters with more bags.

Cole: * quickly puts hat on his head* Hi, Charlene. Wow. You really went through a lot of trouble to put this together.

Vincent: *scowls at Cole and takes a couple bags from Charlene, settling them on a counter* Are there any more to bring in?

Charlene: No, that’s it. Elaina, would you be a dear and put the candles on the cake?

Elaina: Um… Did you want 23 or 432? *sniggers*

Cole: You wanted to celebrate all of her soul’s years?

Elaina: So Mianna’s lifetime was her soul’s first.

Vincent: If we start lighting candles for every year of our soul’s lives, we’d have to set fire to Shilo City for Cole.

Cole: *growls* Runt.

Charlene: Okay. We’re not starting that, you two. We’ll just put on 23.

Mianna: *enters* Hi. Oh, did I miss something? I didn’t know we were having a party.

James: *lifts a finger and the candles whip from Elaina’s hands, stand up on the cake and light*

Charlene: *jumps up and down* Happy Birthday, Mianna!

Mianna: *throws hands to her mouth* What? Oh, this is so sweet! *rushes to Cole and hugs him* This was all your idea wasn’t it?

Cole: Um…

Elaina: Here, Mianna. Have a party hat.

Charlene: Come see the cake! *tugs her over to the table*

Vincent: *leans to James* What do you bet he lets her keep thinking all this was his doing?

James: Charlene won’t mind. She wanted to do it for Cole as much a Mianna.

Vincent: Well, he’ll definitely enjoy all the thanks he’ll get later for all of his work on the occasion.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A day in the life of Braelyn Clements

I wake on her bed. Shivering, I scowl  at the red light of the heater. Always teasing me, never actually delivering on the promise it makes by existing. Sighing, I swat the digital clock off her dresser as I roll out of bed. She'll probably need a new one again because I swat with my ankle-knife.

I kick her on the way to the kettle and then again on the return journey. She mumbles but rolls over, still asleep on the carpet. That girl could mumble her way through a house exploding. Seriously. 

The spoon chimes against the ceramic as I stir. I watch her breathing into her blankets, clutching her pillow. I sip after a while, leaning against the cool desk. I wouldn't say I'm hooked on this drink but you folks from the past definitely were onto something when you made coffee.

As fun as it is to watch Mia sleep I get bored quickly. After all, she's the only one of us who has any patience for her zombie pets and the clanging that's coming from the kitchen. I am not going in there alone.

So I set down the steaming mug on a shelf and aim. This is not as dangerous as it sounds. I've only ever hit somebody once and that was Adam so it's not like he minded that much, what with being undead and all. All the same I decide to swap my weapon for a book, a hardback, at the last second. It should be just as good. It thuds loudly next to Mia's head as it hits the floor. She starts and blinks. Her pupils are massive, making her eyes almost black, as she surveys the room and yawns.

"Oh, you're up,"  I say lightly like I didn't cause this. "How lucky."

She stretches, rubs her face, and whispers something before sitting up. Wiping her eyes, she glances from the mug to my mouth. I watch her gaze return to a more normal brown colour.

"Got anything less toxic over there, Braelyn?"

"I don't know, do you?" I shrug and watch her pick some glitter out of her hair. She taps a finger against her chin.

"If you make me some hot chocolate I'll rewrite that awkward kiss scene today," she says. Her lips curl up into a knowing smile.

"Fine." I roll my eyes, knowing she's caught me because I do not want to spent the rest of forever in a book with the cringiest kiss scene ever. I flick the kettle switch down, when I turn back she's walking to the door.

"Be right back," she calls over her shoulder. "I think they're hungry again." 

She takes her time, long enough for me to make her vile concoction and set it on the dresser. Long enough for me to idly flick to the page I was on in this book about wolves and teenagers and falling in love. It all seems pretty unsanitary to be honest.

I drop my reading material when she returns. It falls open on the bed as I jump off. The door squeaks as she bursts in, her flushed face making her look breathless. I pick up my new mug of coffee.

"A word of advice," she gasps as she leans up against the door. Her socks slide along the carpet as the door trembles behind her. The pounding coming from the other side makes it sound like the culprit has fists of steel. "Don't randomly create a half-zombie-monster thing and then just leave him there, stewing in a swamp, to go make breakfast. That is not as smart as you might think."

"I will definitely try not to," I say dryly and blow lightly on my steaming mug. She doesn't seem to catch my tone. 

"I didn't even mean to, I was just scribbling a little dialogue down whilst they ate." She nods  backwards, I suppress a shiver. She might claim they eat hot dogs but I've always been dubious about their real diet.

"Pass me that lamp, will you?" Mia looks to the dresser behind me. Morbidly curious, I oblige only to watch her nearly hit herself in the face as she swings it around, still leaning on the door.

"I could call that Tyler guy?" I say, not really knowing if I can but willing to try. Raye once told me Tyler is this super-zombie. I'm sure he could handle this. "Or even Raye?"

"Nah." She grins. "We'll give this a go and see what happens."

"If you die can I have my pen back?" I tilt my head. Her grin just widens. I wonder what it's like to have so much optimism.

"See you on the other side, " she says with a wink. With that she turns, lets go of the door and stumbles out with a shrill battle cry.

I hear a muffled thud followed by the sound of glass shattering. As much as I want to help, I don't move from my coffee. Mia 's a writer. If she didn't enjoy the adventure she could just un-imagine the creature. At least, I'm pretty sure.

She does return, in case you're worried. She returns and we start working on my character. There are interruptions and zombies stumbling in to nibble the corners of things and, at one point, a small fire. There are more moments where I throw things at her, too many to count, but she never holds it against me. There are arguments. There is laughing. She remains wide eyed and full of enthusiasm and I just drink a lot of coffee.

This is how a typical day passes with her, never the same but always following some sort of template wherein adventure and me drinking caffeine seem to be the key ingredients. I would say it's tiresome but it's not like we know how to be any other way. Plus I really like coffee.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day in the Life of Ri

Hey, guys! Guess what? You get to hang out with me for about fifteen minutes because Frankie completely forgot that hobbling on crutches takes forEVER and heating up lunch is now a major accomplishment. *eye roll* Whatever. So, anyway, we're now a little late and we have...GAH! 13 MINUTES! to show you what a day in my life is like.

High. School. Hell.

And today it IS!

Do you see that girl over there? I finally figured out her name. She's Morabeth and she hates me. Do you see the gap in her teeth? Yeah, she lost it to a fist last year. I soooooo wish I could have seen that, but I totally missed it. Anyway, apparently she's decided that I dissed her or something in class this morning? I have no clue. Anyway, she's now stalking me with her missing tooth, gummy-cheeked glare. She's big, people, like seriously big.

*points finger at audience* And don't think I'm a sissy, either. I'm not. Really. I'd take her on, but there are...consequences... *nods emphatically* my actions. What would happen if I really did decide to take her out. *ninja pose, snake strike* Hi-yah! Take that! And then she'd be on the floor and there'd be drool and possibly blood and then there'd be suspension.

And then Mom would be pissed! She might seriously suck on the super hero front - like totally! - but she's freaky when she's upset.

*peers into the very crowded hallway and all the passing kids* Okay, let's go. I think we're clear.

*rolls eyes as enter the throng of kids heading everywhere*  Rune and I kinda had another fight. I don't know what's going on with him. He just seems so dang sensitive about everything all of a sudden. His family was attacked two weeks ago and since then he's just been on edge. I've tried to be there for him and everything, but...

When is it alright to just step away and give a person some space? You know? I mean, he obviously doesn't want me to be around him right now. Otherwise, he wouldn't be trying to BITE MY HEAD OFF every time I come around. I tried doing a "special lunch hour" thing, picnic out on the football field and he just totally blew me off.

*stops and stares into audience* Am I a bad person for not wanting to be around him right now? He's great. He's sweet. He's a fantastic guy. He's just....

...being such a *looks around and whispers emphatically* ASS!

*sighs and walks into class* I have to go be bored to death in History. Catch ya'll later.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mutant Teen's School Day

Ephram sits at his Frankenstein of a computer with an untagged connection to the internet. He taps at the keyboard and then spent a few minutes fiddling with a couple of wires before moving up to stare at the screen.

Ephram: Okay. I"m on this blog thing. What do I do now?

Dawn: Just tell the readers what a day in your life is like. Generalize a bit since not every day is the same but that's fine.

Ephram: Before or after everyone found out I'm a mutant freak?

Dawn: You're not a freak. Tell about whichever you want or tell both. This is your post, so it's up to you.

Ephram: *sighs* Fine. *stares at the computer screen some more. What did you mean by Frankenstein computer?

Dawn: Oh right, that is from a classic story for me. It's way old for you. This guy, Frankenstein built a monster-being out of spare parts basically. Like you build that computer out of a variety of different computer parts.

Ephram: Sounds kinda cool. Can I call it Frank then?

Dawn: Sure. Now finish writing the blog post.

Ephram: Right, blog post.  Ummm, okay. I get up in the morning on school days because the alarm clock goes off and I have to go to school. Rarely can I stay home sick because Mom and the school base sickness on kids who have temperatures. Sucks for me because the little machines don't work on me. That is my boring mutation. I feel colder than most, and really cold when I don't wear this stupid ID band the government makes us wear.

Dawn: This is good but you've got a lot of day to talk about, so keep going. *nudges*

Ephram: Well, school is school so umm, yeah. I turn in any homework and do any assignments I can. Go to all the classes that I have to and that's about it. Before, when I kept the mutant band a secret, most people didn't even notice me and now I think that was the best way. Now I get pushed into walls, have to eat lunch in a different room with a teacher watching, and I don't have many friends. Not that I had many before but it doesn't help that they all know now.

Dawn: Which class is your favorite?

Ephram: Art. I'm not the best at it, not like Carrie is, but I like the class. I do good at math too but it's not very fun. Levi is pretty good too but in a total crazy way. He's insane when he's working on something.

Dawn: All true. So, what happens after school?

Ephram: Most of the time I go home, do homework, eat dinner alone and go to bed. Boring, I know. Sometimes, now that Isaac is around we hang out at the park. It's better even though I miss dinner because Dad isn't very good at cooking and Mom works too much to cook much. At least Isaac doesn't care that I'm a mutant. *gets quiet for a moment*  Okay, that is my day. I'm done.

Dawn: That works. Thank you, Ephram.

Ephram goes back to researching rogue mutants.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Training and Missions...and don't forget Training.

Derac: *enters the room and tacks up a piece of a paper on the wall*

Kinir Elite Training Schedule

0530: Wake up
0545: Morning meal
0600: Morning training (pairs rotate from day to day)
----0600: Kie, Jardel at archery range; Derac, Tyn at sword ring; Rakan, Aeli at track (running)
----0700: Kie, Jardel at sword ring; Derac, Tyn at track; Rakan, Aeli at archery range
----0800: Kie, Jardel at track; Derac, Tyn at archery range; Rakan, Aeli at sword ring
----0900: Break
----0915: Kie, Tyn at hand to hand combat; Rakan, Jardel at staff/spear; Derac, Aeli at close combat;
----1015: Kie, Tyn at close combat; Rakan, Jardel at hand to hand combat; Derac, Aeli at staff/spear;
----1115: Kie, Tyn at staff/spear; Rakan, Jardel at close combat; Derac, Aeli at hand to hand combat;
1215: Noon meal
1300: Afternoon training (1-vs-5 or 2-vs-4 or 3-vs-3 exercises)
----1300: Team at track
----1400: Team at sword ring and staff/spear
----1500: Team at hand to hand and close combat
----1600: Team tracking exercises
----1700: Team stealth exercises
1800: Evening meal
1900: Weapon maintenance and headquarters clean up
2000: Free time
2100: Lights out

Tyn: Umm, Derac, I don't think that just posting up our schedule is going to satisfy Anastasia for this post.

Derac: Well, what else does she want me to say? Our whole lives are training and missions. Not much room for other things.

Tyn: *gasp* There is too!

Derac: In the grand scheme of things...really Tyn? Compared to normal people? Or even the regular Army - how much free time do we really have?

Tyn: Well, I guess not that much in comparison...but we do have some.

Derac: So, training schedule is good for this post I think. It change when we have a mission and that varies depending on the particular mission, whether it's night ops or day, complexity of the mission, and others things like that. So, I can't really say much more.

Tyn: *rolls eyes* The elf of so little words has spoken.

Derac: *smirks* And don't you forget it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girl's Get-Together

Charlene: *looks at her watch, then down the street, excited*

A cloud of dark smoke darts up the sidewalk and billows in front of her before turning into Vincent and Elaina.

Charlene: *smiles* Hi guys!

Elaina: *hugs Charlene* Hi. Sorry I’m late. I had muffins in the oven and had to wait for them to get done, so Vince offered to fly me here.

Charlene: That’s okay. The others aren’t here yet.

Elaina: I’m so excited to finally get to meet the girls from your other book.

Charlene: Yeah. It looks like Aumelan might be the next one out there so I wanted to introduce it a little.

Vincent: Isn’t Chad the main character? I don't see him around.

Charlene: I thought I’d introduce him through Becca, Salana, and Dee. You know, let the reader find out about him indirectly.

Vincent: You’re having three women involved with Chad together at one time…to talk about Chad?

Charlene: Oh, you’ll love them. *tweeks his cheek* Want to hang around and get your nails done too?

Vincent: *raises his brows and looks away, mumbling* That’s not really what I was getting at.

Becca: *steps out of the salon* Well, it’s about time someone showed up.

Charlene: Oh, Becca. You’ve been inside all this time?

Becca: *sqints at the sun* Have you forgotten already that I don’t deal with that?

Charlene: Oh, it’s not that bright. You could have stood out here with me.

Vincent: *kisses Elaina on the cheek* I’ll be off. Just call me when you’re done. *waves a hand and turns to smoke, then darts down the road*

Elaina: *smiles at Becca* Wow, you took Vincent's leaving well. Doesn't it surprise you that he can disperse his elements?

Becca: *shrugs* Chad's telepathic and Styne and Becca have gifts too. Why not other characters in Charlene's head?

Elaina: Oh. Right.

The sound of a scooter comes from around the corner with Dee's voice screeming over it.

Dee: I can not do this!

Salana: Dee, please loosen up the grip. *pulls the scooter up to the salon door and turns it off* Okay. You can open your eyes now.

Becca: *folds arms* Well, you made it. We’ve been waiting.

Charlene: Be kind, Becca.

Becca: I’m always kind. It’s the only way to get what I want.

Charlene: Hey, ladies. *waves* Glad you came.

Salana skips up the steps and Dee hesitantly follows.

: *whispers to Salana* I’m glad you got Dee to join us.

Salana: Chad had a hand in that.

Charlene: *motions to each in turn* Elaina, this is Becca. She’s from Aumelan, The World Beneath the Rock. This is Salana, from Sun City, World of the Sun. And this is Dee. She’s from Aumelan too.

Elaina: *waves as each nods to her* It’s nice to meet you all. I’m from Cornerstone Deep.

Becca: We know. Your book’s the one that took over Charlene’s mind and knocked us to the back.

Elaina: Oh.

Charlene: *opens door* So…let’s get started. I’m looking forward to this.

Becca: If you wanted real pampering, we should have stayed in Aumelan.

Charlene: We don’t need a repeat of what happened to Salana during her visit before.

Salana: Oh, I would be okay with Chad there.

Becca: I don’t know where you got the notion that Chad could protect you from anything.

Charlene: Becca.

Becca: *smiles sweetly and picks out a polish* I think I like this one.

Charlene: Nice choice.

Salana: Which color do you like, Dee?

Dee: I cannot. It is not my place.

Salana: I don’t want to hear about placement. You deserve special treatment as much as anyone.

Charlene: Relax, Dee. We’re not following the plot right now.

Dee: I still do not feel right about this.

Becca: Honestly, if you’d rather go back to that rutty ferry keeper’s shack, go right ahead. Chad would probably enjoy having his favored server around… Alone.

Charlene: Becca!

Becca: Oh, it’s true and you know it. You wrote the outline. He’s held affection for her since they were children.

Dee: I would not do that to Chad! He is high above me.

Salana: Don’t talk like that, Dee. You’re not any different than any of us.

Becca: Oh come on, Sandra, you’re with him now. You had to notice how he looks at her. I did when I was at his side.

Salana and Charlene: It’s Salana.

Salana: *blushes* You were Chad’s girlfriend?

Becca: For a very long time. He left me when he left for the World of the Sun. *glances at Dee and mumbles* At lease he didn’t go to his slunk.

Salana: Don’t call her that!

Elaina: *eyes widen and she steps back*

Charlene: Okay, okay, ladies. I see this probably wasn’t the best idea. *mumbles* I would have done better inviting Tara.

Becca: *crosses her arms* Well, what did you expect to gain from all of this? You knew we were all connected to Chad’s romantic side.

Charlene: Maybe I just wanted some of my favorite female characters to meet. I love you four.

Salana: Aww.

Elaina: We love you too, Charlene.

Becca: Well, I’ve never been irritated to the point of losing my mastery skills. *tosses money on the counter and pockets the nail polish* I’ll have Iolet do my nails. At least she still knows her place.

Dee: *shrinks back and turns red*

Charlene: Oh, Becca. You really need to calm down and reassess things. You sound like Tara.

Becca: *steps to Charlene* Promise me you’ll give me one more shot at Chad.

Charlene: You’ve got it.

Becca: *smiles with a nod* Okay. Good. But really, I can’t stay here with them knowing what I know is going to happen.

Charlene: *sighs* Okay. I guess I understand that.

Becca leaves.
Salana: What did she mean by that?

Charlene: Sorry, Salana. I can’t let you know that just yet.

Salana: *glances at Dee* Um…I think I had a meeting I needed to attend with…someone. I’d better go too. This was…enlightening.

Salana leaves with Dee rushing along behind her.

Charlene: *turns to Elaina* Not such a good idea, huh?

Elaina: *squinches her nose and shakes her head* I’ll call Vince. He can take us both home.

Charlene: No offense, but I’ll leave the traveling by Smoke of Night to you guys. I don’t like to feel all the bugs flying through me.

Elaina: *laughs* Well, I’ll stay with you, Charlene. *picks out nail polish* What do you think of this one?

Charlene: *nods* You know? Maybe I will call Tara. Who knows Chad better than his sister, right? *puts fingers to temples and closes eyes*

Elaina: Oh…Um… *steps back and quietly calls Vincent’s name*

Vincent: *his face appears above her watch* Having fun?

Elaina: Shh! *motions to Charlene with her head* How could you let me forget about the party tonight? You need to hurry me back to the manor.

Vincent: *grins with a nod* Right. Okay. On my way.

Elaina: *tiptoes to the door and opens it, peering out*

A dark cloud zips past and Elaina disappears with it.
Charlene: *lowers her hands and sighs* Well, Tara won’t leave the World Beneath the Rock. *turns to Elaina and looks around the empty lobby* Hmm. So much for a girl’s day out. *sets hands on hips* Maybe I can talk Soley into a little girl time. *grabs nail polish and heads for the door* Just because she’s a wolf doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love pretty nails.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Vampire - or - A Bunch of Characters Rambling Off-topic Again

Jenna: What's the topic, again?

J.D.: "A day in the life."

Jenna: Meaning ...?

J.D.: Just blog about a typical day for you.

Jenna: Before or after I became a vampire?

J.D.: Uh ... after would probably be the correct choice seeing as how you are now firmly a vampire in my mind.

Jenna huffs: Which I still don't appreciate, for the record.

J.D: Yeah, yeah.

Jenna glances at the computer screen and hesitates: Is this supposed to be about a day in the novel or a day in your head?

J.D.: Um ... good question. I would would go with a day in the novel since, if you talked about a day in my head, you would be writing about a day in my life as apposed to yours.

Jenna makes a face: But I don't like talking about life as a vampire.

Jesu perks up: Why not?

Jenna glares at Jesu: A little privacy, please?

Jesu mumbles sorry and pretends to watch T.V.

Jenna: Can't someone else do this post? One of the new characters or something?

Seth appears out of nowhere: I'll do it.

J.D.: You most certainly will not.

Seth: But my life is awesome. The gigs, the parties, the groupies ...

J.D.: Exactly.

Jenna: She only picks on the miserable ones, Seth. You'll see.

J.D.: Hey! I do not. And why are you miserable, Jenna?

Jenna scowls: Like you don't know.

J.D.: Um ... no, I don't know.

Jesu: My guess is she's seen that Amazon Award contest idea in your head.

J.D. blinks: So?

Jesu: So ... she wont even blog about her life, you think she wants everyone reading the novel?

Jenna: You can shut up any time now, Jesu.

J.D., jaw dropped to the floor: Jenna, that can't be true? Why else would I have slaved over the keyboard nearly going crossed-eyed and ripping my hear out over your story if I didn't intend for it to be read by an audience?

Jenna points at Jalmari: That's why.

Jalmari: What?

J.D.: Okay, I admit, Jalmari did practically force me to write it, but it's a great story, Jenna, and people are going to read it, and now we are off subject. Your blog post, please?

Jenna: Fine. Each day I get harassed by a bunch of stuck-up, rude vampires. Then I'm forced to hurt and embarrass myself by practicing my so-called powers. Then I'm forced to drink blood, which makes me do more embarrassing things, things comparable to what a drunk sailor might do. Everyone gets mad at me even though I can't help it and I didn't want to drink the blood in the first place. Then I'm left a lone, hurt, and romantically confused. Oh and the best part? It never, ever stops because we don't sleep.

Jesu quirks a brow: Romantically confused?

Jenna scrunches her nose at Jesu and then storms out of the room.

Jesu, mumbling to himself: Romantically confused.

J.D. pats Jesu on the arm to comfort him: Maybe I should have had an other character do this post.

Seth: It must be her time of the month.

J.D.: Not now, Seth.

Ana walks in: What's wrong with Jenna? I passed her in the hall, she seems upset.

Seth: Miss Obvious joins the conversation.

Ana punches Seth in the arm: If was your fault ....

Seth: What? You'll break my arm?

Ana, grinning: I'd do that anyway.

Seth, laughing: I'd like to see you try.

J.D.: Guys! Can't we ever get through one blog post without me getting a headache?

Seth: Isn't the post technically done? Jenna did state what a typical day is like for her, even if it was layered in sarcasm and not very detailed.

J.D.: Thank you, Seth. So why am I still typing our conversation?

Seth looks at his hands: Oh, sorry, that was me.

J.D. quirks an eyebrow: How the heck did you get control of my hands? Oh gods, that's very bad.

Seth grins and shrugs: I don't know, it just happened.

Jesu: We can all do that when you type. Just, most of us are a little more respectful.

J.D.: You can? Well stop it!

Seth: But this is good stuff, and you don't give me enough lime light as it is.

J.D.: Seth, you don't even have your Greek accent yet, for one. And, two, this post is getting too long any WAY off topic. I demand you stop right no--