Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Faery Wishes

Ten Powers I wish I Had

1. Healing - I do not think I could be an actual Healer as a profession. It would be hard to deal with all the injuries and illnesses, especially with faes (children). However, it would be nice to have the power to Heal faeries if they needed.

2. Telepathy - I would love to be able to read other beings thoughts. Not to pry or invade their privacy, but to avoid confrontation. It would be useful to know one's true intentions in a given situation. Would I use it against my sisters? Of course I would.

3. Control Fire - Fire in itself is a powerful force and being able to control it? That is the ultimate power I believe. It would be wonderful to be able to hold fire in my hands and manipulate it the way I see fit.

4. Protection - Having no powers at all at the moment, this one would be a huge improvement. I would be able to protect myself from other magics and protect those that I love too. Besides, I would rather be on the defensive than the offensive.

5. Telekinesis - I will admit I am jealous that my sister Letarri has this power. It serves so many uses. One could move objects out of their path or could even move beings and people from their personal space. I would love to use this against my sisters sometimes as they either ignore me or crowd my space.

6. Control the Weather - They say not to mess with Nature which is why I might like having this power. It would not be much different from not having one. At least I could say I had one and maybe then I would have friends...

7. Mind Influence - I would not use this power to control others to do evil things or for entertainment. I would simply stop my mother from forcing me to visit the Healers. Then again, if I had a power at all, I would not have a need to go.

8. Invisibility - Well, I guess this one would not be any different either. I am basically invisible to most others anyway. No one notices me from the masses. But at least if I was really invisible, no one could taunt me anymore.

9. Phasing - I would love to walk through walls and other solid objects. It would be useful as I try to escape my mother or the Healers' appointments. I would simply be able to phase out of the room. Definitely a great means of escape.

10. Regeneration - I think anyone would like this power. To heal on your own almost instantly? That would be a great power to have. But I doubt it would heal the emotional wounds that have been dealt to me.

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    Dawn Embers | August 31, 2010 at 5:56 pm
    Those are some good wishes. I don’t have names yet in my faeries, but I do have fire faeries. They will control fire, which should make them interesting but the main character is a wood faery so he won’t like the fire ones very much. And Phasing, thanks for letting me know what it’s called. One of my YA mutants does that and I just call it walking through walls. lol

    Great wish list.

    Anastasia V. Pergakis | August 31, 2010 at 10:11 pm
    I actually got the word from Jen — so she really deserves the credit! Thanks for posting with us this week! It was great to have you — and for commenting too. It’s great to read your thoughts on what we’re doing here.

    Dawn Embers | September 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm
    Okay well… Thanks Jen!

    I like posting comments and know it’s encouraging to have someone comment on a blog. I’ll try and get some characters to comment to at some point. Should be fun.


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