Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Faens in a Movie

This week we are talking about what actors would play us if our story was made into a movie. It has been hard to decide but I think we finally came up with a few that would work. All the male characters in Anastasia's series will be mentioned here, not just myself and Etharas. Also, I need you to forget how we look based on our Avatars shown on this blog. While they are close, they do nothing to really convey face shape and such like that. Really, the only thing Anastasia could depict accurately was hair and eyes.

For myself, Jen says Heath Ledger, based on his role in A Knight's Tale. I have to agree with her there. Sadly, since Health has passed on, he could not play me in a movie. So, I began to think of who else. While watching The Princess Bride, Anastasia thought Carey Elwes could play my role. I agree to a point. I think by now Mr. Elwes is a little too old to play me in a movie, but he would be a good person based on his role of Wesley.

In the end, I did not come up with anyone to play me! Part of the reason why this post is so late. Anastasia, Jen, and I wracked our brains trying to come up with someone, but to no avail. Maybe by the end of this post, we will think of something.

Chakor was an easy choice! Johnny Depp would be the perfect actor to play him. It was an easy decision based on Mr. Depp's many wonderful roles and his looks. I think Mr. Depp is a little shorter than Chakor actually is, but with movie magic that wouldn't matter much.

Etharas is still a bit undecided. Anastasia thinks Orlando Bloom, as Legolas in Lord of the Rings is the perfect fit. In truth, Etharas' looks were based on Legolas (the long hair mostly). However, Jen over there, thinks Etharas deserves a better actor as she doesn't like Orlando Bloom that much. But beyond Mr. Bloom, none of us know who would be good to portray Etharas. I personally think Mr. Bloom is the perfect choice.

Farien (Rosyani's younger brother, the main character in Book 3), could be played by Micheal Weatherby, based on his role in the TV series Dark Angel. Some of you might know him from the show NCIS. But the way he can portray his character in Dark Angel and his looks fit well with Farien I think. Another person who could be good, would be Shawn Ashmore who plays Iceman/Bobby Drake in the X-men movies. His gentle nature works perfectly with Farien. But looks, it's Micheal Weatherby all the way.

Sir Isiss (the wolf) is Sean Connery. The way his voice sounds in Anastasia's head, is definitely Mr. Connery's voice. Kelsey Grammar who played the Beast/Dr. Hank McCoy in the X-Men movies would also work well. In fact, Beast was part of the inspiration behind the character of Sir Isiss.

Shezar (an elf in Book 2), at first was chosen to be played by Johnny Depp based on looks. However, since Mr. Depp fit Chakor so perfectly all the way around, it was chosen that Shezar could be played by Micheal Sheen, who plays Lucian in the Underworld movies.

Azael (Shezar's best friend, Book 2) could be played by Orlando Bloom also, just because he played Legolas - the elf thing. However, we also think that Hugh Jackman, based on looks, could play Azael rather well.

Micheal (a Human guard in Book 4) is a gentle and guilt ridden sort of character that could easily be played by James Marsden. He played Cyclops in the X-Men movies, but it's mostly from his acting in The Last Stand that makes him fit the role for Micheal.

Issac (the villian in Book 4) could easily be played by Ian McKellan for looks and attitude but for voice it would be Patrick Stewart.

Mordecai (Rosyani's father) is definitely Patrick Stewart. His commanding but gentle presence that he portrays is perfect for Mordecai. Mr. Stewart really fits in all aspects here.

Tarmon (villian in Book 3) - Robert Pattinson from Twilight

Kaelin (Book 3) - Wenthworth Miller from Prison Break

And now we come back round to me. Anastasia suddenly thought that Brad Pitt could play me in a movie because of his looks. I do think he is a great actor and I would like to see how he would portray me, but I can't say for certain that it's a right fit there. Time will tell I suppose.

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    Dawn Embers | September 9, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    I like the fact that I recognize most of the names, since they are big names. Since I don’t pay much attention to celebrities, that usually doesn’t happen (the recognition part). But sometimes it’s nice to have less common ones used. Some good choices here by the way.


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