Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Graphic Scenes for the Faeries

Hello readers. Drache here to talk about graphic scenes in my story. Anastasia, originally kept to our wishes and did not show any of these wonderful, yet private scenes with the world. However, she changed her mind and has added these scenes into the story.

You see, in our world, sex is a very private matter. In fact, I'm writing this post under sever protest and frankly, I feel extremely uncomfortable. But, Anastasia said it was a good idea, so I'm writing this.

Private matter - so private in fact that parents do not really tell their children much about it beyond the rule of not doing so until marriage. It is a part of our culture and who we are. Women in our world hold to this rule like no other. Are their women who sell their bodies for money? Yes, but it is a rare thing to find and even then, one would only find it in the seediest of taverns.

Having said that, you might wonder why there is so much sex and love scenes in our story. (There are a total of three at the current moment in Book 1.) Well, one scene...*ahem* tells about myself and my wife. So, it is mostly only bad for us to share the scene with the readers as to us, that is something that should be left in private and never spoken about. Upon Anastasia's insistence that the scene had to be in the story, Rosyani and I reluctantly agreed.

Another scene tells about Etharas and one of his many exploits. He is one of a few men in our world that do not hold sex as a private thing. Men do know passions outside of marriage more often than not, however, it is still often a private matter that they do not discuss. Etharas might seem to be loose in his morals, but at least he does not go around bragging about his conquests.

The third graphic scene is about Chakor and Letarri realizing they love each other and don't want to part with one another. Do I agree with Letarri's actions as they are not married? Yes and no. I understand her point of view but I still hold to the ideal that one should wait until marriage. I don't judge her or Chakor for their actions, but I do worry what affect it might have on the both of them later in life when they do marry.

Now, that I have shared all of these embarassing details with you, let's move on. Jen has said she wants MORE of these types of scenes in the story, or at least to make them more 'juicy' as she says. Anastasia thinks the scenes are just fine the way they are and all of us are grateful she thinks so. It was hard enough for us to share the details with her the first time! Of course, since Anastasia considers every idea Jen has seriously, we must come to the realization that she might want still more detail about such private matters.

The real question comes down to how much we, as characters, are willing to share. Anastasia may well decide to make these scenes more intense and graphic. Well, I wish her luck. I speak for all of us faeries when I say, we just can't share anymore details about this. Etharas might be willing, but I know at least for me and my wife, we just can't do this.

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    J.D. Brown | September 14, 2010 at 12:30 pm
    Lol. Drache, you know you want to finish that scene with Rosyani! Just kidding. It’s Ana’s choice and I will respect it no matter what she chooses to do.

    By all means, I do NOT think you should make the story erotic. There are enough eroticas out there. But something like the scene with Lettari and Chakor – only with Drache and Rosyani – I think would suffice.

    Dawn Embers | September 14, 2010 at 10:47 pm
    This is an interesting post, Drache. I’m coming from never reading the novels, so I know none of what goes on. It isn’t easy to decide when to put the sex scenes in a novel and when not to. The type of novel plays into the decision, along with the characters.


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