Monday, January 24, 2011

Name Confusion Conversation

Noah enters the room with a cup of coffee and settles down at a booth in the back away from most of the other tables even though the little coffee shop is empty. He checks his watch and then sips the very tall cup of coffee as he waits. After ten minutes, a disheveled teen makes his way to the back table carrying a tray with a hamburger and fries. It is Isaac and he joins Noah before saying anything.

Isaac: Did you want a burger? or fries? You can have some of mine if you want.

Noah: No thanks. I'm not hungry.

Isaac: *eats for the next several minutes, sometimes talking with his mouth full* So, umm.. Noah. You're from the future?

Noah: Yep. *sees him about to talk through fries and decided to explain to avoid it* Since my book is years from your first one, Dawn has me here now even though at your age in the stories I wouldn't be much more than you. I think we're going  to meet officially when you're an adult some point in the series.

Isaac: How old are you now? I mean, future version, but how old would you be if not the future is okay too.

Noah: 26, would be 17 or 18, something like that. But we're not here to talk about me.

Isaac: Right. *munches on fries and takes a drink from a glass of soda* Why did she send you for this again?

Noah: Something about it being more interesting to have two of us instead of her and you. Plus, I think she said I had to learn from this topic since I may need to use a different name in the future. Let's get to the topic cause my boyfriend isn't very patient right now and he might worry if I take too long.

Isaac: Fine. What's the topic again?

Noah: *sighs, then is relieved when another cup of coffee magically appears* Your name. It is Isaac here but if people read the beginning of the first book you're in they may be confused because you are called Casper then. Mind explaining the reasons for that?

Isaac: Oh right, that. Uhhm, sure, why not. I had to use a fake name for school because I have to avoid the men in suits. They are after me because of my mutation and they killed my parents. Casper is one of like 4 names I've chosen and found ID cards for so I can still go to school but not worry about getting caught, though it doesn't always work out that way.

Noah: Men in suits?

Isaac: Yeah. I don't know what they are called but they always wear suits. There are women too, Ephram just refers to them as the men in suits as well since the girl ones aren't as common.

Noah: Oh, you mean the agency that monitors mutants. Okay. Is it confusing having more than one name?

Isaac: Very. I try to only use one name at a time and I have only used three of the names so far but sometimes I forget about which one I'm using. That never ends well.

Noah: Not looking forward to that. Any name suggestions?

Isaac: *looks Noah over* Fred? no.. umm Rostafa? Julie? *giggles*

Noah stands from the table, shaking his head. He takes one of the last fries from Isaac's plate and walks away.

Isaac: *yells after Noah* I was kidding.

Still laughing, Isaac gets another soda before leaving.


  1. Yeah. I'll be lame and comment on my own blog post. lol

    Dawn: Thank you, Noah, for taking the time to talk to Isaac. I appreciate you doing that for me.

    Noah: No problem. It was interesting at least. Though I still am uncertain about the whole using a different name bit.

    Dawn: Well, it's one of those you will do it because you have to type of thing. But don't worry, that's not till at least book 2.

    Noah: Gee thanks. That won't make me worry at all.

  2. OMG. GUYS. So sorry I have not been reading posts during my exam period. But I am here and hahahahaaa, Isaac, Rostafa is an awesome name.

  3. That's okay. I think everyone is a little busy.

    Noah: *glares*


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