Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My childhood. Grrr. This is impossible.

Vincent:  *leans arms on the kitchen table and wiggles pen in between his fingers.  Sighs then repositions the pad of paper and jots a few lines*

My childhood memories…  I grew up in Meridian.  Our manor was surrounded by trees with long branches that reached the ground like vines and I would climb them like ropes. 

James:  *sets a plate of muffins on table and glances at his writings.  Chuckles*  Charlene recruited you to do the childhood memories blog?

Vincent:  *rakes fingers through hair*  Yeah.  But how do I relate life in Meridian to the Cornerstone dimensions without having to explain everything?  *looks at his scribbling*  ‘Long branches that reach the ground like vines’.  I can’t very well just say the credial.  And this is the closest translation.  They don’t have those here.

Cole:  *cocks a chair to the side and sits, grabbing a muffin and reaching for the butter*  Talk about all the times Mother got on to you for loosing your temper and blowing up the place.  That would fill a room.

Vincent:  *sneers*

James:  Why not tell about the holidays to the other planes Father took us on.  Which one was your favorite? 

Vincent:  The time we visited Cornerstone Summit.  But, I was legally an adult when he let me come with you guys.  This is supposed to be about my childhood.

James:  Well, our childhoods are short in comparison to our life spans.  And you were still very young.

Cole:  *laughs*  The trip to Earth?  *nods as he remembers*  Of course.  That would be your favorite.  The pharaoh’s daughter.    

Vincent:  *smiles*  Yeah, I didn’t think Father would ever allow me through the portal again.  Didn’t think he’d ever let me set foot in public again.

James:  Well, you shouldn’t have blown up that statue.

Vincent:  That guy was way out of line. 

James:  That guy was her brother and he caught you two in the stables.  You influenced that culture with that display.  They thought you were a god.  Father had every right to be angry.

Cole:  *leans toward Vincent*  So, tell me.  Was she worth it?

Vincent:  *smiles wider*

Cole:  Admit it.  She was your first. 

Vincent:  I haven’t admitted that to you in all this time.  What makes you think I’ll admit it now?  *grimaces at his slip in wording*

Cole:  *laughs and spreads butter on his muffin*  I knew it. 

Vincent:  *glowers over his paper*  So, you don’t think I should tell about the time I built that sand sculpture without manipulating the elements?

James:  These people do that all the time. 

Vincent:  But it took a lot of time and patience.

Cole:  Ninety percent of the spectrum’s population has more patience than you do.

Vincent:  *scowls and leans back into his chair*  Then, I have nothing. 

Charlene:  *enters kitchen*  How’s it going, Vince?

James:  Vincent thinks his childhood was too uneventful for this task, Charlene.

Charlene:  Oh?  *looks over Vincent’s shoulder at the few jotted sentences*  Oh.  Well, what about all the times you got in trouble for blowing things up? 

Cole:  *chuckles and looks away*

Vincent:  *leers at Cole then scribbles on the paper*

Things happened.  I got mad.  Sparks came out.  I blew things up.  Mother got angry.  I got in trouble.

Vincent:  *tears paper from pad and hands it Charlene*  Okay.  There you go.  *looks out at blog readers*  Blog post done.



  1. Noah: I can blow up stuff too! First time I did that I was a teen but it was just fruit. I got in a lot of trouble too. Am I supposed to do one of these childhood memory posts?

    Dawn: i haven't decided who is going to go on monday.

    Noah: Okay. Guess mine doesn't count as childhood technically. Maybe one of the others will have something more exciting to post.

    Dawn: It's not going to be easy. Hard to compete with vampires and stuff blowing up. ;-) But I'll find someone to post, or will make someone post.

  2. Vincent: Maybe we could get together for some target practice, Noah.

  3. This is great! I've never seen this done with characters from a book I've read. I LOVED Cornerstone Deep and to see Cole, James and Vincent like they're in real life is so fun! Can I really say hi to them? Boy I sound stupid. lol.

  4. Noah: I try not to blow stuff up anymore. I prefer just creating light not causing disaster. It's hard to do blow stuff up without feeling guilt after what I did, what I was forced to do... I just can't.

    Dawn: *gives Noah a cookis* Sorry Vincent. He can do electric target practice but no blowing stuff up. I mean, he could control it enough not to hurt anyone, he does have that much control but the memory of being used like an atomic bomb is really hard on his emotions. But he is good at hitting targets with electricity.

  5. Hi, Lilac. It's great to have you here. And I'm glad you enjoyed CD. You can say hi or ask any of the characters here on Character Corner questions to get to know them better.

    Vincent: It's okay, Noah. I only meant pin-pointed target practice. We would never target anyone to hurt them. *waves at Lilac* Nice to meet you, Lilac.

  6. LOL. I love Vincent!

    Lilac - I'm just glad you don't think we're crazy! Welcome to the Character Cafe. :)

  7. Noah: That I could do. I used to practice all the time. I pretended to fail the really low level of tests and then on my own I'd crank it up tenfold. Won't have the practice location once I leave home for good.

  8. Vincent: You're welcome to practice here in Cornerstone Deep anytime, Noah. We own the woodland from Shilo City south to the granite bluffs. James can alert the animals to clear out. I promise, not a soul will be touched...except for the timber. And James can reassemble that.

    James: *clears throat* How many of my services are you going to offer here?

    Vincent: *pats him on the back* That's what you get for being a multi-tasker, big brother.

    James: *chuckles* Come on over, Noah. You're welcome anytime. *nods to Lilac* And welcome, Lilac. It's a pleasure to meet you.


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