Monday, April 18, 2011

What Isaac Wants to Be

What do you want (or did you want) to be when you grow up?

Isaac stares at the assigned topic. He looks around the room, stepping away from the computer before returning with a glass of water and an apple. Then he stares some more.

Isaac: Do I really have to write this?

Dawn: Yes, Isaac. I need someone to answer the question, so why not you?

Isaac: Yeah yeah. Umm.. What does it mean? Do what when I grow up?

Dawn: The general idea of the question is what you dreamed about doing once you are an adult. It could be a job, career or goal, though people often say dream careers. Is there anything you want to do when you are an adult?

Isaac: I don't know. I never really thought about it before.

Dawn: Why not?

Isaac: *shrugs* I kinda focus on right now. Surviving on my own and all since my parents... well, you know. Hard to think about being older when making fake school cards and stuff just to go to school. And having to move so much when bad things happen.

Isaac stares down at a few papers sitting on the desk. He starts to pick at a hole in his jeans above his right knee.

Dawn: I do know. Okay, how about this. Could you think about the question no? If you could be anything or do anything, in the future, what would it be?

It takes a few minutes of silence before Isaac puts his attention back to the blog to answer.

Isaac: Anything? That is so... much. Could I really be anything?

Dawn: Sure, you're young. Why not dream big. And it may change, you never know. I changed my answer to this who knows how many times. But I still know what I started with.

Isaac: What did you start with?

Dawn: Marine Biology. Something about living in the plains of Wyoming, no ocean anywhere nearby made me want to go study things in the ocean for a living. I still like biology classes but by high school I had moved to other things. Okay, I said mine. Your turn.

Isaac: Fine. I guess if I can say anything then it would have to be a photographer or video camera umm person. That would be fun. Oh and if I could take pictures of people displaying their mutations, not having to hide it or being kept from using it by those stupid bracelets. That would be fun.

Dawn: That is a great one. I'm glad you shared that. *writes down a note* Thank you Isaac.

Isaac: No prob. This is kinda fun, these posts. Okay, I should go sleep.

Dawn: So should I. But I'll work on finishing your and Ephram's first book soon, I promise.

Isaac: Great. I have work to do then...


  1. A photographer is a great "wanna be when I grow up," Issac. And it would be nice to take pictures of those with mutations. :)

  2. Dawn: *directs Isaac back to the blog post* Remember to answer the nice comments.

    Isaac: What? Oh, yeah. Hi. And, thanks. Wonder if I can catch Ephram on film. He hates it so I have to do it secretly. hmmm *smiles*


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