Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Kat Wants to Be!

Hi! When I heard what topic we were going to be discussing, I got totally excited and told Frankie I HAD to share. I HAD to! Had to, had to, HAAAAD to!

I want to be sooooo many different things!

I want to be a fire fighter because you can go around and save people.

And fire's pretty neat, you know. Well, except for all the burning and stuff and that's kinda bad, but not too bad because it's still pretty and you do realize that the Earth needs fire to clean out all the dead stuff, especially in the forests *nods* so that the new stuff can grow in.

Can you imagine if adults didn't die? Us kids wouldn't have a place to grow. That would just be not good. You know?

BUT! Fire is also really, really, REALLY hot. And you'd be going into buildings that are about to fall down on you.

*scared shrug* I doooon't knooooow. I think that might bad!

AND look at their outfits! *shakes head incredulously* Those boots? I've tried wearing MOM's boots, and that's bad enough! They're HUGE!

*thinking face*

Hmmm...I also want to be a ballerina. *girlie smile*

They're so pretty! And graceful! And I look awesome in a tutu! I do! I do!

But I can't stand on my toes! *sad face* I've tried. And all those ballerina stretches and exercises? They HURT! And have you seen ballerinas? They're really skinny! And I'm NOT!

I'm not fat. I'm just not skinny. Mom says I'm just right and I like that. She also says I'm due for another growth spurt, so that means I'm going to be very tall because I'm already really super gargantuanly tall.

And ballerinas should be small, skinny, weigh nothing and NOT be tall.

*pouty face*

But I look so PRETTY in a tutu!

So that leaves my LAST thing (for reals) that I want to be (seriously).


*definitive nod* YES! I'm going to be a cupcake baker.

And I'm pretty good at it too. Cupcakes are pretty and they're easy and they're fun and it's neat to come up with all different kinds of concoctions.

*shakes head and mutters* But that mustard carrot cake cupcake was NOT good. No, it wasn't. Don't EVER make that one again. BLECK!

*evil giggle* Yup, yup, yup! That's what I want to be when I grow up!

Now if I could just HURRY UP and GROW UP! *frustrated screech* Seriously!


  1. Just so you know, Kat wants to be the baker in the pink hair, NOT the beard...

    Just saying.


  2. LOL, carrot mustard cupcakes! Kat, you totally remind me of my little sister. She wanted to be a ballerina too. She ended up being a cosmetologist and is really good at it. Does makeup and hair for brides and bridesmaids.

  3. You go girl! A cupcake baker it is. You are SO CUTE! :D

  4. Those are all great ones. I had many dreams at one point and it's good to see someone excited about their future. Cupcake baking would be awesome. You should come over to my "world" (head) some time and we will watch Cupcake Wars. It is awesome!

  5. OOOooohhhh! Make-up and hair for brides. *excited head bob* Sounds like GREAT fun! Yes, yes, yes. But I'm decided. It's cupcakes for me. Maybe I could make cupcake WEDDING cakes. *throws head back and laaaaaaughs* Ooooh, yes!

    *impish grin and curtsies* Thanks, Charlene. Frankie says she's sorry for stomping on your day, but she's a total ditz, as we ALL know, and completely forgot that last week was HER week.

    DAWN! I WANT to come over to your head! I've tried to make Frankie watch Cupcake Wars and she says it's BORING! Can you BELIEVE that?! Boring!

    *waves* I'm late for coming back from lunch! See ya!!!

  6. Boring! That is impossible with cupcake wars. I've seen them do salmon cupcakes, roe on top of frosting, shots with the cakes and so many other crazy things. It is great! Come on over. I think it's on Tuesday nights and Sundays.


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