Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Unknown Facts from Mutant World

Noah here. Dawn is distracted so I'm just going to do this week's post. Plus she has no idea which world to discuss for this list of 5 things about the story that isn't told in the actual novel. I'm going to come up with five, hopefully, that are from the mutant series, or at least the part of it that has my story.

Let's see...

1. Ty used to be my best friend. This was before I became friends with Dominic. In fact, I didn't really like Dom when we were younger. 

2. I wanted to study history in college and become a teacher. I dreamed about being normal simply so I could have a normal job and not worry about things like joining mutant organizations or worry if the government changes how they let us live.

3. There are religious groups in my world but they aren't seen in the current book, though there is the rest of the series to possibly showcase them.

4. My mom still wants a girl but will probably never have one. She has a box in her room that has a couple of little girl items.

5. The organization, SS, was designed by the government. Despite what some people think, still works for the government and has to report on a monthly basis to a special coordinator.

That's all I can think of for now but I made it to 5. That's what counts... right?

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