Monday, June 27, 2011

Mutants Have Favorites Too

I decided to follow the example of Anastasia and let a few different characters give a list of their favorite things. The mutants are an interesting bunch, or well I think so but I might be biased. So, here are some of the mutants and their list of favorites.

Noah: Hi, it's me again. Seems I post in blogs often these days. This one should be easy. Here is the list of some of my favorite things.
1. My friends and family
2. Electricity (even though I hate the mutation, I also love it, weird I know)
3. My boyfriend
4. History
5. Physics
6. Reading
7. Helping Dominic keep his dreams organized and trying to interpret them
8. Dominic (I know I said friends but he's such a good one he gets his one spot)
9. Cats
10. Coffee

Dominic: Oh, my turn. *reads* Noah is so nice, I don't know what I'd do without him. So, my list isn't too surprising.
1. Noah
2. Sleep
3. Dreams
4. Caffeine (coffee, espresso, etc)
5. Food
6. umm Showers, when I don't fall asleep during them
7. Noah
8. Going out of the house occasionally
9. The band Noah got me that helps me stay awake longer
10. SS

Bastian: List of favorites huh? I guess I can handle this. It has been a little while since I've posted but I will manage. Favorites are:
1. Philosophy
2. Family
3. Noah
4. Friends
5. Military
6. Books
7. Questions
8. Organization
That's all I can think of, so 8 will have to do.

Ephram: My turn? Oh, okay. I have favorites, I think.
1. My bedroom
2. My parents
3. Sleep
4. Food that isn't burned
5. Candy and Soda, I don't have them much though
6. Trees are kinda nice
7. Having friends
8. Math
9. Art
10. Not having homework

Isaac: I get to post? Sweet. I have a few favorites to share, maybe.
1. Music
2. Dancing
3. Not having to move for a year or more
4. Making a friend or two
5. Art as a class, better than any other at least
6. Pizza
7. A bed would be nice to have
8. Clean clothes
9. Spending time outside
10. Being able to buy food.

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