Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slumber Party

Welcome, readers, to our first ever Character Chat Party!

Chat parties are when Anastasia and I log onto a chat room with the intentions of letting our characters mingle and chit-chat. Confused? Don’t be. You’ll get it once you start reading. The only rule of Chat Parties is all the characters involved MUST stay true to their personality and voice. Other than that, there are no rules!

This week’s Chat Party is just for the girls. It’s a Slumber Party hosted in Anastasia’s bedroom, featuring Jenna, Brigette, Maria, Rosyani, Lettari, Karina, Anastasia, and myself. With special guest appearances by Zoe-Lea Brown and her characters Mika and Amalya, as well as one other … er … surprise.

A bit of warning, we lost track of time with this first one, so it's a bit long, but we had so much fun with it. Enjoy!


Jen, Jenna, Brigette, and Maria enter the room where Anastasia, Rosyani, Lettari, and Karina are waiting.

Anastasia: Woot! Hello Ladies!

All Vampires: Hiiiiiii Anastasia!

Anastasia, Rosyani, Letarri, and Karina all jump on the bed.

Jenna giggles and hops on the bed.

Jen: Should we start with introductions?

Anastasia: I guess that would be good.

Jenna: I'll introduce them!! This is Maria …

And this is Brigette …

And you already know Jenn and I, right?

Anastasia: Well I do, yes.

Jenna: Oh. Well this is Jenn, the writer, whose head we live in ... mostly.

And my name is Jenna Marx.

Anastasia: Well I am me, Anastasia or Harley...

Jen: Hehe, cute pj's

Rosyani: Do you see how short her shorts are? She tried to make me wear those!

ALL: *giggles*

Anastasia: Yes, I'm sorry Rosyani.

Jenna: I think they're cute! Wait till you see mine. Jen, show them.

Jen: I'm working on it...

Rosyani: I am still not used to these clothes, but they are comfortable at least.

Brigette: I love your top!

Rosyani: Thank you! Anastasia seems to have a thing for skulls.

Anastasia: Yes I do. And Rosyani's younger sister Letarri…

Anastasia: And then the lovely Karina, Rosyani's step-daughter/sister-in-law however you want to think about it…

All vampires: *gasp*

Anastasia: Why the gasping?

Rosyani: Yes, what is so shocking?

Letarri: My see through top?

Jen: Karina's top is HAWT! And Lettari, your top is hawt too.

Letarri: Thanks. I don't really like the see through top much, but, it works for just us females.

Karina: Or Chakor! *laugh*

Letarri: *blush*

Maria: I forget how times have changed! I'm still used to long skirts and wearing a robe when unexpected company comes!

Rosyani: We normally do not dress this way, but Anastasia convinced us it would be fun for this gathering.

Jen: Okay, here's Jenna!

Jenna: OH, you guys have to see my underwear, it's totally cute! *takes off pj's*

Anastasia: The PJs are so cute!! And the undies are adorable too. Love the bunny slippers.

Jenna: Thanks, they're so comfy!

Letarri: Why don't we have slippers?

Anastasia: Umm, because you normally don't wear shoes anyway?

Jen: Lol

Letarri: Humph.

Rosyani: So what are the plans for tonight?

Brigette: Good question.

Jen: Well I'm working on getting PJ's for Brigette and Maria...

Karina: I bet that Jen and Anastasia didn't plan further than "Let's dress them up in PJs!"

Jenna: LOL, I wouldn't doubt it. I know Jen doesn't plan farther than her nose hair!

Anastasia: WOW

Jen: Hay!

Jenna: *giggles* I'm just kidding!

Karina: No, I take that back. I bet they'll talk about males and such.

Jenna: Sure, but that's not planning.

Letarri: *stares off into space with a dreamy look on her face*

Jenna: Does she do that often?

Rosyani: *sigh* Lately, yes.

Karina: It was cute at first, but now not so much.

Jenna & Brigette giggle.

Rosyani: Do I look like that when I think of Drache?

Karina: Well...not quite as pathetic like....

Rosyani: *gasp then laugh*

Jen: Lol. I don't think Lettari looks pathetic?

Anastasia: HAHAH.

Maria: Jenn, dear, I see you thinking about those pants...

Anastasia: What pants?

Jen: Maria, I don't have any SKIRT type pj's.

Anastasia: *giggle*

Jen: *rolls eyes* Maria doesn't like to wear pants... she's stuck in the old days.

Anastasia: Ahh I see.

Maria: *blushes*

Rosyani: If our Mother saw us wearing this, she would surely die of shock. Our world does not have pants at all for females. Only males. I feel like I am wearing my husband's clothes.

Letarri: Or underwear.

Rosyani: Yes, thank you for making me feel more comfortable. *scoffs*

Jen: See, Maria, you have to wear pants to be fair ... besides, the only skirts I own are miniskirts ... you want one of those??

Anastasia: OH!

Maria: ......

All: *giggle softly*

Maria: *holds up a mini skirt* No thank you.

Jen: I'll give you knee high socks so your legs don't show, deal?

Maria: yes, thank you

Anastasia: That'll be so cute!

Jen hands Maria some PJ’s.

Maria: Nothing about this outfit matches!

All: *giggles*

Anastasia: Let us see it!

Maria: Goodness, no!

Letarri: Oh it can't be that bad.

Jenna, Brigette & Jen: YES, put it on!

All: Do it!

Maria: Very well, let me step out to change.

All: *applause* YAY!

Karina: I hope the males don't crash the party.

Jen: Nope, no boys allowed.

Karina: Doesn't mean they won't TRY!

Jen: Ummm true...

Anastasia: They are pushy things.... Demanding, and all that.

Rosyani: Do not worry. I told them that if they ruined our party, that Anastasia would not bring them to the poker night you have planned. *wicked smile*

Anastasia: HAHAHHA Nice.

Jen: HA, sweet! Maria, I can't find a hair tie for you.

Maria: *Frown* I suppose I can wear it loose.

Jen: Yup.

Maria: Must I really wear this?

Jen: No, but you must at least let everyone see it! Lol.

Rosyani: It cannot be any worse than what Anastasia is wearing. Jenna even showed her under garments!

Karina: I don't mind Anastasia's clothes. She has some nice stuff in her closet.

Maria: *sigh* Very well.

All: *claps*

Anastasia: BAHAHAH LOVE the look on your face.

Jenna: LOL! Okay you were right, that does NOT match at all.

Anastasia: I agree. I mean, even just without the shoes, it would be a better.

Brigette: Yeah, Jen, what is it with all the stripes?

Jen: Years of losing bottoms and tops, Brigette ...

Karina: I have to agree. Those stockings look like those jail outfits I see in on the TV.

Anastasia: You watch TV with me!?

Karina: Well, I do live in your head!

Anastasia: Oh, right.

Jen: LOL

Karina: Besides, I find TV interesting. We don't have that in our world and all.

Brigette: Maria, just take off the shoes and socks.

Letarri: I agree with Brigette.

Maria: And go barefoot?!?!?!

Rosyani: We are all barefoot.

Maria: But I'm an old lady...

Rosyani: Compared to Jen and Anastasia, we are all old.

Jenna: Um... I'm not old.

Rosyani: Oh, right...Sorry!

Anastasia: Maria, at least she didn't make you wear something like this…

Jen: Yeah, really!

Anastasia: I like the other picture of me better though....

Brigette: *rolls eyes* I'm taking those socks from you!

Maria: *runs from Brigette, flying and phasing in and out of walls*

Jen: I have to borrow that skirt some time. Too cute.

Brigette: Muahaha! I got her socks!

Anastasia: LOL Priceless! Way to go Brigette!

Brigette: *high 5's Anastasia*

Zoe-Lea Brown walks into the room.

Anastasia: TADA!

Jen: HI ZOE!

Zoe: HEY.

Jen: Did you cue her in on the party thing, Anastasia?

Anastasia: Slumber party! Got any female characters that would like to join in?

Zoe: Hmm. Umm who is in here at the moment?

Anastasia: Me, Rosyani, Letarri, & Karina. Jen, Jenna, Brigette, and Maria.

Zoe: Who is Brigette? I know the others.

Anastasia: She's from Book 2 ;)

Zoe: Sweet. Well let me think.

Anastasia: She took Jesu's virginity!

Zoe: *gasp* That hoe. I had dibs on that!!

Jenna: She did WHAT?!?!?!

Anastasia: Oh wait...ummm.

Brigette: *eyes get wide*

Zoe slaps Brigette.

Brigette: *growles* What was that for?

Anastasia: It was a joke. Yea, yea, a joke. Silly me!

Zoe: Oops. Okay okay, let me just make a phone call here.

Jenna: *simmers*

Anastasia: Oh come on, Jenna. It was seriously a joke. And besides, I thought you didn't really like him anyway?

Jenna: I don't ...

Anastasia: Then why get mad?

Zoe: *dials number* Hey, Mika. Do you think you and Amalya could come on over to Anastasia’s room for a slumber party? Yeah, yup, it will be fun. Okay! See you soon.

Brigette: *rolls eyes* Yeah right.

Anastasia: *passes the popcorn*

Jenna: I just didn't think ... whatever, it doesn't matter.

Anastasia: And remember - it was a JOKE!! Seriously.

Jenna: He's like 2 thousand years old, of course he's not a virgin, right?

Anastasia: That would make sense Jenna.

Amalya and Mika enter the room.

Amalya: Hi girls.. *looks around shyly*

Mika: What's up everyone?

All: Hi Amalya and Mika!

Mika and Amalya: *take seats*

Maria: We are sitting on the bed, come join us.

Anastasia: Maria, are you okay darling? With the clothes and all?

Zoe leads the girls to the bed and takes a seat.

Maria: I'm getting used to the pants and bare feet, since no one else seems to care how much skin they show.

Amalya: I do. I have to be careful...

Jenna: *giggles*

Rosyani: I would never be seen wearing this in public. But for this occasion, I do not mind too much.

Brigette: Why is that, Amalya?

Mika: *places a protective arm over Amalya*

Amalya: Because people like... *gulp* You.. they hunt me.

Brigette: People like me?

Rosyani: People like who?

Amalya: Vampires... *shakes*

All three vampires: OHHHHH.

Zoe: I probably should have thought of this sooner.. I'm sorry.

Rosyani: Well, we are not vampires. *smiles sweetly*

Mika: *grips her dagger*

Anastasia: And the vamps that ARE here will not hurt you. They don't hunt people.

Jenna: I promise we won’t hurt you! Yeah, like Anastasia said, we're the good ones.

Amalya: *breathes a sigh of relief*

Mika: I have to be careful though, girls. I'm sorry, but it's my job to protect Amalya.

Brigette: *nods* Yup. In fact I work with the R.E.D.

Zoe: R.E.D?

Anastasia: Yea, what does R.E.D stand for anyway?

Brigette: It's a secret fraternity that's dedicated to providing vampires with blood from a blood bank and other supplies so they don't have to kill people. It stands for the Reclusive Eternal Dragon's society.

Anastasia: Oh nice.

Brigette: Yup, Jalmari funded it.

Anastasia: Of course.

Jenna: *scoffs*

Anastasia: *pats Jenna's back*

Brigette: What?

Zoe: Jalmari?? I thought he was the bad guy..

Jenna: He is...

Anastasia: Sort of....

Mika: All vamps are bad guys! *glares*

Brigette: A bad guy? What? No no no.

Zoe: Mika! Behave, these are the good ones.

Brigette: Jalmari is the best ruler we've had in centuries!

Jenna: *chokes on popcorn*

Amalya: *rushes to Jenna's aid*

Mika: Better than Leon, I hope?

Rosyani: Did he try to kill Jenna though?

Jenna: Thanks Amalya. And yes he tried to kill me!

Brigette: I'm sure he had his reasons...

Jenna: *glares*

Mika: *makes cat noises*

Anastasia: Cat noises!?

Mika: Bitch fight? Reow.

Anastasia: Oh LOL yea, duh. *face palm*

All: *giggles at Anastasia*

Maria: Girls! This is supposed to be a fun night, WITHOUT the boys, remember?

ALL: Yes Maria...

Letarri: We can't even TALK about them?

Rosyani: *rolls eyes* Honestly Letarri.

Maria: Sure you can, as long as it doesn't end in fighting...

Amalya: You know, there is a part of all of you in me?

Mika: Oh yeah, I just realized that.

Anastasia: Okay, that sounded SOOO dirty...

Zoe: Typical Anastasia!

Anastasia: *giggle*

Jen: Bwahaha!

Zoe: Amalya is a Fairmpyre.

Anastasia: Oh right!

Jen: Yeah, duh Anastasia! Lol.

Zoe: Part vampire, human and faerie. Mika is a Dhampir, half human and half vampire.

Brigette: Whatever. Jen, I'm going to raid your closet since you forgot to give me any pajamas!

Jen: Oh, sorry Brig! You do that!

Anastasia: Zoe, want me to get the girls dressed up for ya in some PJs?

Zoe: Sure, if they don't mind.

Amalya: Yes, please! I love pretty clothes, sometimes, if they're new enough, I can smell the outside world on them.

Mika: Got anything in leather?

Anastasia: It would just be some PJ's Amalya. Nothing too fancy. Why yes, I do Mika! *raids closet*

Jen: LOL, Anastasia has tons of leather.

Mika: Good.

Amalya: Oh Mika... would it hurt you to dress girly for once?

Zoe: *laughs*

Anastasia: *whispers to Amalya* I can arrange that...

Jen: lol!

Amalya: Make sure you remove her dagger first!

Mika: What?

Amalya: Nothing!

Brigette: Geesh, Jen, you got enough goth crap in here?

Jen: Umm, no.

Rosyani: You should see Anastasia's closet! Skulls on everything!

Anastasia: Hehehe. *pulls Amalya into the closet*

Brigette: Skulls is one thing..... But Jen has this ...........!

Anastasia: Awesome! I have a shirt almost like that with safety pins all over the place.

Maria: Gasp!

Jenna: LOL, I wish I could I wear something like that, but I don't have the boobs for it!

Jen: Ummm... Just put on some dang pj's, Brigette!

Brigette: LOL, okay, okay...

Mika: *tosses her dagger up in the air, catches. Repeats*

Anastasia: *comes back out of closet* Zoe, Amalya wants you. Apparently, I wasn't choosing the right clothes LOL.

Zoe: Coming!

Karina: Are we playing dress up now!?

Anastasia: Umm, no. Amalya and Mika need PJs. And so does Brigette.

Karina: Oh, that's a shame. I would have liked to dig in Anastasia's closet some more. *sneaks into closet*

Brigette: Jen, your skirts are so cute!

Jen: Thanks.

Zoe: Stop being so fussy Amalya!

Karina: *giggles from the closet*

Jen: Oh gosh, she's giggling!

Brigette: Okay, I think I found something!

Rosyani: *faints*

Amalya: There is just so much to choose from! I'm happy just to be rid of these clothes and let my wings breathe!

Jen: *gasp* Wait, I don’t know what's more shocking, Brigette's pj’s or Amalya's wings!

Anastasia: LOL.

Karina: *jumps from the closet* Tada!

ALL: Oh my God, Karina, you look SOOOOOO cute.

Karina: Thank you! I just love Anastasia's clothes! So interesting.

Zoe: That is so cute!

Brigette: Wait, did Rosyani faint?

Rosyani: *comes to* Yes I did.

Jenna: Yes. She's not used to showing so much skin like we are.

Rosyani: And definitely not underwear.

Karina: *giggles and runs back into closet*

Jen: Be right back, ladies, I need a pop.

Jenna: Bring me one! Wait, never mind... it will just taste like ash...

Brigette & Maria: Lol.

Mika: What's taking her so long?

Zoe: She is shy, leave her alone.

Amalya: Ahh, this feels nice.

Jen: I'm back!

All: Welcome back.

Jen: Soda for the non-vamps here? *passes soda around*

Rosyani: No thank you Jen. I am not a fan of soda.

Anastasia: Which is hilarious considering she lives in my head!

Jen: lol

Karina: *slides from closet* Tada!

Jenna: Oooo! That one is cute!

Karina: *giggles and claps*

Karina:*disappears back into closet*

Rosyani: *shakes head* I do not understand her fascination with Anastasia's clothes.

Jen: She's young.

Rosyani: *sigh* Yes.

Karina: *laughs from closet then hops out* What do you think of this one?

Jenna: Love the top! The skirt is kind of French-maid-ish.

Anastasia: Yups.

Jen: Oh lord .... lol.

All: *giggles*

Amalya: Mika, get in here! Let's make our entrance together.

All: YAY!

Zoe: *waits*

Amalya: There is so much to choose from, but truth be told, I'm happy just to let my wings breathe and I'm not so ashamed of my tattoos around you girls.

Mika: I didn't find anything of interest, but this gun looks nice with my outfit huh?

Amalya: What's wrong with my face?!

Mika: Ah, mine too!

Maria: You're not wearing much, Amalya, dear.

Brigette: I love the tatts AND the gun. Nice accessories ladies.

Amalya: I have no accessories, this is me in true form.

Mika: *plays with her gun*

Jenna: Ah ... watch where you aim that, will you?

Mika: You think I care if I shoot one off by accident? That's one less vamp in the world.

Zoe: Mika stop it!

Anastasia: tsk tsk.

Jenna: *eyes get wide*

Amalya: *looks embarrassed*

Brigette: *scowls*

Rosyani, Letarri, & Karina: *scoots away from the gun*

Mika: Fine, whatever.

Amalya: *starts to glow*

Letarri: *falls off the bed*

Zoe: uh-oh.

Brigette: You're friend is part vampire, herself.

Rosyani: Very good point.

Maria: Let it go, Brigette.

Mika: So am I, but we didn't choose this!

Jenna: I didn't choose either! *cries*

Amalya: Mika... *glows brighter*

Rosyani: A glowing contest?

Karina: *forms an ice ball in her hand*

Brigette: No one here chose...

Anastasia: Hey hey now, don't go showing off and stuff...

Mika: Oh.. sorry Amalya.. Excuse us for a moment. *leads Amalya outside, pulling her dagger out on the way*

Zoe: *shakes head sadly* I sometimes feel bad for creating those two, poor girls..

Rosyani: You feel bad? Anastasia just laughs maniacally.

Jen: Haha. We are all evil to our characters!

Anastasia: Tehhee.

Zoe: Hehehe.

Jenna: Jen laughs too. And then gets excited. It's scary.

Letarri: Yes, but we make surprises for them too. *laughs*

Anastasia: Yes, yes, Letarri. Keep rubbing it in!

Mika: *carries Amalya in and sets her gently on the bed. Wipes her dagger clean of blood*

Amalya: *wipes her tears away, sheaths her fangs and licks her wrists into healing*

Jen: I have a harder time with the boys.

Anastasia: Me too... Poker night will be VERY interesting.

Zoe: Boys are the funnest.

Jen: Oh yes, that it will be!

Zoe: Poker night?

Jen: Yup, we're gonna give the males a poker night.

Anastasia: Yes. We had a slumber party with the girls, so the guys demanded a boys’ night - even though Jen and I will be there...

Zoe: I see, that should be interesting.

Jen: I'm sooo glade we talked them out of the bachelor party / strip club idea!

Anastasia: OMG yes,

All: *giggle*

Rosyani: Bachelor party for whom?

Anastasia: Umm, Drache, since he umm, didn't really have one.

Rosyani: *frown*

Jen: yeah

Rosyani: With Etharas around? That is a bad idea.

Jen: But they're getting a poker night instead.

Karina: Why don't you talk about Shezar or Azael that much?

Anastasia: Well, I haven't written much of their story yet....

Mika: Why not kill two birds with one stone? Poker night in Las Vegas?

Anastasia: Not a good idea Mika, but thanks. Etharas is...well...not very good at controlling himself around women and booze.

Jen: Ah, let Etharas be. Poor guy didn't get, um, the first girl he really wanted....

Amalya: Aww.

Rosyani: He did not deserve my sister! He almost killed her and then left her alone with some stranger!

Jen: Just saying...

Letarri: Chakor isn't really a stranger...anymore.

Jen: He's already suffering is what I meant.

Mika: That's why you hire me, or Ghuardian's like me.

Rosyani: Well, I suppose. But still.

Amalya: *nods* They're great for protection. Open to all races too... well, except for mine.

Zoe: *sigh* You girls really aren't fitting in here.

Brigette: Does Chakor have a brother?

Chakor: *flies through the window* Why yes, I do have a brother.

All: *Gasp!*

Anastasia: AHH!

Rosyani, Letarri, Karina: *scream and hide in the closet*

All the girls shriek and cover themselves up.

Brigette throws a pillow at Chakor.

Chackor catches the pillow easily.

Anastasia: Hey! That's it mister! No poker party for you!

Chakor: Oh come on Anastasia! It was all in fun!

Brigette: *smiles coyly* well go on, get a good look then.

Anastasia: Don't care! Get out of here!

Mika: *Throws Amalya behind her and runs behind Chakor and puts her dagger to his throat* What should I do with him?

All the girls freeze.

Anastasia: HEY! Leave him alone! That's what.

Jenna: Relax, Mika, he's friendly!

Anastasia: And a FAERY.

Mika: *rolls eyes* Sorry, it's my job.

Anastasia: *frown*

Chakor: Right, so...

Girls: *nervous laughter*

Mika: *lets him go*

Anastasia: You were warned not to come here Chakor're own fault.

Jenna: Yeah, beat it! No boys!

Chakor: *smirks* Well, fine. I'll go. Ladies... *flies back out of the window*

Amalya: *frowns*

Anastasia: No control what so ever! That one is just...irritating sometimes. Takes over whenever he wants to! *sigh*

Zoe: I know how you feel.. I have one character just like that..Ta-

Mika: Don't even say his name!

Letarri: *runs to the window and looks out at him flying away*

Maria: *fans herself* I cannot believe ... what kind of gentleman would do that?

Amalya: I wish I could fly like that...

Letarri: The most wonderful male in the world... (dreamy voice, still staring out the window).

Rosyani: *rolls eyes*

Jenna: *giggles* relax Maria, I'm sure it's nothing Lettari hasn't shown him already. *wink*

Letarri: *blushes*

Brigette: LOL

Rosyani: Against her better judgment...*crosses arms over chest*

Jenna: *giggles*

Letarri: *ignores her sister and returns to the window*

Brigette: He is pretty hot though. And he DOES have a brother...

Karina: (To Letarri) Is he still out there or something?

Letarri: *sigh* No.

Amalya: You faeries.. you aren't like my kind.. My Queen would punish all who behaved like that.

Rosyani: Behaved like what?

Amalya: That.. man. Is he not part of a court?

Rosyani: He is Leader of a nomadic group of faeries. But we three are princesses.

Maria: I've taught Jesu better manners, and he's a vampire!

Jenna & Brigette sigh and then glare at each other for a moment.

Anastasia: LOL

Jen: Heehee.

Amalya: Oh..

Jenna: Princesses, huh? That must be nice.

Karina: I don't remember it at all, really. We traveled a great deal because of some prophecy when i was growing up.

Jenna: oh

Mika: Prophecy smophecy.. *rolls eyes*

Karina: And then I became Mistress of Mordel and married to an emotionless elf. *sigh*

Jen: Be right back, potty break for the human!

Anastasia: Smoke break for his human too! Yea yea.

Zoe: Okies.

Jen: Back

Anastasia: Just had a thought, if a vampire smoked - it wouldn't really affect them would it?

Mika: Doesn't affect me.

Jenna: Jesu said it doesn't affect us one bit.

Anastasia: Well I mean it wouldn't really be an addiction though right?

Jenna: Right, Jesu just does it so he can make fireballs.

Anastasia: LOL.

Jenna: What? I'm serious.

Anastasia: I know, that's why it's funny.

Jenna: oh.

Brigette: A trick I taught him ...

Anastasia: I am getting sleepy.

All: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Anastasia: What? It's like 1:30 in the AM for me...

Jen: When are we going to have poker night? That's not late...

Anastasia: Oh, I don't know. Any day is good for me. AHHAHA I can hear the guys in my head saying TONIGHT.

Rosyani: Give them a poker night, after what Chakor did? Pfft.

Jen: It's only fair, Rosyani.

Rosyani: Humph.

Karina: Maybe one of us could raid THEIR party....

Jen: Besides, we writes need to talk to ALL our characters no matter how bad they behave.

Rosyani: Psh, Chakor does not even have a major role until Book 3.

Brigette: I'll raid it! Lol.

Jen: Um .. no, Brig.

Zoelea has to go...

Anastasia: Aww! Zoe!

Jen: Awwwwwwwww, bye Zoe!

All: Bye Amalya, bye Mika!

Anastasia: Bye Amalya and Mika! nice to meet you!

Amalya and Mika: Nice Meeting you all and thanks for the clothes.

Anastasia: We lurves ya Zoe!

Jen: maybe we can catch you later.

Zoe: Byes. Zoe leaves the room.

Anastasia: Well ladies, it has been lovely! But, it's time for you to sleep.

Rosyani: We live in your head and thus never sleep.

Jenna: *grumbles* we don't sleep ...we watch Jen sleep.

Anastasia: *sigh and rolls eyes* Okay is time for ME to do homework for school and so, you can find something else to do if you like.

Jen: Jenna, that's a little creepy.

Jenna: You're telling Jen…

Anastasia: ROFLMAO

Jen: Very funny. Okay, girls time to go and let Anastasia do her homework.

Karina: The males like to mess with Anastasia's dreams *giggles*

Jen: Oh yeah .... Jalmari ... wow ....

Jenna: GROSS!

Anastasia: Hehehe so long ladies! It was fun! Karina, don't forget to put all my clothes away!

Karina: *grumbles*

All Vampires: Bye! See ya!

All Faeries: Until next time!

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    Dawn Embers | August 22, 2010 at 5:50 pm
    Wow. That was quite the pajama party. A little too much giggling and focus on clothing for me, but still fun to read about. The intrusion was funny. Bad boy! lol


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