Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pool Hall

Ana: Hello Hello.

J.D.: Hello.

Chakor: Hello ladies. So wonderful to be out and about tonight.

Jesu: Good evening, Ana. Hello Chakor.

Ana: Hello Jesu

J.D.: Hi Chakor.

Chakor: Jesu, greetings.

Jesu: *grabes a pool stick*

Chakor: *gets the pool table set up* Do you play this game often Jesu?

Jesu: On ocation. You?

J.D.: Chackor knows how to play pool?

Chakor: We have a similar type of game where I am from but I dug into Anastasia's head for the official rules. Apparently, according to her memories, she used to play quite a bit.

Ana: You know I don't like it when you go digging around, Chakor.

J.D.: I don’t think he cares, lol.

Chakor: I really don't. *charming smile*

Ana: *rolls eyes* You're charming smile doesn't work on me.

Chakor: Of course it does. Otherwise I wouldn't be here at all.

J.D.: Well I suck at this game, so count me out.

Jesu: Ah, Jen, where's your sense of adventure?

Chakor: Aww, come over here, I'll teach you.

J.D.: That's very um ... tempting. But I'm fine, really.

Ana: Chakor, are you just trying to rub up against Jen?

Chakor: Who me? I don't know what you're talking about.

Jesu: *chuckles*

Ana: *rolls eyes*

Chakor: Would you like to break, Jesu?

Jesu: Sure. *proceeds to align the cue ball*

Chakor: *leans against pool stick* So I hear Brigette and Etharas are going on a date? Poor girl.

Jesu: *winces* Make that Brigette, Etharas, Jenna, and I.

Chakor: Really? Why the wince? Jenna seems like a nice girl and beautiful too.

Jesu: *grins* She is. But Brig and I have ... a history. I was too thrilled Jenna wanted to go with me I did not stop to consider what might happen.

Chakor: Ahh, I see. Does Jenna know of this history?

Jesu: No. And only because Jen forbids me and Brig from telling her just yet.

Chakor: Ahh. *whistles* I bet that will be awkward.

J.D.: Ah that's not exactly true. Thanks to Ana and Zoe, I think Jenna has some idea of how you and Brigette know each other ... It's an Archie, Bettie, and Veronica triangle at the moment.

Chakor: Still be awkward though yes? *slaps Jesu on the shoulder* I feel for you my friend.

Ana: Thanks to US? Why is it OUR fault!?

J.D.: LOL. Um remember the slumber party when you blurt it out?

Ana: I said I was kidding!

J.D.: Yeah, but Jenna's not dumb ...

Ana: Sowwy.

J.D.: 'Tis okay! I still love ya!

Chakor: You two are mad.

Jesu: *sigh* Great. So I can expect lots of tension?

Chakor: Isn't it obvious? I mean, you have the ex-lady with the new-lady -- bound to be awkward.

J.D.: Yes ... to both of you lol.

Jesu: *takes a shot and misses* I don't suppose you would do me a favor...

Chakor: *steps up to the table and lines up shot* Depends on what it is. Three ball, corner pocket.

Jesu: Jenna and Brig get along great with Lettari. If she was there, it might take the edge off ... distract them from each other. Do you think you could ...?

Chakor: *ball sinks into corner pocket* So, what are you saying? *lines up another shot*

Jesu: *rolls his eyes* I know you heard me.

Chakor: *cue ball flies off the table*

Ana: *ducks*

Jesu: *catches the ball in his fist*

Chakor: *clears throat* Well, um, I don't know. You remember how much Etharas and I hate each other correct?

Jesu: Look, if I know Brig, she'll be all over Etharas, trying to make me jealous. Etharas will be plenty distracted by her. We both know how he swings.

Chakor: *hisses* True.

Jesu: I just need Lettari to keep the girls from talking their way into a cat fight, you know?

Chakor: I just don't know...

Ana: Letarri would love to go I'm sure Chakor, if that's what you're worried about.

J.D.: Yeah ... you would get to do a little romancing of your own, Chakor

Chakor: *smiles* I don't need a date to do that. Well, if Brig is all over Etharas, why would there be a cat fight at all? I mean in a sense she'd be distracted too correct?

Jesu: She'll be doing it to get to me though. I couldn't care less who she's with and once she realizes that, it might set her off. It would ruin my chances with Jenna.

Chakor: I see. *sigh* All right. But you owe me one.

Jesu: *smiles* Of course.

Chakor: *sighs, sits down and rubs hand down his face* This will not end well.

Jesu: It will end better than Jenna and Brig focusing on each other all night.

Chakor: *snorts* I meant me and Etharas. Brig might have him distracted, but all it takes is one second of him looking at Letarri and bam...

Jesu: *shrug* Maybe, maybe he'll be too into Brig to notice.

Chakor: I hope so. Maybe he'll stop chasing Letarri all together! *perks up* That would be wonderful.

Jesu: *nods* Yes, and maybe Brigette will leave me alone.

Ana: That is why we set those two up you know.... part of it anyway

J.D.: Yeah

Ana: So YOU’RE WELCOME. Hehehe

Jesu: *grins* praise thy gods, they are being NICE to us!

Chakor: *squints eyes* That usually means they are hiding something awful.

J.D.: *rolls eyes*

Jesu: *shrug* Jen is always hiding something awful.

Ana: Oh please. We do not purposely plot against you. It's the way the story goes. We don't have a choice either.

J.D.: Yeah we don't have a choi -- Hahahaha. Sorry, I just couldn't say it!

Ana: Tsk tsk Jen. I said it, with a straight face even!

Jesu: *makes a face*


Chakor: Mad - completely mad.

J.D.: Yeah, but it's your guys' fault we're mad.

Ana: Exactly.

Ana: Chakor: *gasp* I'm offended!

Ana: Big baby.

J.D.: lol

Jesu: So you and Letarri are coming, right?

Chakor: *sigh* Yes.

Jesu: Thank you.

Chakor: I'm serious. You owe me for this. *stands and re-racks the balls for a new game*

Jesu: Anything you want. I can even torch Etharas after.

J.D.: Jesu!

Chakor: Really!? *stares off into space with a funny grin*

Ana: Oh chill out Chakor. You know you are ecstatic to go out with Letarri.

Jesu: lol

J.D.: Brother ... *rolls eyes*

Ana: Chakor, you need to be nice to Etharas. He is very nice to...well book 2

Chakor: But I'm not in book 2.

Ana: Well, he's nice to Letarri and thus...nice to you...

J.D.: Aww. Does he help take care of her .... ?

Ana: Chakor: *squints eyes* Is that sweat I see on your forehead, Anastasia?

Ana: Ummm....Yes, Jen. And Umm...I don't know what you're talking about Chakor. *nervous giggle*

Chakor: *quirks eyebrow* Right.

J.D.: Her ... URGES. I mean ... wait no...

Ana: Urges!?!

Chakor: HE DOES WHAT!?!?!

Ana: Oh boy, see what you did?

J.D.: Her ah ...Ah...

Chakor: Excuse me for a moment. *stomps back into Anastasia's head*

J.D.: Help me out please?

Ana: Chakor! Don't you dare kill him! That's not what she meant.

Chakor: *returns* Then what did she mean?

J.D.: Yeah, Chakor, I was totally kidding!!!!

Chakor: No you weren't. What did you mean to say?

J.D.: Etharas helps her with her ah ... teaching.

Ana: She was talking about a umm bad reaction has to a plant in the elfin world.

Chakor: That's it. I'm going to kill him.

Ana: No no no!

J.D.: Wait!!!!!!! I meant teaching about plant reactions!?!?!?!

Chakor: *crosses arms over chest* Do you think I am a simpleton?

Ana: Umm, no...

Jesu: *cracks up laughing*

Ana: (whispers to Jen) I think he thinks "urges" is like...sexual urges....not...cravings...

J.D.: (to Ana) ah yeah, I know. The word just kind of slipped...

Ana: (whispers to Jen) I don't know how to salvage this without actually tell him!

Chakor: This is NOT funny - and I hate it when you whisper!

J.D.: (whispers back)Um, ah, I'll handle it..

J.D.: Chakor, I was really just messing with you. I really have NO idea what happens in book 2

Chakor: Humph. Not funny, Jen. And YOU Anastasia, just go along with it? I thought you liked me?

Ana: Aww Chakor, I love you!

Chakor: HA! *sinks into chair and puts head in his hands*

J.D.: We're mad, remember?

Ana: *makes pouty face* I'm sorry Chakor. Didn't mean to upset you.

J.D.: Yeah, me either. Just wanted to have some fun, that’s all.

Chakor: Pshh

Ana: *whispers* I think he's hurt.

J.D.: :(

Jesu: Ignore them, my friend.

Chakor: No, I feel ill. Just the thought of him...of her...of them...*slams fits on table*

Ana: Be at peace Chakor! They don't do anything like that -- ever.

Chakor: I try to Jesu. I really do. Just sometimes....

J.D.: Be at peace? Ana, you've been hanging out with the fea too much..

Ana: Hahaha. You may be right.

Jesu: I know Letarri enough know she is an angel. She will never hurt you. And soon Etharas will be preoccupied with Brigette … Why does some part of me feel guilty about handing Brigette off to Etharas??

Chakor: I'm more afraid of hurting her.

Jesu: Why would you fear as such, Chakor?

Chakor: *sigh* My power. It... amplifies feelings and emotions. I usually have it in check, but sometimes, it leaks out. I can turn a slight attraction into full blown lust, the kind that makes you ache - in a matter of seconds. Which means, in a woman - I can make her begging to fall into bed with me, whenever I want. And I don't want to do that to Letarri. I want her to want me - for real. Not because my power made her.

Jesu: I completely understand that. Jenna is the same way after she drinks blood. She thinks she wants me, but the truth is the blood makes her ache for anyone to do the deed. I refuse to take her when she is under the influence like that.

Chakor: Yes. I could never live with myself.

Jesu: Nor I. She would surely regret it once the blood wears off.

Chakor: That is my fear also.

Jesu: *nods*

J.D.: God, lighten up!

Ana: Seriously, you guys are so depressing sometimes.

Chakor: *shakes self* So, where are we going on this date?

Jesu: *gives Jen and Ana a look* Dinner and then a movie.

Chakor: We're are depressing because you allowed the events to happen that made us such..... Dinner and a movie ay? What are we watching? Or eating for that matter?

Ana: Well it's a vampire restaurant and we didn't decide on a movie I don't think.

J.D.: Yeah we didn't

Chakor: I see. A vampire restaurant? What are those like?

Jesu: Um, it's not a vampire restaurant - it's a vampire-owned restaurant. It's just like any other regular resturant, only the owner will slip some blood under the counter to their vampire guest.

Chakor: Yes. Is there a certain dress code for such a place?

J.D.: Brigette said the place is semi-formal I think?

Ana: Well I think it was that her dress was semi-formal.

J.D.: Right

Ana: Chakor: So I should get out my best tunic then? *sigh* If I must.

Ana: Oh yeah, like it really hurts you Chakor. *rolls eyes*

Jesu: I wonder what Jenna will wear.

J.D.: Not a dress lol.

Chakor: Something sassy I'm sure. She seems like a spunky one.

Jesu: Yeah she's more modern-day jeans and T type. But I would love to see her in a dress again...

Chakor: Letarri will wear something long and flow-y I think...

Ana: Maybe we can talk Jen into wearing a dress.

J.D.: Good luck. She MIGHT agree to a skirt.

Ana: She wouldn't wear one even for Jesu?

Jesu: *perks up* A skirt works.

Ana: I mean, she wore that black skimpy number on her outing with Jalmari.

J.D.: Ahh ... she was FORCED to wear it, remember?

Jesu: *growls*

Ana: *thinks* I don't remember that part of it -- but still. She wore it.

J.D.: *giggles* yeah she did like it a little. But she never would have picked it out on her own.

Ana: Give her some blood first -- it'll be easy to get her into a dress then BAHAHAH.


Chakor: Evil woman!

Jesu: *glares at Ana and Jen* Don't you dare. I want her sober for this event!

Ana: No no, she'll be sober. We'll just get her drunk to agree to wear the dress.

Chakor: Well, just a thought. If she was drunk, would it help her be distracted about the tension with Brigette?

Jesu: No. She's too venerable in that state. I will not allow it!

Chakor: Of course.

J.D.: *rolls eyes* Settle down, hot shot. I know better than to let Jenna drink blood without you holding her hand.

Ana: Or without her trying to jump him. Hehehehe.

J.D.: I was just thinking that! LOL

Jesu: *glares*

Chakor: *chuckles* You two scare me sometimes.

J.D.: Schizophrenia with a plot, Chakor...

Chakor: I know. That's the scary part. Along with the fact that you have the same thoughts at the same time.

Ana: It's not scary, it's awesome!

J.D.: Yeah dude. We're best friends, it’s totally normal.

Chakor: Heh. I don’t do that with my best friend.

Jesu: *scoffs* Normal. Yeah right

Ana: Well, one you're a guy, and two, you don't have a best friend.

Chakor: I don't only because you won't let me have one.

Ana: I can't have any more people running around in my head okay!?

Jesu: At least she didn't give you an ex ... oh wait, she sort of did..

Chakor: Yes, just not MY ex. AND Anastasia is thinking of brining my brother into the story. *grumbles*

J.D.: ??

Chakor: It's really Letarri's ex sort of..right? Not mine.

Jesu: I meant that girl fairy with the silver skin. Jalmari told me about her.

Chakor: Sefiya?

Jesu: yeah.

Chakor: Oh her. Well, she is an ex of a sort. But our relationship wasn't long enough for it to really mean anything...

Jesu: Ah okay.

Chakor: Besides, she's only good for...certain things, anyway *ahem*

J.D.: Men.

Chakor: What?

J.D.: Just what "things" hmm?

Chakor: Bedroom things.

J.D.: Exactly.

Chakor: Exactly what? It's true! She is not a great conversationalist and she didn't make my heart swell with pride that she chose me nor did she excite me in any emotional or mental way.

Jesu: *sigh* We all agree to meet at the restaurant next Saturday, right?

J.D.: Yes, Jesu.

Chakor: I'll be there.

Jesu: *nods* Good. I should go check on Jenna.

Chakor: *chuckles* Okay my friend.

Jesu: Chakor, Ana, it was lovely seeing both of you.

Chakor: So long. *waves*

Ana: Good to see you too Jesu. Behave.

Jesu: Of course. Why wouldn't I?

Ana: (18:53:20): *quirks eyebrow*

Jesu: What?

J.D.: It was sarcasm, Jesu.

Ana: Oh nothing. Be nice to Jen too. She is writing your story and all that.

Jesu: Always. *Jesu leaves*

J.D.: *sigh*

Chakor: *bows then leaves*

J.D.: ... bye, Chakor.

Ana: That was a quick exit by Jesu...

J.D.: I think he's nervous. Or irritated

Ana: Ahhh. Gotcha. So I’ll see ya later?

J.D.: Yup. No sense in staying if the boys are gone.

Ana: Right. See ya.

J.D.: Bye.

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    Dawn Embers | September 18, 2010 at 10:29 pm
    An interesting chat. I did learn a little bit from reading this one.

    The date night is going to be very interesting with Chakor and Letarri joining the other couples. Not even sure how that will turn out but maybe I’ll be there to find out. We’ll have to wait and see.

    While I have enjoyed these chats, and getting to know you Chakor, I will say… I like Etharas. He gets along well with the characters I’ve had in the chats so far and with me. Just saying. No Killing Him. 0.0


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