Saturday, September 25, 2010

Date Night

Part One: Dinner

Brigette: *sighs while waiting outside for everyone*

Etharas: *walks up and stops short at the sight of her* Ummm, hi. You look, amazing.

Brigette: *glances up* As do you.

Etharas: Why thank you. *smiles*

Chakor: *walks up*

Etharas: Gods, why is he here?!

Brigette: I don't know... Why are you here, Chakor?

Chakor: Jesu invited me and Letarri to join the festivities.

*Jesu and Jenna approach the group, walking arm in arm*

Etharas: *clenches fist*

Brigette: *wince* I should have told you I invited Jenna and Jesu. Though I didn't think they would invite MORE people.

Etharas: *smiles* No, no. I'm not upset about that. Yes, the MORE people... *sigh*

Jesu: *looking sheepish* Ah, hello

Chakor: Hello. Where is Letarri?

Jenna: Yeah, where is she?

Letarri: Right behind you.

Chakor: *puts hand over heart* Whoa.

Jenna: *jaw drops*

Letarri: *blushes and giggles*

Jesu: *whistles*

Etharas: *holds breath*

Brigette: Um, you look lovely Letarri

Letarri: Thank you Brigette. You do too!

Chakor: *stares and forgets to breath*

Brigette: Let's go inside...

Etharas: *shakes self* Yes, let's. I'm famished. *wraps arm around Brigette's waist and leads her inside*

Jesu: Breath, Chakor, breath!

Chakor: Of course. Ahem. *holds arm out to Letarri* Ready to eat?

Letarri: *hooks arm with his* Yes. *smiles*

Jesu: Jenna?

Jenna: Yup, let's go.

Letarri: Jenna, I love that dress. It looks lovely on you.

*a hostess shows them to their seat, a large booth in the back*

Jenna: Oh thanks. I don't usually dress up. Yours is ... wow. Is it heavy?

Letarri: *whispers to Jenna* It's a traditional dress of Lizak, where Chakor is from. Oh no. It's very comfortable and light.

Jenna: Oh no wonder Chakor nearly passed out, besides you looking drop-dead gorgeous in it! I love your hair too

Letarri: *giggles* Thanks. Anastasia did my hair for me. I normally don't wear it up like this.

Brigette: *looks at the menu*

Chakor: So what is good to eat here? *opens a menu*

Etharas: *mutters* Some punch.

Jesu: *watches Jenna*

Brigette: *giggles* I assure you, none of you will get blood in your drinks unless you ask for it..

Letarri: *sighs in relief* No offense.

Brigette: None taken.

Jenna: *glances and menu and makes a face* I doubt it matters what I order, it will all taste the same to me, won't it?

Jesu: Yes.

Letarri: I'm sorry Jenna.

Jenna: *sigh* It's okay. I just miss the way food taste. I can still remember what it's like to have big juicy burger.

Letarri: Would it make you feel better if I ordered my food with no spices?

Jenna: *laugh* Oh no, you don't have to do that! You enjoy your food, get whatever you want

Letarri: *laugh* Okay.

Brigette: *orders a strawberry daiquiri with "bite"*

Letarri: What is a daiquiri?

Brigette: An alcoholic drink the humans made up.

Letarri: Oh. *ponders* I think I might try one. *orders a strawberry daiquiri*

Chakor: I'll just have a beer or ale to drink, please.

Etharas: *grumbles* I'll have the same.

Jesu: *orders a bloody mary, hold the liquor*

Brigette: *traces Etharas' pecks with her fingertip* So how are things?

Etharas: *smirks* Better now.

Chakor: Really. We are the table.

Brigette: *Grins*


Etharas: Back off Chakor. I'm on a date.

Jenna: How are things in the faery lands?

Etharas & Chakor: Fine.

Jenna: Uh ... I was talking to Lettari.

Letarri: *nervous giggle* They are well Jenna. Anastasia is still editing book 1 but it's coming along nicely.

Jenna: Oh good

Letarri: How are things for you? I hear JD is finished with the editing for your book?

Jenna: Yes, and she plans to write the 2nd installment in November. We're very excited. And nervous.

Letarri: Yes. I think Anastasia will still write book 2 in November also, even if Book 1 isn't fully completed.

Jenna: That's great!

Letarri: Why nervous? Is JD as evil as Anastasia?

Jesu: *chuckles* I'm afraid so. I worry about what she has planned for Jenna... *takes Jenna's hand*

Letarri: I'm nervous too. But I already know what happens in book 2.

Jesu: You never know, Ana could change things

Letarri: Oh I hope not! I love what happens. *smiles*

Chakor: Well what happens that is so great?

Letarri: *smiles* Nothing.

Jenna: And I am still in the dark about what happens. I don't understand why J.D. won't tell me...

Chakor: I don't believe you.

Jesu: You'll find out soon enough.

Letarri: Well I found out by accident. I happened to see her notes the other day as she was cleaning her desk.

Jenna: That's not fair though.

Jenna: I want to be prepared for whatever hellish nightmare she throws at me.

Letarri: Don't think of it as a hellish nightmare - more of adventure. *smiles*

Jesu: Do not worry about it, I will be there to save you always...

Letarri: Um, Jesu. I don't think that type of statement puts her mind as ease.

Brigette: *whispers to no one* I'm gonna puke if they keep taking like that.

Jenna: Yeah, Jesu, what do I need saving from?

Etharas: *whispers to Brigette* If you do puke, just aim over there. *points away from himself then smiles*

Jesu: I just meant that you need not worry, that's all

Brigette: *rolls her eyes* *sips her drink*

Chakor: *leans toward Letarri's ear* You look stunning in that dress.

Letarri: *blushes* Thank you. You are very handsome as well.

Jenna: *heard* Aww

Etharas: *fake chokes*

Brigette: Lean that way *points* not on the dress, please.

Jesu: And Jenna, you do look ... stunning.

Etharas: *fake chokes on Brigette then laughs*

Brigette: *mocking voice* Etharas, did I tell you how utterly pretty you look?

Etharas: *bats eyelashes, wistful voice* Oh really? Why thank you! That just made my day!

Chakor: *quirks brow*

Brigette: That dress, it brings out you eyes perfectly! If I wasn't such a gentlemen, I'd ravage you right about now

Etharas: *high pitched voice and silly giggle* Oh you nasty beast!

Jenna: What the ....?

Letarri: I don't know.

Brigette: lol

Letarri: *shifts in seat*

Etharas: *laughs*

Jenna: ....?

Etharas: *wipes tear from eye* Brigette that was great. I needed a laugh like that.

Brigette: *nods* any time

Jesu: *raises an eyebrow*

Brigette: *takes a deep breath* So Etharas, what do you do?

Etharas: I'm a Prince, but I won't inherit the throne. In my land, the oldest daughter in herits so my sister will become Queen.

Brigette: Really? Are females the dominate gender there?

Etharas: It's not that they are dominate. It's just our law. My land is the only one like that though. The other thrones are all inherited by the oldest son.

Brigette: What about daughters of common families, do they inherit their fathers' money and property? Or should I say, their mother's?

Etharas: No. The only time the oldest daughter inherits anything is Princess to Queen.

Brigette: Oh.

Etharas: And it really just means her husband rules the kingdom. It's very backwards. *nods* But, it's the way we live.

Brigette: Ah, I see.

Etharas: She can be Queen but she can't really own her own land. Extra care is taken to choose a husband for the Princess in order to have a good King.

Jenna: *whispers to Letarri* That explains a lot ... his "backward" morels about women...

Letarri: *whispers back* I don't know. That might be part of it. But I think something goes much deeper, something personal.

Jesu: Does the princess get to choose who she marries?

Etharas: No. Her parents choose for her.

Jesu: Oh.

Etharas: In fact, most women don't get to choose where we are from.

Jenna: Sounds barbaric.

Letarri: It's really not Jenna. And that rule doesn't start until a woman is 50 years old. Etharas left that part out.

Jesu: Many human cultures follow that rule as well

Etharas: Yes, but how many faena's do you know Letarri that married before their 50th birthday? Hmm?

Letarri: One. My sister. *nods*

Jenna: I don't understand. Are they allowed to marry before they are 50?

And then what? They have to divorce the guy when it's time for the parents to choose?

Letarri: Oh yes. But most don't. We have much schooling to master our powers so much of our time is spent learning and studying - not real time for a relationship. Oh no! Once they are married, that is a final decision and the parents no longer have a say. The parents only choose a husband for their daughters if they are not yet married by the time they reach age

Jenna: Oh, I get it now. There's a time cap to choose their own husband.

Letarri: Yes, exactly.

Jenna: But wow, that's a lot of pressure! Sure 50 years is a long time, but I bet it's nothing when trying to find the ONE

Letarri: *laugh* It is a long time, Jenna. And so many things happen in that amount of time. But you're right. The pressure is there. That is why it is still rare to find a woman who marries a man she chose.

Jenna: I'm glad I didn't grow up any place that required me to choose a husband. No offense.

Letarri: None taken. *shrug* It is how we live and so we see nothing wrong with it. Especially when we do have a choice - at least for a time. It's our own fault if we don't use it.

Brigette: *sips her drink*

Chakor: I'd lock my daughter up until her 50th birthday. That why I can be certain she is with the right man. *laugh*

Jenna: *wince* That's horrible!

Letarri: *swats Chakor's shoulder* Oh stop it! That's just silly. It was just a joke Jenna.

Jenna: Oh god, okay good.

Etharas: *sighs and leans back against the booth, resting his arm across the back*

Jesu: Vampires laws are very different from the fae it seems

Brigette: *glances at Etharas*

Etharas: *quirks eyebrow at Brigette in question*

Brigette: *licks her lips*

Etharas: *lightly rubs thumb across the back of Brigettes neck*

Brigette: *leans into Etharas slightly*

Jesu: *bites his lip*

Etharas: *tilts head toward Brigette and quirks brow again*

Chakor: Gods...

Jenna: Ah .... right ...

Brigette: *blushes slightly and glances at her hands*

Etharas: *smirks, pulls Brigette close his side with one arm and plants a harsh kiss on her lips*

Brigette: *glances at Jesu out the corner of her eye brifly, then kisses Etharas back*

Chakor: Honestly!

Letarri: *blushes and turns away*

Jenna: Wow ... *looks away*

Chakor: We are in a public place for crying out loud.

Etharas: *leans back with Brigette still close to his side* Jealous Chakor?

Chakor: *scoffs*

Brigette: *lets her hand rest on Etharas' thigh

Letarri: Ahem *nervous giggle* So when does this movie start?

Brigette: Oh right ... in an hour.

Letarri: *shifts in chair* Umm, Jenna. I need to how do you say, power my nose? Would you like to join me?

Jenna: Not sure I want to be in a dark room with those two. Yes, I think I would.

Letarri: Great. Let's go.

*Letarri and Jenna head to the restrooms*

Jesu: *watches Jenna go*

Chakor: *stands as Letarri leaves the table, then sits down again once she walks away*

Brigette: what a gentleman

Etharas: What is the strongest alcohol you have?

Brigette: *looks at the menu* Looks like that would be tequila, why?

Etharas: This beer is only serving to upset me. *waves the server over and orders a bottle of tequila*

Brigette: Lol. A round of shots for all?

Etharas: Well, I guess I could share.

Brigette: Are human drinks just as weak for you as they are for us?

Etharas: I'm beginning to think so.

Brigette: In that case, we should order a second bottle

Etharas: *raises eyebrows* Really?

Brigette: It takes a lot to get a vampire buzzed. *shrug*

Etharas: Ahh yes. *orders another bottle*

Jesu: Is there a reason you too feel the need to drink that much?

Etharas: We need a reason?

Chakor: *rolls eyes*

Jesu: I was only curious.

Brigette: *shrugs* My date wants to drink, I'll drink with him

Etharas: *uncaps both bottles and hands one to Brigette* A toast to you and that devilish dress you are wearing.

Brigette: Oh, this old thing? I'd rather be back in uniform, wielding a sword to tell you the truth. *Takes a swig*

Etharas: A sword? Perhaps after the movie you can come back with me and I'll show you the broad sword my Mother gave me to me.

Brigette: I would love to.

Chakor: *sighes and looks toward the restrooms*

Jesu: *also looks to the restrooms* Do think something happened?

Chakor: *shakes head* No. Probably having some girl talk or something like that.

Brigette: Honestly, Jesu, what in gods name is going to happen to her in a restroom?

*Letarri and Jenna return laughing as they sit down*

Chakor: Everything all right?

Letarri: *smiles* Of course.

Jenna: *giggling* Did we miss anything?

Jesu: Etharas is going to show Brig his sword later...

Chakor: Not really. Etharas and Brigette are having a bottle of tequila - each.

Jenna: *frowns* What?

Etharas: *holds up bottle* Tequila

Brigette: *snorts* I'm sure he'll see a few of my "things" later too.

Etharas: *smirks and takes a drink*

Jenna: Right. That's um ... good for you.

Etharas: Why thank you. I think so too.

Letarri: *coughs* So should we head to the movie to make sure we get seats?

Jesu: Brig, that may not be a good idea.

Etharas: Why not?

Brigette: *frowns* Let me finish my drink first.

Jesu: Do you want to become a vampire, Etharas? Because that very well might happen ... drunk and wanting for fornicate with a VAMPIRE.

Brigette: I do have some self control, Jesu!

Etharas: *blinks* Fornicate? Umm, I was only going to show her the sword my mother gave to me. What a dirty mind you have!

Jesu: Right.

Brigette: What do you care, anyway, Jesu?

Etharas: You go ahead and think I'm cheap and easy. But remember, I couldn't do what I do if they weren't willing too. *swigs tequila*

Jenna: 'couldn't do what I do'?

Etharas: *smirks* Show off my sword.

Jesu: Oh, I am not worried about Brig not being "willing". I'm sure she is very willing

Brigette: Jesu!

Letarri: *leans into Chakor and whispers* I'm not comfortable with this conversation.

Jenna: I think we should have powdered our noses for 5 more minutes

Letarri: *chuckles* Yes.

Brigette: *sulks* I have no intention of biting him...

Chakor: *says to Letarri in a low voice* We'll be at the movies in a little while. It'll be okay.

Etharas: Not even a little bit? *chuckles*

Brigette: *smiles*

Etharas: *whispers in Brigettes ear* How bout I just bite you instead.

Brigette: *perks up and bites her lip*

Etharas: *nips playfully at her neck before sitting up again and taking a sip of tequila*

Chakor: *rolls eyes and mumbles* So glad I decided not to eat.

Brigette: *face gets all flushed and she takes a swig of her own drink*

Letarri: *looks down at lap and twiddles thumbs*

Jesu: I think I warn Ana that one of her fearies might be a vampire soon.


Etharas: But you don't know for certain that I will - I am not human after all.

Jenna: Oh stop, Jesu. Etharas and Brigette get along. That's great.

Brigette: Thank you, Jenna.

Etharas: *raises his bottle to Jenna in thanks*

Jesu: You're right Etharas, you might not become a vampire. You might just die instead.

Etharas: *shrug* Then I'll die happy.

Brigette: I would not let you die. You're too sexy to lay in a grave rotting.

Etharas: *charming smile* Why thank you.

Chakor: *sighs and sips his beer* Do we know what movie we are watching?

Brigette: *twirls a strand of Etharas' hair around her finger*

Jesu: And shouldn't we get going to it?

Letarri: Yes. I think so.

Brigette: We're going to see Avatar

Chakor: Well, I vote for going before we are late. *stands and holds hand out to Letarri*

Letarri: Oh! Anastasia says that's a great movie.

Jesu: Yes, I agree.

Letarri: *takes Chakor's hand*

*Jenna and Jesu get up from the table*

Brigette: *quickly finishes off the bottle of tequila then stands*

Etharas: *stands and dramatically bows to Brigette* May I escort you to the movies?*

Brigette: *hooks her arm in Etharas'* Please.

Chakor: *rolls eyes and steers Letarri toward the door with a hand on the small of her back*

Brigette: Dear sir, what ever would I do without you holding my hand? *bats her eyelashes*

Etharas: *pats her hand* It's okay dearie. I'm here to help you.

Brigette: *scoffs* A feary helping a vampire ...

Etharas: *frowns and walks with Brigette to the door*

Brigette: Sorry, I didn't mean that you couldn't. I'm just not used to men "escorting" me around like I made of glass.

Etharas: It was merely a joke. To make fun of them *points to the others*

Brigette: But I worried I might have offended you with my comment.

Etharas: I don't offend easily. *smiles*

Brigette: Good. *smiles back*

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    Dawn Embers | September 26, 2010 at 7:42 pm
    Wow. This was actually a little tamer than expected but there is time for that in the second half of the date. And I might even like Etharas more now than I did before. He seems to be having a good time and Brigette is quite the match for this date.

    Chakor is great usually, but I think I figured out what makes me choose Etharas over him. While his chivalry is great in general, it can sometimes come out in condescending remarks. Having morals is very important but assuming others around are going to stick to the same types of morals can be a bit much. So, he means well but occasionally sounds a bit stuck up. That’s what I came across from reading the date night anyways.


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