Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strip Club Chat Party

**This week’s Character Chat Party is rated “R” for adult situations and adult language.**

Okay, this week we took Jalmari, Etharas, and Noah to a strip club for a little fun chatting. Why did we think this was a good idea? I don’t know. Because it probably really wasn’t a good idea. It just seemed fitting for these … deeply depressed, yet deeply arrogant … male characters. Anyways, here’s the result. **Don’t read this if you are easily offended.**

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Dawn Embers and Noah enter the club. J.D. waves at them.

J.D.: Hey.

Dawn: Hi.

J.D.: We're waiting for Anastasia and Etharas. She said she might be a couple minutes late.

Dawn: Okay, no worries.

J.D.: Noah can take a seat with Jalmari if he wants. He found a table right up front, go figure.

Dawn: Lol.

Noah takes a minute to look around, then takes a seat near Jalmari.

Jalmari: Greetings ... um ... Noah, is it?

Noah: Yeah. Hi.. how do you pronounce your name?

Jalmari: Yall-mar-EE.

Noah: Okay. Never would have guessed that, but that's cool.

Jalmari: It's Finnish.

Noah: Interesting. Don't hear many Finnish names where I'm from but I don't get around much either. Right now the less people the better.

Jalmari: And where are you from, Noah?

Noah: I don't have a set place right now. I'm heading to North soon, close to the arctic. I think it used to be called Canada but things are a bit unsettled still after the wars and fallouts. Are you from Finland then? Or is your name just from that origin?

Jalmari: My castle is near the artic, but on the other side of the ocean.*chuckles* I was born in Finland, yes. However, my mother is from Sweden.

Noah: Good part about the cold is electricity doesn't conduct as far as it does in warmer climates. Not that I can do much right now, with how I feel. But if I get angry, that's another story. Where do you live now, then?

Jalmari: Finland is still my home, but I travel often. You can manipulate electricity?

Noah: Okay. I've done a lot of traveling over the past few years. I can. Manipulate, control, create, destroy... it's part of my genetic mutation.

Jalmari: You are human though, right?

Noah: *checks around for IP spies* Think this is safe, I'm sort of a rogue at this point. Umm, I guess compared to others I might be called human, but the normal humans don't agree.

Anastasia and Etharas enter the club.

Dawn: Hi Anastasia. :-)

J.D.: *waves* Hey Ana.

Anastasia: *Walks up to the table with Etharas following behind* Hey guys! Sorry we're late.

Etharas: Yes, I have to be late because she is, sadly.

Noah: Hello. We are just doing an introduction conversation.

Etharas: Ahh yes. I think I have met you before Noah. At least, I know you from digging around Anastasia's head. Jalmari, how are you doing? Ahh and the lovely Jen. Wonderful to see you again.

Jalmari: *Stares up at the dancers* Excellent. Yourself?

Etharas: *looks at the dancers* Much better now that we are finally here.

J.D.: Hi Etharas.

Noah: I was at the party after March, if that helps, though a lot has happened since then. *glances at dancers, blushes and looks down at table*

Etharas: Ahh. Yes I remember. Dawn, nice to see you again also.

Dawn: Hello Etharas. Nice to see you too.

Etharas: *snaps his fingers at the waitress and orders a drink*

Jalmari: *sticks a Euro into a blond's bakini bottom*

J.D.: Oh god ... *looks away*

Etharas: The brunette is better I think. *slides a 5 dollar bill into the brunette's cleavage*

J.D.: *blush*

Dawn: Noah, I'll get you a drink.

Etharas: Jen, why don't you get up there and dance? *wiggles eyebrows*

Anastasia: *gasp!*

J.D.: Ahahaha. You're funny. Not.

Noah: I'll need more than one to sit through this.

Etharas: Oh come on! Jalmari wants you to go too right?

Jalmari: Hmm? Yeah, sure. *smiles at the blond*

Etharas: *rolls eyes* Do you even now what I just asked?

Jalmari: Etharas, buddy, get me a Bloody Marry, will you?

Etharas: *grumbles and snaps fingers at the waitress*

J.D.: What is with the finger snapping?

Etharas: Gets their attention, of course.

Noah: *to J.D. as his drink arrives* Are straight men always like this in one of these places?

J.D.: No Noah, we had to bring the bad ones...

Noah: Hmm, okay. At least there are drinks.

Anastasia: Yes. These two are the worst. The other guys would look sure, but not to this level.

J.D.: I apologize for their behavior.

Anastasia: I don't even think Drache would pay much attention. I mean, he'd look but then be bored of it I think...

Jalmari: Hey, just because I'm looking doesn't mean I'm not still grieving.

Etharas: Ha! That's a lie. He'd be oogling the girls too. Not like his wife is satisfying him at the moment. He's gotta get it from somehwere.

Noah: I don't mind, not quite the place for lengthy conversations, it seems. Just didn't know what to expect. This will be an experience at least. Ephram keeps getting at me for secluding myself too much. *stares at Etharas for a few seconds*

Etharas: Yes, seclusion is a terrible thing.

Noah: Less people get hurt in seclusion.

Jalmari: Where's the fun in that, Noah? I plan on "hurting" at least one of these talented humans... Perhaps Drache is not into ladies.

J.D.: Jalmari you will NOT bring any of these women into my head. Ew.

Etharas: *laughs*

Anastasia: Hey! Now that's not nice. Drache is happily married.

Etharas: Happily? Pfft. Noah, would you be happy if the person you were with didn't want sex?

Dawn: Well, married doesn't always mean... but so far I haven't gotten that impression from him.

Etharas: I wonder what being with a human would feel like. Any different than a faery I wonder...hrmmm.

Jalmari: They are more delicate, which can be fun and annoying at the same time.

Etharas: Annoying? Well, it's only for one night right? I can handle annoying for a little while.

Anastasia: Etharas, seriously. You are terrible.

Noah: *stares at counter* Sex with me isn't easy cause of the electricity. Not to mention the fact that my boyfriend dumped me and the other one I fell in love with died less than a month ago. *goes silent*

Jalmari: *makes a face* My Leena died recently...

Etharas: And my love left me for another. *frowns*

J.D.: Oh boy, here we go...

Anastasia: *sigh* Yup. Ya know Etharas, Jen and I thought to hook you up with Brigette.

Etharas: Really? *ponders the idea*

Noah: Sorry to hear that, both of you. I think that's why Dawn brought me instead of Lucas. She thinks hanging out here with you all might cheer things up

Jalmari: *Stares at the floor*

Noah: Not that I'll find someone here *almost smiles*

Etharas: I'm sure there are some male dancers around.

Jalmari: Etharas will shake it for you.

Anastasia: *COUGH*

Jalmari: *chuckles*

Dawn: *giggles*

Noah: I'm okay with being alone right now. Plus I don't have to apologize for every electic shock that happens. Though, if I tried who knows ‘cause it gets messed up when I'm depressed.

Jalmari: You should learn better control of your powers.

Noah: I have full control as long as I'm not depressed or super angry.

Etharas: *Smiles up at the brunnete and slips another 5 dollar bill into her bikini*

Jalmari: I can do some neat tricks with my powers.

Noah: Depression makes it less powerful at least. Wouldn't hurt much to anyone, just might mess up a light bulb. Angry is the one that I have to be careful about.

Jalmari: While in bed, that is.

Anastasia: Really!? *ponders the possibilities*

Noah: *Smiles and has a slight blush*

Etharas: And you think I'm sick Anastasia? *shakes head*

Jalmari: *Flashes a smile* Really, Ana. Don't think too hard, darling.

Anastasia: Meh.

Etharas: *Whispers into the Brunette's ear*

J.D.: *Kicks Jalmari under the table*

Jalmari: *Frowns*

Etharas: *The brunette giggles and walks off stage* *Ethara's smirks and turns to Noah* She’s getting a male dancer to come out here for ya, my friend. *wink*

Noah: *full red faced* You really didn't have to do that.

Jalmari: That is not where my mind went at all.

Etharas: Well, don't want you to feel left out.

J.D.: Aww, how sweet.

Etharas: What? You don't think I'll get a priate show later? HA, you bet I will.

Noah: Guess it doesn't hurt to look.

J.D.: *whispers* A priate show??

Anastasia: *shrug*

Anastasia: Etharas, you aren't going to bring that brunette into my head are you?


Anastasia: Exactly.

Noah: You should see in Dawn's head. With the erotica romance characters and all.

Dawn: I'm easily distracted with different characters, it's true.

Anastasia: NO Etharas you can't go look.

Etharas: I didn't say anything!

Anastasia: But you were thinking it.

Etharas: Humph.

J.D.: Look at what?

Anastasia: Inside Dawn's head.

Dawn: But they are all male/male couples, just so you know ;-)

Anastasia: AHAHHA then by all means Etharas go look if you like.

Etharas: No offense, but no thanks.

Anastasia: ROFLMAO

Dawn: lol

Jalmari: Sex is sex. *shrug*

Noah: *snickers*

Anastasia: *gasp* Really Jalmari? Never would have guessed it.

Jalmari: I prefer females, but remember I grew up in the year 400 BC. No one really cared then.

Etharas: *Brunette plants herself in his lap* Uh huh. Sure.

Noah: *watches for a sec out of curiosity* Okay then.

Anastasia: Ya know Etharas. You sit here and say you want Lettari so bad, but umm what would she say if she knew you had another in your lap?

Etharas: How is she going to know?

Anastasia: *sigh*

J.D.: She could be watching right now. In Ana's head... Using Ana's eyes....

Etharas: *grumbles*

J.D.: I'm such an instigator. *Evil grin*

Jalmari: Yes, Jen, you like to tourtur us. We know.

Etharas: *gently shoves the brunette from his lap* Happy now you two? I hate you both.

Anastasia: Hey! That's not nice. What did Jen ever do to you?

Noah: Isn't the goal of these places just to get away a little bit, even if you have someone waiting at home? It's not a big deal unless they do something in the private rooms. I tried to research beforehand to know what I was getting into.

J.D.: True Noah, but Etharas had the girl in his lap.

Etharas: Normally yes Noah. That is the case. However, with this being stored in Anastasia's memory bank, Letarri is sure to find out. And while normally I wouldn't care, I am trying to convince her to leave that horrible Chakor fellow and come back to me. So -- I have to do what Letarri would want. *sigh*

Noah: Aren't those called lap dances?

J.D.: I thought this place had a "no touch" policy?

Etharas: I was getting a special exception to the rule. But you ruined it.

J.D.: You're welcome.

Dawn: Maybe he can make up for it later ;-)

Anastasia: lol

Etharas: Better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission! *pulls brunette back into his lap*

Anastasia: *shakes head* I think it's a lost cause Jen.

Dawn: Oops.

Jalmari: *glances at the blond's neck as she tosses her hair back*

Anastasia: It's okay Dawn. He would have found any excuse.

Noah: *Has his own slight distraction and a second drink*

Jalmari: Since my mate is dead ...*shrug* Who cares?

Noah: Only if you're ready.

Dawn: Noah, still planning on the celibacy or are you changing your mind?

Noah: It's not a plan. It's what I need to do

Jalmari: *coughs* CELIBACY?

Dawn: yeah. Noah's sworn off sex or so he says.

Etharas: *chokes* CELIBACY!? WHAT!?

Noah: What? It's not that big of a deal or anything.

Jalmari: Etharas, another drink from the bar.

Etharas: Am I your servant or something?

Jalmari: I can't stand up right now if you get my drift.

Anastasia: OMG So did not need to know that.

Dawn: *avoids looking at Jalmari for the moment*

Etharas: Of course. *snaps fingers at the waitress* Another Bloody Mary and another pint of ale for me please.

Etharas: *to Noah* Not that big of a deal? I have to strongly disagree with you there.

Noah: It's just sex. And I don't want to deal with the drama and hurting anyone right now. Besides, the only one going up north with me is Ephram. He's gay and all but umm, it's awkward. He was with the one that passed away that I fell for.

Etharas: That does complicate things a bit I suppose but just to swear off it entirely? I'd rather die.

Noah: There might be weak moments but I survived before it, so I'm sure I can survive without.

Etharas: AHAHAH I know I CAN survive without it too. My point is that I don't WANT to.

Dawn: *holds the secrets* what if Bastian comes back?

Noah: ... I'm going to ignore that. I want it sometimes it's just... I feel bad for not being able to control the electricity in that moment; there is just no way to control because that is the point in some ways.

Etharas: I see. Well I wish you luck with that. *returns his attention to the brunette in his lap*

Noah: umm, thanks I guess. Can't be that hard… I hope.

Jalmari: That's a shame. My powers are quite useful in that area.

J.D.: You should teach some of those "tricks" to Jenna. Poor girl.

Jalmari: Would she listen to me?

J.D.: Good point.

Noah: I'm thinking of having something made to block the elecricity. Don't know if it will work 100% but should help. Though I doubt that will end the celibacy.

Jalmari: You want to block your powers too?

Noah: Yes. It's too dangerous and I think I'd be better off without them all the time. Then I can't be used as long as I can avoid the government.

Jalmari: Your life would be terribly lonesome.

Etharas: Can you make something to block Chakor's powers? That would be fantastic. Maybe then Letarri would come to her senses.

Jalmari: My relationship with Leena was no easy feat ... but then ... she died to save me. You know what, you're right, being alone IS safer.

Noah: I can't make anything. I'm hoping Ephram will make the band for me. He's young but that guy is smart.

Dawn: He isn't going to like that Noah.

J.D.: I'm confused, I thought Ephram died?

Dawn: It's hard after a loss, and being alone at first can be better but don't let it take over the rest of your life.

Noah: No. His boyfriend died. I didn't give the other's name. I don't know if I can even say it right now.

J.D.: Oh, okay, gotcha. No problem.

Anastasia: And Etharas, considering that Letarri left you because you slept with another has nothing to do with Chakor.

Jalmari: *Laughs* That's classic.

Noah: The reason for loss doesn't make it easier.

Etharas: Right. He used his powers to manipulate her into going back to him. Sure, it might have been a little my fault she left, but going to HIM was his fault.

Anastasia: *shakes head*

Noah: Manipulation?

Jalmari: Etharas, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Why not choose another?

Etharas: Jalmari but you should have seen his faena. Silver, sparkly skin, pure white hair, and the bluest eyes I've ever seen!

Noah: I slept with someone else but my relationship had been crumbling for years before it happened.

Jalmari: Yes but she wasn't special, was she?

Etharas: Nope. I mean, besides the fact I'd never been with her type before...

Jalmari: Seems to me, your chance with Lettari is shot. Find another special lady.

Etharas: *frowns and gulps his drink*

Jalmari: *chuckles* Lying with a silver fairy does sound like fun.What do you do with the wings?

Etharas: What do you mean? They just fold down our backs when we aren't using them.

Dawn: Depends on the type of wings and such, I'm guessing. No Noah, you don't get to meet the wood fae, he's taken anyways.

Noah: I didn't...

Jalmari: Can you lie on your backs or does that hurt?

Etharas: Some faena's like it when you massage their wings but otherwise... Oh no it doesn't hurt. It's much like leaning against her hair or something. Doesn't hurt until you move the wrong way. But we are used to having them there, so it doesn't happen too often.

Jalmari: Are the wings ... ticklish?

Etharas: *chuckles* Some are, yes. They have feelings just like an arm or a leg. Just a part of us. *shrug*

Jalmari: How perfect.

J.D.: Jalmari, whatever you're thinking of doing, don't!

Anastasia: Should I hide my faeries from him?

J.D.: Probably.

Jalmari: Jen, you ruin all the fun.

Etharas: Just the females right?

Anastasia: Umm, I don't think Jalmari really cares either way, Etharas.

Jalmari: *laughs*

Dawn: Maybe just the ones that couldn't teach him a lesson... lol.

Anastasia: HA!

Jalmari: Like a faery would have anything on me...

Dawn: Depends on the type. They can be strong and have abilities.

Jalmari: And I can turn into a cloud of smoke at will ...

Etharas: Nice. I can read minds. Can be rather useful at times.

Jalmari: I am only touched when I want to be touched. *wink*

Dawn: The fire ones would have fun with a cloud of smoke. Lol.

Anastasia: Or Air.

Jalmari: *grumbles* My brother pulls that fire shit on me.

Etharas: So glad I don't have a brother.

Noah: *finishes drink* I don't know much about any fae, that's Dawn's stuff with the umm steampunk ones, right?

Dawn: Right Noah.

Noah: I have a brother. He's just really really strong, like dad.

Etharas: Anastasia has a bunch of them living in her head - faeries, elves, dragons...

J.D.: Steampunk faeries? How awesome!

Anastasia: I know!

Dawn: Yep. Steampunk fae with the less used elemental system.

J.D.: Nice. I want to read that one.

Anastasia: I had an idea for steampunk elves.... But not sure yet…

Dawn: I'm world building first, first time ever, but I hope to write it soon.

Etharas: MORE elves? Anastasia really. There are enough beings living in your head.

J.D.: lol.

Dawn: I still need to do the elf novel, it was my real dream for writing. Then the mutants took over.

Noah: But you love us.

J.D.: I have an idea for a cyber punk series. *nods*

Anastasia: Oooo. Is that the siren one?

J.D.: No, the siren one will be urban fantasy.

Dawn: Hijacking the boys night out with novel chat? Lol.

Anastasia: They are paying attention to the dancers anyway. LOL.

Noah: Well, I don't know anyting about faeries and that other stuff. We don't have them in the world she put me in.

Jalmari: Hmm what? *glides his hand along a female's leg*

Etharas: We don't have vampires or mutants in ours either, but I know a little from meeting you two.*whispers into brunette's ear and chuckles*

Anastasia: *rolls eyes* Jen, why did we think it was good idea to bring them here?

J.D.: I have no idea. I thought they would talk a bit more.

Noah: Oh vampire. I wasn't going to ask but I couldn't quite plce him...

Anastasia: And Etharas, you do have vampires in your world, you just haven't met them.

Jamlari: Shh. You'll scare away the ladies.

Etharas: Uh, huh, okay. *massages the dancer's neck*

Noah: She put the vampires in a different world.

Dawn: They aren't exactly vampires.You know that. I leave them to the boyfriend to write.

Jalmari: Etharas, while you are waiting for Lettari to come to her senses, you should try sleeping with a vampire female. They are unlike no other.

Etharas: Really? Well Anastasia did say they wanted to hook me up with Brigette. Might have to seriously consider that.

Jalmari: Think about it. We never get tired ...

J.D.: Your bf writes vampire stories?

Dawn: Yeah he does. He loves vampires.

J.D.: Romantic kind or horror kind?

Dawn: I don't know. Not my taste so I haven't pushed the issue further (no offense cause you all are fine, just others I've tried to read or watch).

J.D.: No problem, I was just curious.

Etharas: Jalmari do you know this Brigette person? What is she like?

Noah: You're not thinking of setting me up with anyone, are you?

Dawn: You'll find out later.

Anastasia: LOL.

Jalmari: *Snickers* She's German. She's wild.

Etharas: Wild huh? Excellent.

Noah: Hmm. Wild? What constitutes as wild?

Jalmari: *Nods* She does some pretty hot stuff with a sword.

Etharas: I wonder if I could read a vampires mind.... might have to try it with her.

Jalmari: Do you know German?

Etharas: No. But I can learn it. Anastasia used to speak it so it's in her head somewhere.

J.D.: LOL.

Noah: Violence is a bit... unattractive. Or is that just my taste?

Anastasia: Violence? Where?

Jalmari: She's not really violent, but she can kick your ass well enough.

Etharas: Nice.

Dawn: No where, just the mention of weapons made him think of it.

Anastasia: Gotcha.

Jalmari: She trains new vampires. Also, Etharas, she's a bit desperate, if you catch my drift...

Dawn: ...

Etharas: Really? How come?

J.D.: Ah, Jalmari, you're leaving out one detail Etharas might want to know about.

Etharas: And what's that?

Jalmari: *Shrugs* Let’s just say she's been in your tight spot before. Watching a man she loved run off…

Etharas: Ahh I see.

Anastasia: Would Brigette even be willing to be with a faery? Since she's a vamp and all would she think Etharas is benath her something?

J.D.: I don’t know but it's not like she's rich and snooty.

Etharas: *sips ale and thinks about being with a vamp*

Anastasia: LOL, she was checking out Chakor when he raided their slumber party.

J.D.: Hahaha. True. Noah, are you still there?

Noah: Yeah. Just listening to the conversation.

Jalmari: We never sleep. We can go on and on and on ...

Noah: Quite the set up going on

Etharas: She was checking out Chakor!?!?

Anastasia: Umm..well..umm...

J.D.: Well not really. She asked if he had a brother.

Etharas: *growls*

Jalmari: All the more reason to go after her, right? You know, before Chakor steals them both...

Etharas: Yes. I will not lose any more to Chakor. *slams fist on the table*

Anastasia: Me thinks Jalmari is instigating here....

J.D.: Oh Jalmari, you always take things too far.

Jalmari: I have no idea what you're talking about. *angelic smile*

Anastasia: No offense, but you really don't pull off the angelic smile thing, Jalmari.

J.D.: Yeah, especially with the fangs, dude.

Noah: Have I met Chakor?

Anastasia: No you haven't, Noah. He's a newer character.

Etharas: He's a cheater! So be glad you have not met him.

Noah: Oh okay.

J.D.: And so is Brigette. A new character, that is. Not a cheater.

Anastasia: LOL

Dawn: I think Lucas met him.

Jalmari: *grins to himself while tucking another bill into a woman's top*

Etharas: *gives brunette a 100 dollar bill and sends her away, more interested in Brigette and the possiblities now*

Anastasia: Etharas -- where are you getting this money from?


Etharas: Umm… I exchanged my yantas and herties...yea, that's what I did.


Dawn: So… Etharas, still think you're irrisistible? *wink*

Etharas: Of cousre I'm irrisistable! Not my fault other people can't see it.

Dawn: lol… okay then.

J.D.: You had to ask, Dawn? LOL

Dawn: Changes convo focus.

Noah: *looks* Really?


Anastasia: ROFLMAO

Noah: *shrugs*

Etharas: *coughs*

Anastasia: So umm, how bout them Yankees? Hehehe.

Jalmari: *pays a redhead for a lapdance*

Noah: No offense man, just not my type. Though I doubt that breaks your heart. *wink*

Etharas: I respect your honesty at least.

J.D.: *whispers* Does he think Lettari is not being honest? LOL.

Etharas: I can hear you. And no, I do think Letarri is being honest - but her honesty is clouded. She might truly believe what she feels is true, but with Chakor maniupating her feelings, even she doesnt' now it's a lie.

Noah: Though I know a female mutant who would consider you. *wink*

Etharas: Really? Mutant and a vampire… hrmm...

Noah: Yeah. She's not walk in the park, easy female. But you seem like her type. Just watch out for that wind if you get her temper up.

Jalmari: Screw the human. Vampire babes are better.

Etharas: Hahaha.

Anastasia: Jalmari, if he screwed the human wouldn't he have umm...screwed the human anyway?

Noah: Well, kinda human but not exact. You might offend the normal ones putting us together with them.

Jalmari: *Shrug* Who cares as long as he experiences a vampire too. Have both, if you must, but be smart about it. Don't get caught AGAIN.

Anastasia: Ouch!

Noah: *grins to himself* Good luck.

Etharas: Humph *gulps the last bit of his ale*

J.D.: What's with the grin, Noah?

Dawn: When did this become a hookup planning session? Lol.

Noah: Oh, nothing.

Etharas: *blinks* I feel like I've just been set up, on purpose.

Jalmari: It was either hook the man up or let him bring home the stripper.

Etharas: Can't I do both?

Jalmari: Ask Ana, it's her head

Anastasia: No you can't. And when you are with Brigette, you can't do the nasty in my head either. You can go to Jen's head for that. *grin*

J.D.: Wait...

Noah: And were you looking for something tonight Jalmari?

Jalmari: *shakes his head*

Etharas: Don't worry Jen. I'll make sure you like it too. *Wink*

J.D.: Oh god. Thanks Ana. *frown*

Anastasia: *giggles* You're welcome!

J.D.: Like it's not bad enough I have dreams about Jalmari...

Etharas: I promise you'll like it. Don't fight the inevitable Jen. You know you want it.

Dawn: You want some of my dreams? Lol. I don't need any more novel ideas from them.

J.D.: Really, Etharas, I don't need a threesome in my head.

Noah: And don't even think of adding any of that junk in my next book. I don't want it.

J.D.: Oh that is so wrong!

Dawn: *whispers* Oh but you don't know what is coming. Hehehe

J.D.: lol.

Anastasia: *giggles*

Noah: *grumbles* Hasn't the revolution been enough? Course not. Why am I asking?

Etharas: You don't know that they live to torture us? They plot and scheme together for other nasty horrible stuff to do to us.

Dawn: Depends on what is called torture. I prefer he find a love but he's being stubborn about that.

Noah: And you know why!

Jalmari: And for the record, I'm doing this for both Etharas AND Brigette.

Etharas: Well, I thank you Jalmari.

J.D.: They are always so stubborn. *sigh*

Noah: I guess things could be worse. So... are you going to finish book 1 so you can get to this point some time soon. I mean, we're after book 3 here and all you've got is book 1.

Dawn: Yes, hold on. I've got to get Ephram through his story too so he can be an adult when you all meet.

Anastasia: They are always so impatient.

Dawn: Yeah, they can be but it doesn't help I have too many going at once.

Noah: *nods*

Etharas: Well, you don't write fast enough.

Anastasia: *Frown* I can quit working on your story all together, Etharas, and work on another project.

Etharas: Umm, please don't do that.

Anastasia: That's what I thought.

Dawn: Besides, I am not going to write the rest in the series ‘till I have book one queried.

Noah: Yeah, yeah.

Dawn: Hard to believe it has been like 2 hours.

Anastasia: Oh yea, the slumber party I think was for like 3 or 4.

J.D.: Hehe yeah

Anastasia: But we had what? 11 people there?

J.D.: We never quite know how to end these things.

Dawn: Well you had the pajama stuff going on and stuff.

Noah: No dress up here, thankfull. Even I can't handle that stuff.

J.D.: Yeah the boys are kind of boring ‘cause we can't dress them up in cute outfits.

Etharas: Yes. Thank the Gods. I'd get irritated mighty fast if they wanted to dress us up.

Jalmari: *rolls his eyes*

Anastasia: But the boys have fights.

Etharas: You just had to bring that up didn't you? *sigh*

Anastasia: Hey, it's not my fault. You did it to yourself.

Noah: *plays with light near him* *it flickers in a pattern* Maybe I've got it... *random light in back goes off* Oh never mind. *stops*

Jalmari: Ah that's better. Darker… I'd rather dress down. Down to a silk sheet against my loins and nothing more.

Anastasia: *blinks*

Dawn: *blinks in different direction*

Noah: *stares at ceiling*

Etharas: Silk is nice, but I prefer velvet against my nether regions.

Anastasia: *blinks again*

Noah: *blushes again*

Jalmari: *cocks an eyebrow* Does it feel like ...?

Etharas: A little bit, yes.

Jalmari: Excellent.

Dawn: I don't want to know.

J.D.: This is the most awkward chat party ever.

Anastasia: Sad thing is, I do know. In detail. He lives in my head and all that. ROFLMAO

J.D.: No more strip clubs. lol.

Noah: It is a little umm awkward.

Anastasia: I agree. I don't know why we thought this was a good idea in the first place.

Jalmari: Am I making you blush, Jen?

Dawn: Though most of it had nothing to do with the dancers being there, so don't know if limiting that would help.

Anastasia: You have a point there Dawn.

J.D.: Yeah, I think it's just Jalmari and Etharas being together in same room. Bad idea.

Noah: They seem fun. As long as you don't bring that one in ‘cause I'm not getting near a fight.

Anastasia: Who, Chakor?

J.D.: That one?

Noah: The one he doesn't like *points*

Anastasia: Chakor.

J.D.: Yeah, Chakor.

Noah: Yeah. Wait for Lucas for that stuff. Demons might like fights more.

Anastasia: I try not to let them fight, but there have been a few hits in there before I could stop them.

Dawn: Umm Noah, you punched guys in the past.

Jalmari: So Etharas, you want Brigette's number or what? *slips him a napkin with her number on it anyway*

Etharas: *slips napkin into his pocket* Thanks.

Noah: He kidnapped my bf and was using me. That was deserved.

Dawn: Just saying. You aren't 100% no violence like you act sometimes.

J.D.: Is any man?

Noah: Maybe you're right. Still, don't like it.

Etharas: Well Chakor deserves it too.

Jalmari: I need to um ... walk this off or something. *looks down at his lap*

Noah: Yeah, walking is the method. I mean… I didn't say that.

Anastasia: OH MY GAWD!!

Jalmari: Hehe, yeah. That's what you'll say later.

Anastasia: *hides eyes* Pfft puhlease. If you invade my dreams Jalmari, we are going to fight.

J.D.: *face palm* Why?

Anastasia: Why what?

Jalmari: Is that a promise? I love when they struggle a little.

Anastasia: You have issues.

J.D.: Why can't Jalmari stop embarrassing me!

Anastasia: It's how he shows he loves you Jen? *shrug*

Noah: Guess this helps practice being around guys and not doing anything. Awkward but okay.

Etharas: You said I wasn't your type anyway Noah. *chuckle*

Noah: There's more than one guy here.

Etharas: *chuckles*

Jalmari: *raises his eyebrow at Noah and grins*

Noah: More the situation. I'm not used to it cause I used to spend my time with Bastian but now, he moved on so.

Anastasia: Goodness.

Dawn: I don't think Noah's blushed this much before. Lol.

J.D.: I don't think Jalmari has ever been this naughty before!

Anastasia: I'm sure he has. He just didn't tell you.

Jalmari: Well Jen, I had a mate before.

Anastasia: That too.

Noah: It's good that having a mate affected it.

J.D. *sigh* I know - blame me for killing her.

Jalmari: Or Jenna...

J.D.: *wince*

Anastasia: Umm, wasn't it Leena's idea in the first place?

Jalmari: *eyes flash* If Jenna had just DIED like she was supposed to, none of this would have happened!

Anastasia: It was just a question. Gaw...

Noah: I still wonder why it wasn't me... *settles back in chair*

Anastasia: Why what wasn't you?

Noah: The one that dies in the last book. It should have been.

Anastasia: Ahh.

Dawn: Without you stopping the machine, they would have won and all mutants would be in danger.

Noah: He could walk through people. How does a knife get someone who can do that? Sorry *realizes he's brought the mood down* Umm… Another round of drinks anyone?

Etharas: I'll take another pint.

Anastasia: You're not going to be stumbling around my brain later are you?

Etharas: Probably.

Anastasia: *sigh*

Jalmari: I'll take something stronger. Rum.

Noah: Does liquor affect you the same as a human?

Dawn: Rum isn't all tha strong, is it? I could go for some though. I'll get the drinks. *does so*

Etharas: Yes. Faeries liquor does anyway. Human beer doesn't do much - takes A LOT to have an effect.

Jalmari: The entire bottle, please?

Dawn: Ahh, bottle. Okay.*delivers the drinks*

J.D.: *sigh* Don't do that to yourself, boys.

Etharas: *ignores Jen and takes a swig of the ale* Thank you Dawn.

Noah: True, we shouldn't over do it too much.

Jalmari: *Drinks straight from the bottle*

Anastasia: This will not end well.

Noah: I don't like the aftermath from drinking too much. Dizzyness and electricity don't mix well. Lol.

Anastasia: Perhaps we should end this before they get drunk ay?

J.D.: Well the good thing is it takes a LOT to get a 2 thousand year old vampire drunk...Yes I agree. Jalmari, dearest, let's go.

Etharas: But this party is just getting started.

Dawn: Yeah. I have some homework to do. Though this is fun. And Noah has a blog post to get ready.

Noah: Yeah. I know.

Jalmari: Fine by me, but I'm bringing the Rum with.

Etharas: Yea, I'm taking the ale.

Anastasia: *sigh* Fine.

Jalmari: Noah, Etharas. Been nice.

Etharas: *stands* Jalmari, Noah, nice to see you. Jen and Dawn - extra lovely to see you.

Noah: I hope to see you again soon, both of you. *smiles*

Dawn: Lovely to see you too Etharas and Jalmari.

Jalmari: *winks at Noah* Like wise.

Etharas: *picks up pint and walks out the door*

J.D.: *kicks Jalmari*

Noah: *still grinning* Bye.

J.D.: Dawn, Noah, thanks for coming. Bye.

Anastasia: Yes, it was great fun.

Dawn: It was fun.

Anastasia: *waves*

J.D.: Ana, I'll see you later?

Anastasia: Yes indeedy ma'am.

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