Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chatting with Frankie's Peep's

Ri: So what are we supposed to do here?

Frankie: Introduce yourself.

Ri: I thought we already did. Go here.

Frankie: As always, m'dear, you're a peach.

Ri: *glares*

Frankie: What has you in such a bad mood?

Ri: Nothing.

Kat: Her and Rune are fighting.

Ri: We are not.

Kat: Are too.

Ri: Are not.

Kat: Are--

Frankie: Kids! Do you want to talk about it?

Ri: No.

Dexx: I do.

Frankie: Dexx, knock it off. Don't pick on her.

Dexx: No, I think that if there's stuff that needs talked about, we should.

Paige: *rolls eyes* That was most definately aimed at me.

Kat: Oh, yes! I sooooooo want to hear! What's up this time?

Paige: Sweetie, it has nothing to do with you.

Kat: Obviously, but we're sharing Frankie's head, so it does.

*everyone stares at each other for a moment...well, except for Ri who's still in a really bad mood*

Frankie: There is some logic to that, I think.

Kat: *sticks out her tongue and smiles*

Dexx: *sticks his tongue out and grins back*

Paige: *throws hands in the air* It's like I'm dealing with kids all the time here.

Frankie: Well...

Paige: Dexx is a full grown man! So don't.

Frankie: *hands up and backing away* Sorry. Sorry. *turns to audience* Well, obviously, everyone's in a bit of a snit. I think next time we're up, we're going to discuss character dynamics because, well, we've got a LOT of that going on right now. 

Kat: *bounces up to join Frankie* I'm in a good mood.

Frankie: Kitters, you're in a good mood because you're sister's in a bad one.

Kat: *impish grin* 

Frankie: Anyway, we'll get to the introductions, keeping them short and sweet. You can't see this, but there are a bunch of other people hiding in the wings, but we'll only drag out the main characters for now. Syn is over the Atlantic right now, and all radio and visual communications are gone. We'll see if we can't get him back when he gets closer to the Americas. So, starting things off! *does a rather fast and informal iney-meaney-miney-mo* Dexx, you're up.


Okay, well, again I'm from the Demon Talker series. I'm 34, a Scorpio and I like a good whiskey. I'm a demon hunter and you can bet I've seen my share of ugly things. I'm helping Paige who's a loose cannon. When the world does end, it will be her fault. Just so you know.


Thanks for that vote of confidence, hi-speed. I'm Detective Paige Ansley and the demon talker. I will not bring about the end of the world. I almost did, but I also managed to stop it. Let's be clear about this.

Right now, I'm having a lot of fun raising my daughter and son, Leah and Bobby. I really can't wait for you to meet them. *cringe-filled sigh* And my niece and nephews, and my sister and brother-in-law, and Grandma Alma. I have a feeling, I have another niece on the way. Oh, gods, just wait until you meet my family. They're wonderful and awful in the same breath. But I love them.

I will NOT bring about the end of the world


Hey, I'm in the Chronicles of Ri - and judging by the title of the series, it's about me. *shakes head* It's really not. I'm just there for most of it. It's really about everyone in my family; my sister, my mom, my dad, all of our friends and family. I think Frankie named it after me to make fun of my love-non-love life. *eye roll*

I love the color purple, I wear glasses and am a complete and total dork. I know some of the greatest people in two WORLDS and I'm lucky enough to have them as friends.

What else is there to say?

And I am NOT in a wickedly bad mood. I just don't want to be laughed at AGAIN.


I don't care if she wants to be laughed at or not. I'm laughing!

Today, my favorite color is GREEEEEEEEN! BRIGHT GREEEEEEEN! And I'm Haaaaaappppyyyyy!  Whoot! I don't know why. I just woke up that way and I'm good with it. 

I'm Ri's younger sister. Nope. I'm Ri's ONLY sister and she's my best friend.  I have other friends, but she's the best one ever.

Oh! Kitty! Gotta go. *giggles madly and scampers off after kitten*

And there you have 'em folks.


  1. This is great! I always do love reading about your characters!

    Rosyani::: Paige, do not worry about ending the world. I think my uncontrollable powers will end it first, so you are off the hook.

  2. Nice to meet you all. If it makes you feel better, I've probably heard at least 50 different ways the world is going to end. The curse of being a policy debater is everyone has extinction scenarios. Oi. I like how they had to interact together in the beginning. All of you seem fun and I can't wait to read more blog posts.

  3. Paige: Thanks. Dexx is a chicken. He feels the THOUGHT of rain, and he thinks the sky is falling.

    Dexx: Do not!

    Paige: *eye roll* Royani, please, for the love all things still living, learn to control your gift. I'll make a promise with you. You learn yours and I'll learn mine.

    Frankie: You'll learn yours no matter what.

    Paige: *duh look* Obviously. Just trying to boost a girl up.

    Kat: SCHOOL SUCKS! Shouldn't we be out for Christmas break yet?

    Frankie: Kat, get back to class.

    Kat: It's LUNCH time. *tongue*

    Frankie: Fine, fine, fine. But I have to get back to work.

    Kat: Fine, fine, fine. Leave me alone. All by myself.

    Paige: Aren't you eating with your friends?

    Kat: *shrug* Sure, but they're not here yet.

    Dexx: *snort* I'll stay with you, Kitters. Let the boring grown ups go work.

    Paige: Except that I'm your boss and I say--

    Dexx: --to let poor Kat stay here all by herself because you're a meanie.

    *enter Kat's friends*

    Paige: *expectant look, crossing arms over chest*

    Dexx: *grumble* Fine, slave driver. When do WE get lunch?

    Paige: When people stop ending up dead.

    Frankie: CRAP, people, I've GOT to go! *waves to Anastasia and Dawn and all their characters before going back to FIXTURES!!!!!!!* See ya!!!

  4. Hooray! Good to meet everybody :D


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