Monday, December 13, 2010

Noah and Lucas write introductions

Hello, fellow bloggers and readers. Dawn here. I have a quick introduction then I'll let the two characters I have for this week that will take over. Since we are actually doing two posts for introductions I have two main characters for this post, and one of them is going to introduce others from his world since he has already guest posted before about just himself. Or at least, back when he was at the end of book 3, which is why I'm speaking first. Since I have only the first draft of book 1 in his series done, and because some of the characters involved are teens (posting on this blog as well in the next introduction), I'm going to have him post from where he was at in book 1 (Standing Ground). The old post can be found here: Noah's guest post.  If this gets long, my apologies, for I have to let the second main character speak, Lucas, because I can't have him and Elijah in the same post yet even though they are the two main characters of a paranormal romance. So, with all that said, here is Noah and his introduction of important people from book 1.


Noah: Hello. *gives a quick wave* I am Noah, a genetic mutant from Dawn's books. We were once a guest, so I'm happy to be a more permanent member of the blog now. Last time I posted mostly about my mutation and some of the struggles I go through in this series but I think this time I'll talk about those that are involved with me. We're only talking the first section of troubles, right?

Dawn: Right.

Noah: Okay. I had just finished a double major in physics and military science. The last part was because my father insisted and he did pay for the schooling but I really wanted to study physics to give myself a better understanding of energy. I can control it but don't like people knowing what I am capable of doing. I spent the last several years living in two locations: my parents' house and my best friend's apartment (Dominic) that they helped pay for. Dominic has been my best friend since we were in school. He's also a mutant though his power is a confusing type of prophetic dreaming that requires he be asleep more often than not. In fact, he'd say hello right now but he's sleeping.

Noah: Then there is my boyfriend Sebastian, though he hates to be called by his full first name. He prefers to be called Bastian. I met him at the beginning of when Dawn started writing the story. At first, he's a bit nervous and in less shape because he didn't work out too much and preferred to study or read. His major was philosophy but then he joins the military and things change. Some of the changes were better than others. He isn't a mutant though, and at first he didn't think I was either despite how I look. I should have told him as it probably would have turned out better than him finding out the way he did but it turns out he doesn't care that I am.

Noah: Finally, there are a few that I'd like to mention but don't worry, there aren't any pictures of them yet. These are important if you consider the whole story and not just what gets placed in book 1, though readers meet them there. They are the first set of "rogue mutants" I ever meet, though they certainly aren't the last ones. Two of them were once friends, though after a falling out they had to leave the school so I hadn't seen them since we were teens. First is the somewhat leader, Ty. He is a bit of a jerk and he would often get me into trouble. Ty had to leave because they wanted to stop him from using his mutation too often because he was what could be called a copy cat as he could imitate almost any other mutation if given the opportunity. Along with him as the weather controller, Kelvin, who had trouble controlling his emotions and thus sometimes the weather. The new ones they bring are Michael and Camile. Camile seems to be a bit hard edged and she controls wind. On the other hand, Michael seems very nice compared to the others and he's kind of cute... I mean, he umm controls both fire and ice. Not sure how they all met up but when they get around to telling their side of things I may find out.

Noah: That's all I will mention for now since I'm taking up a lot of space and there is still the demon who is supposed to introduce himself this post. Sorry about rambling and I'm sure I'll be posting again soon.


Lucas: Umm, hi. *puts hands in pocket and looks around* This is a bit different. I've done the chats before on that twitter thing and once in a regular chat room but this is my first blog. Guess it'll be nice to do something outside the whole demon crap I have to deal with nowadays. Being a demon sucks. Don't let anyone fool you with all that chat about fire and eternal heat with no snow because it's a lie! I'm stuck in Detroit where I spend my days freezing cold. Other than that, I guess things could be worse considering. Hard to believe that not having a belief in God would put me here but I'm doing my best to make due with the whole situation. Other than the whole, non-dead type thing, being a demon is rather boring. I don't shoot fire from my hands or anything cool like that. Right now, I'm living on another demons couch and we work without pay delivering messages around the area. Aside from the cold, there is a feeling of emptiness that I'm still trying to figure out. It's a dull aching type of emptiness and I definitely have no direction. For now, I'm lost but can only hope that until whatever rapture type disaster comes for my marked soul that I can make the best of this "life" as a demon.  That's all I really have to say for now. *walks away*


  1. Hi Noah, welcome back! *waves* And hello Lucas, nice to meet you. :)

  2. Noah: *waves*

    Dawn: J.D. I think you've met Lucas before. He and Jenna had a conversation back after umm MarNo, I believe. They talked about having to adjust to their new lives, him being a new demon and her a new vampire.

    Lucas: I remember that party. It was fun, except the one guy kept staring at us and kind of glared at me. Not sure what his issue was that night.

  3. Hooray! Hello to the both of you :D

  4. It's nice to meet you all! Welcome to the party. LOL!

  5. Noah! Welcome back! And Lucas, welcome to the blog and it's good to see you again! And welcome to the other mutants too! :)

  6. Noah: Hello Mia and SM Bloodling (as I don't know your name and I don't pilfer through Dawn's thoughts yet to find stuff). Nice to see you again, Anastasia.

    Lucas: *nods in the other commenters directions* Hi. Nice to see you Anastasia and thanks. Blogging should be interesting so I'm glad to have this break and opportunity. *notices he's being too polite again and wanders away*


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