Monday, December 27, 2010

Introducing Elijah and the Teens

For my second introduction post, I have the other paranormal romance main character that has been in a chat before and then two very new characters. Well, they are new to this blogging/chatting activity but not new as in novels because I started their first book back in 2007. They are in a young adult mutant series, though will later be in the adult ones with Noah when they are old enough but for now, they are teen boys. First, here is Elijah, the angel character from Angel/Demon (aka Vulnerable).

Elijah: Hello blog readers. Don't mind the halo in the picture, we don't really wear those things around. Dawn just put it there cause she thought it was fun that she could do that. And I don't wear eyeshadow but it kind of looks like I am in that one. But I do like being shown in front of the coffee shop, one of my jobs that I have.

Dawn: Yeah, the halo was a bit much. Good thing no one in the story can see the pic. Might want to explain the whole job thing and about the fact that you are an angel. It's okay to admit it here on the blog, I promise you won't get in trouble with Omniel.

Elijah: Good to know. So, technically I'm an angel, although I live on Earth in a city called Detroit. I'm what some would call a guardian angel because I have wards that I help as they struggle to keep their faith in God and I show them that they can be true to who they are without losing that faith. I have wings but they remain hidden for the most part unless I'm alone in my house. For the most part, I look normal for someone who died over 20 years ago, or so I think.

Dawn: If you are a guardian, then why the job at a coffeshop? Do you need a regular job for any particular reason?

Noah: Well, I don't need the job. It just helps with the boredom because we are only given a few wards since too many would be emotionally and physically draining. I chose the coffee shop because it's in a gray area of the city and it makes things more interesting. Plus it keeps me from going over the edge most of the time because there is just enough excitement to keep things interesting. Well, that's probably enough about me for now.  Boys, it's your turn.

Ephram and Isaac are seated on a set of lounge chairs located in the blog world. Ephram stares as Noah leaves, then looks at the blog and looks to Isaac for him to start.

Isaac: Guess I'm supposed to say something here. Talk Ephram, it's your story.

Ephram: *sticks his tongue out at Isaac* So? You're better at this talking to strangers thing. *sighs* Fine. Umm, hello people out there, whoever you are. I'm Ephram. He's Isaac. What else do we have to say?

Isaac: I dunno. I've never done this either. I guess we talk about ourselves from the story or something like that. It is an introduction after all. Ugh, I'll start then since you're slow. So, you all know my name but aside from that I'm the new kid in this story, as in I am new to the school and that's where I met this little weirdo. *points to Ephram*

Ephram: I am not a weirdo, or if I am then so is he. Okay, well, I'm a mutant but it's really not as cool as it sounds. My mutation is a weird one that they found when I was born. I don't have a detectable body temperature by normal ways to test. Isaac here is in the story because he's new and is the only friend I have so far, out of like three total, who knows about it. He thinks it's okay to be a mutant or so he tells me.

Isaac: Because it is okay. He thinks he is a loser or something, keeping quiet in school and everything but he is actually nice, unlike many of the others I tried to talk to at that place. The town is an odd mix of people with their noses up in the air. Ridiculous. I'd rather spend time with mutant Ephram than normal boring people who are rude.

Ephram: Umm, thanks I guess. I still think it sucks. My parents are normal, the kids at school are mostly normal and I'm a mutant. It gets lonely and boring. I spend a lot of time working on computers or drawing. Have you finished the sketch assignment yet?

Isaac: Uh, no. We should go draw in the park. I think we've done enough here.

Ephram: Okay. Bye blog people.

Isaac waves, then they both walk back to their story world to finish homework.


  1. Hey guys! *waves* Wow, chat parties are going to be crazy with the mix of teens and adults and everyone having crazy powers! I can't wait, lol.

  2. Thanks Charlene.

    JD - Yeah, the chats are going to be crazy. The teen probably won't be in them as often as the mutants or paranormal romance characters though. Depends on the situation because I want to get in their heads more but not sure they could handle long exposure to certain other characters. lol

  3. I know what you mean. I probably won't use my newer characters in chat parties just yet because I'm not fully submersed into their POV or voice yet.


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