Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wrapping

Cole: *walks in and quirks an eye* What’s all this?

James: *presses a bow to a present and sets it aside* We’re helping wrap Christmas presents.

Cole: They don’t celebrate Christmas on Cornerstone Deep. That’s a Cornerstone Summit tradition.

Vincent: Well, Charlene’s head is filled with it right now. And I gotta say, I like some of the ideas. *holds the mistletoe over Elaina’s head*

Elaina: What do you plan on doing with that?

Vincent: When you’re caught under the mistletoe, you get a kiss.

Elaina: Really? What’s a sprig got to do with a kiss?

Vincent: Beats me. But I’m playing it to my favor. *leans toward Elaina*

Cole: That mistletoe doesn’t have any berries left on it, Kid.

Vincent: Your point?

James: The opportunity of a kiss from a maiden ceases when all the berries are plucked off.

Cole: *folds his arms and chuckles* Thank you James.

Vincent: *growls and throws it aside* There has to be more around Charlene’s head somewhere. *storms off to look*

Elaina: Really, Cole. What did you have to bring that up for? I would have kissed him anyway.

Cole: I just wanted to see if he'd buy it.

James: *hands Cole wrapping paper* Here. Help with some of these.

Cole: You guys really got everybody gifts?

James: They’re not ours. They’re Charlene’s.

Cole: All of these?

James: She insisted on giving all her characters something along with her family.

Elaina: Isn’t she the sweetest writer?

Cole: *slumps his shoulders* She already gave me the one thing I really wanted in her first book. I owe her as it is.

James: *hands him a box* I’m certain she’s not giving in hopes of receiving.

Cole: You didn’t really wrap all of these by hand did you? With your multi-tasking ability, she probably wanted you to wave a hand and do it all at once.

James: That would take the fun out of it. You’ll see.

Cole: *sits down, fumbles with the wrap, and scowls* No, James. I’m convinced Charlene wanted you to use magic for this.

Charlene: *enters and sets her hands on her hips* Okay, who pissed off Vince?

Cole: *crumples the wrapping paper and quickly shoves it to the side*

Charlene: Oh. Of course. Cole.

Elaina: *laughs* Oh, he’s just looking for some mistletoe with berries on it.

Charlene: Yeah, I gathered that. He’s grumbling and shooting at every clump he can find in my head!

James: You haven’t imagined mistletoe with berries?

Charlene: Augh! James, you’re a genius. Wait a second. *closes eyes*

Vincent: *runs back in* I found some! I don’t know how many of these things I had to shoot down, but I finally got some.

Charlene: *leers at him* Twenty-two. *shakes her head and leaves*

Vincent: Uh, yeah. Right. Sorry, Charlene. *grimaces and turns to Elaina, lifting a huge bush* Now, where’s that kiss?

Cole: Great Gods! She put enough berries on that clump.

James: *laughs and folds his arms* That aught to keep him occupied into the new year.


  1. HAHAH! This is hilarious! Vince is always destroying things in your head isn't he? tsk tsk. My characters only fist fight usually.

    Chakor: Hey! We don't really destroy too much when we do that.

    Anastasia: *quirks brow* The last fight you had messed me up so bad not only did you mess up the "files" inside my head, I dropped the REAL files and mixed your story with another novel.

    Chakor: *chuckles and blushes* Okay okay. I'm sorry. I promise next time I fight with Etharas, I won't break anything. Just him.

    Anastasia: *rolls eyes*

  2. lol I don't know much about shooting but wouldn't shooting down mistletoe break off the berries anyways?

    Noah: How come we don't do presents or any holidays for that matter? *crosses his arms and raises one white eyebrow* Aren't we kinda in what used to be the US?

    Dawn: umm, yeah. I forgot about holidays when writing the first draft. But part of the time you boyfriend is gone fighting in the war, do you want to celebrate without him? Besides with all the family issues and other problems do you want to deal with presents and such?

    Noah: guess not, though I could celebrate with Dominic even without gifts since he doesn't go out much. *reads over the first comments on blog post* If I'm there, he won't be breaking Etharas. He's not perfect, that's for sure and is a bit full of himself at times but still... No one is perfect. *sparks*

  3. Cole: Nobody said Kid used his head when he got in a temper.

    James: I'm certain Charlene had something to do with the berries staying attached.

    Vincent: Hey, I got the mistletoe with berries on it didn't I?

  4. Okay I just got all caught up reading all the posts i missed. Sorry for not commenting before - I'm on vacation! :D But it's my last day, I'll be home sometime tomorrow and then it's back to my usual routine! I've got to say Bravo to everyone's posts! I was lol'ing and enjoyed every one of them! Loveing all the characters! "See" you guys soon! xoxo

    Seth: Yeah, thank the gods. You have no idea how crazy her family is!

    Jesu: *nods in agreement*

    J.D.: *rolls eyes* I suppose I can't complain, you've all been very well behaved - shocker.


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