Friday, December 10, 2010

Introducing The Kinir Elite

Derac: Attention!

*teams snaps to attention*

Derac: Ladies, gentlemen, and other creatures, I present to you the proud Kinir Elite. Jardel Olen, gifted with the bow and a wild, youthful spirit that often lands him in trouble. Rakan Surat, veteran of the Kinir Elite and expert at more weapons than most can count. Tyngrad Lamblin, a spirital elf with an unhealthy attraction to steel blades. Kierianna Shaphros, expert bow and keen mind for battle strategy, and last but not least, Aeli Edisbaan, evil genius if there ever was one. I am Captain Derac Vidor, leader of this skilled team.

Aeli: Can we quit this formality? It's a blog for Riosis' sake!

Derac: *glares* Ahem. Elitist Edisbaan may be an evil genius but she doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. *quirks eyebrow*

Tyn: Permission to speak, Captain.

Derac: *nods*

Tyn: It is just a blog, Derac. We can relax. Anastasia said it was completely informal.

Jardel: I second that.

Derac: *curls lip* Fine. At ease. But tomorrow we are training since it is obvious you all lack discipline!

Rakan: Sounds wonderful. These green warriors could use some discipline.

Jardel: Oh come off it! You need to learn to relax my friend.

Rakan: Watch it, youngling.

Kie: *shakes head and opens "Advanced Battle Strategies"*

Aeli: Kie really. It's a wonder you're a female at all. Battle strategies for fun? I mean, we are in the middle of a blog post here.

Kie: *slams book shut* And what is it you would like me to say? Or do?

Aeli: I don't know! But seriously, who can studying battle strategies be fun?

Derac: You should try it sometime, Aeli. Might help you learn when to speak and when not to. *glares*

Kie: *opens her book again* Besides, I hate the picture Anastasia made for this post. Do you see my hair? *grumbles*

Aeli: What is wrong with your hair? It actually looks nice for once.

Kie: Yea well I don't like it. I'm in uniform, it should be pulled back in my braided bun as regulation.

Aeli: *rolls eyes*

Tyn: Are we going to spend our entire blog post fighting?

Derac: Most likely. The only time we seem to act as a team is on a mission. Thus, the reason why I started this in a formal and proper fashion.

Tyn: *raises brows* You need to find some peace my friend. You are wound up too tight.

Derac: *rolls eyes* So you keep telling me.

Jardel: *sits down and puts feet on table* So, what are we going to talk about for this post here?

Rakan: *knocks Jardel's feet off the table* This is just an introduction, for the readers to get to know us.

Aeli: Oh well, Derac already introduced us.

Kie: I vote for more training.

Aeli: *rolls eyes* You would.

Jardel: *sighs* I'll go for training if it involves a hot bath or a female - both preferably. *laughs*

Tyn: *twirls knife* Your weapon should be your best friend, not some woman.

Jardel: Sorry, but I prefer the softness of women over the coldness of steel.

Derac: *pinches bridge of nose* Go away, all of you. You're embarassing me.....I apologize to the readers of this post. While the Kinir Elite are highly skilled and we've never failed to suceed in a mission, our eclectic group of personalities makes for stressful times - for me at least. Hopefully in the next post, they will be more civilized. I bid you farewell. *places fist over heart and bows*


  1. Nice to meet you all. Seems like an interesting bunch, though maybe having all at one time in a post makes things a bit difficult. Kie, it may be the avatar maker as to why the hair couldn't be how you want. I've found the sites limiting for picture creation and won't even try making images of my elves because none would be even close to how they look.

  2. Looks like there's going to be some fun confrontations with this group. Lol. Great to meet another set of your characters, Ana. :)

  3. Oooo I can just feel the tension in the air with this bunch. :) Nice to meet you all.

  4. I tried posting a comment a couple of days ago and LOST it! Grr...

    Hey, guys! It looks like you're going to be a bunch of fun. LOL!


  5. Derac::: Yes, lots of tension. While my team may be a bit...rough around the edges, we actually do work really well together. On a mission at least...

    Kie::: *sigh* Yes, Dawn I know. But still, doesn't mean I have to like it, right? Maybe if Anastasia used the other avatar maker, she could get my hair right.

    Anastasia::: Yes, but then you're uniform would be wrong. Sorry but, I can't make you happy either way.

    Kie::: *sigh*


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