Monday, December 6, 2010

Introducing New Characters to the Cafe

Ana: Hello. *waves* I'm Special Agent Anastasia Melas. I'm here to introduce you to the punk rock band, Raw Goddess. Um ... men, you might want to cover your ears. See, the girls are sirens. As in the monsters from Greek mythology. I'm their body guard, since their voices have no effect on women.

*Holds up her hands, palms forward* Ladies, ladies, please! I will introduce you to Seth, the lead singer, one at a time. Form a single line here please. *points* Oh and don't worry. Contrary to the rumor, Seth's voice is harmless. He can't enchant women the way his half-sisters enchant men, I swear.

Seth: Thanks for the intro Special Agent. *Scans the crowed* 'Sup.

Ana: *rolls her eyes* Yeah, don't say too much. Anyway, we're a brand new set of characters for a novel J. D. Brown is working on. It doesn't even have a title yet, she just calls it "her siren idea" right now.

Seth: Say hi to my sisters, they're a lively bunch.

Sirens: *mumbling* Hey.

Ana: *shudders*

Seth: *Laughing* They're very sweet girls once you get to know them.

Ana: Is that before or after they do that weird hypnotizing thing? Okay, visiting hours are over. The musicians need their rest for tomorrow's show. Bye everyone.


  1. I love Anastasia! And not because we share the same name! Tehhee!!

    My faeries and elves all says welcome to the group Raw Goddess and Anastasia! We all look forward to hearing more from you.

  2. oooo Sirens and all characters I haven't met before.

    *waves hello*

    Not much said yet but I look forward to learning more about everyone and the story. Oh and all my characters say hi and wonder if it is all males who should worry. LOL

  3. I look forward to learning more them too, lol.

    Dawn, yes it is ALL men. Their voice is hypnotic to the opposite sex, there doesn't have to be any real attraction. XD

  4. Oh okay. That sounds fun but chats would be trouble. ;-)

  5. Great job, Jen! Love it! I can't wait to get to know them. )

  6. I stand corrected. The girls let me know that they can only enchant MORTAL men. So all you demons, angels, and whatever else are safe. Um ... I think the faeries, elves, and mutants might still be in trouble. :P

  7. Interesting.

    Enchanted would mean not in control of themselves? Man, I can see the chaos now. lol


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