Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day in the Life of Ri

Hey, guys! Guess what? You get to hang out with me for about fifteen minutes because Frankie completely forgot that hobbling on crutches takes forEVER and heating up lunch is now a major accomplishment. *eye roll* Whatever. So, anyway, we're now a little late and we have...GAH! 13 MINUTES! to show you what a day in my life is like.

High. School. Hell.

And today it IS!

Do you see that girl over there? I finally figured out her name. She's Morabeth and she hates me. Do you see the gap in her teeth? Yeah, she lost it to a fist last year. I soooooo wish I could have seen that, but I totally missed it. Anyway, apparently she's decided that I dissed her or something in class this morning? I have no clue. Anyway, she's now stalking me with her missing tooth, gummy-cheeked glare. She's big, people, like seriously big.

*points finger at audience* And don't think I'm a sissy, either. I'm not. Really. I'd take her on, but there are...consequences... *nods emphatically* my actions. What would happen if I really did decide to take her out. *ninja pose, snake strike* Hi-yah! Take that! And then she'd be on the floor and there'd be drool and possibly blood and then there'd be suspension.

And then Mom would be pissed! She might seriously suck on the super hero front - like totally! - but she's freaky when she's upset.

*peers into the very crowded hallway and all the passing kids* Okay, let's go. I think we're clear.

*rolls eyes as enter the throng of kids heading everywhere*  Rune and I kinda had another fight. I don't know what's going on with him. He just seems so dang sensitive about everything all of a sudden. His family was attacked two weeks ago and since then he's just been on edge. I've tried to be there for him and everything, but...

When is it alright to just step away and give a person some space? You know? I mean, he obviously doesn't want me to be around him right now. Otherwise, he wouldn't be trying to BITE MY HEAD OFF every time I come around. I tried doing a "special lunch hour" thing, picnic out on the football field and he just totally blew me off.

*stops and stares into audience* Am I a bad person for not wanting to be around him right now? He's great. He's sweet. He's a fantastic guy. He's just....

...being such a *looks around and whispers emphatically* ASS!

*sighs and walks into class* I have to go be bored to death in History. Catch ya'll later.


  1. Ahh, that is a dilemma. It's hard to tell when is the right time to give space and when they really need someone around even when they don't act like they want it. Good luck figuring it out!

    Noah: Maybe he's afraid that if your around and another attack occurs something will happen to you and he just doesn't want that? *shrugs* It's possible. Even though you may be very capable of protecting yourself and fighting back if need be, there is still always that fear of being around him will end up hurting you and he just can't handle the thought right now.

  2. Noah, I get that, but I kinda think that's crap. He's afraid I'll get hurt so he pushes me away? Seriously? For real? In what world does that work?

    I mean, helllooooooo, there's always the chance that I could walk outside and get hit by a bus. Granted, there's only two in this town, but still! Is that going to keep me inside? NO!

    And after HE was telling ME that I needed to face my fears? I. Don't. Think. So.

    I'm going to go kick his butt.

    Oh, wait. It's cold outside right--

    What am I thinking? He's the fireguy and if I get him riled up, I won't have to worry about the cold.

    *storms out*

  3. Noah: Oh, it never works but people do it anyways without even really thinking about it. People don't make sense, no matter their age. I've tried it before myself and it irritates people and never keeps them safe. I hope you'll figure things out with him.

  4. Ri, all the women in my head totally agree with you, and they are adults! Men never get easier to understand. *nods knowingly*

  5. I went to go see him, but he wasn't around. And then I kicked a rock and hurt my toe. *eye roll* I was wearing shoes and everything, but I've learned a very valuable lesson.

    Running shoes are made for running. If I want to kick things, I need to borrow Frankie's boots!

    BOYS!!! They drive me nuts!!!

    Hey, JD, I'd really like to meet the women in your head. They sound smart.

    Noah, thanks. Maybe you could talk some sense in him.


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