Monday, January 10, 2011

Mutant Teen's School Day

Ephram sits at his Frankenstein of a computer with an untagged connection to the internet. He taps at the keyboard and then spent a few minutes fiddling with a couple of wires before moving up to stare at the screen.

Ephram: Okay. I"m on this blog thing. What do I do now?

Dawn: Just tell the readers what a day in your life is like. Generalize a bit since not every day is the same but that's fine.

Ephram: Before or after everyone found out I'm a mutant freak?

Dawn: You're not a freak. Tell about whichever you want or tell both. This is your post, so it's up to you.

Ephram: *sighs* Fine. *stares at the computer screen some more. What did you mean by Frankenstein computer?

Dawn: Oh right, that is from a classic story for me. It's way old for you. This guy, Frankenstein built a monster-being out of spare parts basically. Like you build that computer out of a variety of different computer parts.

Ephram: Sounds kinda cool. Can I call it Frank then?

Dawn: Sure. Now finish writing the blog post.

Ephram: Right, blog post.  Ummm, okay. I get up in the morning on school days because the alarm clock goes off and I have to go to school. Rarely can I stay home sick because Mom and the school base sickness on kids who have temperatures. Sucks for me because the little machines don't work on me. That is my boring mutation. I feel colder than most, and really cold when I don't wear this stupid ID band the government makes us wear.

Dawn: This is good but you've got a lot of day to talk about, so keep going. *nudges*

Ephram: Well, school is school so umm, yeah. I turn in any homework and do any assignments I can. Go to all the classes that I have to and that's about it. Before, when I kept the mutant band a secret, most people didn't even notice me and now I think that was the best way. Now I get pushed into walls, have to eat lunch in a different room with a teacher watching, and I don't have many friends. Not that I had many before but it doesn't help that they all know now.

Dawn: Which class is your favorite?

Ephram: Art. I'm not the best at it, not like Carrie is, but I like the class. I do good at math too but it's not very fun. Levi is pretty good too but in a total crazy way. He's insane when he's working on something.

Dawn: All true. So, what happens after school?

Ephram: Most of the time I go home, do homework, eat dinner alone and go to bed. Boring, I know. Sometimes, now that Isaac is around we hang out at the park. It's better even though I miss dinner because Dad isn't very good at cooking and Mom works too much to cook much. At least Isaac doesn't care that I'm a mutant. *gets quiet for a moment*  Okay, that is my day. I'm done.

Dawn: That works. Thank you, Ephram.

Ephram goes back to researching rogue mutants.

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