Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lord Dressen's Request

Lord Dressen pulls a chair up to Charlene’s desk.

Charlene: *looks up from her typing* Hi, Kyle. Is there something I can help you with?

Dressen: Yes, I have a request.

Charlene: *leans back in her chair* Okay.

Dressen: I don’t believe you portrayed my intentions accurately concerning Anna.

Charlene: Oh?

Dressen: I’ve wanted her a long time.

Charlene: Yes.

Dressen: And I gave her countless opportunities to accept my attentions.

Charlene: Yes.

Dressen: And the way I understand it, it's my standing as Grand Marshal that keeps her from being at my side.

Charlene: Well, she is looking for a soul mate, Kyle.

Dressen: But, she can’t get past the idea that a Nobleman might be that soul mate.

Charlene: And you feel justified in what you’re doing to get her to see your side of things.

Dressen: Yes. It’s justifiable. But, I have one concern. The readers may see my actions as self-fulfilling. I’m not only doing this to satisfy carnal pleasures. I love Anna.

Charlene: I see. Would it help to have a scene between you two that’s a bit more…sensitive?

Dressen: *straightens in chair and smiles* Yes. Show that I’m not cold, power-seeking, and ruthless...that I'm as capable of showing love for her as Cole Shilo is.

Charlene: Oh. Well, I’ll try to work something in the storyline to express your…feelings for her better.

Dressen: *nods with a sigh as he stands* I’m glad we had this conversation. *tugs at his vest and looks at his watch* Now, I have matters to finalize.

Charlene: The new curfew?

Dressen: *holds up a finger to accentuate his point* It’s the only way. *turns and leaves*

Charlene: *smiles and swivels her chair to view the closet* Okay, he’s gone. You can come out now.

Anna: *opens the door and peeks out* Is he for real? *sits in the chair and shakes her head* He is so messed up. You’re really going to make him look all sensitive?

Charlene: *turns back to the computer* With his personality? *chuckles* There’s only so much that can be done.



  1. This actually reminds me of Etharas and Letarri's introduction post. Interesting. Good luck Anna.

  2. Anna: God,you mean there are more like him? I need to talk to Letarri.

    Charlene: I'll get Ana to introduce her to you when we talk tonight, Anna. She lives in her head. But the situation is a little different between you two.

    Anna: Please tell me she's not about to get her soul bound and all messed up because of this Etharas guy.

    Charlene: *sets a hand on hers* No. Etharas is a prince, but I really don't think he'd abuse his powers like that. He's just a little...jerkish sometimes.

    Anna: *sighs* She needs the Wizards of Shilo manor to set him straight. I'll bring that up to her. *waves at Dawn* And thanks, Dawn. I'm seriously going to need the luck.

  3. I bet you'd like Letarri. She's nice.
    *waves back*

    And Etharas isn't that bad. I actually like him more than someone else I won't mention. He just made some mistakes and sometimes thinks he is irresistible. But he's befriended a few of my characters because of it, particularly Noah.


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