Monday, February 21, 2011

The Others Get a Turn

In an empty bar located in detroit, Dominic shuffles through the door and looks around unsure of who he should be searching for before sitting down at a booth in the back. He orders a beer from the server that suddenly appears and begins to fiddle with the metal band on his right wrist. It kept him from sleeping in the world where he was from but he didn't know if it would work here.

"Hey Dom," Bastian settles into a seat across from him.

"Oh, Bastian, hi." Dominic looked around for a second, for either someone else or a waiter. "Do you want a drink? The person should be back soon. Is Noah supposed to be here too?"

"I don't think so. Dawn has him busy and he's been on here before. She said something about us seconds getting a chance to hand out and talk." When the waiter brings Dominic's beer to the table, Bastian orders a drink and then they sit in silence.

Dominic looks around the room, trying to keep his gaze away from Bastian. To his relief someone else approached the table. It wasn't someone he knew but that was okay. He indicated for the guy to sit next to him as he said, "Hi."

Watching the newcomer order a water with lemon, Dominic took the distraction to examine his appearance. He couldn't help but feel he should know the stranger but the name was just out of reach in his mind.

"What are you doing here?" Bastian said in the direction of the newcomer.

Both were surprised but the newcomer shrugged it off first before responding, "I was told to be here."

Dominic had to ask at that point, "Sorry but umm, who are you exactly?"

"Michael." He smiled before tending to his drink.

"Michael." Dominic repeated the name and then it came to him. "Oh, Michael. You're the rogue that Noah said was cute. Now I remember."

"What?" Bastian snapped, his posture going from almost perfect to stiff. He didn't look happy either.

Dominic looked down at the table. He probably shouldn't have repeated what Noah had said about the other mutant, let alone in front of Noah's boyfriend. So, he tried to divert the conversation. "How do you know each other?"

Bastian doesn't respond and Michael bites his lip before taking a drink of the water. After that, at least he gives the answer. "The group I am with, we used him to get Noah to help us. Sorry about putting the knife to your neck like that. We didn't plan to hurt you."

"Sure you didn't." Bastian glared at Michael before focusing on his own drink. "I can guarantee it won't happen again."

Things were tense but the tone changed at once when someone else sat down next to Bastian. This caused Bastian to shift closer to the wall, away from the second newcomer, while the other two looked up in surprise. It was Dominic, as usual, who greeted the man. "Umm, hi."

"Hello. You are the mutant characters right?"

"Right... who are you?" Dominic had a feeling he wasn't from their world by how he had mentioned the word mutants. His voice didn't sound scared or anything but instead had a slight interest with a smile that was more of a smirk as the stranger pulled out a cigarette.

He lit the cigarette and took a drag before ordering a drink. He winked at Dominic. "Andras. You can call me Andy. I'm a demon from Detroit, so Dawn had me meet you all here since you're not familiar with the location."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Bastian doesn't give him much acknowledgement even, and instead stares at Dominic. "Noah said that about him? Explain now."

Dominic looked at Andy and Michael, uncertain as to what he should say. Michael gives him a look of interest and Andy obviously has no idea what is going on. There is nothing to save him from Bastian's anxiety, so he has to say something.

To be continued...


  1. To be continued? Tension in the air and you're going to hold off until your next post? Man. Lol.

  2. Dawn: hehehe. Not only is this going to be continued some other time but it won't be until the next open topic. Two weeks from now we'll be doing a post on childhood memories. So, won't continue this for almost 4 weeks. *evil sometimes* Okay, I really did it because I didn't want the post to be too long but still.

    Dominic: And she's giving me time to think what I'm going to say cause Bastian is a little angry. He's been tense ever since he came back from the war and I don't know how to deal with him sometimes but Noah loves him so I don't say anything to him.


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