Friday, February 4, 2011

To Anastasia with Love

Dear Anastasia,

I am truly honored you chose me as the hero of this story. I know the story originated as a contemporary novel to honor your father, a soldier. I am proud to still honor such a man with my own story. Your world and mine can use more men like him.

Please accept my utmost gratitude for your own dedication and sacrifice to sharing my story with the world. I know it has been a difficult journey for all involved, including myself. I am honored to have worked with you on this project.

Know that I will always be here, even after the story is done. I have enjoyed every moment we have had together and I don't want to lose any future moments with you. I will continue to visit you in your dreams and caress your imagination with my adventures and love.

Thank you for everything, Anastasia. I pray you never lose your love of magic and child-like sense of adventure.

All my love,
Derac Vidor


  1. Aww Derac! That is so sweet! *sniffle* I love you too and don't worry, we'll have many more adventures together as the series continues. I love the Kinir Elite and want to keep sharing their many adventures!

  2. Awwww... how sweet. That is a very nice letter. Hope my characters are close to this level of niceness instead of complaining but I think I deserve the complaining for not working on their novels.

    Wonderful letter Derac.

  3. Terrell: Wow. Now that's a true masterpiece there, Derac. I bet you fair well with the ladies. *puts arm around Derac* What do you say I buy you a drink and we can swap success stories.

    What? Hey, wait! Terrell! Where did you come from? I've been holding back on introducing you. You'll scare everyone away from Aumelan.

    Derac, my apolgies for my character. *glares at Terrell* I know you're a true gentleman.

    You better be doing right by him in that series, Ana.

  4. Derac: Terrell while that sounds like an interesting time, I'm not much of a drinker. And I don't have "success stories" as you call them. Every woman I have ever been with still holds a special place in my heart. I would defile them and the memory by talking about such intimate details.

    Anastasia: I hope I am Charlene! I guess with a letter like that, I'm not doing too bad ay?

  5. Terrell: Aumelan makes a fine Ambrosia, my friend. But as you wish. And Kudos to the women you've loved. *flashes a cheesy smile* What were their names again?

    Charlene: TERRELL!!


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