Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Ms. Wilson

Dear Ms. Wilson,

In light of Cornerstone Summit’s, or in your dimension’s familiar terms, Earth’s, celebration of love, be it know to you as Valentine’s Day and your birthday, I have been called upon by Sirs Cole, James, and Vincent Shilo to extend the following invitations for February 14, 2011.

Sir Vincent wishes to meet you at at which time he will whisk you by Smoke of Night to the northern providence of Terra to ski the slopes of Higotham.  Appropriate attire has been sent with this request and he asks that I reassure you there is no worry for lack of skill.  He will guide your balance at all times.    

Sir James offers an afternoon of relaxation which includes a full body massage in the sunroom.  Confections from Midway Summit and a personal note are included with this letter.  He asks that it be withheld from blog print as it is of a personal nature.

Please find with Sir Cole’s invitation a bottle of the finest Ambrosia of Meridian.  He wishes to escort you to Shilo City’s Ball of the Bells, to be held on February 14, 2011.  Should you choose to accept, a carriage will arrive at .  Arrangements have been made at Chantelli’s Formal Wear and Armerello’s Jewelry to allow you to select your choice of gown and accessories.  He also wishes me to assure you that the Song of Meridian will be played, spotlighting the two of you in dance.   

May I add my deepest wishes for an enjoyable birthday on this day of love.  It has been my pleasure to perform this duty.

Tyler Ballard
Officiator to the Nobles

Charlene:  *turns bright red*  Oh.  My.  God!  Cole, don’t you dare fill Dressen’s order! 



  1. Wow.. Not sure what to comment about first. Your birthday is coming up? Fun. Happy Birthday!

    The letter is all formal and sounds really nice minus the adornment of attention and spotlights. They all seem to want you to have a good time, in their own way, which is nice.

    Lucas: Is it just me or does the manservant sound like a dirty good time? Not that I'm against that kind of good time.

    Dawn: Lucas! *shakes head*

    Lucas: What? Come on: "brings you much happiness" and "any request you desire"? I bet I'm not the only one thinking it. I wouldn't mind a manservant. I'd even be a manservant provided it's for a really hot guy. Woman, no way in Hell, which I'm heading to anyways as a demon so *shrugs*.

    Dawn: Just because your mind is often in the gutter doesn't mean everything should be interpreted that way. Don't you have enough problems because of the two guys you're with in chapter 1 anyways?

    Lucas: Yeah yeah, we'll talk when I get my letter written to you. For now I'm going to go day dream about manservants.

    Dawn: Okay but do it outside my head. I've got enough going on in there right now and I don't need that.

  2. Lol. Lucas, *clears throat* I'm very sure that was part of Dressen's idea. But if I want all that, I'll make sure the guy has total say in the matter. I don't need his will bent to mine.

  3. Lucas: Ah. if it was my idea then it would be fun but I wouldn't do it because someone told me. I'm not big on that whole bend to others will thing either.


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