Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Characters Need Me

James walks into Charlene’s study and folds his arms as he watches her type. 

James:  What are you working on, Charlene?

Charlene:  Gotta catch up on some new blogging goals.  *glances up at him*  Can I help you, James?

James:  I’d like to talk to you about something.

Charlene:  Okay.

James:  *furrows his brows as she keeps typing*  Well, it’s about… *fidgets and looks at the door*

Vincent and Cole:  *nods and motions to Charlene with an encouraging hands*

James:  *clears throat and rebalances his stand*  I was just curious about…

Charlene:  Yeah?

James:  How...are things going with…Linda?

Charlene:  Oh, she’s fine.  Mandy and Mechenzie keep her busy.  You know.

James:  Yes, of course.  *looks to the ceiling then back at his brothers*

Vincent: *cocks his head to the side and mouths silent words*  Ask her!

James:  *blows a heavy sigh through his lips*  I just…well, I mean… I’m sure the twins are taking up much of her time. 

Charlene:  Mm, hmm.

James:  *drops his hands to his side then drags one across is chest*

Cole:  *leans to Vincent*  He’s not going to make it.

Vincent:  Should I blow up her CPU to get her attention?

Cole:  *scowls at him*  No.  For once, just follow my lead. 

Cole walks over to Charlene and gently takes her hand off the keyboard, cupping it in his.  Vincent steps behind her and swivels the chair to face him.  Charlene looks up and Cole gazes deep into her eyes.

Cole:  *exhales a small breath of Zephyr and speaks to her mind with his thoughts*  Charlene, there’s a favor I’d like of you.

James:  *groans and steps back a few steps*

Charlene:  *relaxes and places her other hand on top of his*  My dear, sweet, Cole. 

Cole:  *smiles and brushes his fingertips down her cheek*  Yes?  

Charlene:  *cocks a brow*  Never try to use the breath of Zephyr on me again.  *squinches a smile, releases his hand, and turns back to her computer*  I created that gift.  It doesn’t work on me.  If this is about your situation with Dressen…

Vincent:  *shoves Cole aside, grabs Charlene’s chair arms, and swivels her back to face him*  This isn’t about Cole, it’s about Linda.

Charlene:  Linda?

Vincent:  And James.

Charlene:  *looks at James*  Oh.  Is that what you were trying to get at?

James:  *half grins and shrugs* 

Charlene:  I see.  Okay.  I need to get back to work on your story.  *closes blog post file, pulls up Cornerstone Deep book two: Echoes, then begins to type*

James:  *smiles as the story begins to flow and direction lights in his mind*  I think I’ll go walk the topiary.  *leaves the room with a smile*

Vincent:  *nods and heads for the door*  And it seems I have a wedding rush.

Cole:  *frowns as he sees the plot unfold*  Am I the only one not happy here?  *shuffles to the exit* 

Charlene:  *glances at her files and shakes her head*  Sorry, blog posts.  My characters need me.



  1. Cole tried the breath of Zypher? lol. I'm not sure that I'd be immune. Since I can ask stuff here, I keep wondering about the candle that Lord Dressen gave to Anna. It smelled like licorice and vanilla, and she acted like it affected her almost like Cole's breath did on his lady friend at the begining. What's that all about? Oh, and the the almond scent from the little girl? What's that all about???

  2. James: My brothers and I are from the central realm, Meridian, Lilac. And the breath of Zephyr is a trait all Meridianites possess. It's most noticable when around those close to us, loved ones. Men hold the scent of licorice, women, almond.

    Charlene: I think she understands that, James. Her question is why Lord Dressen is familiar with it and used it on Anna, and why Vincent sensed it from Mechenzie.

    James: Ah, yes, I see. *smiles* Those are odd occurrences for Cornerstone Deep sighting the people know nothing of this gift. *leans to Charlene* So, are you going to let her in on it?

    Charlene: Sorry, I can't do that. *looks at Lilac* I'm afraid that's answered in book two, Lilac. *wink*

  3. Yeah I know all that James. lol. I just talked to James. good grief. But if Dressen isn't from Meridian and neither is Mechenzie how can they do that scent thing? I really have to wait for book two? When's that coming out?

  4. I'm revising Cornerstone Deep Echoes now, ironing out some wrinkles. So, it'll still be a while. But a new site dedicated to The Chronicles of Shilo Manor is in the works and will be up soon. It'll give excerpts, deleted scenes, and other goodies from Cornerstone Deep and share sneek peaks into Echoes, as well as give inside information on the other novels that will follow. Check back on my blog, the unveiling will be announced there. :)


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