Monday, March 14, 2011

Name Change Announcment and Other Things.

J.D. sits at her desk with a fresh cup of steaming coffee. She takes a sip while pondering the next scene. Ema enters the room and sits on the bed. She crossed her legs Indian-style and folds her hands in her lap.

Ema: Hey, J.D.

J.D.: Oh, hello Ema. Thanks for coming.

Ema: No problem. What's up?

J.D.: Well, as you know, I've re-opened Dark Heirloom and am working on it again. So I just wanted to touch base with you, since you're the main character.

Ema: Sure. What do you want to talk about?

J.D.: For starters, could you explain your new name to the audience?

Ema: Oh, yeah. *She faces the readers* This is Jenna speaking. J.D. changed my name to Ema. She said our names where too similar and that she's sick of everyone complaining about all the J names, so she caved and changed my name. I'm still trying to get used to it.

J.D.: Yeah, me too. So, Ema, how are you?

Ema: *shrugs* Fine.

J.D.: No complaints? Comments? Anything?

Ema glances around the room: Not really. Everything's pretty much the same.

J.D. sighs.

Ema giggles: You were looking for ideas, weren't you?

J.D.: Maybe.

Ema: The book's already written. I can't help you revise.

J.D. pouts: I know. Can you at least tell me what you think of the changes? *She waves a hand at the computer screen.*

Ema looks over J.D.'s shoulder: It looks good to me. Honestly, J.D., I'm not the writer. I can only react to what you throw at me.

J.D. grumbles: Alright. Can you at least tell me what you think about the changes I made to your character? You know, besides the name?

Ema thinks: You mean making me a History Major? Well I think it's awesome that you gave me a collage education, but it doesn't really help my situation, does it?

J.D. laughs: No, but it does make the scenes a little more fun later.

Ema rolls her eyes: You mean when I find out history is a big hoax? Yes, thanks for making my let-down an even bigger deal.

J.D. grins: You're welcome. I guess you can go if you want, but can you send Jesu in next?

Ema scrunches her face: You two spend a lot of time together. I know he's giving you ideas and I'm sure I won't like what they are.

J.D.: Hey, Jesu's on your side.

Ema scoffs: So he says. I'm not always sure. You know how loyal he is to his brother.

J.D.: Would you rather I get ideas from Jalmari? *wiggles eye brows*

Ema frowns: No.

J.D.: I didn't think so. :-)

Ema rolls her eyes: One vampire muse, coming right up.

J.D. rubs her hands together then starts typing.


  1. Ah, name changes. While I didn't mind the J names, and liked your name as Jenna, I understand. I have gotten complaints in novels for having a Nick and a Nicodemus, and in another story people have had issues with Chris and Kyle characters. I'm going to have to do some changing too. Lucky for me, I don't have the change any of the main character names and the two love interest ones are the two I'll keep of those 4 names with the issue.

    Do we get to know your name in the first chapter? *curious*

  2. As a spouse it sure is hard to compete with characters in the mind!

  3. This was fun to read. So glad I found you guys via Tessa.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  4. Dawn - Jenna's name was always supposed to be temporary, I just sort of forgot over time. When I first began writing Dark Heirloom, I couldn't think of a name for her, so I just called her Jenna to fill the void. However, my real name is Jennifer and my family calls me Jenna for short. So, yeah, that would have never worked. :)

    Anonymous - Is that a comment, complaint, or observation? Funny you should mention it. My boyfriend often complains that he feels like he comes in second to my writing. That's the curse of loving a writer. No one MADE you marry that person, but since you did, I have to assume you accept him/her and all their characters for who they are. :)

    Raquel - Welcome to the Character Cafe! Thank you for commenting.

  5. Welcome to The Character Cafe, Raquel. It's great to have you with us. :)

    Ah, Jen. I think you know very well that I just Loved Jenna's name as Jenna and she will Always be Jenna to me. ;) It will really take getting used to thinking of Jesu with Ema, even though she technically the same person. Lol. Now you have all my characters questioning me about my intentions with their names! *sigh*

    Cole: At least we're not effected by a name change. You can't change a character's name that's already in print. *smiles with satisfaction*

    Charlene: *loops her arm around his* I can't imagine anything that could ever make me want to change your name, Cole. I love you just the way you are.


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