Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts from the Captain

Anastasia: *sits at her desk, staring at the new Kinir Elite website*

Derac: *leans over her shoulder* What are you doing?

Anastasia: Just trying to think of what type of things to put on your new website. We need something that updates the site often with new information.

Derac: Well you have the Captain's Log, that I'll begin to fill with things. I'm just not sure what you'd like me to share with the people.

Anastasia: That's the beauty of your log, Derac. You can share whatever you like.

Derac: *settles in chair next to Anastasia and props his feet on the desk* Well you are doing that A-Z blogging challenge correct?

Anastasia: Well yes, but that's on my blog, for writers.

Derac: *nods* Well, what if you sign me up for it too? I can talk about all manners of combat and weapons for the challenge on the Elite's site.

Anastasia: *gasp* Derac! That would be a great idea! Are you sure you want to take that on? That is a lot of blogging and you are still new to the internet world.

Derac: *shrug* How hard could it be? I know all the information already. I'll just dictate to you and you can write it down for me.

Anastasia: *crosses arms* I see. I'll actually be handling the internet part of things.

Derac: Well of course. Just because your mind can tell me how to use it, doesn't mean I want to. I prefer my world's simplistic technology. It's more trustworthy.

Anastasia: Yes, I agree. It can be at times. But still, are you sure you want to dictate that much information?

Derac: *chuckle* Considering the topic is about weapons, I'm sure you'd have plenty to say yourself.

Anastasia: *blush* You may be right.

Derac: Which is why I chose you as our author. You already have a love for weapons and battle. Besides, this way I can help promote our book. The fans can get a look into who I am and why I do what I do.

Anastasia: That is very true. *rubs chin in thought* Well, I guess if you're up for it, then I am too.

Derac: Excellent! I'll begin putting together information for the first post. A....for...Armor! Yes. B...for...*wonders off mumbling to himself*

Anastasia: *shakes head and returns to her own blog post*

****To read Derac's A-Z challenge posts, head over the newly built website for the Kinir Elite -- then click on "Captain's Log". *******


  1. lol

    Good idea. And good luck! I am already overwhelmed by having one blog to post in for the challenge and the gajillion ones waiting for me to comment. I don't think I could even do that many from my characters (though a couple of them like the idea. shhh, no we are not doing that.)

  2. It's fun! I had a great time writing it, since it was about something totally outside my normal posts about writing and stuff like that.

    Derac: I enjoyed it also. Luckily for Anastasia, I take over her body and do the work myself for the most part, so she gets a little break there for a few moments. :)

  3. Makes sense. As nice as it would be to let someone take over the reins for posts, I don't think I have the time. Fiction project is due May 1st and I haven't started writing yet. I'm such a bad, procrastinating writer. But we'll see what happens with my post on monday. Think I'll let the group continue their debacles in the bar and see what happens though I can tell Bastian is already a bit irked. Hopefully he behaves for another week or two.


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