Monday, April 4, 2011

Others Try for Resolution

Yep, another portion of the other characters conversation but I promise, this one gives a bit more resolution to the problems exposed. I may let this one go a little longer just so it doesn't feel cut off like the last one. The characters have a lot to say still, so let's get to it.

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The first to break the tense silence was Michael. He coughed a couple of times, then took a drink. It wasn't words but enough to crack the slight trance that had overcome the small group.

Andy (Andras) couldn't believe the way things were going. When he agreed to this conversation, he never imagined things would get so tense or interesting. He had figured there would be some conversations about weird plots or author torture like some of the character parties but nothing like this. Yet he found himself wanting to know more. "Okay. I have no idea what is going on but I need details. So, one of you needs to start talking."

"It's not what you think." Dominic spoke, forcing some volume into his voice to be heard even though they seemed to be the only ones in the bar. He was still blushing and having everyone stare at him didn't help matters. Being the center of attention didn't feel very fun. "I mean, I've been best friends with Noah for a long time and..."

"Then you slept with him?" Andy jumped to the conclusion and then nodded towards Bastian. "No wonder he's mad at you."

"I didn't. I mean I did but, not the way your thinking." He looked to Michael, hoping for a friendly face compared to the glare he could almost feel heat from but all he got was a curious glance in return. He sighed, taking a long drink before continuing. "Back when Bastian was deployed with the military, they decided to not be, or I'm not sure how they worded it. Noah didn't cheat."

There was a pause and then Michael spoke next. "Okay... But why you? I don't mean to offend you or anything. I'm just curious why he would sleep with you since I thought your were friends. Doing that with friends is usually a bad thing, I've heard."

"I told him to."

Dominic finally looked at Bastian and with surprise. He always assumed that the first kiss that started things between him and Noah had just been an accident or giving in to a moment. Never would he have imagined that choice had been a suggestions from someone else, let alone Bastian.

"A plot twist." Andy looked across the table. "Where is popcorn when you really need it."

At that moment a waiter appeared next to the table, clearing off the partially finished drinks to replace them all with fresh ones. Then he set down a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of pretzels before walking away. Dominic watched him leave but couldn't pull himself to take another drink or to grab a snack. His stomach turned as he avoided looking at Bastian.

"Why would you do that?" Michael voiced the question that Dominic wanted to know.

There was another tense pause as Bastian took a long drink from the fresh, cold beer bottle that had been placed in front of him before pushing the popcorn bowl away from his part of the table. He didn't look pleased but spoke anyways. "The thing about Noah is, he gets nervous about being intimate with someone and anyone new might have a hard time with his mutation. He lets out small sparks of electricity but Dom here knows all that. It gave him a comfortable place to start. Plus, I figured that way Dom would at least get some once in his life."

"Ouch." Dominic muttered the words only glancing up at Bastian before staring at the table.

"Sorry." The words didn't sound as strong as the previous claims but at least he said them. "But you never leave the house. You have no other friends or people you spend time with except for Noah. Answer one question for me."

Andy chose that moment to interrupt. "Maybe we should change the topic to something less personal."

Bastian glared at him. "This is between me and Dom, so shut it."

"You should be more careful when insulting a demon," Andy spoke slow and calm. "Considering we are in my world and not yours, I think you better rethink your statement."

"We can change the subject after I get an answer. Now, Dom, I just need to know one thing."

Giving in, Dominic rested his elbows on the table. "What?"

"Do you love him?"

The question wasn't what he expected and he struggled to swallow the slight fear that settled on his tongue. He floundered to offer something that wouldn't make Bastian angry. "That's not... I don't. Noah's like family to me."

"Don't lie." Bastian sounded so sure of his claims that the others watched him. "You don't sleep with someone you consider family. Just be honest: do you love him?"

Resting his head on one of his hands, Dominic couldn't look at anyone anymore. He stared at the twisted pretzels that remained untouched in a wooden bowl. Biting his thumb nail didn't get an answer out and at last he had to say something, anything to get over the topic. "He will never know. So, it doesn't matter."

Anger did not happen as expected and instead there was a whoosh sound of a sigh. Then Bastian stood up from the table. "As fun as this messed up night out has been, I need to get out of here. You boys have fun."

The others watched him walk out before turning to look at each other. No one knew what to say next.

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