Monday, May 2, 2011

Ephram's favorite places

Dawn enters the room carrying a tray of frosting covered chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Leaves for a minute and returns with a few sodas and a bottle of water. She sits in a chair, cookie in hand, waiting. Soon Ephram enters the room and stops when he sees the cookies.

Ephram: What are those for?

Dawn: You.

Ephram: *already has a cookie in his hands* Why?

Dawn: Just thought it would be nice. You go through a lot in the chapters I'm working on, so thought you might like a cookie. And you have to do this blog post anyways. You can share the cookies with anyone who comments on the post.

Ephram: Thanks. *bites into cookie, crumbs falling on his shirt* What do I have to talk about this time?

Dawn: Your favorite place to spend your free time. That means, no homework or anything like that. Where do you like to be when you are relaxing or having fun?

Ephram: Oh. I don't know. 

Dawn: I am sure you an come up with something. Where do you like to be when you are alone? Where do you like to be with friends, like Isaac?

Ephram: Alone? I spend all my time in my bedroom, out of the way since my parents don't like me around. It's easier that way and I can spend time working on computers or reading. It's not very fun.

Dawn: Where do you have fun then?

Ephram: Well, I liked those times at the park. Playing on the swings. He was so crazy, swinging on his stomach like he was flying. I wish I could have done that too but it made me nervous. Or he would hang upside down on the slide. Isaac is just crazy and fun. Kind of wish I was more like him. 

Dawn: You are fun in your own way. And you've been stuck alone a lot, once you get out things will get better.

Ephram: If you say so. Are we done?

Dawn: Yeah, this is fine. And yes, you can have another cookie.

Ephram smiles as he takes a cookie.

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