Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If I Could Write Charlene Into A Book...

Elaina and Vincent sneak into Charlene’s office and quietly close the door behind them.  Vincent sits down at the computer and logs on.

Elaina:  *whispers*  Hurry, hurry, Vince.  They’ll be here any minute.

Vincent:  *waves his hand at the door and an opalescent sheen covers it and the latch locks*  Eko Silyst.  *the air thickenes*

Elaina:  *squinches her cheek*  Do you really think locking and blocking the door will stop them?  *scowls and wiggles her finger in her ear as her words flattened*

Vincent:  You don’t have to whisper.  Eko Silyst is a silencing spell.  And no.  It won’t stop them, but it will buy us a little time.  Now…

Elaina:  *rushes to look over his shoulder*

Vincent:  *types*  The Meridian Maiden.

Elaina:  Charlene’s not from Meridian.

Vincent:  The topic is:  “If you could write your author into a book it would be called … and she would be a …”  *holds up a hand to accentuate the “…”*

Elaina:  *folds her arms*  Well then why not call it The Princess of Shilo City?

Vincent:  *smiles a toothy smile*  Because, I’m at the computer. 

The door knob rattles, the latch unlocks, the opalescent sheen fades, and the silencing spell breaks.  James leads Cole into the office.

Vincent:  *grimaces*  I forgot about James and his multi-tasking.

Cole:  Nice try, Kid.

James:  *motions for Vincent to move*  I’ll take over here.  *takes seat as Vincent gets up*  *types*  Goddess of the Ethereal Plane.

Cole:  Wait.  *a sly grin curves his lips*  The topic didn’t say the book was going to be a real book.  Why don’t we have some fun with this?  *everyone looks at him and he reaches over James and types*  Token Toad of Toad Suck.

All eyes widen. 

Elaina:  Cole! 

Cole:  What?  Toad Suck is a small community near where she lives in Arkansas.  I could call it Banshee of Booger Hollow.

Elaina:  *covers her mouth and snickers*

Charlene:  *enters the office*  How’s it going, guys?

James quickly waves his hand in the air and Cole straightens, turning deep red. 

Cole:  Uh, duh, uh…well…

James:  Cole came up with the perfect title and character.  Why don’t you have a look.

Charlene:  Oh, Cole, you did?  That’s great.  *looks over James’s shoulder and reads*  The Lady of Cornerstone Summit.  Aww.  *hugs Cole*  That is so sweet.

Cole:  *looks at James with a “thanks for the save” look*  Anything for you, Charlene.



  1. Cole! I am shocked at your behavior. That is no way to treat your author...but it was funny. ;)

  2. Considering what the characters go through from the author, and JD would know this too since I know her characters sometimes talk about what they have to put up with, that makes total sense. Well done, all of you. *winks*

    Noah: That was a little funny. Are we going to do this topic too, the whole author in a book situation?

    Dawn: No. I think we will skip this topic.

    Noah: Good. None of us are writers and I don't want to try the title thing. I've seen the headaches you get from picking a good title. Wait... What are we going to do then, if not the author in a book topic?

    Dawn: It's nothing for you to worry about. I'm thinking of introducing a new character since he has a dedicated fan already. You should be more worried about our scheduled topic, or umm you shouldn't read it so never mind. *tries to distract* Fun post here.

    Noah: *grumbles* I'll find a way to read that post.

  3. lol

    Nicely done. Boyish humor is often enjoyable. And that was very nice of you, James.


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