Monday, December 20, 2010

A Chat About Character Voice

Ana: Jen, I'm so glad you finally figured out my voice!

J.D.: Yeah me too. It just came to me while I was spacing out at work. The writing's coming along so much smoother now.

Seth: So when do you think you'll figure out my voice?

J.D.: Um ... you're a little more complicated, Seth.

Seth: Me? Complicated?

*Ana and Jen both nod*

Seth: Pssh. I'm the most uncomplicated guy I know.

J.D.: Well, see, that's the thing. You're a GUY. And I'm a woman. That alone makes it difficult for me to get inside your head.

Seth: And yet I am the one living in your head ... wouldn't you be trying to get inside your own mind then?

J.D.: Ahh! Stop it Seth! You're giving me a head ache.

Ana: Give her time, Seth, She'll get to you.

J.D.: *rubbing her forehead* Did you know you're supposed to have an accent when you talk?

Seth: *shrugs* So give me an accent.

J.D.: Do you know how hard it is to deal with accents? Trying to portray them right without making the reading difficult?

Ana: I'll bet it's a sexy accent.

*Seth and Jen both raise their eyebrows at Ana*

Ana: What?

J.D.: *shrugs* It's a Greek accent.

Ana: *nodding* Makes sense.

J.D.: Trouble is, I have no idea what a Greek accent sounds like.

Ana: Research it. I can check YouTube for you! *opens a new browser window*

*Ana and Jen lean in and listen to a few videos*

J.D.: Is it just me or does it sound very close to Bulgarian?

Ana: It does kind of resemble your step-dad's accent.

J.D.: Oh great. Now I'm going to think of my step-dad while thinking about Seth. That's just perfect.

Ana: Sorry!

Seth: Why don't you just watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding ten more times. I'm sure you'll get it eventually.

*Ana and Jen look at each other and grin*

J.D: I'll get the popcorn!

Ana: I'll get the movie!

Seth: *facepalm* I think all the men in your head just died a little.

J.D.: Well, they have you to thank for that, Seth. *cheesy grin*

Seth: I think I'll go to Anastasia Pergakis' head and watch Burn Notice.

J.D.: Oh no you don't! She has enough characters to deal with. Besides, you need to watch this and practice. Can you roll your R's?

Seth: Duh. The real question is can you remember that I roll my R's?

*Both women give Seth "The Look"*

Seth: *winces* I think I just died a little more.

(Okay, I had to include this pic below because it looks just like a real-life Ana and Seth talking! *Gasp*)


  1. lol

    Though another movie option is to watch My Life In Ruins. Same actress from the greek wedding one but it's set in the Greece, I believe. Yeah, the guys won't like it either but make them watch it anyways. hehehe

    When I had the Greek character, I focused more on his still struggling with structure for American speech. That's the closest thing to language development and accent that I've tried so far. Accent is a tough part of voice. My focus for now though is to try and get Ephram's voice into a query. Yikes!

  2. It's not just the accent, though, it's sentence structure! That is the HARDEST for me.

    However, *sighing eye roll* There are a few who make it very, very, VERY easy to listen to.


    Because A.)They never shut up and B.) They really enjoy listening to themselves talk.


    Seth, I'm SURE you'll get it through JD's head sometime soon.

  3. Seth can just deal with it. Lol. It was his idea after all. :D


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