Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Vampire - or - A Bunch of Characters Rambling Off-topic Again

Jenna: What's the topic, again?

J.D.: "A day in the life."

Jenna: Meaning ...?

J.D.: Just blog about a typical day for you.

Jenna: Before or after I became a vampire?

J.D.: Uh ... after would probably be the correct choice seeing as how you are now firmly a vampire in my mind.

Jenna huffs: Which I still don't appreciate, for the record.

J.D: Yeah, yeah.

Jenna glances at the computer screen and hesitates: Is this supposed to be about a day in the novel or a day in your head?

J.D.: Um ... good question. I would would go with a day in the novel since, if you talked about a day in my head, you would be writing about a day in my life as apposed to yours.

Jenna makes a face: But I don't like talking about life as a vampire.

Jesu perks up: Why not?

Jenna glares at Jesu: A little privacy, please?

Jesu mumbles sorry and pretends to watch T.V.

Jenna: Can't someone else do this post? One of the new characters or something?

Seth appears out of nowhere: I'll do it.

J.D.: You most certainly will not.

Seth: But my life is awesome. The gigs, the parties, the groupies ...

J.D.: Exactly.

Jenna: She only picks on the miserable ones, Seth. You'll see.

J.D.: Hey! I do not. And why are you miserable, Jenna?

Jenna scowls: Like you don't know.

J.D.: Um ... no, I don't know.

Jesu: My guess is she's seen that Amazon Award contest idea in your head.

J.D. blinks: So?

Jesu: So ... she wont even blog about her life, you think she wants everyone reading the novel?

Jenna: You can shut up any time now, Jesu.

J.D., jaw dropped to the floor: Jenna, that can't be true? Why else would I have slaved over the keyboard nearly going crossed-eyed and ripping my hear out over your story if I didn't intend for it to be read by an audience?

Jenna points at Jalmari: That's why.

Jalmari: What?

J.D.: Okay, I admit, Jalmari did practically force me to write it, but it's a great story, Jenna, and people are going to read it, and now we are off subject. Your blog post, please?

Jenna: Fine. Each day I get harassed by a bunch of stuck-up, rude vampires. Then I'm forced to hurt and embarrass myself by practicing my so-called powers. Then I'm forced to drink blood, which makes me do more embarrassing things, things comparable to what a drunk sailor might do. Everyone gets mad at me even though I can't help it and I didn't want to drink the blood in the first place. Then I'm left a lone, hurt, and romantically confused. Oh and the best part? It never, ever stops because we don't sleep.

Jesu quirks a brow: Romantically confused?

Jenna scrunches her nose at Jesu and then storms out of the room.

Jesu, mumbling to himself: Romantically confused.

J.D. pats Jesu on the arm to comfort him: Maybe I should have had an other character do this post.

Seth: It must be her time of the month.

J.D.: Not now, Seth.

Ana walks in: What's wrong with Jenna? I passed her in the hall, she seems upset.

Seth: Miss Obvious joins the conversation.

Ana punches Seth in the arm: If was your fault ....

Seth: What? You'll break my arm?

Ana, grinning: I'd do that anyway.

Seth, laughing: I'd like to see you try.

J.D.: Guys! Can't we ever get through one blog post without me getting a headache?

Seth: Isn't the post technically done? Jenna did state what a typical day is like for her, even if it was layered in sarcasm and not very detailed.

J.D.: Thank you, Seth. So why am I still typing our conversation?

Seth looks at his hands: Oh, sorry, that was me.

J.D. quirks an eyebrow: How the heck did you get control of my hands? Oh gods, that's very bad.

Seth grins and shrugs: I don't know, it just happened.

Jesu: We can all do that when you type. Just, most of us are a little more respectful.

J.D.: You can? Well stop it!

Seth: But this is good stuff, and you don't give me enough lime light as it is.

J.D.: Seth, you don't even have your Greek accent yet, for one. And, two, this post is getting too long any WAY off topic. I demand you stop right no--


  1. You all amuse me, and I don't even really know Seth all that well. lol That is an interesting revelation Jenna. I always interests me how you all manage to surprise JD. Good luck with the whole readers issue.

  2. Thanks ladies,I'm glad you enjoyed it. For the record, Seth is a pain in the butt. :P


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