Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girl's Get-Together

Charlene: *looks at her watch, then down the street, excited*

A cloud of dark smoke darts up the sidewalk and billows in front of her before turning into Vincent and Elaina.

Charlene: *smiles* Hi guys!

Elaina: *hugs Charlene* Hi. Sorry I’m late. I had muffins in the oven and had to wait for them to get done, so Vince offered to fly me here.

Charlene: That’s okay. The others aren’t here yet.

Elaina: I’m so excited to finally get to meet the girls from your other book.

Charlene: Yeah. It looks like Aumelan might be the next one out there so I wanted to introduce it a little.

Vincent: Isn’t Chad the main character? I don't see him around.

Charlene: I thought I’d introduce him through Becca, Salana, and Dee. You know, let the reader find out about him indirectly.

Vincent: You’re having three women involved with Chad together at one time…to talk about Chad?

Charlene: Oh, you’ll love them. *tweeks his cheek* Want to hang around and get your nails done too?

Vincent: *raises his brows and looks away, mumbling* That’s not really what I was getting at.

Becca: *steps out of the salon* Well, it’s about time someone showed up.

Charlene: Oh, Becca. You’ve been inside all this time?

Becca: *sqints at the sun* Have you forgotten already that I don’t deal with that?

Charlene: Oh, it’s not that bright. You could have stood out here with me.

Vincent: *kisses Elaina on the cheek* I’ll be off. Just call me when you’re done. *waves a hand and turns to smoke, then darts down the road*

Elaina: *smiles at Becca* Wow, you took Vincent's leaving well. Doesn't it surprise you that he can disperse his elements?

Becca: *shrugs* Chad's telepathic and Styne and Becca have gifts too. Why not other characters in Charlene's head?

Elaina: Oh. Right.

The sound of a scooter comes from around the corner with Dee's voice screeming over it.

Dee: I can not do this!

Salana: Dee, please loosen up the grip. *pulls the scooter up to the salon door and turns it off* Okay. You can open your eyes now.

Becca: *folds arms* Well, you made it. We’ve been waiting.

Charlene: Be kind, Becca.

Becca: I’m always kind. It’s the only way to get what I want.

Charlene: Hey, ladies. *waves* Glad you came.

Salana skips up the steps and Dee hesitantly follows.

: *whispers to Salana* I’m glad you got Dee to join us.

Salana: Chad had a hand in that.

Charlene: *motions to each in turn* Elaina, this is Becca. She’s from Aumelan, The World Beneath the Rock. This is Salana, from Sun City, World of the Sun. And this is Dee. She’s from Aumelan too.

Elaina: *waves as each nods to her* It’s nice to meet you all. I’m from Cornerstone Deep.

Becca: We know. Your book’s the one that took over Charlene’s mind and knocked us to the back.

Elaina: Oh.

Charlene: *opens door* So…let’s get started. I’m looking forward to this.

Becca: If you wanted real pampering, we should have stayed in Aumelan.

Charlene: We don’t need a repeat of what happened to Salana during her visit before.

Salana: Oh, I would be okay with Chad there.

Becca: I don’t know where you got the notion that Chad could protect you from anything.

Charlene: Becca.

Becca: *smiles sweetly and picks out a polish* I think I like this one.

Charlene: Nice choice.

Salana: Which color do you like, Dee?

Dee: I cannot. It is not my place.

Salana: I don’t want to hear about placement. You deserve special treatment as much as anyone.

Charlene: Relax, Dee. We’re not following the plot right now.

Dee: I still do not feel right about this.

Becca: Honestly, if you’d rather go back to that rutty ferry keeper’s shack, go right ahead. Chad would probably enjoy having his favored server around… Alone.

Charlene: Becca!

Becca: Oh, it’s true and you know it. You wrote the outline. He’s held affection for her since they were children.

Dee: I would not do that to Chad! He is high above me.

Salana: Don’t talk like that, Dee. You’re not any different than any of us.

Becca: Oh come on, Sandra, you’re with him now. You had to notice how he looks at her. I did when I was at his side.

Salana and Charlene: It’s Salana.

Salana: *blushes* You were Chad’s girlfriend?

Becca: For a very long time. He left me when he left for the World of the Sun. *glances at Dee and mumbles* At lease he didn’t go to his slunk.

Salana: Don’t call her that!

Elaina: *eyes widen and she steps back*

Charlene: Okay, okay, ladies. I see this probably wasn’t the best idea. *mumbles* I would have done better inviting Tara.

Becca: *crosses her arms* Well, what did you expect to gain from all of this? You knew we were all connected to Chad’s romantic side.

Charlene: Maybe I just wanted some of my favorite female characters to meet. I love you four.

Salana: Aww.

Elaina: We love you too, Charlene.

Becca: Well, I’ve never been irritated to the point of losing my mastery skills. *tosses money on the counter and pockets the nail polish* I’ll have Iolet do my nails. At least she still knows her place.

Dee: *shrinks back and turns red*

Charlene: Oh, Becca. You really need to calm down and reassess things. You sound like Tara.

Becca: *steps to Charlene* Promise me you’ll give me one more shot at Chad.

Charlene: You’ve got it.

Becca: *smiles with a nod* Okay. Good. But really, I can’t stay here with them knowing what I know is going to happen.

Charlene: *sighs* Okay. I guess I understand that.

Becca leaves.
Salana: What did she mean by that?

Charlene: Sorry, Salana. I can’t let you know that just yet.

Salana: *glances at Dee* Um…I think I had a meeting I needed to attend with…someone. I’d better go too. This was…enlightening.

Salana leaves with Dee rushing along behind her.

Charlene: *turns to Elaina* Not such a good idea, huh?

Elaina: *squinches her nose and shakes her head* I’ll call Vince. He can take us both home.

Charlene: No offense, but I’ll leave the traveling by Smoke of Night to you guys. I don’t like to feel all the bugs flying through me.

Elaina: *laughs* Well, I’ll stay with you, Charlene. *picks out nail polish* What do you think of this one?

Charlene: *nods* You know? Maybe I will call Tara. Who knows Chad better than his sister, right? *puts fingers to temples and closes eyes*

Elaina: Oh…Um… *steps back and quietly calls Vincent’s name*

Vincent: *his face appears above her watch* Having fun?

Elaina: Shh! *motions to Charlene with her head* How could you let me forget about the party tonight? You need to hurry me back to the manor.

Vincent: *grins with a nod* Right. Okay. On my way.

Elaina: *tiptoes to the door and opens it, peering out*

A dark cloud zips past and Elaina disappears with it.
Charlene: *lowers her hands and sighs* Well, Tara won’t leave the World Beneath the Rock. *turns to Elaina and looks around the empty lobby* Hmm. So much for a girl’s day out. *sets hands on hips* Maybe I can talk Soley into a little girl time. *grabs nail polish and heads for the door* Just because she’s a wolf doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love pretty nails.


  1. Seth: ROFL. A little too much estrogen in the air?

    J.D.: Oh stop, Seth. Geesh, when did I make you so sexist and how do I stop it?

    Great post, Charlene. I'm rooting for Dee right now! Becca seems a little ... eh.

    Seth: Snobby?

    J.D.: Seriously, Seth, soon I'm going to regret imagining you.

  2. Lol. Well, Seth is pretty much right when it comes to Becca. And Dee would never admit this, but she's flattered at your rooting for her.

    Dee: Charlene! How can you say that? Jen does not understad. Chad is my Keeper. I could never think of him like that.

    *rolls eyes* See?


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