Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear J.D. ....

My characters left me a little note on my desk this morning. Very funny guys... In case you can't read it, it says:

Dear J.D.

I know it's your first time trying to juggle two novels at once, but I'm disappointed that you went back to the vampires before you finished Siren Goddess. Please get on that.

- Seth

P.S. We're out of beer!

You can't send that to J.D.! That's mean. Besides, it's supposed to be a blog - Ana

Ana is a poop head


*Seriously, we're out of beer
- The Sirens

We also seem to be out of blood, Jesu


  1. lol...

    Sounds like a bit of a predicament. I can offer beer but sorry Jesu, no blood from me. ;-)

  2. Oh dear, you can hardly see the black text! *edits color*

    And Dawn, my characters want to visit for drinks. :)

  3. :-)

    I've got a few that wouldn't mind drinks. We need to have a party again.

  4. HHAHA! This is hilarious. I wonder what I will do for my post on Friday...hrmmm

    Oh, Etharas says he'd love to join the party for some drinks....And Jardel is always up for a part-ay!

  5. Oh heavens! Don't forget the BEER! Vincent said he might stop by if you guys decide to party. And Eric and Mark will gladly introduce themselves and represent Sun City and Aumelan with a little shot downer contest. But beware... And um, all of them wanted me to let you know they just can't quite do the blood thing.

  6. OKAY! OKAY! *grumble* Cole asked if since Eric and Mark mentioned shots, he would be willing to contribute something a little harder to the effort. But he prefers just drinking from the flask. *sigh* And James will bring Cordial. In which case, (my word, this is growing) Chad, Styne and Tyro will be by.

  7. I agree, we need to plan a party for our characters! All in favor, say Aye!

  8. Agreed. Noah, Lucas and Elijah all feel a bit neglected lately. They could use a little fun. Though it will be tough choosing between Lucas and Elijah.

  9. I like how we hijacked JD's post in order to talk about how we need a party. And I should add, we should also do a party later on that doesn't have alcohol so my teen characters can go to one. They are curious but I said no, they couldn't go to drinking one. Growing up too fast already.


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