Friday, January 7, 2011

Training and Missions...and don't forget Training.

Derac: *enters the room and tacks up a piece of a paper on the wall*

Kinir Elite Training Schedule

0530: Wake up
0545: Morning meal
0600: Morning training (pairs rotate from day to day)
----0600: Kie, Jardel at archery range; Derac, Tyn at sword ring; Rakan, Aeli at track (running)
----0700: Kie, Jardel at sword ring; Derac, Tyn at track; Rakan, Aeli at archery range
----0800: Kie, Jardel at track; Derac, Tyn at archery range; Rakan, Aeli at sword ring
----0900: Break
----0915: Kie, Tyn at hand to hand combat; Rakan, Jardel at staff/spear; Derac, Aeli at close combat;
----1015: Kie, Tyn at close combat; Rakan, Jardel at hand to hand combat; Derac, Aeli at staff/spear;
----1115: Kie, Tyn at staff/spear; Rakan, Jardel at close combat; Derac, Aeli at hand to hand combat;
1215: Noon meal
1300: Afternoon training (1-vs-5 or 2-vs-4 or 3-vs-3 exercises)
----1300: Team at track
----1400: Team at sword ring and staff/spear
----1500: Team at hand to hand and close combat
----1600: Team tracking exercises
----1700: Team stealth exercises
1800: Evening meal
1900: Weapon maintenance and headquarters clean up
2000: Free time
2100: Lights out

Tyn: Umm, Derac, I don't think that just posting up our schedule is going to satisfy Anastasia for this post.

Derac: Well, what else does she want me to say? Our whole lives are training and missions. Not much room for other things.

Tyn: *gasp* There is too!

Derac: In the grand scheme of things...really Tyn? Compared to normal people? Or even the regular Army - how much free time do we really have?

Tyn: Well, I guess not that much in comparison...but we do have some.

Derac: So, training schedule is good for this post I think. It change when we have a mission and that varies depending on the particular mission, whether it's night ops or day, complexity of the mission, and others things like that. So, I can't really say much more.

Tyn: *rolls eyes* The elf of so little words has spoken.

Derac: *smirks* And don't you forget it.


  1. LOL omg poor them. Training is all, huh?

  2. Rough schedule. The afternoon training reminded me of basketball practice with the 3v3, etc. That's also a lot of time just spent around each other. Can imagine how well that goes over sometimes. ;-)

  3. LOL. I have to agree with Dawn. If all my characters spent that much time with each other, it would be chaos.

  4. Hahah. You guys have so much DISCIPLINE. I wish my household was like that. I think I need to ask Anastasia to show my peeps a thing or two about schedules.

  5. Sash: Yea pretty much. The Kinir Elite requires huge sacrifice. Sure they get vacations once in a while to visit family, but like only once a year really.

    Dawn: Oh yea, they get pretty testy sometimes, but the goal of having them together all the time is really learn each others moods, movements, and all that. It makes for a good unit when out on a mission. I mean, if you lived every day with the same 5 people, you'd know every muscle twitch pretty much right?

    J.D.: Like I said, it does get a bit crazy, but they like the life. All of them are filled with such a strong sense of duty that while the sacrifice is great, it's worth it to them. If they won't, who will?

    Mia: Discipline is key!! I'd be happy to send the elves over to show your peeps a few things about how to follow orders and things like that. Mwahahah!


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