Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ransom Demands Over Frankie's Mind

Paige: Holy COW! We're finally getting out. I thought this was never going to happen.

Dexx: *surely glare* Shut up. You were just out the other day.

Paige: No, no, no. That was the girls.

Ri: She was revising. Seriously? We'd already gone through what she went over like a million times.

Kat: *very pouty look* I. Am. So. BORED! I seriously wish Frankie would get a different job. Seriously.

Ri: *snort* Seriously? How serious are you? Are you seriously serious?

Kat: Like TOTALLY seriously serious.

Paige: Girls.

Dexx: We have to do an intervention. Somehow we have to get through to Frankie's bosses and tell them--

Paige: Dexx, sweetie, you do remember that we're pretend, right?

Dexx: Only in Frankie's head.

Paige: Precisely.

Dexx: Exactly. So if we could get a letter out to Frankie's bosses--

Ri: As the invisible people--

Kat: *perks up* --in Frankie's head--

Dexx: --then maybe--

Ri: --they'll let her take an evening off, or have a weekend--

Kat: *bouncing in chair* --or a SICK DAY!!!--

Ri: --so she can WRITE!

Frankie: Seriously, you guys?

Dexx: Shut up. *grabs the keyboard* We're on a mission to save you and us. Let's get to work.

*Frankie and Paige share a knowing look*

*Ri and Kat give them both the shut-up look and crowd around Dexx*

*Dexx clears throat and proceeds to type*

Dear Boss and Bossman,

As the Invisible People inside Frankie's Head, we Demand that you give her some time away from work so that she can Write. She's been working 7 days a week for months now, and guess what, she's not getting any further ahead. It's time you give her a break.

Boss, please step up and help out. Quit telling her what needs done and do something. 

Bossman, please stop calling and reminding her of all the things she's been unable to get done. Dude, it's an impossible task. Get over it. Either get her some help, or stop talking.

Ri: You're going to tell Bossman to shut up?

Kat: *shakes her head* I doooooon't think that's going to go over very well. *shrug*

Dexx: *hits delete and starts over again*

Dear Boss and Bossman,

Thank you for providing Mr. Assist. He's been a very valuable asset. However, the job is still ramping up and things are progressing to not go well. With that said, Frankie's been pulling double and triple duty in order to attempt to save the job.

Things are not going well.

We need you to stop--

Paige: Oh, for the love of Pete! Move over! *hits delete*

Dear Boss and Bossman,

Greetings. We are the Invisible People. We're taking over Frankie's Mind. If she does not receive a day off within the next four days, we'll take over completely and will not give her back. Ransom demands must be met.

Refusal to meet our demands will meet with the ultimate destruction of Frankie's Mind.

Just to warn you, she's already on the verge of explosion. For your safety as well as hers: Give. Her. A. Day. Off.

Thank you,

The Invisible People

PS. We're not above haunting your ass.

Ri: *blink* Well, that's very....

Kat: *stuttering blink* ...blunt.

Dexx: *quirks lips* I was going to to say "direct".

Paige: Awesome.

*hits send*


  1. Normally, I'd be a bit against this idea, because the chance of it going well and the author not getting sent to a psychologist would be slim but this time. I agree with you all. Give Frankie a break already. One day off at least. Trust me Boss people, having a worker break down on the job is quite counterproductive but that's the direction this could head if precautions aren't taken.

    Way to try and help you all.

  2. This was sent to Bossman. His reply was:

    You're invisible. Come see me when you're not.


    PS: Frankie, please take Sunday off. I'd highly recommend Saturday as well.

  3. And then?

    There was a phone call.


  4. And then this morning, he took my weekend away. Yay.

  5. OMG so you're telling me that you actually sent that to your Bossman!?!? BAHAHAHAH That's hilarious. Love it.

  6. I saw you had a post about getting the weekend off then it disappeared. That sucks. Time for the characters to take action. ;-)

  7. Frankie, Piage, Dexx, Kate, Ri... *deep breath*....SO happy to see you guys back!


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