Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Much Spare Time

*Everyone crowds around J.D.'s computer desk and looks over her shoulder.*

Ema: I don't get it.

Jalmari: Nor do I.

Jesu: *sighs* I am afraid I do not understand either.

J.D.: *puts her elbows on the desk and rest her chin in her hands* Okay, what don't you understand this time?

*The three vampires glance at each other*

Ema: Today's topic, "Favorite place to spend spare time".

J.D.: And that is confusing because...?

Ema: Oh, how do I say this nicely? Well, all our time is spare time lately.

J.D.: Hey! I've been working on you book everyday for the past two weeks. *pouts*

Jesu: Yes and we appreciate that, but we don't actually do anything while you edit.

J.D.: Well then, that should mean you guys have lots to talk about for this post, right?

Jalmari: Mmm.

Ema: All we do is lounge around your house.

Jalmari: Indeed.

J.D.: Great - talk about that.

*All three vampires groan*

J.D.: Oh, by the way... you guys are bunch of liars, mmkay? When was the last time I had a good night's sleep?

*The vamps glance at each other. Jesu rubs the back of his neck, Jalmari glances away, Ema bites her lip and looks at the floor.*

J.D.: *Crosses her arms over her chest* That's what I thought. Now get typing.

Ema: Alright, alright, I'll handle this. *She sits at the in the computer chair. Jesu and Jalmari watch over her shoulders*

*Ema types* - In our spare time, we like to bug J.D. about scenes for book 2 and the rest of the series, which, I would like to point out, she hasn't started yet...

J.D.: Not true! Book 2 is outlined, so NUR!

*Ema rolls her eyes and continues* ... which, I would like to point out, she hasn't started WRITING yet. J.D. doesn't like this because it causes her to toss in her sleep and often wake up and work on our story at all hours of the night. But we can't help it if we get bored at night, we're vampires, we're NOCTURNAL, plus we don't sleep anyways, but we are much more active in the night. If she had wanted normal characters, she should have stuck with humans.

Jesu: You are getting a bit harsh there, don't you think?

Jalmari: It works for me. *He wonders of to the living room*

Ema: I guess we'll just end it here?

Jesu: *nods* Let's go see if J.D. has any more O-negative in her fridge.

Ema: *glances at her hands* If she does, we better take it outside. I almost bit one of her Pomeranians last time.


  1. Almost bit the doggies!? Oh dear. Jen would kill you Ema! Good idea to take it outside. LOL

    And you three - give Jen a break mmkay? She can only edit and write so fast.

  2. Elaina: *gasps* Cole! Quick! Do your magic swishy thing and put a bubble protecter-keeper-awayer around the little Pom Poms!

    Cole: Nothing's going to happen to those dogs.

    Elaina: But, *looks at Ema, Jesu, and Jalari and weakly smiles* they're... *grabs open back door* Run Motley, Run!

  3. You all should go spend time with Noah and his friends. They probably are bored since they have so much free time too. Since I've been working on the YA, or well it might be YA, first book and theirs is in the background just waiting for an edit.

    Noah: Good idea. Something to distract us would be great. I don't know about the others, but I kind of like the break. After how things went the last section of a book, this gives me a breather. As long as I stay away from having Bastian and Dominic together in the same room for too long. They aren't quite as friendly as they used to be with each other anymore. And I ramble a bit. So, Hi you all. We should chat some time as the author people do their thing.

  4. Ana - You tell 'em! Geesh!

    Elaina - Don't worry, Jesu's in charge of monitoring Ema's blood intake and he knows how much I love my dogs. I trust him. :)

    Noah - You should tell Dawn to let you come on Skype once in a while so you can chat with my vampires.


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